Lakers Injury Update: Blake, Farmar, Nash All Ruled Out Tomorrow

Lakers Injury Update: Blake, Farmar, Nash All Ruled Out Tomorrow


The slew of injuries to Lakers point guards has been unlike anything that has ever happened in the history of the NBA. Kendall Marshall has been the Lakers lone true point guard for the last month, but he may finally be receiving some help.

Steve Nash, Steve Blake, and Jordan Farmar all practiced for the Lakers today, and Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters gave an update to the three point guards’ status:

This was to be expected as getting on the floor for practice is not a sign of immediate return. It is encouraging to see them on floor, however, and the team looks like they are finally getting some positive news on the injury front.

Just as there were hopes that Nash could return tomorrow, he quickly quieted those rumors as ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reported:

The Lakers could very quickly go from not enough point guards, to too many in just one week. It will be interesting to see how the rotation will work out when everyone is healthy. Marshall has done an excellent job in running the show, but Nash and Farmar are sure to get their minutes. Blake could see more time at the shooting guard position as a result.

Either way, it will be good to see these guys back on the floor when they finally return.

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  • Dragon7s


    With the assumed access that lakersnation has to Laker players, I would expect more insightful commentary.

    • hookedonnews

      Click on the D’Antoni interview (some info there) and then click on the link to an interview with Steve Nash that will pop up during MDA’s interview. I thought there was some news there also. Your best news sources are the actual interviews with players and coaches.

      • Dragon7s

        Unfortunately, unless the videos are closed-captioned or the interviews transcribed, it doesn’t do me any good to watch them so I rarely click on them.

        It’s one of the reasons I rarely to go ESPN for Laker news since many of the reports are done as ‘Forum’ podcasts.

        • hookedonnews

          I’ve never had a problem with the videos except for those few with all the background noise. These two interviews didn’t have any of that. That is really the only way to know what’s going on. So much of what is reported elsewhere is just not accurate, and some of it is just made up.

          • Dragon7s

            To put it bluntly, I’m extremely hard of hearing which is why I rely on the written word to get my news and information.

            Frankly, most modern ‘journalists’ rely too much on today’s technology to excuse them from having to actually write something.

            There’s something to be said for the time when journalists conducted interviews and then not only reported what was said but also offered analysis and behind-the-scenes information that gave readers greater insight into what’s going on.

          • hookedonnews

            Sorry to hear that. I have a speaker I can connect to my laptop because the sound on it is sometimes pretty low. There’s little of the type of journalism you described in your last paragraph going on these days. I read articles all the time that directly contradict what I hear coaches and players saying. It seems that they rarely go to the source to get their information. Someone writes something, and they all repeat it without bothering to find out if it’s accurate.

  • Daryl Peek

    Conspiracy tanking theory; is the FO pulling a 97 Robinson on us? It has long been rumored David Robinson was held out on injured longer for a shot at Timmy?!?

    Things that make you go HMM?

  • Jim213

    No diss to any of them but if they get injured again this season don’t resign any of them. Seems as they’re rushing but don’t need to go through this (injuries) on a yearly basis. While if Nash’s returns and goes out AGAIN best to call it quits.