Lakers Injury News: Xavier Henry Approaching Return To The Floor Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="132"] Xavier Henry has been sidelined by what doctors have called "an abnormality of the lateral meniscus" since December 28, 2013. Henry h [new_royalslider id="132"] Xavier Henry has been sidelined by what doctors have called "an abnormality of the lateral meniscus" since December 28, 2013. Henry h Rating: 0
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Lakers Injury News: Xavier Henry Approaching Return To The Floor

Xavier Henry has been sidelined by what doctors have called “an abnormality of the lateral meniscus” since December 28, 2013. Henry has yet to appear in a game for the Lakers in the year of 2014, but has been ramping up his activity over the past week.

According to ESPN Los Angeles writer Dave McMenamin, Xavier is “almost to the finish line” in terms of his recovery:

The fourth-year wing player, who suffered a bone bruise in his right knee on Dec. 29 against Philadelphia and was later diagnosed with an abnormality of the lateral meniscus and has been sidelined ever since, has been ramping up his workouts and could return to the lineup as soon as Friday when the Lakers host the Sacramento Kings, or Monday when the Lakers play a road game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Xavier had been close to a return on multiple occasions, but every time he ramped up his activity he would once again have knee issues. Before the injury, Xavier was having somewhat of a stand out season with career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage.

As McMenamin points out, Xavier did not want to be over opportunistic on his ability to come back, but said he is feeling much better:

Henry was careful not to cry wolf about his progress. There have already been two times while he has been out that Henry increased his activity, only to have to slow it down again and rest because of swelling in the knee.

Could he suffer the same type of setback again?

“I’m past that point,” Henry said. “I feel really good when I’m out there.

When Xavier returns, the Lakers will have an influx of wing players. Nick Young, Wes Johnson, Kent Bazemore, MarShon Brooks, and Henry can all play the wing position and it will be interesting to see how D’Antoni divides the minutes between the players.

New additions Bazemore and Brooks have shown glimpses of great play, and Johnson has been one of the more consistent Laker wing players.

With the Lakers struggling mightily in 2014, hopefully Xavier can come back and inject some life into the team.
Coach D’Antoni Talks About Clearing Room For Nick Young And Xavier Henry

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  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    With the season reduced to less than 30 games…. and no playoff in sight… which current lakers would you like to be on the roster next season?

    If hypothetically, we get Melo in the summer and also Monroe, Gasol and Hill most likely gone … we will have Kobe-Monroe-Melo as the big three…. Melo is likely going to another team with the situation in NY. That team has no way to contend with their hands tied up with ridiculous contracts. They currently have 71 Million committed to next season without Melo. I don’t think they will be able to stir that ship near contention in the next 5 years. While Lakers have only 36M committed to 5 players next season. We would likely go hard for Melo, Deng. and Monroe this off season plus our first round pick.

    With that said,.who would you want to see play with them on the starting lineup and who will man the second 5?

    Mine are the following:
    Starting lineup: Monroe-Melo-Basemore-Kobe-Farmar
    Second 5: Kaman-Johnson-Henry-Brooks-Marshal

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      or maybe we can sign and trade Kaman and Hill for Monroe….

    • Daryl Peek

      I’ll keep it simple and strictly to the present roster because who knows what will happen with other players on other teams?

      Farmar, X, Bazemore, Johnson, Meeks, Gasol, Kobe, Kelly, and maybe Marshall. I’m not sold on Kendall yet. Teams are keying on his strengths and he’s not handling it well now that he has the spotlight. Honorable Mention to Nick Young but there’s a huge log jam at the SG/SF and I like the two way abilities of the others better.

      PF and back up center should be addressed in the draft and free agency. A second or third PG also.

      On Marshall, the problems were seeing now would manifest the same way with Kobe back as KM would not likely fare well with a ball dominate Kobe. I say this because were getting a sample of it with Bazemore. Kent has had the ball in his hand quite a bit.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        CAn’t argue with that…. if Gasol accepts a contract in the range of 8M… I will be more than happy to have him man the Center position, And we are of the same idea that the PF and C should be address really…. reason why I hypothetically have Melo at PF and Monroe at Center…. having the 2 will have completed the roster. Re: Odom, I would love to have him as a backup PF, I think he still has something to offer in the NBA, he just got lost connecting himself with the Kardashians.

        The lineup depth would look like this:
        PF: Melo/Odom/Kelly
        SF: Johnson/Bazemore
        PG: Farmar/Henry/Marshal

        If Gasol decides to go to another team or if the team doesn’t offer him a contract, then we retain Kaman and Sacre.

        AGree with you on Young, Bazemore is more dynamic, and with Kobe being healthy he is the odd man out.

        • Daryl Peek

          8 mil for Gasol is unrealistic and an insult mayne. Javale McGee makes more than that. 10-12 is what he’s worth at minimum. 17/10/3.5/1.7, 7′ skilled length is top 5 center talent in the NBA. Those are Pau’s numbers on the season and he’s trending much higher than that since the new year turned.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I don’t doubt Pau’s skills… but his age and mobility has really suffered this last 2 years and will only get worse… you should also take that into account. Javale Mcgee was given a contract, it doesn’t necessarily follow that he is worth that. He doesnt affect the game now the way he used to in the past, I am not sure how he would command more than 10M on the market. But then again, their are dumb GM out there who would give him that.

          • Daryl Peek

            This is where we’ll agree to disagree. IMO you and many are thinking with your Laker home town discount hearts when it comes to assessing Gasol’s value. His production alone gets him that which I stated at minimum. Pau still goes toe to toe with Howard, Hibbert and any of the other best big’s in the NBA. That in itself commands dollars.

            Again, you’re not gonna find that kind of overall production at the 5 these days. Pau had 4 blocked shots last night and did a good job when he was in there holding down the paint.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I think we agree on what Pau can still bring to the table… what we differ is the $$$$ value… anyway, looking at the figure, it doesn’t really separate much… I would be ok with a contract of 18-20M in 2 years. If Gasol takes it, then he should be our starting C, and retires a Laker. But I would prefer that we let Gasol go then get Deng at 15M, pkus Monroe.

        • Sam Saab

          if young doesnt come back, i like bazemore over johnson, johnson is only good on fast breaks, he has no penetration ability, Bazemore is quick and can penetrate and kick it out..thats what we are in need right now some cutters to free up shooters.. and we need to get a new coach, no big man will want to come with dantoni as coach

        • Kay Carter

          om sorry but im not sold on the idea of getting melo

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I understand you. I think Deng would be great in that lineup. both at the 3 and 4, and I believe will come much cheaper than having Melo. And Deng is a two way player.

            The difference between Deng and Melo is that, Melo always commands double team while Deng doesn’t. If you can have that type of player on your team, it makes the other team spend more energy on defending, as well as open up other players to make a play..

          • Kay Carter

            that’s true Deng maybe better defensive but offensive not so much as Melo….but would you rather take a risk with Melo for next year? lose cap space nd possibly not go to finals, also take in account Kobe is on this team as well or

            would you rather go with some1 cheaper like Deng who can focus mostly on defense sorta like Metta World peace type player or a Wiggins who is younger and can defend and then focus on getting a player like Love for the next season? who is younger than Melo

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            If we can get Monroe to man our center position, then Melo is the better option. But if we stay with Pau Gasol at Center, we need somebody like Deng… I don’t buy the idea that Melo cannot play with Kobe becuase they both want the ball in their hands… that is totally untrue. That can only happen when players does not know and accept their roles. But once they buy into their roles, that’s out of the question. Example: Olympics. I am not so sold on Love at this point, so I wont make any fuzz about it.

            A lineup of Monroe-Melo-Johnson-Kobe- Farmar is way stronger and versatile than say: Gasol-Love-Johnson-Kobe-Farmar.

          • Kay Carter

            The olympics is way different man, the whole team is made up of superstars so it’s easier to sit back and not play as dominant as you would for your team….Kobe in olympics for ex……Melo may play well with kobe but long term, we all know melo isnt the guy

            A line-up of
            Monroe-Love-Deng-Kobe-Kyrie is more versatile nd better than a Monroe-Melo-Johnson-Kobe-Farmer

            Melo demands more money than both Love nd Kyrie, with a role player like Deng playing defensive stopper and Monroe as well it’ll be much better then think about our bench

          • Kay Carter

            No Love isnt free intill 2015, Deng is free this upcoming FA so We can actually have all 3, but not for next season….most likely we’ll have Deng nd Monroe to sign

            Hopefully we can sign Gasol for a 1 year deal, so it’ll be possible to get Love for tha 15′ FA nd another superstar with him or just wait till 16′ FA

      • Bee Ballin

        yet you’re sold on basemore smh

        • Daryl Peek

          Who said I was sold on Bazemore? Do I think he has potential? YES

    • Nashir Mohammed

      no carmelo, he’d be better off in chicago and is too much of a one dimensional scoring only player. my picks:


      Lance Stevenson

      Danny Grainger

      Luol Deng

      Kyle Lowry

      2nd unit:

      DeJuan Blair

      Wes Johnson

      Nick young

      Jordan Farmar





      1st round pick

      Steve Nash as the COACH.

      • Kay Carter

        you can stop dreaming now kid

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        are you serious? kobe-lance-granger-deng-lowry… as starting unit? What in the world is this, hockey?

    • Bee Ballin


  • rik

    2015 lineup:
    PG: Exum Farmar marshall
    SG: kobe henry bazemore
    SF: johnson young
    PF: Love kelly
    C: Monroe hill sacre

    Coach: Lionell hollins

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Day dreaming… Love isn’t coming to LA this off season, he is still under contract, most likely Deng or Melo.. Exum on starting unit? Exum is a SG not a PG.

      • Kay Carter

        He’s actually a combo guard richard plays more like Rose than Rondo tho

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          Still, he is primarily a SG and a rookie… he wont see much playing time yet, how much more be on the starting unit… unless you want to waste Kobe’s last 2 years. I think FO will get veterans and better players this offseason, the reason we have so many 1 year contract.

          • Kay Carter

            im not a big fan of him, like you said he plays mostly SG so it’s a waste of a pick, rather us get Wiggins for defense or Embiid

  • Kobe Bryant

    Meeks,sacre,kelly,nash our RESERVES ………. MARSHALL,FARMAR AT THE POINT,KOBE,YOUNG,XAVIER AT THE 2,Baze,brooks athe 3,hill and wes at 4 gasol,kaman at 5. KEEPERS: MARSHALL YOUNG XAVIER HILL WES

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