Lakers Injuries: Steve Nash Misses Practice Due To Back Problems Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/Iat1vNvRVC4 Lakers fans have yet another reason to shake their heads at the demise of this injury-ridden season. With a team hardly able to fulf http://youtu.be/Iat1vNvRVC4 Lakers fans have yet another reason to shake their heads at the demise of this injury-ridden season. With a team hardly able to fulf Rating: 0
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Lakers Injuries: Steve Nash Misses Practice Due To Back Problems

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Lakers fans have yet another reason to shake their heads at the demise of this injury-ridden season. With a team hardly able to fulfill five-on-five practices, this latest Steve Nash injury news is icing on the cake.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Steve Nash did not practice today:

If the Lakers were not faced with enough basketball-related injuries as is, the team now faces an injury completely unrelated to basketball. Winters further reports the status of Nash’s back injury:

Nash has been absent from the injury-ridden Lakers since November 10. When asked about the timetable for his return, Nash told Bleacher Report columnist Kevin Ding when he feels he is expected to come back:

Nash’s return seems to be in the Lakers’ near future, but with these freakish kinds of injuries surprising this team, no one can say for sure when he will return. For the Lakers sake, fans hope to see Nash in the line up sooner rather than later.
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Nadia Tseng is a UCLA student looking to pursue a career in sports journalism. A New York sports fan at heart, she co-hosts an MLB talk show for UCLA Radio and is currently a writing intern for Lakers Nation and Dodgers Nation.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Hey Jason Richardson,

    • Jim213


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dude is old and seriously injured.Just retire already old please.Hang it up.

  • dparker626

    “For the Lakers sake, fans hope to see Nash in the line up sooner rather than later.”
    Um, actually, no, no we don’t.

    • hookedonnews

      Actually we do. If he’s healthy, why not? We’re not going to be acquiring anyone else anyway until the offseason. Why not have him back in the lineup? I think you underestimate what he can bring to the team IF he’s healthy. We only have one true PG right now, and he’s not even close to the skill level of Nash.

      • Devon Murray

        He didn’t bring anything to the team when he was healthy, he’s slow moving side to side..not to mention free throw line to free throw line, shooting was off, and people criticize Kendall’s defense, he’ll improve..Nash is atrocious and always had been … and Nash’s numbers aren’t even close to Kendall’s WHEN Nash was healthy, if Nash is healthy he should retire and be with his family and he’ll be able to play with his kids…with Kendall starting, Jordan Farmar backing him up, moving Steve Blake back to a two guard using him as a spot up.. I’m good with that especially with Kobe coming back in Feb…

        • hookedonnews

          Yes, his shooting was off this season because he wasn’t able to practice in the offseason, and he was injured. Last season he lacked 0.3% of having another 50/40/90 shooting record. If you think Kendall Marshall is better than Steve Nash you don’t know anything about Steve Nash. If Steve Nash is healthy (and that’s a big if), he brings so much more to the table than Marshall it’s not even debateable. Marshall wouldn’t even be in the NBA if half the team wasn’t injured. Nash was the league leader in assists and an All-Star the season before he came to the Lakers, and he was healthy. Your characterizations about Nash being slow,etc. I assume refer to defense. He’s better on defense than Marshall and is a good team defender according to more than one coach I’ve heard comment during games. Nash hasn’t been 100% since the 2nd game of last season when he broke his leg. He still had some really good games before he went down with the nerve problems that resulted from the broken leg. The team was totally dysfunctional last season because of no training camp with MDA, the injuries, and the drama with Howard among other things. If you think assists are a measure how how good Marshall is, wait until Kobe comes back. Nash averaged almost 7 assists a game last season even though the team had a horrible 3 pt shooting % most of the time, Kobe wanted to dominate the ball, and Howard wouldn’t cooperate on pick and rolls. They also weren’t spreading the floor because of the desire to play Gasol & Howard which makes it difficult for a PG to operate. They weren’t playing D’Antoni’s offense last season according to Nash. Kendall Marshall may have a future in the league, but he will never be as good as Steve Nash. I don’t know if Nash can get past this nerve problem, but I hope he can. Players like him don’t come along every day.

          • Devon Murray

            I never said that Kendall was better than Nash, that isn’t the question… you said that Nah wasn’t able to practice in the offseason, neither did Kendall, wasn’t even on the team. Nash is 40..40 years old he’s not getting younger and the fact that you say Kendall is slow, Kendall is still quicker than Nash. Then you say that Kendall wouldn’t be in the NBA is asinine… and not even worth responding to. Then you say Nash WAS a assists leader, Nash WAS a NBA all-star, yes 3 years ago with the Suns, who got rid of him because the Goran, that alone lets you know that the Suns were willing to let Nash go for NOTHING and let him go to another team not only in the same conference BUT the same division. Nash is not a better defender than Kendall Nash was and is still to slow to say infront of any defender, Kendall as done that and more, you only hear what people say about Kendalls defense yet we as Laker fans haven’t seen Kendall not play any defense, neither one is very good as a on ball defender but theres a laundry list of pg’s who aren’t good on ball defenders. Nash didn’t have good games before he went down, he had ok to decent games when he went down, that’s a ridiculous argument, that doesn’t deserve a response. Then you apologetically bring up dysfunction, which there were, however, that team still had healthy players playing.. And its not what I think as to assists is what makes a pure pg, unfortunately THATS what a pg’s job is to do get assists, be a floor general and put players in place to get easy baskets, Kendall is done that all the while avg a double double, in his 2ND YEAR, when Kobe comes back Kendall’s assists will go up 80% of Kendall’s assists come in half court offense Get Kobe the ball and Kobe ability to hit a beyond consistent Jumper Kendall will benefit, Kobe gets double teamed then Kendall has the iq and court vision to get the ball to the right guy at the right time. YOU can make all the excuses for why Nash hasn’t done absolutely nothing since he’s been in a Laker uniform all you when, have fun with that, You are right on one point Kendall Marshall as a future in the NBA but one point youre missed, he’ll be in a Laker uniform in a starting role doing it… I prey that Nash gets healthy don’t wish ill on anyone, he may be back in a few weeks, doesn’t matter Kendall Marshall, is 6’4, 205, 22 years old, signed through next season @half a million dollars and avg a double double who’s a pass first, pass second pg and there isn’t one player who loves to score who wouldn’t want to play with a guard who does that, and a pg who wants to dish the ball with out wanting to get his offensive numbers first (westbrook, d.rose, j.wall, kyrie irving, conley, lillard) only Chris Paul is avg more assist… so albeit players Like Nash don’t come often… PLEASE name me ONE SUPERSTAR Pg that has won a NBA championship, last one was T. Parker and Rondo who both had the same knock against them that against Kendall, can’t shoot… other that those two please name me a superstar pg that has won a chip… Lakers-5 no superstar pg, Heat no superstar pg, Rockets, no ss pg, my point…. you don’t need a score first or superstar pg to win championship, oh and by the way Nash and Kendall have the same amount of rings, the only exception.. Kendall is 22…

          • hookedonnews

            Marshall was not rehabbing an injury in the offseason. I’m sure he was playing basketball during that time. Your description of last season is not accurate, and I don’t need to make excuses for Steve Nash. I don’t know how many games you actually watched. Did you see any of the games that Nash played right after he came back from the broken leg? How about the Indiana game when Kobe was out? Why don’t you get on YouTube and watch his offensive highlights from last season. He played great. Things started to go south when Kobe starting shooting 25/30 times a game. The rest of the team were standing around watching him and complaining about him holding the ball. Then (because they were losing), Kobe decided to take over facilitating because he wants the ball in his hands. If you know anything about the history between Kobe and Nash, you should know that Kobe was not going to let Steve Nash come in and take over the team. I knew it wasn’t going to happen when he signed with the Lakers. Nash understood that this is Kobe’s team, but I doubt that he knew exactly what that was going to mean. If Nash hadn’t broken his leg and if D’Antoni had been there for the entire season things would have been different, but you would have still had the injuries and everything else I’ve already mentioned. As for this season, Nash has only played 6 games, and even though he wasn’t 100% was a key factor in the game against the Rockets that we won. The team this season is more suited to run D’Antoni’s offense with the new players who were brought in because they fit his system. The 3 point shooting % is much better, and everyone is on the same page for the most part. Marshall is a one-dimensional player. He was in the D-League when the Lakers got him and would probably still be there if they hadn’t signed him. Yes, assists are important, but there is a lot more to being a PG than passing. Who do you think is more qualified to run an offense and to make decisions on the court–Kendall Marshall or Steve Nash? Who do you want at the FT line at the end of the game or taking a shot to win or tie the game? I wouldn’t count on Marshall’s assists going up when Kobe returns. I’m pretty sure it will be the opposite. The Suns didn’t get rid of Steve Nash because they thought Dragic was better (he was still with Houston). They wanted to go younger and rebuild, and he wanted a 3 year contract. And Nash was an All-Star in 2012, not 3 years ago. I can see that you have no idea what went on last season, but the bottom line is that after the broken leg, Steve Nash was never 100% and still contributed significantly to the team. I don’t know if he’ll be able to get past this nerve problem. But if he’s healthy he’s still a better player than Kendall Marshall will probably ever be. Another superstar PG that has won a championship? Magic Johnson. And the Heat don’t need a star PG. They have a superstar point forward in LeBron James. I don’t think you can compare Marshall to Rondo or Tony Parker. I’ve got nothing against Marshall. I’m glad we have him. I’m just telling you that no one in their right mind would prefer him to a healthy Steve Nash at least in the short run. I don’t think he’ll ever be a top-tier PG, but he’ll be a solid player. I’m still trying to figure out why he shoots like he does. I can’t believe some coach along the way didn’t try to teach him to shoot.

          • Devon Murray

            Im taking your point and used it against you… Kendall didn’t know the system, the plays or anything and has come in and played better than Steve Nash period. I watched EVER single game, im just not an Steve Nash apologist. You can sit there and recite the 2/3 games that Nash played in however there are 82 games to be played. You can sit there and blame Kobe for Nash short comings all you like that your right to do so, but do not use that as a excuse for Nash’s poor play. Your second paragraph is full of IF’s , if steve nash this , if steve nash that, save it. And if youre going to debate me on this subject I would appreciate if you take the time and actually read what I posted, i’ll reoeat… Kendall’s assist, floor leadership, court vision all have been better than steve nash since nash had put a laker uniform on, I DONT CARE WHAT NASH DID IN Phoenix, The Sun’s didn’t want to resign Nash A.K.A didn’t want him because, as you stated yourself and also bolstering my point. the Suns wanted to go younger and rebuild again Steve Nash was relevant 3 YEARS AGO I don’t care that fans voted him into a ALLSTAR game, though it seems are priorities differ extremely, I as a Laker fan want rings, while you prefer a fan voting for Lakers to play in a pick up game, but I digress… If Steve Nah is Healthy NO, he still isn’t better than Kendall, Nash, is 40, slow, no lift on his shot (when he was healthy) And you prove my point again while showing your ignorance for the game… You just posted that MAGIC JOHNSON was a superstar pg that won a chip, question? When was the last time Magic played pg? The Heat has a serviceable pg in Chalmers check the stats, (Numbers don’t lie). And again you need to reread my post I never compared Kendall to those guards (Rondo and Parker) all I said is that a knock on Kendall was that people said he couldn’t shoot, like “experts” said about Rondo and Parker coming out of college and both turn into pretty good shoots, Parker better than Rondo..yet both got better.. And the Lakers front office is going to want a younger, faster, at this point in Nash’s career, better court vision and passer than Nash… And my point about naming a superstar pg to have won a chip, you’ve proved my point, so why would you bring up Kendall not ever being a top-tier pg, you don’t need one to win a chip.. and it’s obvious, you love basketball and the Lakers as do I, and I have watch Kendall play since his senior year in High school, he will get better, I cant say he’ll be a H.O.F’r (like Nash will be first ballot) but Kendall can lead this team bro, and you got me on his shot, there is no way I can defend that, but it goes in either by luck, wind or some weird technique… Shawn Marion, Moses Malone, Jamal Wilkes all seem to have that “push” shot… we as Laker fans are like republicans and democrats, we all love the Lakers and want them to win we just have different points of views how they should get there. When Nash, Blake and Farmar come back( in a week or so for all of them from what I hear) decisions will have to be made, economically and rebuilding wise and I am just glad that I don’t have to make that decision, I’ve been watching college and I don’t think that Wiggins is ready he’ll play in the D league after being drafted because his game needs A LOT of work, Randle is to short to play the 4 or the 5 in the NBA and to slow to play the 3 standing at 6’8… Parker at least for now is staying in, for missionary reason yet his game needs a lot of work to, Exum is a risky pick at best, Shaun Livingston talent but more of a 2, A Gordon isn’t a guy you build your team around, I am not aying I wouldn’t want any of them just saying that they need work, like X henry, w. Johnson, K. Marshall, whom all were lottery picks…

          • hookedonnews

            Apparently you’re not reading my posts either. There’s not 1 in 100 people who would say that a healthy Steve Nash is not better than Kendall Marshall. I don’t believe Kendall Marshall’s court vision, floor leadership, passing, or basketball IQ is superior to Steve Nash. You won’t find 5 people in 5,000 who agree with you on that. As far as assists, let’s see if he passes Nash in assists when his career is over.

            I wasn’t talking about this season because obviously Nash has not been healthy. Did you see the first game with the Rockets? Nash changed the play and helped set the screen that freed Blake for that wide open shot to win the game. That’s just one example of what he brings to the table.

            Rondo & Parker both have decent shooting form. That kind of shot may work for someone like Shawn Marion or Moses Malone who don’t really take that many outside shots, but it’s not the best for a PG.

            I don’t think there will be any immediate moves or decisions made because it seems like every week a new injury comes up.

            A superstar PG may not be required to win a championship, but it doesn’t hurt. Chris Paul made a major difference when he came to the Clippers, although it remains to be seen whether he’s ever going to win a championship. Ultimately it takes more than one great player to win. Even Kobe needed Shaq & Gasol to get those rings.

            In D’Antoni’s system the PG is very important. Other systems, like the Triangle, don’t really require a great PG. As I said, I’m glad we have Marshall, but he’s going to have to expand his game if he’s going to be a starter in this league.

            Hopefully we can pick up a couple of great players through free agency (Kevin Love and ?) and maybe another one through the draft. I think this team will be fine. It’s just going to take some time to bring in a few more players. Just staying healthy would help.

          • Devon Murray

            They just said that Steve will be back Friday so we will see what’s next in this odyssey of a season. I believe that Kendall as played some great ball, I hate knocking Nash to promote Kendall, Kendall’s play will determine if he is with the Lakers or not, I would hate to let go of a pg who’s 22, 6’4 and is a pure pg. I am not saying Steve should retire or be waived, Lakers are in a youth movement if Kendall stays, and given the chance to earned that starting spot I’m good with that. His shooting form isn’t the prettiest yet there are other pg’s (H.o.f) I might add who had funny looking shots, but they were making them. D’antoni’s system is nearly ran by every team, using a stretch 4, the only difference is that when the 3 isn’t falling those other teams get tot he hole… I hope they get Kevin Love and not melo… and staying healthy is the Lakers key going forward…

          • hookedonnews

            I hope they find a way to keep Marshall, too. I heard that Nash might be back Friday also. I’ve got to say that I’m not optimistic that he can stay healthy because this nerve thing is really hard to deal with from everything I’ve read. I hope I’m wrong because he’s such a great player when he’s healthy. I saw a lot of his games his last year in Phoenix, and he was really good. He almost took the Suns to the playoffs with some mediocre players around him. If he can’t stay healthy it will be good to have Marshall. Blake can always go back to SG, although my guess is that once Kobe is back he (Blake) will be the starting PG if Nash can’t go. I think Nash should start just because of the respect he commands (plus I think he’s the better player), but he probably won’t be playing major minutes because they want him to stay healthy until the end of the season. Bottom line: I think we need all our players because of the injury potential. Henry is still not healthy, and it will be at least another 2 weeks before Kobe is back. Farmar & Blake should be back pretty soon, but who knows how long they’ll stay healthy. I agree 100% about Love rather than Melo and health being the key.

          • Devon Murray

            I hope they find a way to keep him also.. I was watching the game last night and saw Nash shooting, running and jumping in the background when they where talking to Bill McDonald, he was even rocking a little beard…so if he doesn’t come back Friday, he will definitely be back for the Timberwolves game, and Blake and Farmar will be back a week or two later… This has been one hell of a season… but I think(hope) that Kevin can force their hand, by saying that he will let is front office know that he wont resign after next year and maybe a sign and trade can happen with the Lakers and Pau…. maybe wishful thinking, but one has to hold unto something… tanking is something I can’t accept, although losing 5 in a row it is almost tanking even though they are trying.

          • hookedonnews

            Would love to see Love on the Lakers. There have been rumors that he wants to come to LA. I agree that tanking is not acceptable. Losing when you’re trying to win is bad enough. I hope things will turn around once we get some of our players back. Heard last night that it might be 5 weeks before Kobe is back playing. That wasn’t good news. I think most people expected him back a lot sooner than that. It’s been a nightmare season, but I still see some bright spots. Hopefully the worst will be behind us soon.

  • Nick The Quick

    By the time the season is over, Nash still won’t be at full strength and playing up to the potential that he brought to Phoenix. Even when he does come back, he’ll be limited minutes, won’t play back-to-back, and he’ll be slow AF. But then again, maybe having him back will make us even worse than what we already are.

  • hookedonnews

    Surprised D’Antoni hasn’t broken his foot or something. I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s just one disaster after another.

  • Brandon Leong

    Not interested in seeing him play anymore, not like he can put up big numbers/defend any better than the young guys. Hang it up Nash, we know you tried your best

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