Lakers, Hornets, Rockets Appealing Chris Paul Ruling Reviewed by Momizat on . After NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to veto the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angles Lakers, chaos besieged the city. Fans were irate After NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to veto the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angles Lakers, chaos besieged the city. Fans were irate Rating:
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Lakers, Hornets, Rockets Appealing Chris Paul Ruling

After NBA Commissioner David Stern decided to veto the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angles Lakers, chaos besieged the city. Fans were irate and the players involved were stuck in limbo.

Still hoping that the deal can go through, the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets have decided to appeal Stern’s ruling, ESPN’s Marc Stein reports. The teams hope that Stern will reverse his decision but there is no indication yet that he will let the trade go through.

The three teams are arguing that by rejecting the deal, the league is essentially coercing the Hornets to keep Chris Paul. He will not return to the team next season, so making this trade will at least give them some talent in exchange for Paul.

The NBA is essentially choosing where they would like Chris Paul to go to. It is clear that the league does not want Paul to go to a major market, but they have no right to determine that. There is no doubt that Paul will leave the Hornets after this season, and if the team wants to get something in return for their star, Stern and his staff should let it happen.

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  • Teddy

    I would hope that Stern reverses his decision, because the mistake he made by blocking the trade was you now have “doubt” in the fans minds. The 3 teams that were nixed in this blocked trade will be forever be plagued with the question “What if we had ______?” NOT a good message or ruling by the NBA, the NBA needs to quickly sell the Hornets, too many red flags are being raised. Not a good message their sending the fans.

  • Robby

    I wonder if the trade would have went through if the team getting CP3 was another small market. If so, that’s a double standard and an unethical business practice to block this trade. CP3 didn’t dictate where he end up, he just said that he would not sign an extension with those other teams. Honesty, is what he gave to the process. Come on NBA, stop the nonsense. We fans have about had enough.

  • Carlton Francis

    Are you kidding me, David Stern “is” really the plantation owner that he was accused of being?

  • quinn

    Yes this is not a good look for them at all. See it was ok when the heat did it now that the Lakers are going all in they are not going for that but what they need to know is that we in Los Angeles we can make it happen so watch out god do not like ugly

  • http://n/a Nathan

    I really really hate David Stern. We need a point gaurd cause to be honest fish is a little out dated. But I still love Derek fisher! Hall of fame for sure!

  • http://www.theculturekitcompany.com Aaron Kochi Pedroni

    As a Warriors fan, I think Stern should stick to his guns and stop allowing teams to build mega powered teams. Stern cannot allow for players and agents to run the NBA. There must be more equilibrium between teams and they have to stop players forcing trades. Players for the W’s come and go all the time, because G.S. cannot compete with big markets and players would rather go to a big market. I’ve already stopped watching baseball because of the severe economic disparity between the teams . (Was an A’s fan). Basketball will be next if Stern does not look out for the underdogs

  • Drewmanstien

    All I keep hearing is no more super teams and its getting old fast. To put it simply there isnt going to be an equal NBA thats what makes star players fight harder. David is treating the owners like his children, you cant please everyone just focus on the paper work please! Let the team owners work things out.

  • http://facebook i hope chris paul too the lakers it will be the best ever this is get soo dam is what the fan want hah u fell me

    i hope chris paul go too the lakers it will best the best thing ever is what the fans want not he nba thanks u

  • aaron wyrick

    i hope that hornet and laker do the trade so the hornet will gfet a good grup of guys in the laker will be better that will help both teams out.

  • Steve Rivera

    so Stern would rather have the Hornets not get anything back at the end of the season when CP3 walks? Is that a good basketball decision? They’re getting a solid player in Luis Scola, Sharp shooter in Kevin Martin, solid back point in Dragic. Not to mention a solid Lamar Odom coming off his best season and would put up All-star #’s as a Hornet & draft pick. To get nothing when Paul walks is stupid. Stern is destroying the Hornets by doing that. If this was a Kwame Brown deal, that would be understandable. This is fair for everyone. Stern is destroying the Hornet franchise. Sucks for their fans.-

  • Mike

    Exactly makes no damn sense. Fuck Dan Gilbert, Mark Cuban n the bitchass David Stern!! If CP3 stays for sure NO gets nothing in return n that does not benefit NO at all. If anything it’ll make LAL an even stronger team since they’re not going to have to give up Pau or LO for CP3. He’s gonna sign with LA in the off season if he isn’t traded. Not Nets, cuz they have DWill, no cap space in NY, where else would he want to go?

  • Joko

    In this type of interference and decision making, we can see how controlling and coercive a bureaucratic elite can be. Without collective upheaval from the many, change will inevitable.

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