Lakers Home Sellout Streak Snapped At 320 Consecutive Games

Lakers Home Sellout Streak Snapped At 320 Consecutive Games


Pau Gasol Anthony DavisOn Sunday night, the Lakers saw their 22-game win streak against the Minnesota Timberwolves snapped as Kevin Love and Kevin Martin went super nova in the first quarter of the game, and leaving the Lakers struggling to chip away at the lead in the remaining three quarters.

On Tuesday night, the Lakers saw another streak snapped despite winning against the New Orleans Pelicans going away, according to Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding.

Other numbers revealed a devastating Lakers loss.

The Lakers’ 320-game home sellout streak ended when Staples wound up 571 spectators shy of the 18,997 capacity for the game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

A Lakers game not selling out?! It hadn’t happened for seven years (Dec. 6, 2006 against the Oklahoma City/New Orleans Hornets). That was so long ago that the NBA was using what wound up as a temporary new microfiber composite basketball—and Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and Lamar Odom joined Kobe Bryant in the Lakers’ starting lineup.

Without Kobe Bryant on the floor and the team struggling to play .500 basketball, the fans haven’t been as eager to head to Staples Center to watch a lackluster Lakers team. And considering what Anthony Davis and the Pelicans did to the Lakers on Friday night, Lakers fans may not have wanted to see another devastating blowout and all-star performance from the Pelicans’ big man.

Even with the Lakers lacking star-power due to injury (even Steve Nash is slated to miss, at the very least, two weeks) Lakers fans who attended the game were treated with a spectacular performance that saw Jordan Hill have a career night with the first 20-10 game of his career and Xavier Henry throw down what is arguably the best dunk of this young NBA season.

Even without Bryant and Nash, this Lakers team still has some players who can put on a great show for those in attendance, and just because this isn’t the NBA’s typical Lakers team, there shouldn’t be a reason why fans fail to watch the team perform at Staples Center. The streak ended at 320, which means that it’s just time to start a new one.

Xavier Henry On Shutting Down Anthony Davis and Denver Game

  • B-Rad

    who wants to watch the Lakers w no Kobe…. anyone…?

    • meep

      i do because true fans watch there team no matter who on the team.

  • karim sheaib

    When I lived in long beach California i never missed a laker game but now am far out living in germany

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    I would still watch the lakers play even if our starting lineup was Smush Parker, Adam Morrison, Samaki Walker, Slava Medvedenko and Sam Bowie – with Chris Mihm and DJ Mbenga coming off the bench

    • Paytc

      Hey every one of those players have kids who admired their dads game :-)
      Yeah we need to roll in support of the team during good times and bad. We also need to just stay in the hunt until the return of Kobe. That gives us even more reason to stay in support.

      Go Lakers !

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Not good.But i still have hope the attendance will be back to sell outs.Lakers fans show up!

    Go Lakers!

  • Gregory Choa

    B-Rad is right – this is a star driven league/sport and, let’s face it, Kobe’s the guy principally being charged with putting fannies in the seats at Staples…a job he’s been pretty good at, until this huge setback – his first major injury. That said, and even with just Pau and his band of merry men steering the ship, if this team were to go out and produce the kind of effort, balance and passion that we saw last night ON A CONSISTENT BASIS there won’t be any non-sellouts moving forward.

  • ra

    Like I mentioned before, “Lakers brand”. Please pay attention (esp. NBA). The Lakers ‘drive’ the NBA. It is important that the Lakers have all-stars or superstars, to make the league thrive. This paradigm was just about ‘invented’ by Dr. Jerry Buss. He wasn’t just an ‘owner’, he was a ‘showman’. He turned basketball into a serious form of entertainment for everybody. He set up Showtime (w Magic inc.) in 80s, and that set up the MJ/Bulls 90s run (in addition to the 2000s Kobe / Shaq etc. run).

    That’s why the CP3 bust hurt the league. The DH attempt failed (maybe it was an attempt to ‘fix’ the CP3 bust). The CP3 deal might have helped the league. But Stern pretty much axed the NBA by nixing the CP3 deal.

    The reason it hurts the league, is because people in ‘other stadiums’ for other teams, come out in droves to watch the Lakers (esp. Kobe). It is like coming to a baseball game to watch the Yankees (and, someday again, the Dodgers). They have ‘high’ brand value, high ‘entertainment’ value. For the NBA, it’s $$ in the pocket.

    This ‘slight’ drop in attendance here in LA is just a sign. If it is dropping here in LA, imagine what it will do in other stadiums (eventually) if the Laker brand is not supported. Too bad Dr. Buss is not around to help out here. And Stern is retiring. They were buddies back in the day (80s), and helped each other in many ways. The last move by Stern to nix CP3 wasn’t good (and, Kupchak echoed that sentiment the other day, when he commented that all Sterns actions were good, except one — THAT one).

    Welcome to ‘NBA league parity’ and eventual slow down of NBA as entertainment. The NBA needs ‘big market’ teams, like Lakers, Celtics, to pull up the rest of the NBA into an entertainment machine. Miami (w LeBron) isn’t the legacy NBA powerhouse, and will probably go back into obscurity once LeBron leaves there. Maybe the Nets will (one day) be a big market team. Maybe the Pacers are heading there.

    But, there is NO TEAM in sports like the Lakers, in the country or world wide. The Lakers brand is important to keep going (and, especially for us fans).

    • lakers_824

      I love lakers and think their brand is BIG but nothing compared to soccer teams which are known globally and the fans support them like crazy.

  • smugbill

    is this the wake up call to the front office i have been expecting? get some stars on this team or the profits will begin to dwindle. when the money starts to lessen, the lesson is quickly learned. i wouldn’t be surprised by a trade or two, esp for a point guard. yup, nothing like a little less lucre to motivate the “powers”.

  • Martin Susman

    I agree with RA but will keep saying it until maybe the city will get lucky & it will happen.
    A. The Lakers need to trade Gasol quickly for 2 first round picks, one below 10 & 1 below 20.
    B. The same thing with Nash but take anything even a 60th pick to dump his salary in 2015.
    C. You have to pay this mistake coach either way so spare us all & fire him. (Kurt as Temp)
    D. Maybe the “three” will come home in 2016,K. Love, K. Thompson, R. Westbrook :)
    E. The 2016 free agent, restricted & un-restricted is fantastic, Irving, Lillard,Thompson Etc.
    F. Sign NO ONE over 25…

    • meep

      there is no way the lakers get 2 first round picks for gasol, we be lucky to even get one. at his value and contract at best he worth one first round pick

  • meep

    has anyone ever thought maybe it not the team, maybe it the prices for a laker game, because laker tickets are pretty pricey compare to alot of cites