Lakers Hold Camp for Free Agents & Picks to Fill Team Holes

Lakers Hold Camp for Free Agents & Picks to Fill Team Holes


The Lakers have started a mini camp today to help fill the expected roster openings for the upcoming season. With Mitch Kupchak and new coach Mike Brown watching, the free agents and recent second round draft picks have been put through a double practice session today and will be going through a four and a half practice tomorrow.

Mitch Kupchak has gone on record saying that he hopes the Lakers can fill one of it’s roster spots with one of the second round picks and at the same time helping our back court situation. Since the Lakers have to carry a minimum of 13 players on their roster, simple math tells you that with 9 roster spots already taken up by Kobe, Pau, Fish, Drew, Artest, Lamar, Barnes, Blake and Luke, that there are four open positions for these free agents and drafts picks to fight for.

Oh, then you have to remember that we have Derrick Caracter and Devin Ebanks from last year coming back and that leaves only 2 roster spots left.


Although Caracter has been seen at the El Segundo Gym working hard on his game with veterans, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, it’s not quite sure what his natural position really is. If it is what most people think, a backup center, then the Lakers might have to look at another alternative as DC is just too small to play that position. That would be a tough break for Caracter as Theo Ratliff is most likely going to retire and the Lakers really need a backup center for Drew, so Pau doesn’t exhaust himself during the regular season.

Just to recap, here are the players vying for a possible three roster spots:

On Roster Last Year:

  • Derrick Caracter
  • Devin Ebanks

2011 NBA Draft Picks

  • Darius Morris
  • Andrew Goudelock
  • Anter Majok

Free Agents Invites:

  • DJ Strawberry
  • Bobby Brown
  • JR Giddens
  • Cedric Simmons
  • Randolph Morris
  • Gerald Green
  • Bobby Simmons

The most notable player on this list hast to be former NBA Dunk Champion Gerald Green, who spent this past year playing ball over in Europe. As pointed out by our friends at Forum Blue and Gold, he was also on the Lakers Summer League roster last year. Green definitely has the nba body and natural skills of a player the Lakers could use, but the question has always been if he’s smart enough to play NBA basketball.

We’re going to see in the next few months, who gets the invite to pre-season.

Who are you pulling for?