Lakers Hiring Byron Scott ‘Could Happen Next Week’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="302"] It has been almost three months since Mike D'Antoni resigned on April 30 and the Los Angeles Lakers are still without a head coach. F [new_royalslider id="302"] It has been almost three months since Mike D'Antoni resigned on April 30 and the Los Angeles Lakers are still without a head coach. F Rating: 0
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Lakers Hiring Byron Scott ‘Could Happen Next Week’

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It has been almost three months since Mike D’Antoni resigned on April 30 and the Los Angeles Lakers are still without a head coach. Fortunately, the team seems to have finally found their man in Byron Scott, but contract negotiations could go into next week, according to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times:

“It could be a few hours, or it could happen next week,” said the person, who asked not to be identified.

Scott has been the frontrunner to become the Lakers’ new head coach throughout the entire process. Many were uncertain why it took so long for the team to extend an offer to the former NBA Coach of the Year, but now it may be only a matter of time before he signs on the dotted line.

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In the meantime, the Lakers were busy this past week with the team introducing three new players. Ed Davis, Jeremy Lin, and Carlos Boozer were introduced by the Lakers over the last three days during press conferences at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo.

Along with Boozer, Davis and Lin, the Lakers will also have two other new faces on the roster in the form of rookies Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. Randle was arguably the team’s biggest addition to the squad this summer while Clarkson put on a show during the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas recently.

With the exception of the five players mentioned above, the Lakers roster will look a lot like it did last season. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are set to return as well as Robert Sacre, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly, Jordan Hill and Nick Young.
Lakers Introduce Carlos Boozer (PT. II): On Kobe Bryant’s Message

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  • LakerSpartan117

    Next week?? How bout’ today and then introduce him like an hour after they hire him.. We know he’s in LA. Glad to see Byron Scott back in LA, now help us get to the promise land brotha!! I’ll be behind you as a faithful Laker fan would be!

    Can’t wait for next season of basketball and football.

    • fuck nash man

      fuck the chargers

      • LakerSpartan117

        Who’s your team chump?

        • joshhh

          lakers will start boozer at small forward so randle starts at the 4 and hill at 5. lakers rumors team interested in earl clark and emeka okafor

          • LakerSpartan117

            our roster is already “set” as in they can only fill in two more spots, okafor is the only one that makes sense since we need a legit center. Other than Sacre of course.

            And no we are not playing Boozer at the 3, just look what happens when you play a natural 4 like Boozer at the 3= Atlanta with Josh Smith. He will start at the 4 and Randle will come off the bench and back him up along with Kelly.

          • joshhh

            it’s not my opinion it’s actually true from multiple sources he is starting at the 3 and ur wrong both of them make sense our 2 biggest positions were we need help is the 3 and the 5 they have no legit starting sf that could play perimeter defense Johnson is not a starting caliber player henry’s and young r more better coming off the bench. so earl clark would be a steal the guys huge he’s like 6’8 and could play very good defense he’s got a big body don’t u remember him 2 years ago he was our staring sf with Dwight and etc..our sf is a bigger issue to resolve they should get him or shawn marion who I prefer cuz he’s more expericenced

          • LakerSpartan117

            Multiple sources you say…… HMMMM..

            Jokes aside… show me your sources Broussard then I’ll decide if their “the truth”…

          • joshhh

            cnn, go to Lakers fansided

          • joshhh

            lakers MUST GET CLARK OR MARION DONT THEY WANT TO HELP KOBE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE so what r they doing if was the gm I would trade nash or waive him and I wouldn’t resign kelly

          • WAYNER

            Lakers are not going after Marion because Marion Wants a big contract thats why Atlanta didn’t sign him and also mavs gave parson a pretty piece of change and their getting Jameer Nelson, and from what i have been hearing from Time Warner cable the starting line up will most likely be

            PG- NASH
            SG- NICK YOUNG
            SF- KOBE BRYANT
            PF -CARLOS BOOZER
            C-JORDAN HILL

            They want to start Nash from the jump to see where he’s at and if he get injured again and see how affective he can be but if he gets injured then Lin gets the starting job they want Kobe at the 3 because they think he can do better guarding small forwards so he don’t have to chase two guards off screens, and also they want to keep Young and Kobe on the floor together because it is a threat to defenders if they were to double to Kobe on the wing he can pass to an open Nick to hit the shot or vice versa

          • justsaying

            Why we beed a coach? ? If they alredy known? ?

            and who are they??

          • joshhh

            I completely disagree nick should come off the bench for kobe no doubt and nick plays better when he comes off the bench no argument there. make kobe play the 2 and get a god damn small forward like marion or earl clark to start. and for the pg postion that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard why the hell would u make a 40 year old start against the elite pg like parker and paul and westbrook ect… who has a better shot containing those guys a 40 year old or lin tha’s an obvious answer the smartest thing and most logical thing to do is make nash come off the bench and play against the 2nd team’s unit the 2nd pg of the opposing team so it’s easier for him to play against duhhhhh

          • WAYNER

            That Carlos Boozer to play the 3 are not from the Laker organization that was something espn was throwing around, but with a new system we don’t know how Nick Young will play as a starter if you have 2 shooters pure shooters on the floor it does make a defense hesitant about a double team Kobe isn’t 28 yrs old any more so he needs some one who can really do some extra shooting on the floor if Carmelo would have signed and we didn’t resign Nick Young would you would have had Melo coming off the bench ?

          • joshhh

            what!!! ur comparing Carmelo to young if melo was on the team than yes i would start him at sf cuz it’s melo. melo’s on a different level than young that’s insulting melo is a superstar in this league young’s just a role player but think about it wouldn’t u want young to play that role like the clippers have with Crawford that go to punch guy that’s brings scoring off the bench it’s seems identical in a way like battling for 6th man. im hearing now Michael Beasley might be on his way to la that’s a horrible move if they get him i rather hav earl clark who’s no scrub he can ball

          • WAYNER

            I am not comparing Melo to Nick Young in no way thats absurd but what i am saying is Nick Young is a sharp shooter just as much as Melo, Melo is only a better post up turn around shoot type player which is something he developed over the years Melo is known as just a shooter and many criticize Melo for not playing defense so it would have pretty much been the same story if we had signed Melo, Melo coming in would have taken a load off Kobe and Pressured defenders into not double teaming him because it leaves another sharp shooter open in Kobe and this is what Nick Young was explaining in his exit interview and it seems to me like the 21 mil is what they paying him to do and Kobe has really been encouraging him to focus on developing in all around game and get in the gym.

          • Ray-Marcus

            That might explain the Beasley rumors then…the FO wants him to be off the bench scorer?? Not a fan of all this but I guess we’ll see what happens

          • joshhh

            there picking offense over defense bunch o retards they say that there defense needs to be better but than again they sign players with just offensive skills

          • Jim213

            The Beasley idea comes from Alex Kennedy. Haven’t heard this come from an inside source (FO). But who knows a few days from now.

          • joshhh

            k fine whatever im done debating but i looked up earl clark he’s 6’10 and his main position is sf WOW that impressive he would the biggest steal for us and ed davis ofcourse. if u really look at this team the only guy that plays defense on this team is ed davis they really didn’t improve at all this offseason i thought defense was a main concern for them. i thought they would go after guys who rr known for there defense im disappointed in this team sure we got more size this year but not defense. i love the way Indiana plays that’s my type of basketball that’s what they should of done. i would love to see antawn Jamison back!!

          • WAYNER

            Idk Phil Jackson wrote in a book recently one of the reasons they didn’t bring him back because the Lakers were trying to run a offense similar to the showtime era with Magic, Byron Scott, Worthy i’m not sure how true it is but it would kind of explain why they are not getting to many defensive players as of late and your’e actually right about the defense though.

          • Ray-Marcus

            That would be a horrible, horrible defensive team

          • joshhh

            agreed they should go get eal clark or shawn marion or mwp

          • Ray-Marcus

            I’d like to see Marion sign….I believe we can have good season but we really will have trouble on D…I like Boozer but his D is suspect…even Randle too….and we all know about Lin’s lack of D. Either we sign a defensive SF or start Wes J and give Clarkson heavy minutes

          • joshhh

            i agree marion is my # 1 choice. it’s true if u look at all those guys there all lik below average defenders the only true rim protector we have is davis. even sacre is not really good on defense he lacks awareness he seems lost when he’s out there and just fouls them we need a sf and c get marion and emeka okafor than were a pretty good defensive team

          • Truth B Told

            Noooooo……Okafor or O’Neal for rim protection….With Davis and Okafor there are 2 shot blockers.

          • joshhh

            ya okafor would be good but our sf needs a starter

      • Lakers Realist

        Must be a Raiders fan.

        • joshhh

          I don’t care about offense I don’t care of they score 50 points a game im all about defense it’s like what ed davis said “were not gonna try and outscore if u miss a shot who cares just run back make up for it I love the Indiana way plays

          • Lakers Realist

            Not sure how your comment is relevant to my response to the Chargers hater, but cheers.

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  • Jim213

    If sources are correct, Scott is vacationing in the Bahamas. Cool, he should make them wait longer for them taking this long to decide on him.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    word is that Michael Beasley could be on his way to the Lakers. If Lin, Julius, Xavier, Beasley, Ed, Ryan, JC, &Sacre Are All On The Bench, They Could Do Some Damage imo.

    • joshhh

      that would be horrible i would rather earl clark who actually plays defense the guys 6’8 how could u take Beasley over clark or marion retards the FO is

  • In Mitch We Trust

    BREAKING NEWS:The Los Angeles Lakers are likely done in the offseason, but they could still do look to add a few minimum players. According to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, the Lakers could take a flyer on Phoenix Suns’ free agent big man Emeka Okafor or New York Knicks’ free agent forward Earl Clark. Both players would be cheap and are probably worth taking a chance on. Plus, many in the Lakers’ organization are familiar with Clark.


    • Truth B Told

      Earl Clark went to Cleveland and dissapeared…….That was a contract year he played with the Lakers so I not sold on him.

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    I like this Laker team. they will surprise a lot of people!

  • Truth B Told

    Lakers have 2 spots available?……
    Okafor and beasley….Nice roster.

    • Jim213

      Actually 3, Jordan Clarkson hasn’t been signed or anything yet?,,, tho assuming 2 but IMO I’d rather them have a 14 man rotation and keep the 15th spot open down the road. Hopefully they acquire a versatile vet 3.

  • LakerDev

    The coaching hire shouldn’t have taken this long. There weren’t that many candidates…..IMO i think those last 2 spots will be for some of those guys invited to camp from summer league…give them a chance to win two spots….or 1 if they sign a SF

  • Lets Be Real

    All the NBA experts and NBA preview shows have the Lakers ranked 28 out of 30 or at best 25 out of 30 in the NBA.Last season ESPN had the Lakers 12th in the West yet the Lakers finished 14th in the West.Nobody hates the Lakers in the media and nobody has it out for the Lakers in the media the fact of the matter is the Lakers are a terrible team with a awful roster.Nobody is saying the Spurs will be 28 out of 30 or nobody is saying the Cavs will be 25 out of 30 but last season the experts and NBA preview shows had the Cavs 25 out of 30 but this season with LeBron and Wiggins also a new highly touted coach they are a top pick for a championship.Talent wins out and team work and great coaching the Lakers have none of those things.It’s reality the Lakers are a very bad team deal with it.Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak blame them all you want it won’t make things better.When the Lakers used to be great people always predicted the Lakers to win the championship and to be in the top 3 and now those same media experts and ESPN employees are just stupid Lakers haters??????Damn the honesty process according to you people.The Media and ESPN is just doing there job and stating facts.No need to be a stupid Lakers homer when the truth is right in front of you.

    When you guys talked bad about the old Clippers or the current Timberwolves you were not hating you were just stating the facts those teams sucked and were garbage bottom feeders and that is how people think of the Lakers now as a garbage team and a bottom feeder.It’s just the way that it is right now and the 27-55 record of last season helps no matters.

    Also the 45-37 record with Dwight Howard and the fact it took until the last day of that season to make the playoffs doesn’t help matters at all.The Lakers have been bad for 2 seasons now and the predictions are this will be the worst season we have ever seen in Lakers history.Maybe that’s why Byron Scott is taking so long to accept or decline the offer?He is just not wanting this bad situation?I wouldn’t be surprised if Byron Scott declines this coaching offer from the Lakers.

    • joshhh

      k buddy calm the f*** the down this team isn’t that bad they’ll be in the hunt ill guarenteee u that

    • Truth B Told

      With D’Atoni all Laker fans was upset hoping for the best…..Fans now have a better feel with Scott on board….They wanted Phil and didn’t get him……This time they wanted Scott and got him….Things are looking UP.

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