Lakers Head Coach Odds: Sportsbook.ag List Scott, Hollins As Favorites Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] The Los Angeles Lakers are taking their time in naming their next head coach. Along the way, they have already interviewed a number o [new_royalslider id="289"] The Los Angeles Lakers are taking their time in naming their next head coach. Along the way, they have already interviewed a number o Rating: 0
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Lakers Head Coach Odds: Sportsbook.ag List Scott, Hollins As Favorites

The Los Angeles Lakers are taking their time in naming their next head coach. Along the way, they have already interviewed a number of different candidates such as Alvin Gentry and Kurt Rambis, and many other names have been mentioned as possibilities.

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With so many names linked to the Lakers head coach position, there have been questions as to who is the favorite to land the job. According to Sportsbook.ag, that distinction belongs to Byron Scott who is listed at +150, followed closely by Lionel Hollins at +350.

For those unfamiliar with betting odds, these numbers are based on a $100 wager, meaning that if you were to place a $100 bet on Lionel Hollins, you would win $350 if he is named the next head coach.

Scott is viewed by most as the favorite due to his familiarity with the Lakers, experience, and success as a head coach, with two NBA Finals appearances and a Coach of the Year award. Scott even said that he believes he’s the best fit for the job, but whether or not he gets it remains to be seen.

Hollins experienced great success in his latest stint with the Memphis Grizzlies, leading the team to a franchise record 56 wins, and the Western Conference Finals in 2013.

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Scott and Hollins are followed in the odds by Derek Fisher, Mike Dunleavy, and George Karl, all of whom are listed at +600. The longest odds belong to University of Duke legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski at a staggering +10000.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak’s Latest Response To The Coaching Search

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  • Monty

    I went down to Las Vegas and bet on Lionel Hollins getting the Lakers head coaching job.I will collect good money if i am right.

    • truth24

      Fck Hollins, slow pace as sucka. Scott will get the job!

      • Matt Williams

        What’s wrong with you?

      • Monty

        LOL you are disrespectful towards a good coach.The Lakers are a slow paced team and the old guy Kobe is the leader he prefers a slower pace as he is coming off serious foot and knee injuries.The Lionel Hollins offense works well with Kobe and Pau also a old Nash if he stays they are too old to run uptempo anymore.Plus the Lakers will have way less injuries playing a much slower pace with Hollins.

      • Jim213

        Lol you got a point there but hopefully FO REALIZES that Kobe has 2-3 years left. Hopefully they hire a coach who can get the most of the team given younger players will be acquired to play with a few vets.

        So best to hire a coach who can adapt and get the most out of the team which doesn’t mean a slow pace or a full run and gun too (versatility) IMO.

    • bundy

      My choice is Tony Dungy.

      Since Lakers just want a high profile minority coach, but they didn’t specify what sport, so why not give Dungy a shot? You never know, he could do wonders in NBA.

  • Brandon

    I think it’s time i take a trip to Las Vegas to wager on Lionel Hollins getting the job.Damn those are some good odds for Lionel Hollins.California Chrome also races this weekend and this will be a perfect bet for me.

  • VillainKing

    Coach Lionel Hollins for the Lakers HEAD COACH and this starting five for the Lakers:
    PG: Marcus Smart
    SG: Lance Stephenson
    SF: Kobe Bryant
    PF: Luol Deng
    C : Jordan Hill
    I hope the coach and this starting five happens for the L.A. Lakers!!!

    • Steve

      Luol Deng is not a power forward. He would get raped by Aldridge, Griffin, Duncan, Ibaka, Bosh, Z-Bo, on and on … this team would have trouble rebounding. If Scott gets hired, Lakers will go with Aaron Gordon at PF and Lowry at PG with Deng at SF.
      But if Hollins gets hired, you are correct that Marcus Smart with be the PG. But instead of Stevenson, Lakers will go after Monroe PF with Deng SF.
      Both coaches will go after Deng at SF since he is the best foward available on the market this year.

      • VillainKing

        I know he is a small forward but Luol Deng can hold the power forward possession because he is a great defender..

      • Martin

        If Lionel Hollins is hired the Lakers might look like this.

        PG Marcus Smart
        SG Kobe Bryant
        SF Luol Deng
        PF Ed Davis/Carlos Boozer
        C Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          I will have no problem with Ed Davis, but Boozer? the Boozer that we saw this season in Chicago? I would rather have Hill and Kelly dividing the remaining minutes at PF…

          • bundy

            I would like to see Kelly beef up another 20 lb. during the offseason, turn himself into a Bill Laimbeer type enforcer.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            that would be awesome if he can strengthen up…

      • comrade24

        i agree with you at first about Luol Deng but then you go and list someone who’s smaller than Deng at PF?!?!!? same height as Deng, less bulk. Gordon is the flop of the draft IMO. good athlete, but not big enough to bang with NBA 4′s, and doesn’t quite have the skills to play SF.

      • kb24

        who is better overall deng or ariza? just curious….

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          As far as being better fit with Lakers overall.. I would go for Deng… Deng plays the SF and PF positions on both ends of the floor, his offensive production, rebounds and his assist are better. Not to mention Deng has been a consistent producer for Chicago since entering the league.

          Here are the stats courtesy of ESPN:
          Trevor Ariza: Height 6’8″, 220lbs 28yo
          Last Season: 14.4pts 2.5ast, 6.2reb
          Career: 9.7pts, 2.0ast, 4.6reb
          9 years in nba

          Loul Deng: Height 6’9″, 220lbs- 29yo
          Last Season: 16.0pts, 2.9ast, 5.7reb
          Career: 16.0pts, 2.5ast, 6.3reb
          9 years in nba

          But we could not go wrong with either.

    • We The Lakers

      I love this team instead.

      PG Jordan Farmar
      SG Kobe
      SF Trevor Ariza
      PF Carmelo Anthony
      C Noah Vonleh

      • VillainKing

        No, I don’t like Melo and Vonleh in the Lakers bro!!

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          Vonleh starting? ??? I am not sure… really… but that is your lineup, so, you are entitiled to it.

      • Matt Williams

        Carmelo Anthony?? Hell no.

        • LakersOverEverything

          Why is everyone so down on melo? I see people cry about melo not winning a ring, but those same people are desperate for a kevin love, who has never even smelled a playoffs

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            I’m against Melo on the Lakers because of Kobe. If we didn’t have Kobe, it’d be a decent idea. However, they both play extremely similar games (ones that require the ball, high volume of shots, iso/post plays and ‘ball stopping’ effects.)

          • LakersOverEverything

            Ok, I can respect that, a well thought out opinion, rather than the typical response from so many people here

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Melo’s game has evolve in the last 2 seasons, he is now a better catch and shoot player than when he was at any time of his NBA career. Put the ball on Kobe’s hand to make the play, and make Melo find his spot on corner or on the wing like he did in the Olympics… I think Kobe and Melo can work together as Melo now plays equal minutes as a PF and SF. My only problem with Melo is his contract and with the current CBA… I am not sure we can get him through FA.

          • comrade24

            the difference is Love is 25 and Melo is 30. Melo’s best years are behind him and his skills will be on rapid decline soon. not worth a max contract. Love, however isn’t even in his prime yet.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Agree on Deng playing PF minutes, but should not command more than 20 minutes on that spot, we need Jordan Hill and Kelly on that spot, if we can get a solid Center like Gortat to play major minutes and have perhaps Andrew bynum for spot minutes, that would be awesome… i know you are going to crucify me on Bynum… but if he can be had for vet minimum, why not.

      • VillainKing

        I am OK with Bynum but the Lakers must examine his knee before signing him and correct he will sign only for vet minimum..

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          For a vet minimun, I will be happy if he can play 10 minutes… we are not asking him to play 20+ minutes, are we?

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Bingo. IF Bynum checks out, his knees won’t let him play more than 10-15 minutes without causing some serious issues. Bynum off the bench is a force to me. Especially if we can get someone like Asik in 2015 along with Love.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard


    • Emman Espenilla

      Head Coach : Lionel hollins
      Asst. : D. Fisher

      • LakersOverEverything

        Good team. I would say either lance Stephenson over deng, but either is good

        • Emman Espenilla

          Lance stephensos is a shooting guard. We cannot acquire him right now maybe as you should see the lineup i made will be over the salary cap. That’s why i did not include nash and gasol to the lineup for the lakers to free some space in salary cap

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Kobe and Melo will not work well together. Both are high volume shooters who do their best work with the ball in their hands, in ISO/Post and end up stopping the offense. One player like that is great, two like that and your offense is going to stall and play styles will clash.

        Let Carmelo go somewhere else. Let Kaman go. If we bring in Okafor, do it for only a year, same with Bynum. Go after Asik in 2015, and Love as well.

        • Emman Espenilla

          Yes a 1 yr contract for okafor/bynum with the team option.

          Or we can get also marcin gortat for 2 yrs contract instead of okafor because we are not so sure of asik by 2015. Remember, kobe had 2 yrs only in the league. It must be prettier if kobe will retire with 6 rings. So we try to have a team now that could possible a top contender and if not now by 2015.

      • Emman Espenilla

        It could be possible coz kobe will not play the entire ballgame because of his age and health reasons so while kobe play together with melo inside the court it should depend how the coach will go a game plan while if kobe out in the court it will be melo would bring the team.

      • VillainKing

        I don’t like Melo for the Lakers..

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I am not too sure we can have Carmelo and at the same time get Deng with the CAP…unless you sign and trade, which highly unlikely.

      • molly

        where is swaggy p

    • Emman Espenilla

      2014-2015 lineup

      M. Smart/Farmar/A. Brooks
      Deng or Ariza / Granger
      Carmelo or Zach / kelly/Hill
      Gortat or Okafor/Sacre/Bynun

      • VillainKing

        How about my big line-up for the Lakers coached by Lionel Hollins:
        PG: Marcus Smart 3/ Steve Nash 10/ Kent Bazemore 6
        SG: Kobe Bryant 24/ Xavier Henry 7/ Marshon Brooks 2
        SF: Luol Deng 9/ Nick Young 0/ Wesley Johnson 11
        PF: Jordan Hill 27/ Tyrus Thomas 12/ Jason Smith 14
        C : Andrew Bynum 17 (100% Healthy)/ Marcin Gortat 4/ Robert Sacre 50

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          I like your starting lineup, except for Bynum… his knees cannot hold him up for more than 15 minutes per… he should come off the bench… also, why Tyrus Thomas when we have Kelly?
          And also, if I have Deng, Johnson is too expendable, better reserve 1 open roster spot for signing vets within the season.

          • VillainKing

            I like Tyrus Thomas defensive game than Ryan Kelly shooting game that’s all..

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            That might be true about Tyrus’ defense, but Kelly has a solid defensive fundamentals too… not to mention it was his rookie season… the one thing where Tyrus is above Kelly at this point is his athleticism, but that doesn’t always translate to a solid game… Kelly has solid fundamentals as well as feel for the game, and basketball IQ, that alone makes him better than Thomas, if he can build on what he has done last season, which I honestly think that is what he will be working on this off season, look for him to have a really solid year in his sophomore year.

          • VillainKing

            OK but I saw Kelly plays in Lakers he cannot play defense and easily erase by strong players in the paint his only weapon is his shooting ability will see if he improves in his sophomore game but I cannot see any potential on him..

    • globe_smart_sun

      HC Byron Scott
      PG: Kyle Lowry/ Kendall Marshall/ Nash
      SG: Kobe Bryant/ Nick Young/ Bazemore/
      SF: Loul Deng/ Wesley Johnson/ Henry
      PF: Noah Vonleh/ Ryan Kelly/ Andray Blatche
      C: Marcin Gortat/ Sacre

      • VillainKing

        No, I want Lionel Hollins as Lakers head coach also I don’t like Marshall, Kelly and Vonleh playing in the Lakers but that is your opinion so I will not contradict it..

        • globe_smart_sun

          There is a lot room for improvement for Marshall he is only 22yrs. old, Kelly can be a good shooter and can spread the floor, the lakers right now need a reliable big man and that could be Vonleh. imo.

          • VillainKing

            Marshall is so lazy not a good defender and Kelly is so soft cannot survive against strong players and Vonleh BIG NO!! we can sign free agent bigmen better than him!!!Lakers need a physical pointguard like Marcus Smart..IMO..

          • globe_smart_sun

            Marcus Smart is gonna draft by other team ahead of Lakers maybe by boston, so much better if the Lakers pursue Lowry instead. And Marshall would be a very good backup PG with a little less money to be spend by the Lakers. Kelly is only on his 1st year he can be a future Nowitzki he got the height and outside shooting.

          • VillainKing

            Are you sure?!are you a fortune teller men?! because you know what will happen in June 26 the draft day..there is a big chance that Marcus Smart will be available at 7 and be drafted by the Lakers..

          • globe_smart_sun

            It is not fortune telling it is probability, there is a big chance outside of Lakers Marcus Smart will be drafted by other teams, that is why Lakers invite some prospect. The Lakers are very lucky is Smart is still available at 7.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I would put too much on Vonleh playing with the starters… better yet that he comes off the bench subbing for Jordan Hill, along with Kelly… I am perflex about your choice of Andre Blatche… and again, this lineup is not a B. Scott line up… mostly likely Hollins is better suited…

        Coach: Hollins

        PG: Kyle Lowry/Bazemore/Marshall
        SG: Kobe/Meeks
        SF: Deng/Johnson/Henry
        PF: Hill/Vonleh/Kelly
        C: Gortat/Okafor/Sacre

        • globe_smart_sun

          Blatche have a player option and he might opt out and join lakers with a right price and he can be a big help to our Lakers. If they can re-sign gasol that would be good.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I don’t like him on lakers team… he don’t have fire, his head is almost always not in the game… have you seen him in Brooklyn? I’d rather have Sacre than him, honestly.

          • globe_smart_sun

            Yes i saw Blatche play in Brooklyn, I think he is much much better than sacre, He can contribute to the Lakers.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      this can work… most lineup in the NBA today have this type of smallish ball… and yet it still has enough beef to be defensive and not give too much rebound to opposing teams, this lineup can shoot and score with Kobe, Lance and Deng. If you can replace Hill with a better offense like Gortat which also has enough defense… that would be also good.

  • Russell

    WTF?lol people are betting on who will be the Lakers next head coach lol what???
    Maybe they actually should skip this bet since Jim Buss is unpredictable and one day he might love Byron Scott as coach and the next day he is all in to hire Mike Dunleavy.Hell he might hire Chaz as head coach.Or he might hire Mitch Kupchak as head coach.Hell he might hire himself as head coach.lol heck Jim Buss just might give the coaching job to Mike Brown nobody knows what Jim is thinking.He is crazy and infatuated with being unpredictable and going against the odds.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Not sure if you’ve been out in the world lately, but Vegas will put odds on ANYTHING if they think people will bet. People will bet on ANYTHING they think they can win money on.

    • comrade24

      He could hire Mike Miking.

  • Luca

    Lionel Hollins has jumped up a bunch of spots from when this Las Vegas betting on the Lakers next Head Coach started out.At first Kevin Ollie and Byron Scott were the favorites and Lionel Hollins was behind a few coaches.Now he is at second in the odds maybe he impressed the Lakers brass with some DVD’s wow.

  • Lakers Fan

    WISHFUL 2014-15 team:

    1. Smart/Nash/Farmar
    2. Kobe/Meeks/Henry
    3. Deng or Ariza/Bazemore/Henry
    4. Hill/Kelly
    5. Gortat/Kaman/Sacre

    Coach: Hollins
    Asst : Scott, Fisher, Rambis

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I love this lineup… I think Hill,Kelly,Gortat, Kaman can ably hold that PF-Center positions… and with Deng playing some PF minutes on a small ball lineup… this is the most versatile line up the Lakers can manufacture if they can do it.

      Hollins will love to play with this lineup…

      • bundy

        No offense, but every time I watch Kamen he reminds me of one of those mass muderers hiding in the woods from some horror film.

        • vdogg

          how could anyone possibly take offense to that? especially from a guy named “bundy”??


        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          LOL… as long as de gives us solid numbers off the bench.. we are not asking him to be a starter… 10-15 minutes per game will do… or if you don’t like him, we can get Bynum for vet minimum… and have him play 10 minutes per.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I like this, and is awfully close to what I’ve been looking for. Only thing I’d change is Gortat. We can wait one more season and sign Asik, who is a tremendous defender and rebounder.

    • comrade24

      i agree with you and Richard. This lineup is a winner. it’s affordable, and not a pipe dream. It’s a great defensive lineup as well. This could be a 50 win team next season, maybe even get us to the 2nd round.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I am a little optimistic with this lineup if at all this can be done by FO… with Hollins as coach, we may be looking at a really really good defensive team, and with Kobe and Deng providing the scoring, we may be seeing a team that can take it to the WCF based on that alone.

        DO IT MITCH!

  • Chet

    Pipe dream team here.

    Lakers Pipe dream team for 2014-2015

    PG Darren Collinson
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Aaron Gordon
    C Healthy Emeka Okafor

    Coach Lionel Hollins

    • Magic Kwonson

      what a horrible pipe dream. hope your dreams get a lot better.

    • Matt Williams

      Darren Collison is a great backup not a good starter. Carmelo Anthony, once again, hell no. Aaron Gordon is a great small, not a good power. When has Emeka Okafor ever been healthy. The only 2 I agree with are Lionel Hollins as coach and Kobe and SG.

    • bundy

      This is my pipe dream team for Lakers 2014 – 2015:

      PG Nash
      SG Kobe
      SF Paul Pierce
      PF Antawn Jamison
      C Greg Oden
      Bench: Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Jason Collins, Jermaine O’Neal.

      This will be the All NBA Cripple Grandpa Team

  • Gregg

    Just hire Coach Lionel Hollins and call it a day.

  • JT

    Lionel was in the seat next to me on the way from Memphis>LA last week for the interview, he looked confident, I still miss him and wished him well.

  • Truth B Told

    If the Lakers do not want to go down that same road again..
    .They better pick Scott….words for the Wise

  • michael

    What about this lineup. It’s not out of the blue and achievable.
    PG Jordan Farmar (we can get a “real” one in 2015)
    SG Kobe Bryant (natural position, not a good fit for sf because of his height)
    SF Carmelo Anthony (We can land him in FA and he is a good sf)
    PF Aaron Gordon (great potential, even if I would like to trade him for love, but that wont happen)
    C Andrew Bynum

    Assuming, that we could get love in 2015, we would have a good rotation at 4 and 5. Otherwise we could go for a pg.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Carmelo and Kobe has extremely similar styles of play. Both are ISO players who “stop” the offense and are volume shooters. I don’t think that would work well together. I’d rather see Deng as SF.

      Also, Bynum cannot play starter minutes if his knees aren’t healthy. 10-15 MAYBE. He’s a role player, back up, but not a starter.

      I’m okay with drafting Gordon. Over the past couple days I’ve grown to like his mentality and athleticism. I’m a fan of Marcus Smart, though. If we did go after Gordon in the draft, I wonder if he could work on his jumper and man the 3, allowing us to sign Love and Asik next season.

    • comrade24

      Aaron Gordon will never be able to play PF in the NBA. He would get murdered by almost every team in the post. Unless Mike D’Antoni coaches in the NBA next year, i’m sure Gordon would have a good game against his team.

  • Wan

    Lionel Hollins is the best coach for the head coaching job with the Lakers.

  • Austin

    SLOW IT DOWN.SLOW IT DOWN.The Lakers need to slow it down.Slow the pace down and lets get the team identity back from the Kobe+Pau championship days also Kobe+Shaq ran triangle offense for a three peat now just slow the damn pace down in a Lionel Hollins offense.Hire Lionel Hollins and start winning again.

  • Johnny

    Yes Lionel Hollins actually believes in defense and rebounding…Opposite of MDA!

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    I’m on the Hollins bandwagon. I’ve been posting this all over the place, so I’ll throw it here, too. He took a Memphis squad with no top tier players to the WCF. He improved their win % and defensive ranking EACH YEAR he was head coach. Imagine what he could do with a Lakers squad who is willing to spend the money, and able to draw in free agents. Here’s my 2014 hopes.

    PG: Nash, Smart, (Marshall/Farmar)
    SG: Bryant, Bazemore
    SF: Deng, Young
    PF: Hill, Kelly
    C: Sign a guy to a 1-2 year deal, Sacre

    In 2015, we can pursue Kevin Love for PF and Omer Asik as a defensive C who can patrol the paint. Imagine having Smart, Deng, and Asik on a roster coached by Hollins.

    If we go after someone else in the draft, I’m a fan of the athleticism and “psycho” personality Aaron Gordon claims to have. I think he’d be a hard, hard worker. Might even be able to put him at the 3 with that mobility of his.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I would also be interested in drafting Gordon, and letting him play SF.

      PG: Lowry, Nash, (Marshall/Farmar)
      SG: Bryant, Bazemore
      SF: Gordon, Young
      PF: Hill, Kelly
      C: Maybe O’Neal, Bynum, Sacre

      Then in 2015 we still go after Love and Asik.

  • Abraham

    I’d love for Lionel Hollins to add lots of grit and grind to the Lakers.Get it done!

  • Truth B Told

    A smart GM and a High Roller would put their money on Scott…….who’s a disciple of Pat Riley,Coach of the Year,3 champ.rings,The Showtime Sniper,2 consec NBA finals(as a Coach),was a mentor to Kobe his 1st yr in the NBA, mentored Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving to ROY honors and bleeds Purple and Gold…….Nuff Said. Welcome Home Byron Scott.

  • globe_smart_sun

    HC Byron Scott
    PG: Kyle Lowry/ Kendall Marshall/ Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant/ Henry/ Bazemore/
    SF: Loul Deng/ Wesley Johnson/ Nick Young
    PF: Noah Vonleh/ Ryan Kelly/ Andray Blatche
    C: Marcin Gortat/ Sacre

  • The Black Mamba

    Hire Lionel Hollins…

  • Layden

    You got great coaches just listen to you’re coaches and play hard,play hard everything will workout…

  • bj

    Hollins please

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