Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Uncertain About Another Blockbuster Trade Reviewed by Momizat on . After acquiring two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash via sign-and-trade, the Los Angeles Lakers had officially landed another superstar to pair with Kobe Bryant in the b After acquiring two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash via sign-and-trade, the Los Angeles Lakers had officially landed another superstar to pair with Kobe Bryant in the b Rating:
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Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak Uncertain About Another Blockbuster Trade

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After acquiring two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash via sign-and-trade, the Los Angeles Lakers had officially landed another superstar to pair with Kobe Bryant in the backcourt. This move has been considered to be brilliant one with the Lakers only giving up draft picks and greatly improving the point guard position in the process.

Even though the current squad with Nash, Kobe, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum is impressive to say the least, and instantly improves the Lakers’ chances of winning a title next season, Los Angeles may not be done making trades to upgrade the roster.

Once the Lakers officially announced Nash as the newest member to the team in a press conference on Wednesday, GM Mitch Kupchak fielded questions about the team’s intentions moving forward. The one question that was asked more than any other was whether or not the Lakers intend to make another blockbuster trade before next season.

Kupchak responded to these questions with doubts about pulling off another big trade via Mark Medina of L.A. Times:

“We think we’ve got one this year,” Kupchak said. “So you’re asking if we can do that twice? I’m not quite sure that’s possible.”

Obviously, with all the trade chatter surrounding Dwight Howard, the Lakers have been mentioned in multiple trade scenarios to land the superstar center in exchange for Andrew Bynum. Despite doubts about bringing Howard to Los Angeles, the Lakers may have a better chance than ever before to do just that after the Brooklyn Nets were knocked out of contention recently.

Even though Kupchak seems to doubt the prospect of making another blockbuster trade, it remains a distinct possibility a deal might be made with the Lakers seemingly not giving up on Howard until he’s traded elsewhere.

The recent trade rumor involving the Lakers shipping Bynum to the Houston Rockets in exchange for Howard in the three-way deal with the Orlando Magic may be the best trade scenario potentially in the works. It’ll be interesting to see how the Magic’s front office continues to pursue trading Howard with the Nets no longer an option after re-signing center Brook Lopez.

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  • Wjmatlock

    Lakers DO NOT need another “BlockBuster” trade..we have more then enough @ starting 5.
    All Lakers gotta do is assemble a goohid bench..Lakers should get either of these available F.A’s….B.Rush, J.Meeks, Antwan Jaimeson,
    But Lakers did a great job in aquiring Darius Johnsin Odom!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/H3OBHVXD33WQCUMHUJCV6UTIPY Dillo

    No we dont need a BlockBuster trade what we need is depth and youth.I think we need to trade Byumn he is a cancer plus he’s inconsistent and more important is his past health do anyone think Bynum can run,run,run in this Steve Nash offence? Let me help you hell no!!! his numbers will be down and he will complane about his touches and there we have it conflict in LA again.I’m a laker fan for life I like Andrew Bynum I like his game and his aggression but Bynum made it clear when he said no I want to test the market year 2013 so lets trade him while he still has worth lets get with Houston or Detroit they both have good young guys we can use now and maybe we can have a future a few years from now

    • http://www.facebook.com/xMrWhitex Kevin Sanchez

      He said he would be test the free agent market if he wasn’t offered an extension by the Lakers (read: If he gets traded). I’d rather keep Bynum now, and sign him to an extention than aquire a 1 year rental, with a bad back Dwight Howard. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/H3OBHVXD33WQCUMHUJCV6UTIPY Dillo

         i never said anything about Dwight so you read  kevin and the Lakers are broke they offered him one deal he turn it down so when someone offer him a max contract Lakers wont be able  to match he said he will play anywhere he’s a kid with 2 rings already he wants the money think like a GM .Just because he says he wants to stay in La do not mean he’s willing to take a paycut like Pau when it comes down to it so lets trade him before he gets hurt again

        • joshua

           Dillo u are such an Asshole my Goodness it amazing to me what some of u jackasses write on here..Andrew Bynum is always in a trade rumor.every off season his name is out there. so what if he doesn’t want to stay a laker u cant hate on him for that. like anyone u would be tired of hearing you name out there all the time. its call free agent u sign where u wanna play n if for some reason he doesn’t wanna be in la then i dont see the problem with that..u clearly dont see a problem with the lakers putting his name out there so it goes both ways. 

  • http://twitter.com/Bdawk20201 Jose Rodriguez

    Ahhh Mitch U Little Bitch
    U Know U Want Dwight

    • Johlimpz

      trade bynum to houston rockets for scola and martin..

  • Ernie728 Nikon D90

    it would be nice but again D12 doesn’t want to be in LaLa land

  • http://www.facebook.com/shockjay Jason Roberts

    Lakers are playing with house money: already have Bynum and can most likely sign him to a long-term contract after this year. Getting Howard is not as important as reloading our bench.

  • Lakerfanintx

    Lakers should go ahead and try a trade with Houston. They are willing to strip their roster for a player like bynum who said that he would consider and extension there. I looked at Houstons roster and some of those guys coming off our bench is not that bad. In addition they would take some of our less palatable players like metta and blake and the Lakers would get some younger guys that can shoot and some that have and upside that were high draft picks this year. I would not imagine a better trade for Bynum than that. Who knows the lakers might even get a draft pick and finally get some one in the first round.

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