Lakers Frustrations Continue After Kobe Bryant’s Latest Injury Reviewed by Momizat on . Six weeks. That's how long Kobe Bryant will be sidelined with a fracture in the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee, an injury that he suffered in the third Six weeks. That's how long Kobe Bryant will be sidelined with a fracture in the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee, an injury that he suffered in the third Rating: 0
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Lakers Frustrations Continue After Kobe Bryant’s Latest Injury

Six weeks.

That’s how long Kobe Bryant will be sidelined with a fracture in the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee, an injury that he suffered in the third quarter of the Lakers 96-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies — the game in which Bryant looked his best after coming back from his ruptured Achilles. Bryant was as aggressive as we’ve seen him in that third quarter, scoring on a few jump shots from the right wing and getting to the rim against the likes of Tony Allen, one of the NBA’s premier defenders. With about 3:30 left to play in the period, however, Bryant went down and immediately grabbed his knee.

It didn’t look good. It never looks good when you see you aging star player take a tough fall and immediately grab his leg. With Kobe being Kobe, he got up and continued to play, unbeknownst to him that it would be his last game of 2013, a year that was essentially a nightmare from start to finish. The team had been playing relatively well as Bryant recovered from his Achilles injury and were 10-9 before he made his first start. And after losing the first three games of his return, the Lakers had won two of their last three and finished a tough four-game road trip with a 2-2 record.

Despite not having a healthy point guard on the roster, the Lakers managed through four games in five nights on the road, winning the second of a back-to-back twice with a home game on Friday and Jordan Farmar’s return nearing. Mike D’Antoni was starting to figure out how to get Bryant in the flow of the offense off the ball, utilizing Wes Johnson to initiate offense so Bryant could do more work from the mid post. And when Bryant was handling the ball, the weak side wing was coming up above the break for more of a two-guard set to give Bryant a release when he got into trouble. After averaging 6.5 turnovers in the first four games of his return, Bryant was down to 4.5 in his last two. Adjustments were being made, they were gathering wins on the road and Bryant was beginning to trust his Achilles a little more with every passing minute.

Now, the Lakers are faced with another tremendous setback, one that feels like the 403rd over the last two seasons. Steve Nash broke his fibula in the second game of last season, and the injury bug has lived in Los Angeles ever since. No Lakers key rotation player outside of Wes Johnson has avoided injury over the last two seasons, and Bryant is just the latest to go down. To make matters worse, it’s his left leg again, the same leg that suffered the torn Achilles.

Kobe isn’t just going to have to go back through the rehab process, but he’s going to have to go back through all of the cardio to get himself back into game shape, he’s going to have to go back through the timing process once he’s back on the floor, and he’s going to have to go back through the trust process — which is the most important part of the process. It could prove to be difficult as it’s another injury he suffered during a routine basketball play. Just as he was beginning to trust his Achilles, he’s re-injured his left leg. Over compensation issues will be a concern upon his return, which just leads to risk for more injuries on other parts of the body.

As frustrating as this has to be for the fans, the frustration levels for Bryant have to be 10-fold. These moments of grief can be contagious if the Lakers allow it to be. Despite the recent setbacks, the team has to continue to find a way to get the job done. Outside of Bryant, this injury hurts Gasol the most, as he was just beginning to find a groove with Bryant back on the floor. Their two-man game was working well, and Gasol’s numbers showed it. The team will have to find a way to separate themselves from the misfortunes and wish Bryant a speedy recovery. God speed.


Pau Gasol’s Immediate Reaction To Kobe Bryant’s New Knee Injury

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  • Gregory Choa

    Silver Linings Playbook people, time to look at the silver linings in all of this.
    While there is no doubt that this fracture to Kobe’s left knee is a real blow to the team’s chances of making the playoffs…same goes for Steve Nash’s ongoing problems…there is no doubt that this likely helps the Lakers in the longer run.

    1) It should put them into the lottery, where they still have a first round pick in this summer’s uber-loaded draft.
    2) It will allow Kobe to fully recouperate in preparation for the onset of his swan-song 2-year deal over the next two seasons.
    3) It will further allow D’Antoni to continue to develope these young wing players like Meeks, Nick Young, X. Henry and Wes Johnson to see who the Lakers are going to want to hang on to.
    4) It’ll probably send Pau back into a tailspin (he was really starting to play better with Kobe in the lineup), which will allow the Lakers to simply allow his expensive contract to expire and end up not re-signing him…more space under the cap.
    5) Nash will in all likelyhood end up getting shut down with the Lakers not making the playoffs in a hyperly competitive Western Conference, which will likely make the Lakers beneficiaries of a medical retirement provision, which means his contract comes off the books…more space under the cap.

    • Dragon7s

      1. Agreed (and I for one think this was their plan all along)
      2. We can only hope
      3. MDA has built his career on it and I don’t doubt that we have several ‘diamonds in the rough’ on this current roster
      4. Pau was able to show that he can be a force in the right system which only increases his trade value. Don’t expect him to be a Laker come Feb. 15th
      5. Agreed…it needs to happen, for the Lakers benefit and his own personal benefit.

    • ejshaq

      Finally, an educated Laker fan that can think critically. Thanks for this comment.

  • Daryl Peek

    D’Antoni: “You hate it for Kobe. He’s worked so hard to get back.” @XavierHenry will take over PG duties for the short-handed Lakers.

  • Zimmeredge

    The Titanic syndrome for this season in LA.

    • Gregory Choa

      Chill…I’m calling this the Anti-Tanking Tank, from the Silver Linings Playbook!

  • Apex

    FML…….I am so flipping choked, I can’t believe the misfortunes of this team. There was nothing more I wanted then to watch Kobe this year, ffffffffuuuuuuuccccckkkk

  • Marty Susman

    Gregory is correct except for Kobe. I hope this is not something that will happen over & over again in the next 2 years. The Lakers tried Malone & the Lip, then Nash & resigning Kobe, all OLDER used up guys & sofa it has never ended well for them. Old just can’t win rings, old is always bad & now with the super fast points old is even worse.
    I would now like to see Gasol go of draft picks, Blake & Kaman as well. They need to lose more games then anyone else & they NEED one of the top 2 picks in the upcoming draft. Thin how it will be if they can get draft picks for Gasol, Kaman & Blake. Even if they are 2nd rounders in 2015 they are better off then with these guys.They NEED a giant rebuilding program & that does NOT include players like Mello. The ONLY player in NBA land they need to get now is Greg Monroe. They will need a center to block the paint & he is the one that can be gotten. Maybe Gasol & Kaman & Blake for Monroe & an expiring contract….

    • jeremy

      what about lance stephenson even thought he seem like just another meeks.

    • jeremy

      that expiring contract could be Charlie Villanueva he makes like 8 mil to sit on the bench

    • Gregory Choa

      I think if Kobe ends up taking the rest of the season off to recover from this injury (thank goodness it’s not the meniscus), and uses the offseason to recondition himself, he’ll be good to go next season and is still capable of playing at a high level. Yes, the possibility of re-injuring himself in the two seasons still to come is always a possibility, especially given all the mileage he’s accrued, but something tells me Kobe will overcome the odds.

      • Paytc

        There will always be a injury and re-injury risk. I’m sure Kobe understand the risk, and takes everything into account.

        I do agree with your closing statement. Kobe will continue to exceed expectations and over come great odds. That is what he does. You can not escape your DNA. Cheers to his successful return.

        Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Sami

    Got my boyfriend Lakers at Cavs tickets for February 5th for his christmas present……..Kobe is his all time favorite player.. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN

    • Paytc


      For you, your boy friend, and all Kobe for life fans….. hopefully Kobe returns to play that evening. Cheers to Kobe’s return to the top, and more Laker titles in the process. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • GM Jack

    With Kobe 2-4!

    Without Kobe 11-9!

    Take your pick!

    • Paytc

      Obviously you know very little about basketball and a whole lot about hating on great players :-) LOL…… I know it must be hard for you to take.
      But Kobe will be back to lead the team into the plays regardless.

      That little sample size is irrelevant. It was 10-9 before Kobe’s return. Kobe was working on getting Gasol back to playing with heart,confidence,and at a high level. Sure that may have took sacrificing a game or two, but in the playoffs it will payoff.

      This is a team. Kobe is the team’s leader. No team in the playoffs fear a Kobeless Lakers team. They are obviously better with Kobe. Cheers to Kobe’s return to the top and more Laker championships in the process.

      My pick is Kobe and the Lakers. You should be picking Lebron and the Heat and be blogging on their site.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • GM Jack

    With Kobe 2-4!

    Without Kobe 11-9!

    Take your Pick!

    Please stop taking it down!

    This is very polite!

    • Paytc

      My pick is Kobe and the Lakers !

  • GM Jack

    2-4 with Kobe

    11-9 without Kobe

    Please take your Pick!

    • Paytc

      My pick is Kobe and the Lakers !

      Thanks for asking such a dumb question on the Laker Nation site.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

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