Lakers Fans React: Andrew Bynum Edging Out Dwight Howard Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the summer and throughout the pre-season, fans have been clamoring for the Lakers to trade their oft-injured young center, Andrew Bynum for reigning league Over the summer and throughout the pre-season, fans have been clamoring for the Lakers to trade their oft-injured young center, Andrew Bynum for reigning league Rating:
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Lakers Fans React: Andrew Bynum Edging Out Dwight Howard

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Over the summer and throughout the pre-season, fans have been clamoring for the Lakers to trade their oft-injured young center, Andrew Bynum for reigning league superstar center, Dwight Howard. Prior to this past weekend when Andrew finally stepped on the court, it was a foregone conclusion that Dwight was the clear choice amongst the fans.

Looks like Andrew has something to prove this year, as he has come out dominating the glass and protecting the lane, averaging 17.0 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game.

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On the offensive side, Andrew has showed a renewed patience in the post and a better awareness of three second violations. He’s always had the ability to snare rebounds with his length, but instead of putting it back up right away, he quickly assesses the situation and puts himself in a better position to score.

Don’t be mistaken, though. The line between Drew-Keepers and Drew-Traders is still there and last night’s poll on our Facebook Fan Page definitely shows that Andrew is not only snaring rebounds, he’s snaring back the love of Lakers Nation. At the time this was posted, since the poll is still ongoing, Drew managed to have the lead over Howard.

Drew-Keepers Argue:

  • Andrew is a more well-rounded player than Dwight Howard
  • Andrew is better prepared to play in the clutch of 4th quarters than the free-throw challenged Howard
  • Andrew is younger than Dwight and has taken less pounding over his career
  • Andrew has been the victim of bad luck more-so than being injury prone

Drew-Traders Argue:

  • Andrew’s history of injuries make it foregone conclusion he will injure himself again this season
  • Dwight Howard has missed only 8 games in his entire career
  • Dwight Howard’s defense alone can make up for his lack of offensive skills
  • Dwight Howard will be able to draw superstar free agents to Los Angeles once Kobe retires


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6U2ZHU7AJD6E7HFK4SRW3ETZNI rigged4fun@yahoo.com

    Dwight has two basic disadvantages in comparison to Andrew. The first is Andrew is taller, heavier, and has a longer reach. This plays out especially around the basket when rebounding. The other advantage is that Andrew has a greater selection of offensive weapons. He can post, he can face the basket, and hopefully he’ll develope the sky hook Kareem taught him. Dwight has problems with face up shooting, and pretty much depends on his jump hook.

    • john

      So why is Dwight a better rebounder?

      • Alex

        what makes him a better rebounder?  Last year Bynums per 48 REB was 1.6 less than Dwight’s, Bynum also averaged more Offensive REB’s. When you
        take in to consideration that Bynum was playing along side two players
        (Odom & Gasol) who averaged better than 14 REB per 48, and you also consider Dwight played with players that got NO WHERE NEAR the Boards that he did, you look quite foolish to make that assertion.

  • chadnisha@gmail.com

    The Drew-Trader arguers have much strong arguments.

  • JR Sunglao

    the question is can bynum stay healthy?

    • jolida

      Get out of the past! Bynum has not been injuried in 1 year. Let it go!

  • jolida

    Bynum is gonna destroy Dwight(superman)Howard This is not the same Bynum from last year! Bynum game has really went up to another level.

  • http://twitter.com/John_LakersRule John

    I’ve been a Bynum fan from the moment he dunked on shaq his rookie year, i continued to support him through both knee injuries, through every trade rumor, through every hater/bandwagoner who just wanted him gone. But that changed over the summer, partly because of the Howard rumors and then of course the CP3 rumors that popped up before the whole vetoed trade that came to form. But mostly because i came to realize something very important which was, that Bynum in a Lakers uni, will never achieve the greatness i and others believe he is capable of.

    Unlike Howard Bynum has had to play his whole career behind big name stars Kobe; Pau and hell even Odom, because of that he hasn’t and won’t be able to naturally embrace that superstar role in L.A. This season without Bynum the Lakers went 2-2 with him they’re 2-1 I know it’s extremely early in the season but anyone who’s been following his career knows full well that this is basically what you get from Bynum, a slight improvement.

    In 3 short games Bynum has played the best ball of his career which is also considerably better than how Howard is playing, there is not doubt in my mind Otis Smith has noticed that. A straight up trade of Bynum for Howard would be extremely beneficial for both teams. The Lakers would get a player that will allow them to become the dominant force of previous years, instead of the team that struggles just to get wins WITH Bynum. And the Magic get a player that if healthy can more than fill the shoes left behind by Howard.

  • Joseph Griffin24

    get dwight

  • Sti1lmatic

    Bynum hasn’t done $hit except get more touches. This is like when Kobe has 29pts out of 100 shots! Get rid of Bynum and bring in Dwight before we lose the race.

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