Lakers Fans Need To Stop Daydreaming About Kevin Love … For Now Reviewed by Momizat on . PAGES: 1 | 2 | 3 Let's start with Phoenix... In just this coming draft, the Suns have their own pick (likely 14th) plus the Wizards and Pacers picks (17th and 2 PAGES: 1 | 2 | 3 Let's start with Phoenix... In just this coming draft, the Suns have their own pick (likely 14th) plus the Wizards and Pacers picks (17th and 2 Rating: 0
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Lakers Fans Need To Stop Daydreaming About Kevin Love … For Now


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Let’s start with Phoenix…

In just this coming draft, the Suns have their own pick (likely 14th) plus the Wizards and Pacers picks (17th and 27th, respectively). They also own that top-5 protected pick from the Lakers as early as next year and a first round pick from Minnesota that’s top-13 protected this year and top-12 protected in 2015 and 2016. The funny thing is there is only one way that Minnesota would have to convey that pick in this year’s draft and that’s if Phoenix, who is pretty much assured of getting the 14th pick, miraculously ends up in the top-3 — thus dropping the TWolves from 13th to 14th.

**It’s an extremely unlikely scenario considering the Suns have a .5 percent chance at the top pick, a .6 percent chance at the second pick, and a .7 percent chance at the third pick.

If the Timberwolves don’t convey the pick to Phoenix by 2016, they would instead send them their second round picks in 2016 and 2017. Even though the pick can never be higher than 12th, the Timberwolves probably wouldn’t mind having it back. Add them up and the Suns could have as many as six first round picks in the next two drafts. I doubt they’d mind dumping half of them for Love, especially since the Lakers pick is the only one that will likely end up in the top-10.

If we’re talking about young players on rookie contracts, Phoenix currently has five players who were first round picks in the last three years: the Morris twins, Miles Plumlee, and two players taken in the first round of last year’s draft, Alex Len, the 5th overall pick, as well as 29th pick, Archie Goodwin. They also have Eric Bledsoe, a restricted free agent this summer who is expendable due to the emergence of Goran Dragic. Bledsoe would first have to agree to a sign-and-trade but if he did, he would be under contract in Minnesota for at least the next three years and it would give them the freedom to trade Rubio before having to decide if they should re-sign him or not.


What about the Celtics?

In the upcoming draft, the Celtics own both their own pick, likely to be in the top-5, as well as the Nets pick, 18th overall.  Next year, they own the rights to the Clippers pick as well as a top-14 protected Sixers pick. Beyond that, they own the Nets picks in 2016 and 2018, plus the right to swap picks with the Nets in 2017. In total, the Celtics could have as many as 10 first-round picks over the next five drafts, plus the right to swap picks in 2017 with a Nets team that is nearly capped out already due to the 2016-17 contracts of Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez.

As far as young players are concerned, the Celtics have Jared Sullinger, the 21st pick in the 2012 draft, as well as Kelly Olynyk, the 13th pick in 2013. Sullinger is coming off a very good season, although his history of back issues might scare some teams away and Olynyk showed flashes during the season that he might be a good NBA player. However, I would assume that neither player has enough upside to satisfy Timberwolves fans. If there is one advantage the Celtics have over the Suns, it’s being in the Eastern Conference. While Minnesota would probably prefer to keep him out of the West, I doubt that it would prevent them from making the best deal they can possibly make.

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467691317Looking at what those two teams possess, I welcome anyone to try and convince me that the Lakers still have a chance at acquiring Love via trade. There is a popular theory out there that Love can force his way to the Lakers by telling all other interested teams that he won’t re-sign with them. On Twitter and on message boards, this is often referred to as “Pulling a Carmelo,” referring to when Carmelo Anthony forced his way to the Knicks in 2011.

While it’s true that Melo was able to force his way onto the Knicks, there were a few major differences between his situation and Love’s. First, Carmelo was sent to the Knicks at the trade deadline. Because he was an impending free agent, any team willing to trade for him was only guaranteed to have him for the 25 or so games that were left in that season. To give up the type of assets it was going to  take to satisfy the Nuggets was way too big a risk for a team with so few games to make an impression. For the Suns and Celtics, who have so many picks, there is very little risk involved for them to give up two or three first round picks if they will have an entire season to convince Love to stay.

dwight-50-50On the flip side, the Lakers had an entire season to convince Dwight Howard to stay and it blew up in their face. It cost them Andrew Bynum and a future first-round pick they’d probably love to have back right now. Consider that a cautionary tale. Imagine if they trade this year’s lottery pick for Love and he leaves after the season, just like Dwight did. They’d have no Kevin Love, their 2014 pick would be in Minnesota, while their 2015 pick is probably on the way to Phoenix. How do you explain that to your fans?

There is one other major difference with Carmelo’s situation. At the time of the trade, the NBA was staring down the barrel of an impending lockout and a much more owner-friendly CBA. Melo wanted to get his max extension under the terms of the old CBA. Things have definitely changed with the new CBA.  There is no longer any incentive for players to sign extensions before they can become free agents. In other words, any team that wants to trade for Love won’t be scared away by him turning down an immediate extension offer because it’s expected he would decline it.

For example, when Dwight was traded to the Lakers, the max they could have offered him was a 3-year, $60 million extension. By waiting until he became a free agent, the max offer he got from the Lakers was a 5-year, $118 million extension. He might have turned them down but he still signed with Houston for four years and $88 million — one year and $28 million more than he would have got if he had signed the $60 million extension with the Lakers right away.

All of these things apply to any possible Lakers trade target, not just Love. The Lakers really have nothing to offer for anyone of real value right now. The only way they can add talent this offseason will be through the draft or by overpaying free agents like Anthony or Luol Deng. They can use some of their cap space to acquire a player from another team in a salary dump, just don’t expect it to be a game-changer because they still want maintain their flexibility for the 2015 and 2016 free agent classes.

I still have no idea what next season’s roster will look like. I do know that if you’re expecting Kevin Love to be on it, you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. At least not yet.
Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak On NBA Draft, No. 1 Pick And Trading The Pick

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About The Author

Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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  • J Taylor

    Weird Article… It rehashes and summarizes the Love issue but puts the author’s obvious bias into it.

    And somehow, it really fails to address the fact that the main prize is that he’ll be a free agent and many believe that he’s stated that he wants to play in LA. All of the noise about trades and the rest are the team’s way of exploring how to get him to LA without letting him be a free agent and be tempted by New York, Chicago, and the rest of the league.

    Build a solid team, with a great coach, and the players will come to LA.

    • AndrewUngvari

      What bias are you referring to? I love the Lakers. I’m also one of Kevin Love’s biggest fans. My premise is that 1) the Lakers can’t trade for him because they have nothing Minnesota wants and other teams can beat their offer with very little effort and 2) Kevin Love wants to compete for a championship so the Lakers have one year to put together a roster that Love feels he can make a contender by joining it as a free agent.

      I don’t know what’s so weird about that.

      • Lakers555

        Can u not respond to the comments on your own article. lol professional much…

        • AndrewUngvari

          I don’t understand. Are you asking me if I’m allowed to or are you telling me that I shouldn’t? What exactly is unprofessional about it? Many writers, from websites about all different kinds of things respond to their commenters. Would you prefer I microwave some popcorn and just read the comments and pretend I don’t see them?

          I’m all about promoting discussion. Engaging with readers and responding to them is a great way to get people to become loyal readers. He also mentioned an ‘obvious bias’ of mine. I’d love to know what he’s referring to. We should all try to be better at what we do.

        • erikkinsley

          When questions are asked, why is that not professional? Get out much?

      • erikkinsley

        What’s weird is your comment about not competing for a Championship with “JUST” Kevin Love. Kobe will be back and EVERYBODY knows (except maybe you) the Lakers are going to sign a relatively big name free agent this off season. Throw Kevin Love into that mix, and you have a contender…especially after watching how bad the teams are in this years’ playoffs. If this team can focus on DEFENSE, they will be back to winning regularly.

        • AndrewUngvari

          I wrote that there was nothing about the Lakers “current” roster that should have anyone believing they’re just a Kevin Love away from competing for a championship. Their current roster doesn’t yet have the big name free agent you seem to think is so obviously coming. When it does, then I’ll revisit it.

          I will never question Kobe’s commitment or desire to return to greatness. However, I think it’s more than fair to fear his durability at this point. If Love becomes a free agent next summer and the Lakers are coming off a season in which they miss the playoffs or Kobe misses 20+ games due to injury, why would he choose to sign a long-term contract with the Lakers and their 37-year-old shooting guard taking up $25 million in cap space?

          That last thing Love wants is uncertainty. He’ll want a team that’s young and on the way up, preferably with another young all-star that he can play with long after Kobe is gone.

          I don’t know which relatively big name free agent you’re thinking of, but the least of realistic possibilities isn’t a very long one. Their best chance might be if they strike gold with their lottery pick. That would not only provide Love with a post-Kobe running mate but also one that allow the team a few years to spend money on free agents until he’s eligible for his first big contract.

        • kookiebuger

          Kobe will be 36 years old coming off of a major injury missing basically a 1 1/2 of basketball. It’s unlikely Kobe will be the same but lets say the Lakers trade their pick for Love and sign Melo in the offseason, they will be okay for these next 3-4 years but then Love can leave and Melo will be 34. Just be patient and let the Lakers rebuild.

  • heisenburg

    I don’t think Minny trades him, at least not until next Feb if they’re struggling. Best hope for them is bringing in a good coach, get everyone healthy, and make a Portland sized ‘leap’ next season. It’s not out of the question for this team to win 50 games. Love is getting better, Gieng showed tons of promise, they’ll have their 2014 pick to plug in.

    • AndrewUngvari

      Waiting until the deadline would greatly decrease the trade possibilities. I just don’t know which current playoff team they can replace next season with nothing to work with but the mid-level exception and the 13th pick in the draft. Winning 50 games would help but I’m not sure it’s enough to keep him from leaving if they still miss the playoffs or get bounced in the first round.

      • heisenburg

        One strange thing with this team is that for the past 2 seasons, the computers have predicted them as a 50+ win playoff team.

        • AndrewUngvari

          I don’t which computer had that. Maybe it’s because they expected continuous improvements from Love, Rubio, and Pekovic, and they liked the additions of Martin and Brewer. I know Vegas had them winning 41 games this season.

          • heisenburg

            Do you think they’ll end up trading him on draft day then?

          • AndrewUngvari

            No, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded between the draft and training camp.

          • heisenburg

            Boston is the wild card I think. I can’t see them giving up their #1 pick if they get Wiggins or Parker, but if they land at 4/5/6 maybe they would.

  • Daryl Peek

    Watched the KD MVP speech. That young man is not leaving OKC. He’s built different. The big market fame ring chase is not his thing.

    • heisenburg

      He’ll do whats best for his career, whether that means staying or leaving.

      • ra

        He’ll do what’s best for his ‘family’, whether that means staying or leaving.

        • comrade24

          true. Durant’s a mama’s boy, and NOT the typical NBA superstar.

          • KOBE IS WASHED UP

            No. He’s a team player unlike Kobe.

    • comrade24

      Been saying this for a LONG time and everyone has always dismissed and just said “it’s inevitable” that Durant will leave OKC for a big market. Yeah, obviously they know NOTHING about the man Kevin Durant is.

    • Kb24

      Lol he idolizes kobe and dirk. From kobe-love era to kevins era(KD AND LOVE)

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS can’t sign and trade GASOL, because GASOL don’t want to go to Minnesota.

    • AndrewUngvari

      As I wrote, the only way Gasol would consider going to Minnesota would be if the Timberwolves were willing to overpay for him. I don’t think he will get more than $10 million on the open market. If Minnesota offered him one-year/$15 million, he might consider it.

      • comrade24

        The only scenario i could possibly see us getting Kevin Love this coming season would be a three way trade between the Lakers, Grizzlies, and Wolves. It would require the Lakes to resign Gasol, send him to Memphis, Memphis sends Randolph to Minny, and Minny sends Love to L.A., with likely some picks or trade exceptions mixed in there somewhere, but i doubt that will happen.

        • AndrewUngvari

          There’s zero chance of that happening. If Minnesota was willing to trade Z-Bo, why wouldn’t they try to get Love instead of Pau? Second, Z-Bo can opt out and become a free agent so both he and Pau would have to agree to sign-and-trades. Third, if the Lakers are getting the best player in the trade, they’d have to be the one to include picks and they don’t have any.

          Also, trade exceptions come from the difference in salary when teams send out more salary in a trade than they take back. When the Lakers traded Lamar Odom to Dallas, they got back a salary exception for the full amount of Odom’s contract because they didn’t receive any players back in the trade; just a draft pick. Had they received a player from Dallas making $3 million then the trade exception would have been for the amount of Odom’s contract minus $3 million

          A year later they used the exception to acquire Steve Nash from the Suns in a sign-and-trade. If a team has more than one exception, they can’t be combined. Nor can teams pair players with exceptions when making a trade. There are ways to get around it. Teams can split a trade up into multiple transactions so that the exception can be used. However, it can only be used if the salary of one of the player’s coming back can fit into it.

          Lastly, trade exceptions expire after one year. Most of the time, teams let them expire.

  • Mitch

    Dude Kevin Love said that shit a long ass time ago back when that fuck head Mike D’Antoni Pringles was coaching this team.Things have changed in a big way now and the Lakers FO is looking to make a huge splash.Lets just be real about it though a helluva a lot of star players want to play in L.A. so make out you’re own assessment of what you think but i hope you respect the thoughts of others and as long as you keep an open mind we will all get along.

    If not i will be ready to tell you my piece of mind you might hate how things are said.I don’t give a crap about dumb people and their stupid thoughts and idiotic outlooks on the NBA.Stupid fools are always saying the Lakers can’t get anyone worthy of conversation i strongly disagree and i am on cloud 9 being a Lakers fan while you have feelings and i don’t give a shit about anyone’s feelings.Fuck feelings.

    We the Lakers are getting Kevin Love and LeBron James and in 2016 we the Lakers are getting Kevin Durant.Yes once Kobe retires that will be in 2016 and we are getting Kevin Durant to replace him with the salary cap space we will have i guarantee it.I told you Mike D’Antoni would be gone and you all said i was a liar well now i say this with 100% assurance and confidence that Kevin Love and LeBron James will both be Lakers this summer.See i know my stuff we are the Lakers this is the Lakers way.#LakersNation Rise Up.

    • comrade24

      i think you should up your medication.

  • Mitch

    Yes the Lakers are getting Kevin Love!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    We should keep our lottery pick and wait for Kevin Love in 2015 via free agency and boom he is ours possibly if not we can try to get Aldridge in 2015 free agency.We need to keep the draft pick and draft either Marcus Smart or Dante Exum at #6 if we move up then at #1 Wiggins,#2 Jabari Parker yes we gotta keep the lottery pick.Go Lake Show!Don’t trade the lottery pick NO NO NO!

    • KingEmperor

      yeah correct men keep the draft pick and sign love in 2015..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kevin Love is not important to anyone as he never made the playoffs.Good player though and a All Star but we can wait on him and if decides to go elsewhere or stay in Minnesota so be it oh well no problem.

  • vdogg

    DO NOT trade this year’s pick, mitch. it would be a huge mistake. the lakers won’t be contending for a title next year anyway. why not keep the pick and groom him for a year before making a big splash in FA the following summer?

  • heisenburg

    I could be wrong but have the Lakers not had a first round pick who ended up suiting up for them since 2007? How is that even possible?

  • Freddy Gutierrez

    Lakers are in rebuild mode. I don’t see any more coming to lakers while Kobe is around who wants to play with Kobe?? Look at games he ask for ball 98% of the time why would he go there or anyone?

    • Javier

      I disagree.Players want to be paid and the Lakers have a lot of cap space.Also the Lakers are a legendary franchise known for winning championships that is a big reason players will play with the man people hate on Kobe Bryant.Shit come on on now lets be honest Kobe is a great player when healthy and anyone would love winning with Kobe.Seriously it’s not Kobe that people hate playing it’s just that the Lakers never had cap space until now.Just wait and see players will sign up and great players will sign IMO.It’s the Lakers not the Bobcats.

    • Javier

      Players are not dumb.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Money talks.

    • TheTruthKills

      I agree. No one wants to play with Kobe, but most of our fanbase won’t accept that fact.

      • Dragon7s

        You have your own fan base?

        Seriously, there are a lot of players (most?) that want to play with Kobe.
        For you to base your decision on cherry-picked comments of a few ill-informed “pundits” is sad.

        For every quote you show me from a player saying they wouldn’t or couldn’t play with Kobe, I’m sure I could find 3 to 5 for each one saying just the opposite.

        • TheTruthKills

          I’ll just let what happens this summer do the taking. Nothing more need be said.

          • Fred Savage

            well no, because the lakers aren’t going to waste all their cap space this summer on middling talent. Only max they will offer is to lebron, and he’s not coming! Players would love to play with kobe, but we’re not going to over pay this year when its 2015/2016 that this team is looking forward to

          • TheTruthKills

            This summer, next summer, or whenever you like. The results will remain the same.

    • EmperorKing

      FUCK U!!

    • KB24

      Exum,embiid,randle,lilliard,love,swagP and all of our current players especially pau,deng,ariza,paul george etc.. Thats less than 50% of the players who wants to play for kobe.

  • Skyler

    Lakers are getting Chris Bosh.I heard rumblings PER Sam Amico it’s truly remarkable everyone forgot about Chris Bosh.Give Bosh his own team and he averages 23 Points and 9 Rebounds and he is a great defensive player.

    PG Nash,Kendall,Farmar,
    SG Kobe,Bazemore
    SF Andrew Wiggins,Xavier Henry
    PF Ed Davis,Kelly
    C Chris Bosh,Kaman,Sacre

    • AndrewUngvari

      I don’t believe anything Amico says because he’s wrong 98% of the time. However, I do think that if Miami wastes time and strings Bosh along, he’d at least be willing to listen to other teams (if he opts out). I spoke to someone who is very plugged in with Heat who told me that Bosh is extremely happy in Miami. If he leaves, it probably won’t be by choice.

      • heisenburg

        Yeah it makes no sense for Bosh to leave, don’t even think it makes sense to opt out. He’s playing in a bad conference and gets 10 wide open jumpers a game because of Lebron. And gets to live in Miami.

    • marlou anthony lorica

      Why not to pick Noah Vonleh,hes a version of Bosh and Love,offense and defense,better low post player with long wing spand,picking up Vonleh plus acquiring deng and backup pointguard will make the roster compitetive,1st 5 will be nash,kobe,deng,vonleh and gasol,2nd unit will be Bledsoe,young,johnson,kelly and hill,reserve are bazemore,farmar,meeks,sacre and kaman

  • George

    LeBron James is not scared to leave the Heat and come to the Lakers to prove himself on the West Coast.LeBron James is a rebel and he will want to prove he is his own man and he will make a rebel move and leave the Heat high and dry.

    • AndrewUngvari

      LeBron isn’t leaving Miami for THIS Lakers team. Not this year. Sorry Skyler.

    • JonathanGriswold

      LA doesn’t want LeBron. True story.

      • heisenburg

        Why is that?

        • Fred Savage

          because LA has enough b*tches already

        • Fred Savage

          and you spelled heisenberg wrong.

    • TheTruthKills

      LeBron won’t leave a well run franchise for a poorly run one. Jim Buss has a lot to prove if he wants to be able to land a superstar of LeBron’s caliber.

  • George

    Too many Love articles.

    • AndrewUngvari

      This is the Love article to end all Love articles.

  • KingEmperor

    its ok to have kevin love in the team but dont ever trade the pick we need to draft point guard..

  • Joshua Duenas

    This may seem a little bit off topic, but kind of related because of FA, if Nash gets a change of heart and retires would the lakers use the stretch provision or let the 9mil sit there and expire?

    • Fred Savage

      if he retires, they don’t pay him.


    These rumors are funny. Nobody wants to go to lakers! No foundation! They’ll just be throwing years away. Love actually put that as nicely as possible too. Waste of money on Kobe. His ego is costing him for his 6th championship because he feels that he deserves every penny. As far as you laker fans getting angry at this comment get over it. You’re just in denial and living in the past glory days. Also I’ll stop you first if you’ll say I don’t know basketball? Probably been watching longer than you. Lol

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