Lakers Fall Short To The Cavaliers, Lose Their Third In A Row

Lakers Fall Short To The Cavaliers, Lose Their Third In A Row


The Lakers continue to go on a downward spiral. They’ve lost four of their last five games; they just came off a loss against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. Coming into their game against Cleveland, they were 9-12. Not exactly what we expected out of the Lakers a month into the season.

Once again, Pau Gasol was out for this game to continue resting his knees. And the team just received the news that Steve Nash would be out two more weeks due to nerve irritation on his leg. To make matters worse for the Lakers, Kyrie Irving made his return in this game after being out with a fractured finger.

And Coach Mike D’Antoni made yet another change: Jordan Hill was starting in place of Antawn Jamison, who was starting in place of Pau Gasol.

How did the Lakers do? Let’s check out the recap.


The Lakers were getting punished for leaving guys open on the perimeter. Kyrie Irving made a transition three. Anderson Varejao made a jumper. And C.J. Miles shot well early.

And the Lakers didn’t take care of the ball early. They had eight turnovers in the first 12 minutes. Despite those costly turnovers that led to 15 Cavalier points, they shot very well (9-15 for .600). Kobe Bryant, in particular, got off to a very good start as he scored 12 points in the quarter. Dwight Howard also contributed this post move. At the end of the first, the Cavs led the Lakers, 29-23. 2ND QUARTER The Cavs looked worse without Kyrie Irving on the floor but, unfortunately, the Lakers didn’t play much better. One of the big problems for the Lakers this season has been free throw shooting. Dwight Howard, of course, is one of the big culprits. He went 2-8 early (would finish 4-10 in the first half). Yikes.


The Cavs then turned it up at the end of the second. They outran the Lakers and Kyrie Irving (again, this was his first game back) made a couple of ridiculous moves that pleased the home crowd. The Lakers’ shooting disappeared in the second quarter (5-20 for .250). This bad first half continued the recurring themes for the Lakers: bad defense, bad free throw shooting, bad at transition, bad at taking care of the ball, etc. The only good thing for the Lakers was that Kobe Bryant scored 16 points off 7-10 shooting but even he had four turnovers.

At the half, Cleveland led the Lakers, 54-39.


Both teams started out really sloppy. The Lakers went 1-10 and the Cavs went 1-12 early in the third. But there was a fun one-on-one duel between Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant. Kobe ended up blocking Kyrie’s jumper.

That woke up the Lakers a little bit as they went on an 8-0 run to cut the lead down to seven. Alonzo Gee’s three-pointer stopped the momentum for a little bit but L.A. kept grinding and continued to play better defense in the third quarter. A Kobe fadeaway was able to cut the lead down to three. However, Kyrie Irving made a huge three-pointer to halt the Laker stampede. After three quarters, the Cavs still led, 68-62. 4TH QUARTER Laker fans probably did this a lot.


The Cavs, of course, looked bad without Kyrie Irving on the court. The Lakers, after all the terrible play, were able to cut the Cavaliers lead down to 75-73.

Once Kyrie returned, though, he made his presence felt by making a three-point play. Lakers continued to play porous defense although, on the other end, Kobe was trying to keep them alive. He made a deep three-pointer that he took from Columbus. But Kyrie wouldn’t be denied as he countered Kobe’s three with a jumper of his own. It became a Kobe/Kyrie duel for a little bit. After Irving made a three-pointer, Metta World Peace got it back with a three of his own. Kyrie and Anderson Varejao, however, executed a perfect pick-and-roll to put the Cavs up six.

While that duel was fun between Bryant and Irving, the game was not fun for Laker fans.

The Cavaliers defeated the Lakers, 100-94.

POINTS: Kobe Bryant, 42.
REBOUNDS: Dwight Howard, 19.
ASSISTS: Dwight Howard, 3.
BLOCKS: Three players with one each.
STEALS: Six players with one each.

  • WOW

    LMAO! All I can do is laugh now. WTF is wrong with this team? Further down the rabbit hole we go. Shit.

  • ramos

    Trade kobe get whatchu can 4 him now this team is fuc@#&

  • Lydia Ayala

    La verdad que ya apestan por tanta flojera.


    What’s wrong with the Lakers? …At this point in time, they
    simply don’t have enough horses (good all-around players) to be a consistent
    winner… They have 1 great player still playing at a high level with a 2nd
    great player coming back from a major injury/major surgery, still a shell of his
    former self, forever still, a consistent liability at the free throw line…
    after that they have players with major holes in their game…

    MWP started the year in impressive fashion, but has faded into
    obscurity, and even more notably on defense… Upon observing the major hole to Jamison’s
    game on a daily basis, I never realized just how extremely weak he is on defense,
    compared to his offensive game, which is inconsistent at best… Meeks looks like
    a pretty good streak shooter, but is a turnover waiting to happen when he
    dribbles the ball… Hill has good energy and plays hard, but his production this
    year is certainly inconsistent… and these are the positives, if you can call them
    that… everything else is a major liability on the court.

    • Terrence

      MWP and Meeks are turnovers waiting to happen, because their not supposed to handle the ball. Shows how much Morris has been stinking lately and Duhon is also inconsistent.

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  • 28 shots

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    ~~~▄▄█▌▌ —-Kobe’s Brick Truck—- ▌ —-Dwight’s free throws—
    ▄▄▌▐█▌.▌**Excessive Heavy Load** ▌ —-still on the stock—-
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  • 28 shots

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    ▄▄▌▐█▌.▌Destination: 16 rings

  • Evan Boland

    Phil couldn’t have even won with the rotting corpses of MWP, Nash and Gasol, and a lesser Dwight. This whole team needs to go other than Kobe/Dwight. Especially Gasol/MWP/D’Antoni

  • Guest

    know the lakers management realized the mistake for not bringing back phil jackson as their head coach, correct me if i’m wrong mike d’antoni is the white version of mike brown sad to say

  • Kapitan Jacs

    now the lakers management realized the mistake for not bringing back phil jackson as their head coach, correct me if i’m wrong mike d’antoni is the white version of mike brown sad to say

  • Leo

    Only the blind dont see.. the players want to fire D’Antoni, as they fired MBrown by showing no real effort. They played with more heart even under Bernie than now. I decided to stop watching Lakers games. It is really embarrassing…
    D’Antoni is not a genius, not even clever. There you have a franchise player, who the team was built around in the past decade plus you have the (targeted) future franchise player on your roster and the spaniard who the franchise can thank 3 finals appearances and 2 titles in the past five years – still D’Antoni publicly declares to build his game around a fourth guy: Steve Nash. Are you kidding me? Imagine how the others stars feel… Whatever they do, without the Messiah Nash they are just non-fitting puzzle pieces in a game designed for run by Nash, right? So, without Nash they should not even have a chance, right? So why play hard? D’Antoni has given them a legit excuse not to play good, until Nash returns… And he will not return this year.
    D’Antoni failed in his first three weeks as head coach, he should resign or get fired. Run and gun game does not fit this roster anyway.