Lakers Fall Short Against Memphis, Lose Second Straight Reviewed by Momizat on .   http://youtu.be/JRfD9wJrsNw After a Thanksgiving Day break, the Lakers were back at it as they played their third game in four days. They faced the Memph   http://youtu.be/JRfD9wJrsNw After a Thanksgiving Day break, the Lakers were back at it as they played their third game in four days. They faced the Memph Rating:
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Lakers Fall Short Against Memphis, Lose Second Straight

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After a Thanksgiving Day break, the Lakers were back at it as they played their third game in four days. They faced the Memphis Grizzlies, who had the best record in the Western Conference coming into this game.

How did they fare against them in the loud FedEx Forum? Did they do better under Mike D’Antoni’s third game? Did Pau Gasol beat up his younger brother, Marc? Did Kobe Bryant have to score 744 points to bail the Lakers out?

Let’s go through the recap!



Dwight Howard got off to a good start defensively. He had two early blocks in the first quarter. Here’s the first one.

However, the Grizzlies were beating them in transition and second chance points. The big team of Memphis was crashing the boards on both sides.


It really shouldn’t be an excuse (it’s their third game in four days) but the Lakers still looked a bit gassed. And it was only the first quarter. First sign of trouble? When Darius Morris looked the best in that first quarter (although understandable that Kobe would want to save his legs for later in the game).

Pau Gasol looked especially fatigued. He was shortarming a lot of his shots and was getting wrecked on defense. Pau was 1 for 6 in that first period. I think he’d rather watch Breaking Dawn than play in this game.

Memphis Grizzlies were leading after the 1st, 34-18. Justin Timberlake was probably singing falsettos.


It didn’t look pretty at first. But then again, there was nothing pretty about Antawn Jamison’s shots. However, he gave the Lakers life.


The Grizzlies went cold. Led by Jamison and Metta, L.A. went on a 10-0 run. And with Chris Duhon making plays, the bench, shockingly, gave the Lakers a lift. They were able to cut the lead all the way down to three.

But Memphis hung in there. The Grizzlies’ took advantage of the Lakers packing in the paint by making their outside shots. And the Lakers had a sloppy latter half of the second quarter when they threw bad passes and had fumbleitis. That erased double digit lead returned in a flash.

However, the Lakers somehow were able to stay afloat after that run by Memphis. And Kobe decided to take matters into his own hands.

Somehow, the Lakers were able to cut the deficit down to 56-49 by the half. Kobe had 14 points to lead L.A.


The Grizzlies jumped all over the Lakers, who started the second half with no energy. Pau Gasol did wake up a little bit with consecutive jumpers.


But Memphis seemingly couldn’t miss from the perimeter. The Lakers, of course, continued to pack the paint and let the Grizzlies shoot. Surprisingly, the Lakers weren’t down by 30 at that point.

The Grizzlies kept putting on the pressure and the Lakers continued to turn the ball over. But, hey, at least, the Lakers have a better quarterback than the New York Jets right now!

It was Memphis 82, Lakers 70 at the end of 3.


The Lakers used a weapon that rarely worked: the 3-pointer. Their first four field goals were all three-pointers.

With that awakening, Meeks turned in his second straight respectable performance.

Eventually, they started missing three-pointers and Memphis did just enough to counter those bricks. Kobe was definitely getting frustrated with the calls he wasn’t getting during the game. That led to some unnecessary chucking by Black Mamba. He can’t let that get into his head. And of note, Pau Gasol sat the entire fourth because of his poor play.

Memphis ended up winning the game, 106-98.

POINTS: Kobe Bryant, 30.
REBOUNDS: Antawn Jamison, 7.
ASSISTS: Kobe Bryant, 4.
BLOCKS: Dwight Howard, 4.
STEALS: Metta World Peace, 2.

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  • cougar

    pau is playing like he has no legs. no rotation on defense. dwight not looking for his shots. irritating to watch, this lack of effort

    • Terrence

      Worse is Dwight’s not really fighting for post position. He gets the ball makes a half hearted spin fake and then passes it right back out.

    • kb24

      agreed lakers should trade gasol,duhon,and clark for josh smith and kyle korver

  • mstanley

    lakers just don’t have the fire within their hearts – this is a coaching and motivational issue. they are just playin lazy- those turnovers are a joke.. like they aren’t even lookin at where they r throwing the ball.. u got two 7 footers.. a giant advantage… and the grizzlies are outrebounding em… kobe’s showin up for the team.. where r the rest of the guys.

  • lakers_excuses

    Yall wanna no was crazy when the lakers beat none playoffs teams they back showtime back dwight the best when the lakers lose to a playoff team we not healthy its a working progress wow its never they fault

  • Crystal

    This is getting ridiculous. We have the best roster on paper and are playing like shxt. Kobe’s doing all the work and is trying to get everyone else involved but there seems to be a lack of communication and everyone is kinda in their own world. They’ve got to get it together. First, they lose to the crappy kings, what about the hard teams? Dallas embarrassed them on their own court opening night so hopefully that’ll give them some motivation for tomorrow’s game. I believe in this team through everything and they will get through this. GO LAKERS!

  • Prince

    Stfu this is a work in progress, your the same people who talked trash about jamison and chose goudelocl over morris, some of you. Everuone showed up even the bench except for the bigs, now imagine if the bigs played good? We would have won. Its the start of a new season with new people it will take time for everyone to get in the mix. They will be fine and so will dantoni. It was a close game

    • Prince

      And stop saying bring back phil it has barely been 2 games, have some faith in the team you root for.

      • http://www.facebook.com/MHM.35 Michael Mazurczyk

        I do completely agree with you on this. Makes me sick that Lakers fans are never happy with the coaching staff.

    • http://www.facebook.com/MHM.35 Michael Mazurczyk

      Prince, you’re not quite correct on this one. You are correct, but incomplete. Because there was a time where all the stars were getting good numbers and the bench didn’t hurt anything but the team still lost due to the TO’s. Every single game I’ve watched them lose, they have had at least 15 turnovers, more often pushing 20. You can’t win ball games, even with everyone scoring, if you’re going to hand the ball to the other team.

  • plx

    Dwight howard won’t be back next season I bet anyone how the lakers are playing they don’t really give him the ball kobe is being a ballhogger like before. They should trade pau for howards best friend josh smith from the hawks and bring kyle korver.

  • kb24

    Pau is too slow and cant defend
    Trade pau and duhon for korver and josh smith

    • http://www.facebook.com/MHM.35 Michael Mazurczyk

      Korver fits the description of what you just bashed Pau for.

  • krez32

    Gasol just isn’t meant for this system… not at the 4 anyway… and obviously dwight is going to get his touches before pau… this team wants to run and gun but doesn’t necessarily have the personel to do so… QUICK FIX… trade Pau for Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler… gives the nuggets an elite post player which they lack…gives the Lakers 2 guys who hustle and don’t need touches to score there points… I’ma Die Hard Laker Fan and theres no way were getting Josh Smith for Pau… that wouldn’t even work in 2k without forcing a trade….we just gotta do something and do it quick…

    • http://www.facebook.com/MHM.35 Michael Mazurczyk

      dude i live in denver… you don’t want freakin wilson chandler. Faried is a good option though in the run and gun sense.

  • manny

    We want Phil Jackson!

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