Lakers Defeat Warriors In First Game Without Mike Brown Reviewed by Momizat on . As we all know, head coach Mike Brown was relieved of his duties earlier today. Assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who last coached in 2006-07 (with Charlotte) As we all know, head coach Mike Brown was relieved of his duties earlier today. Assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who last coached in 2006-07 (with Charlotte) Rating:
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Lakers Defeat Warriors In First Game Without Mike Brown

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As we all know, head coach Mike Brown was relieved of his duties earlier today. Assistant coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who last coached in 2006-07 (with Charlotte), took the helm for Friday night’s game against Golden State.

Some people are excited about it.

Let’s see if the Lakers had renewed life in this game.


They looked a little more energized coming out of the gate. The Lakers kept it a little simpler indeed. They did a lot of inside-out with Dwight and Pau (who looked a little more involved in this first quarter than their game against the Jazz entirely). Unfortunately, the outside game was a little too much and it didn’t work as well as the inside game. The Lakers started off 0 for 4 behind the arc. Some fans weren’t too happy about not going inside enough.


But Kobe continued his outstanding playmaking. Darius Morris made the Lakers’ first three off this beautiful feed from #24.


The Warriors continued to keep it close but the Lakers, at least, kept countering (unlike in previous games). After 1, the Lakers led, 23-22. And somehow, Darius Morris led L.A. in scoring with 7 points.

Yeah, I know.


Antawn Jamison made a 3-pointer, which is probably more than he’s done in the first five games. But after that, the Lakers have looked, once again, awkward in the offense. And they fell in love (like a love song!) with the 3-pointers.

But they played some pretty good defense. Some fans are satisfied.


And that defense got them rare opportunities for a Laker fastbreak.


It was good to see the Lakers be a little more active on defense although 1) it would’ve been better if they didn’t play the Warriors game of exchanging three-pointers (especially Jamison) and 2) they didn’t leave so many guys open on the perimeter. They killed the Warriors on the boards, 30-23, in the first half. And it was fortunate that the Warriors couldn’t make their shots behind the arc.

The Lakers led the Warriors after the half, 47-38. It felt like it was their first halftime lead in a century.


Not that the Warriors were playing outstanding basketball but the Lakers didn’t score for the first 2 1/2 minutes. If the Laker frontcourt can make lay-ups, they probably would’ve been up by 15. All that yelling by Pau didn’t help, either. Golden State went on a 7-0 run and the Lakers missed 11 straight shots at one point.

But Kobe was having a pretty good game.


Kobe seemed proud that he got Harrison Barnes on a pump fake, which prompted this comment…


Kobe basically took the game into his own hands. And the Warriors continued to miss their three-pointers as they got discouraged from going inside. Bryant ended with 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists after 3, with the Lakers leading, 72-55.


The start of the fourth quarter was pretty awful to watch. It was not fun at all, except for Jordan Hill’s energy. Both teams looked like D-League squads.

But, ya know, it doesn’t matter to some people…


Some fans are just relieved.

But we have to give credit to the Lakers D. It was infectious, in fact.


Some of the starters went back in and the Lakers stepped on the gas. To see this kind of stretch with the Lakers was encouraging, even if it was against the Warriors and their atrocious shooting. At least, the Lakers took advantage.

The Lakers beat the Warriors, 101-77.

POINTS: Kobe Bryant, 27
REBOUNDS: Pau Gasol, 14
ASSISTS: Kobe Bryant, 7
STEALS: Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace, 2
BLOCKS: Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, 2

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  • saadi saadi

    Win is a Win: Pau/Hill were good. Morris….he still needs to play more games to get my love/respect. Kid played good though…

    But here is the reality:
    Lakers played barely ok but needs lot of improvement. Other team was a weak team/didn’t shoot the ball well.
    Liked hearing Phil Jackson during the free throw time.

  • Terrence

    People keep saying Golden State is a weak team. They had a winning record and just beaten the Clippers are few nights earlier. So they had a bad shooting night, not like defense has an effect on that. Nope not at all. Just accept that it was a good win. Don’t like how Gasol played 40 min. tonight where as Howard only played 28 min.

    • Mr. Mister

      also the lakers always seem to lose to Golden State, for some inexplicable reason (got no stats to back that up, it just feels that whenever I hear about the two teams, its the lakers that lose), so tonight’s win definitely wasn’t because GS is weak. I liked that the bench was steppin it up though, even though Kobe and Pau did most of the work. Im glad Pau got minutes too, everyone needs to recognize he’s no mediocre player. The man is a beast.

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