Lakers Defeat Sixers in Philly, Extend Winning Streak to 2 Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="165"] The Lakers finished out their road trip in Philadelphia, as they were looking to nab their second win in a row. They headed into the [new_royalslider id="165"] The Lakers finished out their road trip in Philadelphia, as they were looking to nab their second win in a row. They headed into the Rating: 0
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Lakers Defeat Sixers in Philly, Extend Winning Streak to 2

The Lakers finished out their road trip in Philadelphia, as they were looking to nab their second win in a row. They headed into the game without Jordan Farmar, Pau Gasol or Nick Young, the latest Laker to fall victim to injury.

Young suffered a displaced fracture of his patella and a bone bruise in the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Shawne Williams also made his comeback to the Laker roster tonight as he was signed to a 10-day contract to fill Young’s spot.

First Quarter

The Wells Fargo Center was rather bare as the Lakers and 76ers squared off. Wes Johnson came out strong with a few jumpers and a fastbreak slam. However, the Lakers continued to struggle on defense as the 76ers took control early and maintained the lead throughout the first quarter. Johnson led the Lakers squad, scoring 10 points in the quarter. As the first quarter came to an end the Lakers trailed the 76ers, 35-26.

Second Quarter

The Caveman, Chris Kaman, hit a jumper that was nothing but net to start the second quarter. The offense came alive a bit as the purple and gold managed to cut the lead to just four halfway through the quarter. However, the Lakers had a total of 10 turnovers in the first half that the 76ers converted into 13 points.

Steve Nash celebrated his 40th birthday contributing a few buckets and a pretty layup. Ryan Kelly started to get in the groove, leading the team with 11 points. The Lakers hit back to back threes at the end of the quarter to come within striking range, ending the half trailing the 76ers, 64-61.

Third Quarter

The Lakers started off strong as Ryan Kelly continued the fire with a jumper and Steve Blake nocked down his fourth three of the game. With a two blocks from Wes Johnson and a dunk from Robert Sacre off a feed from Nash, the Lakers took their first lead of the game three minutes into the third quarter.

It was a tight game throughout the quarter until Kendall Marshall hit back to back scores and Blake sank another three to put the Lakers up by five with two minutes left. Tony Wroten hit a hail mary shot to end the quarter as the Lakers held onto the lead, 87-85.

Fourth Quarter

Kendall Marshall started out the quarter with a nice bounce pass to Jordan Hill for the slam. Marshall kept the bigs active tonight, sending another bounce pass to Kaman for a layup. Hill put down another dunk  and Kaman hit a jumper to put the Lakers up 100-90 with just under seven minutes left in the game.

Lakers defense stepped up in the second half, forcing a total of 23 turnovers in the game with a season high 14 steals. Kendall Marshall did what he does best and notched 10 assists helping six Lakers reach double digits in scoring. Steve Nash led the team with 19 points, five assists and four rebounds. At the end of four, the Lakers came out on top defeating the 76ers, 112-98.

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  • SincerelyCS


    • riannonqas321

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  • fas

    I know this was the 76ers but still a great game. Two things stuck out:

    First, finally, we got a glimpse of what we’ve been hoping
    for the whole season: GOOD DEFENSE.
    In the 2nd half, we played extraordinary defense, and good
    defense does lead to good offense.
    Our guys were playing with better energy and shots were falling on the
    other end. We got easy baskets off
    turnovers. I only hope we can
    continue this high defensive intensity.

    Also, CHRIS KAMAN.. This guys a veteran and a beast, I have
    no clue why D’Antoni doesn’t put him in regularly when Pau’s on the team. Tonight we saw how much of a factor he
    can be. He’s a smart player and the
    dude has skills.


    • Daspin

      The reason D’Antoni is not playing Kaman’s is because he doesn’t have a clue how to coach.

  • Jim213

    Wonder if the team would’ve been able to win more games with kaman on the floor today? However 2-1 road trip have them going 5-5 (2-1 now). Bulls and Jazz next but then it gets a somewhat tough.

    • e3bonz

      I might agree to 5-5, well see. It’s the guards getting into the paint that helped with the last two wins. I don’t think Kaman, while he played well tonight, would of been a factor otherwise.

      • Jim213

        SMH, 3-7 you said… too late now.

    • Daspin

      It’s more about whose not playing. This game showed how much Meeks and Gasol are hurting the team and calls into question D’Antoni starting them over guys who can actually play.

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t agree. The difference is having Nash, Blake, and Farmar back. These guys make everyone else on the team better. Meeks has played well all season, and Gasol has played better since he got healthier.

  • JohnSmith00

    YEAH!! LET’S ALL CELEBRATE!!…. a worthless win in a lost season, congrats sixers to for knowing how important loses are and getting the job done.

    • Jim213

      SMH, if they represent the brand (lakerball) then a win is a win but they’ve played lousy which injuries adds to it though it’s NO EXCUSE. Have the Lakers finishing (6th, 7th, or 8th). IMO, it’ll come down to luck of the draw (lottery draft) if it’s meant to be as teams who’ve finished 6,7,8th have moved up the draft these past few years tho not constantly.

      • LakeShow

        It’s good to win but I still hope for a good draft pick. If the Lakers ended up with beyond top 5 pick, the possibility is the Lakers won’t end up with a future franchise player (lower chances, not impossible). I hope we get lucky!

        • Jim213

          Possible, 32 games left and I have them @ 30-52 = (approx. 1 out of every 3 games). But looks like celts, cavs, and magic are starting to win a few more too. Have the Bucks and Jazz at 1 & 2, (worst expected) SMH. IMO, teams that keep returning year after year to the lottery should be penalized (blame goes to FO) while assuring them no lesser than a 4th/5th pick for the repeaters.

          But if the Lakers miss out on my preferred pick and given these organizations who lack the know how (FO) to mold talent and build a competitive team I’m certain they won’t stick around after their first contract. Likely be available down the line 4-5 yrs though it’d be best to mold talent.

      • hookedonnews

        Of course injuries are a factor (don’t need an excuse). The Spurs have been losing lately because of injuries. The idea that you should be winning no matter who’s playing and who’s injured makes no sense. Take LeBron, Wade & Bosh off the Heat and they’re not going to win a lot of games.

        • Jim213

          SMH, I know you’re cool with losing to teams they’re suppose to beat but it’s no excuse to not showing up and putting a better effort when it’s obvious they don’t try to represent the brand night in and out.

          Expect to lose against the top teams but they’ve put less of an effort against the rest at times (inconsistent). #rollwithit no matter if they stink which will just give them a top #8 pick.

          • hookedonnews

            I’m not cool with losing period, but you have to be rational and realize that you’re not going to win unless you have the players to do it. I think you go into every game thinking you can win, but there are other factors like road games, back-to-backs, most of your best players injured, etc. I don’t agree that these guys haven’t given a good effort. In fact, they have played hard especially considering the record. A lot of teams would just fold and give up. I don’t see that happening with this team.

          • Jim213

            Disagree, but your view. Getting blown out by 25+ pts is partially due to lack of effort/giving up. IMO

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t recall us getting blown out by anything close to that except for the last time we played the Clippers. Most games we’ve lost have been a lot more competitive than that. There are games that are a lost cause, but for the most part they’ve played hard. Sometimes you’re just over-matched.

          • Jim213

            Must not watch a lot of the games (no diss) GSW 10/30/13, 94-25 / Wolves 11/10/13, 90-113 (blowout) /OKC 12/13/13, 97-113 /Nuggets 1/5/14, 115-137 (blowout) /Clippers 1/10/14, 87-123, They’ve lost more games by 15+ pts too. Comes down to lack of starters.

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, I watch the games but I don’t have a photographic memory. You’re going all the way back to October. The last one was the Clippers game back at the beginning of January which I mentioned. I was talking more about recent history. I remember the GS game. It was a back-to-back as I recall. I didn’t mean to imply that there hadn’t been any blowouts all season other than the Clippers game. Look, that’s still just 5 games, and with this roster I’d say most people would have expected more. Say what you will, this group of players are not exactly All-Star caliber. Jeff Van Gundy said today that none of the guys who played today were good enough to start on a playoff team except Steve Nash. I think you expect too much considering the talent, and don’t give them the credit they deserve for playing hard. They didn’t give up today and almost came away with a win.

          • Jim213

            No, ain’t expecting them to contend but put forth a better effort. But at least they know their roles now tho it don’t mean they aren’t important to their team’s success but as far as starters agree with Van Gundy This is the regular season after all and not the playoffs.

    • Daryl Peek

      Tankers become professional farm teams more often than not. Yes you can get great young talent on the cheap in the draft via tanking but the losing via stripping a team of all its solid vets creates a loser mentality with no veteran leadership to change the downward spiral that has been embraced in tanking. As Kobe said, I do my best to disconnect from all the losing. That mess infects and spreads on you like a venereal disease! LOL

      With some franchises it’s just not a good idea to tank. GO LAKERS all the time no matter what!

      • lakerfan0

        Couldn’t agree more, DP. I hate losing, it’s bad for my health LOL

        Make it 3 in a row, Lakers! Shitcago next :D

    • ranfan

      a worthless win? dafuq?

  • Daryl Peek

    Still lots of holes right now in how they’re playing but the offensive efficiency has gone off the chart the last few games with the return of the PG’s. The last two games assists are at a season highs, 35 and 34.

    We saw the defense feeding off of this. Blake is the key to the defensive resurgence as he is the true leader of this team. Blake leads by example in his constant pesky effort which is contagious.

    Rebounding is still an Major problem that may not ever get fixed with MDA and this group of players. That is not as big of a problem as most think when you take into account the Heat are running the D’Antoni system and are dead last in rebounding in the league. If the Lakers can play better team D and keep communicating they can win their share of games even with the rebounding plight.

    Quietly kept Ryan Kelly is getting valuable experience with all of this PT, and is looking better game by game. The season is lost but that’s no reason to pack it in and give up because many of these guys will be back next season. This is the point of not tanking. You still need to develop players and you want them to do so by learning how to win games, big picture meaningless or not.

    The Celtics were still Gold Standard in NBA history prior to 97 IMO. They tried tanking in 97 with eyes on Tim Duncan after a few season of sucking even though they were doing better transitioning from the Bird Magic era than the Lakers were in the 90′s. That ISH set them back as the Lakers rebuilt the dynasty in the Lake Show and the Celtricks crumbled. Rick Fox and B. Shaw put it into perspective as they both played for the Celtricks in the 90′s, B.Shaw played with Bird in his last season and both him and Fox played with McHale and Parrish. Fox always says when Parrish and McHale left the team became and took on a complete losers mentality. Fox was so glad to come to the Lakers as there was a huge difference in the culture he noticed immediately. Keep in mind Del Harris was the HC when he joined the Lakers in 97. The Celtricks had actually done a much better job drafting in the 90′s with players like Dee Brown, B. Shaw, Rick Fox, Antwan Walker, Paul P. ETC… Again the tanking ISH backfired on them.

    • Kay Carter

      you keep 4getting that Miami is also #1 in steals, true you don’t really need rebounds as Miami is dead last, but they are also #1 in steals, #2 in rebounds allowed nd last year was a top ten team in blks……so defense still plays a key in winning, we have neitha of those wit D’antoni system
      but let me ask you this, what is the harm of tanking just this year? a season that is already lost, while we have a 1st round draft pick?…….getting a valuable pick in this draft can help for next year nd ultimately help with the Love era……that’s if he comes of course

      • Daryl Peek

        Not forgetting Miami is the best wing defensive team in the league. Talent, talent, talent. That’s the clear difference. The Spurs are also not that good rebounding either. The two teams that run the D’Antoni system are not great rebounding teams but are great at perimeter defense. This is what MDA had in Phoenix. This is now what’s winning championships in this guard/wing dominated league.

        There’s a conceptual belief system people are stuck on from the winning ways of the past as far as system goes. Wing defense has been the dominant factor in championships the last 23 years or so… dig that, the #23? Unintended pun. LOL Jordan Kobe and Lebron have been at the center of all the dynasties of said time span. Shaq was the man on the first three peat but if you ask Phil, the triangle does not work without Kobe.

        I’m not so much comparing this team to the Heat because the elite talent makes that a foolish comp but the offensive ideology is the same with the same rebounding deficiencies that can be overcome if you play good team D. This Lakers roster has played better team D since Blake and Nash came back and it is the hustle of Blake coupled with the better offensive efficiency, albeit against sorry teams. Keep in mind we were losing to those sorry teams without them.

        For me, I have full confidence the FO will get a good draft pick no matter where we end up selecting in the draft. Kelly was a great value draft pick given being a late second round pick. Players like X, Johnson, and Marshall can be developed into very good players still as they were once high 1st round draft picks that failed to produce in bad situations on sorry teams that were mired in what I call the professional farm team tankers system. Their development can be as valuable as any of these kids we may get in the draft and would likely be accelerated given they are hungrier, have professional experience and are more mature.

        Again, I just can’t get with tanking when we have all these other options to improve.

        • Kay Carter

          MDA system doesn’t work, unless the perimeter defense is good, which is a very key difference with our team……make no mistake, the guard/big combo still gets it done as well…since more championships have came from a team with a great or decent big man…..
          Kobe had Shaq and Pau…..both are the main reasons we have 5 ships here in LA, lets be honest……only Jordan nd Lebron are exceptions…the 89 pistons had great defense all around
          I agree we have, but I only believe we been losing bkuz lack of players on this roster and all the injuries…..but as far as the offense ideology, I like it but at the same time….we still have to step up on defense, you may say it’s possible to win witout getting alotta rebounds, but it will help to get more than the opposing team lol….especially to start a fast break or keep them from getting 2nd chance points
          Let me ask you this, what options do we have this season to improve? do you honestly think we can go deep into the playoffs with this roster? lol why not tank for the rest of the season, get a great player in the draft and develop him nd the otha players that you have named (especially K.Marsh, I personally think he have potential to be greater) next season….Witout tanking for the 14-15′ season? why not take this chance? is it pride? bkuz pride gets you nowhere, thinking logically and strategically will….ask kobe how he will feel to push himself hard nd get anotha injury nd we make it to playoffs just to lose like last year lol smh this is the perfect time for FO to figure out nd plan out everything for the future

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on MDA’s system needing better perimeter D. As you said, the injuries have devastated this team as guards are what we’ve lost all season.

            Pride Got Kobe to be the 4 leading scorer in NBA history. Pride made Jordan the GOAT. Pride made Magic, Magic and is why he’s bashing Jimmy and the Lakers FO (Which I don’t agree with him on) Lakers pride is what Jame Worthy, B. Scott, Michael Cooper, ETC… are calling MDA and these players out on this season and why they said KICK ROCKS D12!

            The common denominator outside of elite talent is had work as a team. Tanking is not hard work. This group is not championship material like that of those legends calling them out but when healthy they can compete, and it is not a draft pick that will get them over the top in 14-15 or 15-16. Solid moves by the FO coupled with hard work is what will see these Lakers RYZUP.

            Every Laker great including Kobe and crew will all tell you to hell with tanking! That’s for NBA bottom feeders. It’s an any given Sunday philosophy that does not work in this league. The Spurs are the only team to luck out on the tank in dynasty building. And it is Luck that you bank on in tanking.

            I’ll stay with the time tested model of dynasty building. One which Pat Riley is using in Miami, Doc Rivers is using with the Clippers, and the Spurs adopted after Duncan.

            Organic tanking come ups are pipe dreams for NBA feens. No disrespect man. LOL And Yes I believe this roster can come up with a tweak or two via FA additions coupled with who every we get in the draft from wherever we land in draft order. Premeditated losing is not for this franchise and you can call it arrogant or whatever you want.

            “Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.” –Mike Singletary voice


          • Kay Carter

            okay, I can agree with tha pride thing, but only to an extent nd degree…..I say that bkuz on court decisions are different than off-court decisions, the reasons why Magic suck as a coach nd Jordan kinda sucks at being owner (bobcats) lol
            im not saying a draft pick will get them over the top, but it will help for our future of building a young core, im also not saying we should constantly tank every year, but only this year and this year only….but only as a means to set-up for the future and plan things out….I can agree to the solid moves thing and having a winning mentality, but sometimes to win you must sacrifice…I don’t believe in tanking for YEARS like the bottom feeders, I just want us to do it, just this once……why bkuz players like (Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Gail Goodrich, Eddie Jones, Andrew Bynum, Marc Gasol) just to name a few….many of the showtime greats come from draft picks we made (Norm Nixon, Magic, Cooper, Worthy) may haven’t come from tanking, but our greatest players come from our own picks we selected….idont like tha mentality of accepting a lost, but if it means building a better future to have a better season next year nd after…im for it, I just don’t want it to continue tho like bobcats, cavs nd tha otha scrubs lol

          • hookedonnews

            They’re not going to tank, so there’s no reason to worry about it. D’Antoni coaching for his job, players for new contracts, Kobe & Nash for pride and that’s just who they are. Tanking would destroy this team, and the draft is a crap shoot anyway. We’ll get a good pick without keeping our guys from competing and getting better. No reason to waste this season with so many young guys who will be here next season.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        you may see no harm on the outside… but internally, tanking destroys a team’s competitive spirit… that is the most important in all team sports… you don’t tank, just for the sake of tanking… again.. this has been mentioned many many times here… tanking breeds a culture of losing… even if it is just for one season. A team got to know how to win together. How to win a quarter, how to win a possession, how to win a lose ball, how to win mentally, how to win a game… and you can’t manufacture that by tanking…

        • Kay Carter

          I can agree, but explain okc?

          • Daryl Peek

            OKC still has no dynasty. You have to win championships to be that. There’s no reason to be jealous of OKC. The way they built that team was not via premeditated tanking either. They were just a bad Seattle Supersonics franchise that lost a good HC in Nate McMillan in the middle of an ownership quandary as the team was sold because they could not get funding to get a new arena built. That’s not for the Lakers.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Well said Daryl… and if I may add…. how long has it been since Durant and Westbrook been together? It’s been 5 years. Durant been in the league 6 years… that’s what you get when building through the draft…. at least 5 years to be competitive… I am not even mentioning winning anything yet… how long has it been since we won a champioinship? It wasn’t long ago… just 3 years remove… and I can tell you, we may challenge for a championship sooner than OKC will if we get the right pieces via trade or free agency this summer. So, why do you people place so much stock on drafts? When all around the NBA you see teams who have been going to the draft and still haven’t won anything for decades? I just can’t see the logic there. If we get a game changer through a trade, I would gladly trade a draft 1st pick for him.

  • Billups 45

    Boy please.child please MDA is tanking the season away the proof is he sat Chris Kaman the whole season almost in favor of Crackhead Bob.CHILD PLEASE!BOY PLEASE get a clue son,MDA is The Lakers Tank Commander.Luckily Steve Blake and Kaman are playing for a contract or else this team would still be losing.CHILD PLEASE stop tanking,Boy Please keep Steve Blake and Kendall Marshall together they work perfect together like brothers that feed off eachother.Nash has played excellent.CHILD PLEASE STOP TANKING,LETS START WINNING GAMES!

  • Billups 45


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