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Lakers Debate: Should The Lakers Pursue Kyle Lowry?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Topic of Debate: Whether or not the Lakers should attempt to make a trade for Kyle Lowry.

Context: The point guard position for the Lakers is currently a mess. Steve Nash is still battling his nagging injuries in his body, Jordan Farmar is in the midst of a four week recovery schedule after injuring his hamstring, and yesterday we learned that Steve Blake is going to miss at least six weeks after suffering a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow.

The roster currently does not have an active point guard, and have resorted to starting Kobe Bryant at the position.

D’Antoni also made it known that Xavier Henry and Jodie Meeks are going to split backup point point guard minutes, which may not be the most effective strategy as the Lakers enter stretch where they will play four games in five nights.

Reports have suggested that the Toronto Raptors have been active on the trade market, and are looking to trade their starting point guard Kyle Lowry. Lowry is an experienced guard, and certainly could have some value if the Lakers completed a successful trade. Should the Lakers pursue him though? That’s the question to answer.

Verdict: We took this poll question to Twitter to get the fans take on the idea and where they stood on if the Lakers should trade for Lowry.

I presented the poll question:

Here are some responses:

The over-whelming majority of Lakers fans on Twitter came to the general consensus that the Lakers need to do whatever they can to try and get Lowry in a Lakers uniform. It seems that the Raptors are very persistent, as some believe that they are attempting to “tank” for the security of a top-5 draft pick.

The Lakers have pieces that can certainly fit the bill for what the Raptors might be looking for. In the most recent rumors it was indicated that the New York Knicks were offering Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace, and a 2018 pick. But complications in that negotiating process have placed that deal temporarily on hold. The Lakers might have the pieces on their roster that can trump an offer such as that.

A deal centering around Steve Nash may interest the Raptors. We know that the Raptors were targeting Nash in the 2012 off-season, so I think the Lakers should try to see if they can put together a deal with Nash and another piece (Jordan Hill or Chris Kaman). This may be the most effective way to finally get a quality starting point guard on a Lakers roster.

One would think that a Nash deal would allow the Raptors to cater to the fans by bringing back the hometown legend. However it also would allow them to tank, which is what they seemingly are trying to accomplish.

Will the Lakers enter the sweepstakes? Who knows?

Should they? What do you think?

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    YES YES YES.:-)

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dolan Vetoes Knicks’ Deal With Raptors For Kyle Lowry

    Dec 13, 2013 10:27 AM EST

    The New York Knicks were prepared to trade Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace, plus either Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. or a 2018 first round pick to the Toronto Raptors for Kyle Lowry, but owner James Dolan has vetoed the deal.

    The Raptors preferred a first round pick from the Knicks.

    Dolan had previously dealt with Raptors’ GM Masai Ujiri on the 2011 deal for Carmelo Anthony when he was with the Denver Nuggets.

    “Dolan didn’t want to get fleeced again by Masai,” said a source. “They had a deal ready.”

    The Knicks had decided to move forward with the deal on Wednesday evening, but Dolan had second thoughts on Thursday.

    “There are two problems,” the source said. “Dolan didn’t like that someone from his group leaked it to the media, and the other problem is the Knicks seem to have too many (people) involved with making decisions.”

    Via Frank Isola/New York Daily News

  • Del

    Yes! The trade should involve, Steve Nash, Chris Kaman (Jordan HIll?) They should package Steve Nash with this deal but “NO DRAFT”. Let’s do this Lakers!

  • Aces Rule

    Definitely! Kyle Lowry and Landry Fields for Chris Kaman, Steve Nash and Ryan Kelly or a draft pick. :)

    • Daryl Peek

      Not sure if the Raptors would want those players in return Especially Nash at this point. Couple that with the salaries being way tilted in the Lakers favor and the league wouldn’t even come close to approving it.

      • William Zhou

        Raptors would want Nash just because he is a Canadian. It would increase support for the franchise in Toronto

        • Daryl Peek

          I don’t think so. Sound good as a Laker fan, nice try. The Raptors have a new GM in Masai Ujiri. He all about building this team up through the draft with solid trades and picks.

  • Daryl Peek

    Not saying it’s impossible and that I’m against it but the Raptors are playing extreme hardball with regards to Lowery. Their asking price is too steep for our Lakers and we don’t have all of the desired resources they want in return.

    • Sam

      True, but then again, Mitch is Mitch. Another possibility? Gasol also wants out and Knicks might want to blow up their roster. I heard they’re looking to trade Shumpert (don’t get why) and might trade Anthony if they don’t want him to walk away when he becomes a free agent. Can we hope?

      • Sam

        by means of a 3-way i mean

  • Scott

    Hell yeah! Nash & Kaman for Lowry, then drop him after the season is over like Ramon Sessions. It’s the right money move.

    • Jay Tala Romano

      Ramon Sessions was offered an extension and he said he wanted to try other teams. Lakers didn’t kick him out.

  • corban ford

    I honestly think the Lakers should just pursue a free agent point guard who can slide in and just hold his position, like a Leandro Barbosa, or even a Shannon brown, who although he can’t be a primary point guard, is able to come in and at least let Kobe play his natural position. For a player like Kyle Lowry, the Lakers would have to figure out what they could offer the raptors, who may or may not take Nash’s massive contract, and would probably want a major cog in the Lakers machine right now, someone like Jordan Hill, or Wesley Johnson, who I am pretty sure the Lakers would not give up. Ultimately, I think the Lakers should pursue a cheap free agent point guard for now and then whether the storm and wait for the point guards to get healthy as well as look forward to the promising 2014 free agency.

    • nlruizjr

      Agent Zero, was thinking the same thing !!!!!

  • Hatetheidiots

    hell yeah!we need him !!!

  • Jose

    They don’t need a trade they need to let all the contracts expire at the end of the season and then work on getting a free agent or two that are on the rise so their max contract would not be out of the Lakers reach. That way those players may actually shoulder the load for Kobe like Shaq did the first couple titles. As great a player that Kobe has been he’s not the guy that can carry the whole team on his back and score 45 a night anymore. I hate to say it but The way the Lakers win a title is by letting Kobe retire or Kobe recruiting another superstar or two that would be willing to take a pay cut which is highly unlikely since most younger players are more concerned with getting paid.
    There are other options but I am not sure the FO would really want to take long term contracts without them being for a superstar player. I believe that if you bring in more players like the young guys they brought in this year the Lakers could really make some noise in the western conference. But that’s just me I’m just a fan and who would ever listen.

  • Jim213

    IMO, it really comes down to the future style of play for the team. Therefore, it’s a wait and see with Lowry being if he can play or fit the coach’s style of play. The Raptors also want a first round draft pick foremost rather than players given they’re unloading the biggest money makers to help their odds of acquiring Wiggins.

    If a trade can be made involving players then yes however if it applies to giving up more first round picks then it’d may benefit everyone if a third team can possibly get involved to dish out their own first rounder while the Lakers send one or two players to replace the first round pick otherwise might as well go with someone from the D League.

  • J Taylor

    If Toronto wants Nash’s contract yes.
    Regardless of Lowry, the team should target Bledsoe in the offseason.

    • Jose

      Bledsoe would be a great player to add but i don’t think that the Suns would let him go. I believe they would match any offer given to him.

  • Marty Susman

    Kelly could become Gasol’s replacement so no Kelly, NO DRAFT PICKS but if they can get him for Nash & Kaman go for it BUT only a 1 1/2 year deal to Lowry, 2015 has a quartet of super star points being eligible for free agency…

  • Flash

    No. They should pursue Kendall Marshall!!!

  • hoperhetoric

    No! We should get a big body player or atleast a shot blocker & rebounder! Kobe always have that kind of guy during ring years in Shaq & Bynum! seriously! Hill is a ticking time bomb, of back problems, his hustle will take toll because of the long season & possibly playoffs…

  • Jay Tala Romano

    Why trade Jordan Hill? Nash and Williams for Lowry would be a better deal.

  • JohnBrownWasAterroristAMIRIGHT

    Raptors already have Jonas and Amir so they wouldn’t care for Hill. If the mission is tanking then Kamen, Blake, Henry/Meeks would be more than enough for Lowry.

  • Fostimus

    YES YES YES! Help the Lakers and help my fantasy team!! Please make this happen Kupchak and Ujiri :D

  • Dragon7s

    If we trade for Lowry: Farmar walks next season, we can’t afford Blake (or should want to) and Nash will be waived via the stretch provision (assuming he doesn’t medically retire before then).

    I say let the season play out as is with the exception of trading Pau for whatever we can get for him (preferably a rebounding C).

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