Lakers Could Waive 1 of 4 Players Before Deadline

Lakers Could Waive 1 of 4 Players Before Deadline


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
The Los Angeles Lakers currently stand at 14-20 and are struggling to stay competitive in the Western Conference.

Los Angeles is without Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar and Kobe Bryant, four players that have a crucial role in the team’s success. As a result, the role players on the roster have seen an increase in minutes and they are required to produce on a nightly basis. However, the front office could cut some players before the deadline on Jan. 10 despite all the injuries the team is facing.

At this point, Ryan Kelly, Xavier Henry, Kendall Marshall and Shawne Williams do not have guaranteed contracts past Tuesday and one of them could be waived in the near future.

Henry has been one of the Lakers’ best players this season so it is hard seeing the front office waiving him. Kelly is a promising rookie who has earned minutes with his play on both ends of the court, and with no healthy point guards on the roster, it is unlikely that the Lakers let go of Marshall.

Meaning Williams is the most likely player to be cut by Tuesday.

The Lakers will have a lot of questions to answer in the next few days on top of the complicated Pau Gasol trade situation. Gasol’s future with the team is very uncertain and he could be shipped out of Los Angeles. A player could be headed to Cleveland along with Gasol if the Lakers are able to convince the Cavs to trade an asset back to Los Angeles in the deal for Andrew Bynum like Dion Waiters.
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  • Gregory Choa

    If the Lakers end up retaining Gasol, then I can see Shawne Williams being the 1 guy they potentially divest themselves of…

  • kobe24

    I’m sorry but Williams should be waived

    Even if Shawne Williams gets waived there are other guys to fill the void (Sacre, Kelly, KAMAN, Hill) there are alot of options even without him and MDA has to realize that.

    • richard

      agree… Williams is the one most likely to get waived. Kelly can adeptly get his minutes.

  • Jim213

    Given that Kendall Marshall has been recently acquired and with a possible trade taking place before the deadline it’d be best to stick to a fourteen man roster IMO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kendall Marshall was asked at his Introductory press conference with the Suns which player he thought he most played like and he said Steve Nash as far as pick and roll and bounce passes go and then he said since he is a bigger Point Guard that rebounds he also compared himself to Jason Kidd.The comparison is starting to become reality for Kendall Marshall.The Lakers are smart for getting him watch his interviews on You Tube he is a intellect with a very high IQ of basketball.Lakers have him signed up and that is just perfect for us Lakers Fans.

  • richard

    A little disappointed that no trades has: been done at this point… was expecting to read some earth shaking news today. :(

    • Jim213

      Guaranteed contracts after today but 2/20/14 is trade deadline.

      • richard

        Exactly what I was driving at… hoping something should have been done at this point…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kendall Marshall has the best teachers in LA in the moment Magic Johnson and Steve Nash can teach Kendall Marshall a great amount of things about being a Point Guard.Lakers FO deserve major credit for signing Kendall Marshall.

    • kobe24

      Although I agree that it was a good FA pick up by FO however they would’ve never picked him up if they guys didn’t get injured. I don’t think the front office expected Marshall to rack this many assist up rather he was the best available

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Lakers got Kendall,no matter what Mitch is responsible for it.Props.

  • Smashing Haters Since Day 1

    Screw all the jealous ass bitch ass haters.You know who you are Daryl.Step up!

  • e3bonz

    ok, I’m lost…When is the deadline after which players can not be traded? Meaning you play with who you got.

    • richard

      Trade deadline is still 5 weeks away… Feb 20.. to be exact… Jan. 7 is when players who have non-guaranteed or partially guaranteed contracts become guaranteed. But they can still be traded before February 20.

      • e3bonz

        ok, so that’s why the Cavs want to move Bynum, before the 7th to avoid paying him. So, LA could drop any player that is not under a guaranteed contract, up until tomorrow. Correct? Then after Feb.20th no silly trade talk, focus on the ball.

        • richard

          You are correct.


    they should lay off the D.Azz coach first of all. they lakers have talent just no direction from a REAL COACH. for some D.AZZ

    • marcus

      you are right. waive MDA, get a real coach. thats the best investment in lakers future

  • anzter

    please cut Williams n play Kaman & Hill more! These two guys are great at rolling to the basket and able to shoot the FTs! Gasol n Kaman would be great at High Low game – inside out!!

  • Brandon Leong

    If that one guy has to go, it has to be Shawn Williams, he’s under-performing. Missing open shots every night for a shooter..just unacceptable!


    I don’t understand at all why Kaman doesn’t get minutes. I know that Kelly and Williams both are outside shooters, but Kaman has shown from time to time that he is a good defensive player and is efficient on offense (post ups and mid range). Dumbtoni is stupid.

    • nlruizjr

      there now, you answered your own question !!

  • dOiTMItch!!!

    i agree with C. KAMAN comment… chris kaman is a better rebounder and jump shooter in the paint than williams. this small ball dantoni plays doesnt promote interior defense but with Kaman in the paint players cant cut to the basket as often or grab offensive rebounds. i think dantoni doesnt know how to utilize the talent on the floor causing lakers to lose so many games early.. and now too late even to make the playooffs. ship out s. williams that cat is inconsistent.
    i’d keep r. kelly and k. marshall and x all season these players can score and hustle. r. kelly has a good future with the lakers reminds me a novitski j.r.
    if i were coach 2 good lineups will help with rebounding and inside defense will be..
    1.jodie 1.marshall
    2.young 2.kelly
    3.wesley 3. sacre
    4.hill 4.kaman
    5.kaman 5.wesley

    i counted off sad williams, gasoft, flake, and nobe… these guy
    players need to be traded for assests.
    2 injuries hurting the lakes are farmy and x. these guys provide scoring and defense.
    dumbtoni should be let go b4 season ends he has no future with lakes show success.

    • nlruizjr

      Have you noticed why the Lakers are not winning the rebounding war, have you noticed that only 1 Laker big is fighting for rebounds against 4 opposing players, while the rest are either on the perimeter or drifting back towards the offensive areas, that is how Dantoni plays defense, so no matter who you have in your rebounding lineup, it won’t be successful because Dantoni only wants one player to rebound while the rest are out of the picture, the only solution to this is to change to a defensive/offensive coach (B.Scott, G. Karl, etc.)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    A few teams are giving out 10 day contracts,Clippers signed Darius Morris tonight.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Should the Lakers waive Shawne Williams?Should Lakers waive Ryan Kelly?Okay if they waive a player should they sign Terrence Williams?I gotta keep it real Hedo is also on the Lakers radar tbh.Someone might get waived tonight or tomorrow.

  • David Ojeda

    Shawne Williams a stretch 4 who doesn’t really stretch, unable to hit open shots consistently and then on defense he is just undersized for a 4 and can’t rebound either

  • lito

    They should waive Nssh…the mostlogic Iin terms of monetary savings and worthiness

  • Danny E. Pagan

    Shawne Williams is there to space the floor, that’s what a lot of fans don’t understand. D’antoni’s system is point guard driven, if there’s a Pau and Kaman clogging the middle the point guard won’t have the necessary spacing to penetrate and create for others.

    Kendall Marshall is racking up the assists simply because of the spacing created by D’Antoni’s system. On another system he wouldn’t be getting this many assists. Williams is there to score a 3 or 2 but his main purpose is to allow the point to penetrate and create for himself and others – that’s why Nash won 2 MVPs, why Linsanity happen, why Farmar and Blake were on pace to have career years before they got injured, etc Now you might not like this philosophy but at least you have to understand that D’Antoni is not stupid. This is a guy who won championships in Europe, revolutionized the game in Phoenix, and is an assistant coach on USA Basketball – he ain’t stupid. Most coaches today apply his philosophies and the league has become a fast point guard driven league with stretch 4’s galore.

    The era of slow half court basketball is practically over. How quickly people forget that Phil’s triangle got swept by JJ Barea and his stretch 4 ( Dirk Nowitzki) in his last season. Listen, there is a reason behind everything D’antoni does. Problem is fans are still stuck on Phil and how the game used to be played but i guarantee you the Lakers in the future are going to play more like a prime D’antoni team than a prime Phil team. That’s just where the league is headed. Jim Buss thought if we are going to play this way why not bring the guy who pioneered this thing? Having D’antoni as the Lakers coach is not this dumbass thing some people believe it is. Basketball is a little more complicated than this black and white thing that some people think it is

    • Blubber

      Wow Danny i read you’re entire post and i am a fan of you’re recent blog regarding the Mike D’Antoni system.So that what it was Jim Buss wanted the inventor of the current style the NBA teams play.

      Wow i never thought of it that way and yes you are MDA has won 5 championships in Europe as a Coach.I am willing to see the reinvention of Showtime basketball or whatever the hell the name for this offense is.I am interested in seeing what kind of team the Lakers might come up with in the future.Kendall Marshall,Kobe,LeBron,Ryan Anderson,Joel Emiid would be awesome man.Yup yup lets just get the pieces to win games.

      Point guard oriented offense is what most people love using these days.A better stretch four and maybe MDA would rack up many more wins.Put Dirk or Ryan Anderson in this offense and have Kendall Marshall run the show and maybe the Lakers would be a 50 win team.

    • nlruizjr

      danny, I don’t think that’s the philosophy at all, MDA is to get to the 3 pt. line and fire away and make more baskets than the opponent but you notice that most teams the Lakers play have a mix between inside and outside, they just don’t live and die 3 pts. So your impression of Dantoni as a pioneer of small ball, well his version has won how many NBA titles, who cares how he did in Europe, what counts is how he is doing now, today and today he SUCKS, when you have capable Bigs and don’t know how to use them, that just tells me he is a one dimensional coach, has been and will always be !!!!!!

      P.S. He didn’t learn a damn thing from his first season with the lakers and the Bigs, he still has Gasol playing the corner and Gasol tells him that he is most comfortable inside but he prefers that Gasol RnP a 17 ftr. and No a true PG would not have a problem with 2 bigs as long as they don’t occupy the same spots on the floor, Nash’s problem was that his health didn’t allow him to be mobile enough to make good use of 2 bigs, has nothing to do with 2 bigs clogging the paint, your talking 2 savy and experienced Bigs that know they can’t be standing together in the same spot, B. Scott would know how to use these 2 Bigs. In DH’s case, he doesn’t know how to play with another big, because he want’s to be all everything and he’ll end up going as far as he did with Orlando.

  • Lakers#1

    The NBA is going through a “small ball” phase that is entertaining but very dangerous for these NBA players. Not only the Lakers are unfortunate with the injury bug, but many other NBA teams are getting hit with the injury bug due to the fast pace “small ball”. I don’t remember witnessing and hearing about so many injuries this current year in the NBA and it’s because of the “small ball” style of play. Yes it’s entertaining to watch but not very satisfying for a any fan to watch franchise and role players go down due to injury. Also, I’m a true believer in going inside – out and playing percentages…higher field goal in the post compared to shooting 3’s. Phil’s triangle offense won 11 rings because of great coaching with great franchise players and role players that didn’t get injured as often as these current NBA players do now because the game was more inside out, and players knew their roles on their respective teams. Thus, even though Shawne Williams is great talent but I believe he should be waived because Lakers have enough shooters on the team and Lakers need more rebounding because we are last in league in team rebounding and Kaman is a way better rebounder and a better player from 15 feet in.

  • Lakers96

    Please waive Shawnee Williams. I’m sorry but IMO he’s probably been the most inconsistent Laker giving his minutes, out of the four