Lakers’ Chris Kaman Remains Unhappy With Mike D’Antoni’s Rotation Reviewed by Momizat on . In the off-season, the Los Angeles Lakers chose to sign veteran center Chris Kaman with the mini-midlevel exception. Kaman will earn a little under $3.2 million In the off-season, the Los Angeles Lakers chose to sign veteran center Chris Kaman with the mini-midlevel exception. Kaman will earn a little under $3.2 million Rating: 0
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Lakers’ Chris Kaman Remains Unhappy With Mike D’Antoni’s Rotation

Chris KamanIn the off-season, the Los Angeles Lakers chose to sign veteran center Chris Kaman with the mini-midlevel exception. Kaman will earn a little under $3.2 million this season with the Lakers as a result of signing the deal last summer.

Despite paying Kaman over $3 million this season, the team isn’t using him the way the veteran anticipated when he signed. Kaman has publicly expressed his frustration with the Lakers over the course of the season and reiterated that frustration on Tuesday night.

Kaman didn’t get the nod from head coach Mike D’Antoni once again on Tuesday and as a result was unable to face his former team in Dallas. After the game, Kaman was clearly unhappy about another game he was forced to watch from the bench saying the following via Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News:

With Kaman having no problem venting his frustration about the lack of playing time, it may be only a matter of time before he’s sent elsewhere. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kaman embrace the team putting him on the trading block as it’s clear at this point in time not much is going to change moving forward.

The only way Kaman gets more playing time with the Lakers this season is if Jordan Hill or Pau Gasol go down with injury. If Gasol had been traded for Andrew Bynum recently, Kaman would’ve more than likely have shouldered the load in the frontcourt, but now he’s in limbo once again with an uncertain future.
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  • Danny E. Pagan

    Rick Carlisle benched him last year, D’antoni benches him this year. I dunno what value he has left when he’s been out of 2 teams’ rotations last couple of seasons. I dunno why coaches don’t like him. As much as people say D’antoni is stupid for benching him, Carlisle who is a championship coach, benched him too so I don’t know what is he doing that coaches don’t like but certainly talking sh#t to the press didn’t help in Dallas and is clearly not helping him in L.A.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I have been watching intently every time Kaman is in the game… and I see at least 2 reason why Carlisle and MDA won’t play him…1. He doesn’t play in the context of the offense, when he gets the ball, he goes right away to score instead and often times his team mates are not yet in their proper position either to rebound or to come back on defense and it skews the whole thing. Secondly: He dosen’t get to his spot on defense… every team has a defensive philosophy, and wants every player to be at their proper designated place. Sure he blocks shots and rebounds, but it just leave the team skewed and no continuity on the plays. I am not a professional coach and I could be wrong on this observation. But that is what I see…

      • Danny E. Pagan

        I’ve seen the same things in other games and Jordan Hill kinda does the same thing. Every once in a while he will get hell bent on making an offensive move that just seems to be outside of the offensive rhythm & flow of the team. Now of course Kaman doesn’t have the intangibles that Hill has so I think D’antoni cut some of Hills minutes and flat out benched Kaman exactly because of what your saying.

        I also think Sacre is the only big along with Pau who is always in control and plays in the system 100% of the time which is why i think D’antoni has increased his role.

        Thanks for the objective analysis most people here just write “D’antoni is stupid, fire the coach!” while dismissing the fact that D’antoni has been regarded as a “genius” by Kobe Bryant himself. So if Kobe who has really high basketball IQ thinks D’Antoni is a genius then I don’t get why people still think there is no logic behind everything he does.

        Now i don’t think D’antoni is the best coach in the league but he is no scrub – I mean he even won Coach of the Year! People just need to realize that this one of the worst rosters in the league playing with their best players injured! The focus and fan noise shouldn’t be on firing the coach, the focus and noise should be on Jim and Mitch to make trades and make moves to improve the roster. Firing the coach and bringing in Byron Scott or promoting Rambis won’t help them win any games but getting good players by trades, FA, draft, etc will.

  • john cox

    he has every right to be pissed they are losing and need rebounds and defense in the paint ,things he can do…..Its just a lack of coaching,that is really taking down a franchise in a very short time!!

  • 3339

    another post player upset with dantoni. shocker.

  • Falco_Crescendo

    Trade Cleveland for Irving and a 1st rounder LOL

  • Apex

    Kaman is a good player, he’s not as offensively good as Gasol but his defence is. And all year we’ve needed defence in the paint, so I don’t know why the F the lakers even picked him up, since they haven’t even given him a chance…..it pisses me off!!

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      a good defense??? I am not sure about that… you can go back to his days in the Clips….

  • Marty Susman

    Ah, join the crowd, not to many people like what Mike is doing. He is not the best coach on the block & he pretends by changing his rotations around it will/might help the team, truth is he has zero clue what/how to do this & one of the resins they win n then lose is his inability to run a club properly. Mitch had better think about this guy long & hard before free agency comes around because he will have REAL PROBLEMS getting really good guys to come to the Lakers, they will NOT want to play for this guy & Mitch, you had better be carful & you had better dump this guy….

  • Marty Susman

    I am not saying Kaman is a super star, I am saying he is one of a long line of platters that say this Mike can’t coach his way out of a high school game. I hate to use D!2 as an example because I am not a fan of him BUT he also said he wanted the guy fired. That sort of thing gets around to other players & before the Lakers try & bring players in who are free agents they need to have a man in place that will “ATTRACT” great players not chase them away…THINK head office !!!!!!!!!!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Seriously tho – what top level talent wants to come play for MDA?

  • Lakers Fan

    We should hate the ones who hired D’Antoni, the FO. The FO also signed Kaman knowing how much D’Antoni hates big men. All of this points towards the clueless, yet repetitive, decisions by the FO. We can blame D’Antoni all we want, but it was the FO who hired this one-dimensional coach. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but sit back and watch this once proud organization sink.

    • Jim213

      I see you’ve gone to the main source of the Lakers current issues being the inept FO. What’s weird it that towards the first 3 weeks of the season the coach played Kaman and Gasol and managed to pull out a few close games.

      Not sure what he believes now but given that he preferred S Williams more than either Hill or Kaman speaks volumes. Will likely get canned towards the end of season but knowing this inept FO?

      • Lakers Fan

        That’s strange to say the least. Kaman hustles, rebounds, shoots a good percentage, and still gets no playing time. Then D’Antoni decided to play Williams more minutes than Kaman and Hill, as you stated. Kaman could have been helpful in a lot of games we lost this season, but D’Antoni has yet to play this man. He has every right to be pissed.

        But all this points towards the FO, as you always say. Everything that’s going on with the Lakers is courtesy of their doing. They hired D’Antoni, they signed Kaman knowing D’Antoni hates big men, instead of signing a point guard they have Kobe run point and eventually get injured. Same with Xavier. I’m just not understanding why they make some of the decisions that they do.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Chris Kaman just be a pro and wait your turn is my advice.

  • dimes

    chris dont worry next year you will still have a job and Mike DICKtoni will the one that is Jobless, just wait for the next coach to take over,

  • Claudia Davis

    we need new coach

  • Sylvia Ross

    dantoni, is STUPID AS HELL. I will be so glad when he gets his walking papers !!!!!

  • Claudia Davis

    the lakers is good we need a coach i could do better i am 77 old

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