Lakers Big Trades or Small Trades? – Pulse of Lakers Nation Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_30868" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Do we even need to swap jerseys?"][/caption] Even before the All-Star break the Lakers we [caption id="attachment_30868" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Do we even need to swap jerseys?"][/caption] Even before the All-Star break the Lakers we Rating:
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Lakers Big Trades or Small Trades? – Pulse of Lakers Nation

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Do we even need to swap jerseys?

Even before the All-Star break the Lakers were starting to come together as a team, winning seven of their last nine games, with solid victories over the Celtics, Mavs and Sunday’s opponent, the Miami Heat.

It could have started with Kobe speaking out about the trade rumors swirling around Pau Gasol, or possibly Derek Fisher’s “players-only” meeting.

Or it could even be the fact that the Lakers are finally rounding into shape after missing a more traditional pre-season schedule and training camp.

Or it could be that the Lakers are finally understanding the new offensive and defensive concepts that Mike Brown and his staff are trying to implement.

Or it could be that the Mike Brown has finally started showing signs of solidifying a rotation and the players are getting comfortable knowing their roles.

No matter what it was, the emotions of Lakers fans have been going through a roller coaster ride this season, and to make matters even worse, the number of trade rumors out there have not helped the situation. I’ll be the first one to admit that at Lakers Nation, we have reported a fair amount ourselves as we hear them from other news media sources. We also know that as the Lakers succeed more, the more these types of trade rumors start to die down.

By no means is this based on any data, but based on theory alone, I would say this graph below has some legs:

As previously mentioned, the Lakers are in the midst of one of their more successful runs of the season, and with the huge win over the Heat on Sunday, we asked Lakers fans what they think the team should do before the upcoming trade deadline.

Should the Lakers still try and make a big move for players like Dwight Howard, Deron Williams and Rajon Rondo? Players that would require the Lakers to break up their own ‘Big 3′ and risk the chance of ruining the chemistry that is starting to develop, but at the same time, significantly improve the chances of the Lakers winning a championship?


Should the Lakers make small moves for Ramon Sessions, Raymond Felton and Michael Beasley? Players that would be complimentary pieces to the Lakers ‘Big 3′ and likely build off the chemistry being developed, with the chance that this does not make a big enough splash to their championship hopes?

Basically, the question should have been – How far away do you think the Lakers are away from being a championship contender?

Seems the fans have spoken, and for right now, 10 days before the trade deadline, Lakers Nation is in favor of building off the success of the current ‘Big 3′ to see where they can really take this team.

It’s almost been 24 hours since the win over the Heat!

What do you think the Lakers should do?

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  • http://twitter.com/yOMandOe mandoe

    we just need  a point!  metta/barnes are getting in shape ! 

  • Sti1lmatic

    I don’t see why they don’t take the risk on Gilbert Areans. What’s a cool 1.2mil of the Buss family? The only risk the organizatoin is not taking one. A little less than half of the season left and still no fix for our PG position. They should have made a move for A.I. (another 1.2mil) and Areans (1.2mil). Those two are better than what we have now leading PG play.

  • Childresslsngls

    Jerry need to take charge again and get the money straight and let go of player that over pay and sitting on the bench.I dont think lakers you trade for someone good because of the money first get the money straight then start looking just keep the team as it is and look after the season is over

  • B I O

    Get Beasley and Felton. Beasley,Bynum and Darius Morris (If he reaches his Rondo ceiling in 2 years) would be our future and core.

  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ coachD

    If the Lakers can get Felton, nobody can stop them. Let the Big Duo stay together. Just fill in some more pieces.

  • Vleober

    PG Will make Lakeshow 10X better and Beasely would make up for Lamar!
    Do this and let the Big3 school the West.

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