Lakers 2013-14 Preseason Player Profiles: Steve Blake Reviewed by Momizat on . Name: Steve Blake Pos: PG Year: 10 2012-2013 Stats  PPG: 7.3 RPG: 2.9 APG: 3.8 SPG: 0.8 BPG: 0.1 FG%: 42.2% 3PT%: 42.1% FT%: 77.1% PER: 11.7 USG%: 13.2 ORTG: 11 Name: Steve Blake Pos: PG Year: 10 2012-2013 Stats  PPG: 7.3 RPG: 2.9 APG: 3.8 SPG: 0.8 BPG: 0.1 FG%: 42.2% 3PT%: 42.1% FT%: 77.1% PER: 11.7 USG%: 13.2 ORTG: 11 Rating:
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Lakers 2013-14 Preseason Player Profiles: Steve Blake

SteveBlakeName: Steve Blake
Pos: PG
Year: 10

2012-2013 Stats 
PPG: 7.RPG: 2.9 APG: 3.8 SPG: 0.8 BPG: 0.1
FG%: 42.2% 3PT%: 42.1% FT%: 77.1%
PER: 11.7 USG%: 13.2 ORTG: 114 DRTG: 109
TS%: 57.3% EFG%: 55.6% DR%: 10.1 OR%: 2.1 TR%: 6.2

Last Season Summary:
When the Lakers made the decision to fire Mike Brown and hire Mike D’ Antoni, the player that benefited the most from that transition was Steve Blake. The new uptempo system proved to be a perfect fit for Steve Blake as he had his best statistical season as a Laker. The only negative from last season happened to be the fact that he couldn’t stay healthy due to an abdominal strain that had given him issues over the course of the season.

Blake is an expert at managing the game with the second unit. He has an excellent understanding of pace and tempo, and was able to show that throughout last season in D’Antoni’s system. Obviously Steve is an excellent three-point shooter, as he converted 42.1% of his shots from beyond the arc last season. The most glaring weakness in Steve Blake’s game is his lack of quickness and athleticism, especially in a league where the point-guard position is perhaps the most athletic.

Expected Role:
Steve Blake is going to be relied upon to lead the second unit again this season. After having his best season as a Laker we should expect Mike D’Antoni to name Blake as the backup point guard to Steve Nash going into training camp. However with the Lakers signing Jordan Farmar, we should expect Blake to get some minutes at shooting guard because of his ability to stretch the floor and with Kobe’s status uncertain.

This Year’s Expectations:

Lakers Nation should hope that Steve Blake could have a similar season to last year, except that he has more good fortune in the health department. In the 2012-2013 campaign Blake missed 37 games. That can’t happen this season if the Lakers expect to be a playoff team.


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  • Daryl Peek

    There was a scrimmage today. Word is everyone was there except Gasol and Kobe. Wes Johnson said Nash looks good to go.

    • cj

      the lakers have been scriming for a wile. kobe has been working on his shot but not doing any bb games

      • Daryl Peek

        Actually this is the first time almost all were there. Over the last two weeks it’s been just the new guys and Meeks. Kobe has not been there working out, he can’t. He recently started running on that zero gravity treadmill.

  • blakewho?

    this guy blake is a tradable asset for the team, sometimes at crucial times of games he turns the ball over, by making the bad pass or over dribbling. since the team signed him lakers has not advanced passed the 2nd round.. observing this guy he’s never going to improve and he’s a streaky 3pt shooter, and when he misses 2 or more in a row he loses his confidence. i dont know why management relies on sticking with the guy another season, doesnt make sense, 2 roster spots left they better find a replacement for this guy, farmar is the best candidate and resign Sasha to go along with him. championship experience young men and women are key to win a title ask your dad or your neighbor..!! lol!!!
    F.O. its time to make a stand, c’mon laker management!!!

    • Daryl Peek

      “sometimes at crucial times of games he turns the ball over, by making the bad pass or over dribbling. he’s a streaky 3pt shooter, and when he misses 2 or more in a row he loses his confidence.”

      That can be said of EVERY player in the NBA. Do some homework. Look up Blake’s numbers compared to other BACK UP PG’s around the NBA. We are talking about a back up, not a starter. Blake is on par with all, you only have a couple that are better. And as for the playoff advancement, it’s laughable to say he’s the problem! Especially when he’s actually helped us win a few playoff series… the Hornets in 2011, the Nuggets in 2012, and he stepped up big time this past season when Kobe went down, helping the team secure the 7th seed.

      • blakewho?

        sorry but you r wrong if u think statistics beats out championship experience in the game of basketball, your just a commentator.
        i dont argue with ignorant wanna be’s like you.

        • Daryl Peek

          Name calling huh? OK

    • Paytc

      blakewho? They stuck with Blake most likely because at the rate we are paying him we could’nt package him in a trade that any team would except. Blake and his agent did a good job landing him a healthy contract with the Lakers. I think this is the last year on Blake’s contract? If that is the case he needs to have a great year to expect to continue to thrive in the NBA. I seriously doubt he will be resigned as a Laker. Most likely there will be a total make over after this season ends. We may even see a coaching change if the team is not moving in the right direction. Good luck to all the Lakers.

      Blake is a Laker so until he’s not were stuck with him.Hopefully for everyones sake (to include Blake and his family) Blake “STEPS UP ” and gets the job done this season.

      I don’t think Sasha is a good fit for us at time.Too many offensive weapons already.We needs a few good defensive players or two way players.

      Heart is much larger than experience in my book. If you look into the makeup of just about every championship team they had a few players with a lot of heart and determination. The other players feed off that energy and it lifts the team to victory.

  • maximilien321

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