Laker Rumors: Brooklyn Nets May Try To Acquire Dwight Howard

Laker Rumors: Brooklyn Nets May Try To Acquire Dwight Howard


Dwight HowardSo with the Lakers struggling at 17-24 and going through yet another losing streak after that loss to Chicago, the drama continues on in Hollywood. We have Dwight Howard upset because of shot opportunities. Pau Gasol thinks a trade is a possibility now after he was taken out of the starting line-up. Mike D’Antoni seems to be running out of things to say.

But the rumor mill is definitely getting hotter by the minute. We have Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM talking about the Nets capitalizing on this. Here’s his Sulia:

The Brooklyn Nets are preparing to make another run at Dwight Howard, according to a source.

The feeling out of Brooklyn is that Howard can be had for the right price because of the Lakers’ struggles and long-term commitment to a collection of pieces that just don’t seem to fit or compliment Howard’s assortment of skills.

According to sources, (Nets General Manager Billy) King was planning to contact the Minnesota Timberwolves in order to gauge their interest in a three-team trade that would send Kevin Love to the Lakers, Brook Lopez to the Timberwolves and Dwight Howard to the Nets.

The problem, of course, is that Kevin Love is out until March and the Nets felt that the Lakers wouldn’t be interested in an injured Love. But the Nets had been pining for Dwight Howard since last year. It was also no secret that Howard preferred the Nets but Brooklyn didn’t have enough assets that satisfied Orlando. Orlando would end up getting a package that included Arron Afflalo from Denver, Nikola Vukevic from Philadelphia, Josh McRoberts from the Lakers, among other players as well as numerous picks in a four-way blockbuster deal.

According to Rudolph, Billy King is going to continue to search for a third team that would have an attractive asset for the Lakers but had also mentioned that Dwight Howard isn’t as big a priority as last season. But which executive wouldn’t want to watch the Lakers at this point, who seem to be in shambles right now? If they keep up this pace, the Lakers would win only 34 games, the same number of wins the 2004-05 team had. That team was suffering from the Shaq trade and had gone through two coaches in Rudy Tomjanovich and Frank Hamblen.

As for now, the Lakers continue to look for answers in this really baffling season. It could be a roster change but right now, the Lakers will have to keep pushing through.

Update #1 – We caught up with Jarrod Rudolph in an exclusive interview with our very own Serena Winters.


Update #2 – Our friends at SB Nation gave us the heads up on the rumors from the Nets front office’s point of view. Check out the story at NetsDaily.

  • David Jackson

    we have arguably the best center in the league right now. why not use him more? doesnt it make sense to take more shots inside where the high percentage shots are? why take unreliable outside shots that just arent falling??? go inside to dwight and let him pound it in and take high percentage shots. worst that can happen is getting fouled inside and even if howard cant convert much, opponent is in foul trouble. when we have a center like dwight he should touch the ball at least once in EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION. if he doesnt get good looks, kick it out or re-post and try it again. as much as i respect kobe hes in a slump right now and hes not the young kobe anymore. dwight should take at least 15 shots a game and kobe needs to limit it down as well and get nash some more shots. theres another thing, why not let the best shooter in the team shoot more? also, forget offensive system. these guys are all HOFs. let them just play basketball like ernie bickerstaff did (only coach with winning record with lakers this season btw) and just focus on defense. i dont understand why they pay millions to coach like d’antoni.

  • Wayne Nagata

    Dwight and Gasol would be smart to leave this Leaking Leana. As long as Dantoni and Jim Buss are in charge, we are screwed, no sense in taking everybody down with us.


    Dwight Howard sucks… He has no post moves and get stripped every time Kobe & Nash pass it to him in the post. TRADE HIM or we will look like Cleveland when LeBron left.

  • droo

    die-hard laker fan here who watches every game. now that we’ve seen him game in and game out, dwight howard is vastly overrated. sure, you may look at his overall average stats and say he is the “best center in the league,” but you have to look more in depth. he has good games vs. teams with no inside presence, but once he plays a team with good defense, he shrivels away. let’s face it, he has no reliable and consistent post game. he is very predictable and makes too many turnovers. he can be easily frustrated and baited into technical fouls. he doesn’t have the confidence to demand the ball, which you need to playing with kobe. i haven’t even mentioned his free throws either. it’s just not a good fit with the lakers. trade him now, or risk him walking away for nothing.

  • JohnC

    LA decided some time ago to focus on selling t-shirts + practice a short term policy by collecting a bunch of superstars but not the appropriate, good enough coaching staff. LA lack of chemistry is based on lack of confidence, because most players are performing outside their comfort areas and consequently really far from their potential. One example is the lattest turn of the screw: Earl Clarck, a good 7th/8th/9th man in the rotation nowadays, is one of the best and is playing as a starter. His top performance can’t win games, as the starters’ top performances do and have done many times. He’s doing alright, he’s one of the few players for whom this abstract system works, but most of the natural starters struggle day in, day out: Nash is an ok guard with D’Antoni, not the great player he is: the same for MWP, Dwight, Pau, even Kobe recently… you can’t build up an abstract system; instead you make the roster play according to their skills and potential. This LA are a disaster, look sad and lost, you see the conflict between their natual role and the one decided by D’Antoni for everyone. After so many sample games… what changes are to come??

  • mhuelk

    Just finished watching the CHI Game. Boy this is tough. If I knew nothing about the NBA and had watched this game I would have thought this Dwight Howard guy must be the 60th pick in last years draft. Wait, that guys name is Sacre… Maybe Howard is his nickname or something… Boy there are so many good players for 19 Million a year. It’s time Dwight played like one, maybe even close to that.
    I’m really impressed with Metta’s defense, HE is the best defensive player on this team right now.

  • lakers_824


  • Lex

    Howard for Lopez straight up!

  • LrobA

    kevin love? i would love that to happen.

    • saul

      Why would the lakers get Kevin which he’s out with a broken wrist

  • rommel

    I’m a Lakers fan for life, let’s face it… this is not our season. Maybe next season if… we can have coach Phil Jackson or Mike Krzyzewski or Bob Knight, a former coach of Indiana Hoosiers though he’s in the 70’s right now I think he can still do it. When you have very good players and your not winning, I surely think the coach is the problem.

  • La Designers

    Jim Buss and Mitch better call Derek Fisher and ask for forgiveness for the way they treated him after 12 years playing for them and bringing them 5 Championships,He did not deserve to be treated this way after this long, If this is the way Lakers treat the people who are loyal to them for so long, then they deserve to lose this way.

    Fisher deserved to be honored and he deserved to be retired in Lakers and they took that away from him because of $3M , Fishers had made them tons of money,(and what’s $3M to Lakers)