Kyle Lowry On Future With Toronto Raptors: ‘I Love This Place’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="139"] With the Los Angeles Lakers preparing for the 2014 NBA Draft and free agency, one of the team's targets is current Toronto Raptors po [new_royalslider id="139"] With the Los Angeles Lakers preparing for the 2014 NBA Draft and free agency, one of the team's targets is current Toronto Raptors po Rating: 0
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Kyle Lowry On Future With Toronto Raptors: ‘I Love This Place’

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With the Los Angeles Lakers preparing for the 2014 NBA Draft and free agency, one of the team’s targets is current Toronto Raptors point guard, Kyle Lowry. While he has bounced around in his eight seasons, Lowry emerged as one of the best point guards in the league as he averaged 17.9 points, 4.7 rebounds, and 7.4 assists.

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After a thrilling seven game series with the Brooklyn Nets that ended in defeat on Sunday, Lowry was asked about his future with the Raptors as free agency approaches according to the Toronto Stars’ Doug Smith:

After an impressive 48-34 season that earned the Raptors the third seed in the Eastern Conference, it is easy to see why Lowry would want to stay in Toronto. With a team that is on the rise and only getting better, the Raptors have quietly become an attractive destination for free agents.

For the Lakers, Lowry is one of the best free agents available this summer. While Steve Nash will try to finish the remainder of his contract, he acknowledged during his exit meeting that the Lakers simply can’t rely on him any longer.

Although the Lakers have ample cap room this summer, GM Mitch Kupchak mentioned that it doesn’t mean the team will use it all this off-season. However, if Lowry and the Raptors can’t come to an agreement, the Lakers should be in pursuit of one of the up-and-coming point guard the league has to offer.
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  • vdogg

    i’d rather have exum.

    • D

      Exum hasn’t played 1 minute in the league and everyone acts like he”s the new Magic or Isaiah or something.Not saying he isn’t good but If u told me we got Randall and Lowry I would be happy. We would be younger at 2 positions.Go for a big next year and go after Durant when Kobe’s money is off the books

      • vdogg

        i want a home grown star for the lakers.

      • Chrmngblly

        Oh God, don’t let us get Randle. He’s a bruiser-type and will have a much harder time playing at the NBA level where the competition is bigger and faster than college. No, no, no.

  • TheTruthKills

    There goes half of the Lowry-Deng pipe dream acquisitions.

  • Matt Williams

    I don’t want Lowry. He fits better with Toronto, not here.

    • comrade24

      agreed. He’s a decent passer but he’s definitely a score first guard. Kobe is a ball dominant player, and if Pau resigns they will prob want to run the ball through the post mostly depending on the coach we hire.

  • comrade24

    As far as point guards go I’d like to draft Exum just because of the freakish athleticism and potential. Particularly, he would have one of the greatest point guards ever (Steve Nash) and one of the greatest sg’s (no intro necessary) to mentor him. If that doesn’t happen i’d love for the FO to go after Irving in the offseason

    • vdogg

      i could not agree more. you are wise! if the lakers are lucky enough to land dante exum, nash’s biggest contribution next year will be in educating the young man on the art of playing the PG position in the NBA.

  • Zimmeredge

    Floppy lowry not in our house!!!
    Where are our needs? Wing and big men. So embiid randle wiggins Parker. If Pau remains a laker then i could see him be paired with Parker or embiid.
    Choose the coach go for the draft and add one or two players from the fa.

    But… Do NOT trade our draft pick. We need this guy. We will have a top 5. That would be silly to draft him for love or a coach (thibs).

    • comrade24

      i would argue the point guard position is the most important in the modern NBA and we are severely lacking at that position. That said, i don’t think Lowry would be a good fit either. We have holes at every position so i think the best strategy is to draft the most talented player available regardless of the position and fill around our core with FA’s.

      • Jim213

        Given the depth in the Pacific the Lakers will need top talent tho wouldn’t disregard acquiring someone like Isaiah Thomas (RFA) for now this off season if the Lakers end up addressing other positions opposed to the most important one (PG).

      • Zimmeredge

        Sure it is. But i dońt see a prime pg coming in this summer in the fa. Maybe we gonna grab exum but eventhough i really like marcus smart and think he is a good all around pg with great leadership and mentality i do not expect us drafting him.
        The three good pg available are Thomas (RDA and likely to resign in sactown tho is a laker fan), bledsoe (Rfa too and the suns are willing to outbid every team to keep him) and lowry (but i can’t see him in p&g uniform)
        Knowing that Kobe will have to run the show for the remainder of his career. He will likely play the pg position. So you can add simeone like stephenson to play alongside him. This guy can defend the best perimeter player on any team. He can guard 1-3 position. We have to keep jodie and or bazemore in that regard to play as sharp shooter.
        Or we can bring a vet and have large rotation at the pg position with farmar, Marshall and another dude plus Nash when available. Kobe at number 2 and ariza
        Then if you add let´s say a jabari or a wiggins to play 3-4 or embiid to play 4-5 alongside Pau it could be great.

  • Surffffin Jeff

    Tell me how exum is better than Kyle Lowry? Exum hasn’t even played in college much less the nba so why is he getting the super star label? Right now he seems pretty overrated. Lowry is established, he can shoot, he has good leadership and he can’t definitely play some defense. I would much rather pick up Lowry and hopefully draft embiid or randle to play next to gasol.

    • vdogg

      exum has potential that is through the roof. let’s not kid ourselves here — the lakers won’t be competing for a title next season. they need to shoot for the season after. why not draft exum, groom him, and add him to the big FA you’re going to sign the year after?? this is a 6’6 PG who is probably still growing. he has a lightning quick first step and also the length to guard several positions. lowry is solid — exum could be spectacular.

  • Lakers4Life

    As much as offense is important, I say we need a great stopper defender. We need somebody who can put a dent in the likes of LeBron, KD, Paul George, Chris Paul, Irving, etc. An aging Kobe and Pau wouldn’t be of much help in that regard.

    • Chrmngblly

      Aaron Gordon.

  • KingEmperor

    its just simple, lowry will not live the raptors so lakers dont need him..

  • KingEmperor

    Exum or Smart is the right choice..

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