Kobe To Play Like There’s ‘No Water Left In The Sponge’ (VIDEO)

Kobe To Play Like There’s ‘No Water Left In The Sponge’ (VIDEO)


Kobe Bryant recently admitted in a Sports Illustrated feature that he doesn’t expect to be the same player when he returns from back to back season-ending injuries. However, he also clarified that just because he won’t be the same won’t make him any “less better” than he was before. Instead, he’s focusing on how he must evolve as a player in order to become more efficient. For that, he’s been analyzing the game of Paul Pierce who’s been able to evolve with Father Time.

Writer Chris Ballard also released extras from his time with Kobe Bryant that didn’t make it into his lengthy feature in Sports Illustrated. That tidbit of info on Bryant analyzing Pierce was one of those excerpts.

Bryant also discussed his plan for maximizing the last two years of his contract. Check it out in our video above.


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  • Jim213

    Alex KennedyVerified @AlexKennedyNBA

    “I’m told that Michael Beasley had a second workout with the LA Lakers today. We’ll see if the Lakers sign him.”

    Best to go with another 5 for the 14th spot IMO.

    • Robert Knowles

      thats awesome!!! i hope we sign him!!!

  • Duckathon

    The man knows what he’s capable of.

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