Kobe Says Playing With Carmelo Anthony Would Be ‘More Than Fine’

Kobe Says Playing With Carmelo Anthony Would Be ‘More Than Fine’


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The Los Angeles Lakers are currently playing the waiting game as Carmelo Anthony decides whether or not he wants to come to Los Angeles or stay in New York.

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The latest rumors has Anthony signing with the Knicks, but nothing is for sure as of yet. Kobe Bryant spoke about the possibility of playing with Carmelo at his annual basketball camp according to our own Serena Winters:

Bryant and Carmelo would give the Lakers an excellent core to build around. Many reports also have Pau Gasol returning to the team if Anthony comes to Los Angeles, giving the Lakers even more firepower. This is a huge moment for Anthony himself, and Bryant understands the magnitude of Anthony’s decision according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Nothing is set in stone as of this moment, but the Lakers still have a lot of moves to make before this off-season. Whether or not the team gets Anthony, the Lakers will still have to fill out the rest of the roster.

There is also the question of who the next coach will be, as Byron Scott has long been considered the favorite and Bryant would be fine with that. The Lakers have done everything in their power to improve the team and Bryant seems ready to go. Anthony would only make the journey that much better.
Lakers Kobe Bryant Plans To Recruit Carmelo Anthony

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  • cmilli21

    Just wake me up when Carmelo finally makes his decision so we can move on

    • Jim213

      IMO, Melo’s decision may likely go beyond basketball. Melo’s Nuyorican, (NY native/Puerto Rican descent) and knowing a few Nuyorican’s they have strong ties to their community. But this is business, cool if Melo returns to NY given he’s confident in Phil Jackson (Melo’s Instagram).

      However, given Jim Dolan’s still around not sure how much flexibility he’d give Phil. Dolan’s already denied Phil the chance to clean house at the FO. Don’t believe the Knick’s will contend in the near future especially with Lebron being out of the picture and possibly K Love.

      • Timmy Chong

        Really his descent? not the extra what 20 something mil and extra year NYC can offer, or the fact that hes playing in NYC.

        And wasnt he born and raised in the ghettos of baltimore?

        • Jim213

          Born in Brooklyn, NY. He’s currently with the Knicks, and played for Syracuse. However, IMO, it’s more than what’s on the table ($$) as the culture of the big city may have some sway on his decision. But overall, the Lakers offer more $$$ on the table which goes with business possibilities.

          • Timmy Chong

            i apologize, i didnt know. i thought he was born and rasied in baltimore. I know he played for cuse, hell if some where here doesnt, they need to do some more homework.

            yeah of course with the business and hollywood possibilities, lol the TWC execs come to every real free agent pitch (howard, melo)

            i dont know what their thinking in NYC, calderon is good for the triangle, but staring PG at this stage of his career? with melo? and knicks having heavy interest in pau gasol?

            wheres the defense? i dont know i was never too keen on Melo in the first place, but at this point and with going through all the rumors these past 2 weeks, im just going to be disappointed if we dont sign him.

            we just need something, anything. i dont want plan B, i want plan A.

            its better than what we had last year, but i want kobe to get his 6th, and i dont think a back up plan of lance, monroe, thomas is the best bet. some might want plan b, but as of right now i just want melo. screw it man, lets just take the chance.

            but it seems like he might stay in NYC with the damn knickerbockers

          • celinadlittle

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    • Leon

      Frank Isola is a 5’6″ midget liar.Carmelo Anthony is coming to The Lakers i guarantee it everyone.The Lakers FO is too smart for Isola BS article.Mitch is the best GM in the NBA and he is sure Carmelo is coming to LAL.

      • vdogg

        what credible source do you have telling you this? i’d love to know..

  • Chippaz

    Kendall Marshall / Clarkson
    Lance Stephenson / Young
    Kobe Bryant / Henry
    Pau Gasol / Randle
    Greg Monroe/ Hill

    Should be the plan B

    • kookiebuger

      The Pistons said they will match for Monroe plus that’s a poor defensive team.

      • wangkon936

        I love Monroe’s offense as much as I hate his defense. Randle will also be a poor rim protector, so we will need at least one frontcourt player who will be a decent rim protector. That won’t be Monroe for sure.

    • DKWTTY

      That’s a terrible team.

      • courtney harris

        That it may but it seems to be realistic at this point.

    • Lakers Fan

      Kendall Marshall is not going to start for us. Dude sucks! I don’t see what you all see in this dude outside of getting assists. He is slow-footed, can’t shoot, can’t get to the rim, and is awful defensively. Please tell me why he should be the starting PG?? Why should he be on the team period for that matter?

      • kobetheGOAT

        Lol Marshall Iite but nothing that can help us. We should a been trying to get Kevin love since day one. We don’t need Melo or James. 2 more scoreless and we’re fine. Hope we get Stevenson and bledsoe. That shot would be crazy. Bledsoe kobe Stevenson hill and gasol. Move gasol to center hill of

        • Lakers Fan

          Doubt Pau stays of we don’t get Melo. We could possibly get Bledsoe and Stephenson. but we would have to wait and see. I just want a competitive team on the court next year.

    • Malcy



      • Cypressmurf

        A cheap option at SF might be better, but I like Deng

        • WAYNER

          Right if we could get Deng & Stephenson as well that would be good too we also need 2 more pure sharp shooters who will take some pressure off Kobe.

          • Cypressmurf

            We need one or two solid pieces this year. (Thomas & Stephenson)
            And we should stick to cheap plug-ins at SF (Beasley/Johnson/etc.)

            Has Anthony Morrow signed yet?

          • Bruce

            Hmm, Beasley is very intriguing, he would be a nice addition, guy can score, but defense sucks ass, Thomas would be nice, not Lance, too much of a fruit cake, no more Wes Johnson, gave him 2 many chances to shine but failed.

      • Ryan Soares

        Im cool with this team

      • Ryan Soares

        Rather say fuck Sacre and resign Jordan Hill

    • Lax

      That’s a lottery team.Try switching out Kendall Marshmelo with Eric Bledsoe and skip Greg Monroe he plays zero defense and add Ekpe Udoh for center he is a defensive stopper shot blocker.Also add Ed Davis for size and strength.Don’t re-sign Pau Gasol let him play for a contender and please stretch Steve Nash i can’t stand that guy.No to Nick Young he is a chucker and his defense is bad compared to Kent Bazemore please do this re-sign Kent Bazemore instead of Nick Young.Also re-sign Wes Johnson i love his defense.No to Jordan Hill he is too expensive just bring back Ryan Kelly for a rookie deal and get Kendall Marshall off this team or put him as a 4th string backup guard.Hire a great coach and good luck making noise.

  • courtney harris

    Didn’t know the mavs gave parsons 3 years 46 million.. This free agency is really weird. Mega deals for role players.

    And I think the lakers need to be more realistic and move to the original plan a of making this a two year rebuilding process. Hell can we get a coach? At this point, we won’t this amazing roster that needs the right coach. Just hire Scott and quality assistant coaches and get ready to compete for a playoff spot..

    • daivd

      It’s not weird if you are aware of all the CBA rules; we’ve only recently made aware that teams must fill their roster spot up to at least 90% of the salary cap which means that some teams will have to overpay some FA whether they think it is fair market or not. Some of these teams especially the last ones waiting like the Lakers when the good role players are quickly disappearing from free agency when after midnight strikes tonight they can begin signing contracts with league teams.

    • Bruce

      Parsons going to the Mavs?? oh damn, Lakers missed out on a great player.

  • vdogg

    good interview by kobe. said the right things. melo is a grown man.. pau is, too. they can make the decisions they feel are best for them. lakers will be fine. good to know that KB24 is healthy and ready to go!

  • Cypressmurf

    Isaiah Thomas/Clarkson/Kane
    Lance Stephenson/Young
    Kobe Bryant/Bazemore
    Julius Randle/Kelly
    The G.O.A.T. (Sacre)/Oden or Bynum (on vet. min)

    Sign and trade Pau for an expiring contract. Take Nash out into the backyard and put him down like ol’ Yeller. I don’t want to think about tanking, but it might be necessary due to limitation in free agency this year.

    Its all about 2015 unfortunately…….

    • DOC4DaLakeshow

      I also think pau and nash need to go…if he signs on with someone else it wont be for the 19 M we gave him….besides he still doesnt hustle or play with heart regardless of skill…rather spend money on a youger and hungrier player

  • Malcy


    • kookiebuger

      Another poor defensive team, I honest prefer the Lakers tank at this point instead putting something like that.

      • Trench

        The lakers can’t afford to TANK. They don’t even have a draft pick in 2015.

        • kookiebuger

          It’s top 5 protected, if outside it goes to the Suns.

    • Bruce

      decent team, but it’s a 1st round exit team, we need to sign a max player right now!!

  • JohnSmith00

    What pisses me off the most isn’t the waiting and possibility of Carmelo going back to N.Y, it’s the FO sitting on their asses waiting for him to choose. While every other team is pouncing on other free agents, if he doesn’t choose L.A the FO better make a max offer to Bledsoe or Monroe immediately after.

    • Cypressmurf

      Another fool who blames the FO for doing exactly what they said they were going to do… sigh.

      I’m going to trust that the professionals will do their job accordingly, thank you.

      • JohnSmith00

        Oh screw you for calling me a fool I’ve had constant faith in the FO even when 90% of the fan base didn’t. I can’t count the times I defended the FO while others did nothing but criticize. I am angry because the FO can’t even bothered to make so much as a small move to fill out the roster or an aggressive move, like pushing hard to re-sign Pau. So as to send a clear message to Carmelo, if you want to go back to NY go ahead but you won’t have Gasol waiting for you there, no he’ll be here, so ball’s in you’re court.

        • Cypressmurf

          When did 90% of the fanbase lose faith in the FO? In fact, where are your facts to this support that notion? I, like every fan, has questioned some of their decisions, and disagreed with them as well. But never have I ever lost all faith in them. So unless you get your info from some douche on ESPN (and they’re all Laker haters), then you’re wrong.
          Secondly, if we can’t get Melo then there is no reason to resign Gasol for 10-11 million. Because that’s what he would ask for if we’re not a contender. And if they make your “small move”, then that could jeopardize the cap space for Melo. That would make this whole wait pointless and a waste of time. They want to sign Melo first because he’s more important than Gasol at this time.

          And btw, this run to get Melo is an aggressive move. And because they were aggressive in the pitch to him, we went from last place to a close first. I’d say they’ve done a hell of a job with what they have to offer.

          Now, take your imaginary ball back…

          • JohnSmith00

            All last season every time I turned on the TV, listened to the radio or went anywhere online related to Lakers. It was the same thing over and over Jim Buss this, Mitch Kupchak that, FO office sucks. Maybe 90% is an exaggeration and lost faith a bad choice of words, but there were times in which that’s exactly how bad the fan base looked.

            Also I never said anything about 10-11 mil for Pau, that’s what he and the market are asking for. I merely said to make a hard push to re-sign him, because promises are promises. And having Pau say “oh yeah I’ll resign if Carmelo signs” has no real weight to it. No matter how you look at it the team is taking a gamble, so if they pushed hard for Pau at least they could have him if Carmelo falls through.

          • Cypressmurf

            If we miss out on Carmelo, we won’t be at all as competitive with just Kobe and Pau. And I don’t remember anyone in the FO making Pau a promise that they’ll resign him. And I know you didn’t say it, but that’s what he would want from the Lakers because we’ll have so much more money without Melo.
            And I’m glad to see the Lakers take such a gamble, because if you’re always conservative when it comes down to free agency, you’ll never win big. And that’s what we do, win big.
            Plus, I think of it as more a favor to Pau to sign-and-trade him to another team for some assets or an expiring contract. That way he has another chance to win somewhere else, and we get something in return for his departure. Because its quite evident that he’s declining when it comes to defense. His numbers, though good and Priggles using him incorrectly, were overblown by the lack of depth and injuries.

    • ra

      yeah, but anything less than a superstar (like Melo – or maybe he’s just a super-all-star) is just another player. Lakers have traditionally swing for the fences. They try to get big guns, or bust.

      Any team that any of us can manufacture, if it doesn’t have a superstar, will not make it to a Championship, and will just be another team. I don’t care how many ‘fantasy’ combinations you choose, it won’t get to a Championship.

      The Lakers fans are spoiled (yes, I’m one of them), and we accept nothing less than Championships. For this year, Melo or bust (and if ‘bust’, it will become ‘scrub-city’ again, so who cares for now).

      • kookiebuger

        The 2003-2004 Pistons won a championship without a superstar.

        • ra

          Pistons Schmistons. We’re talkin’ Lakers, man.

          • kookiebuger

            You said you can’t win without a superstar you can it’s just a matter of putting all the right pieces and players together.

          • ra

            No. NOW you can’t. Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant (all the last few years). 2004 was a fluke of nature (and, it would have played differently had all our ‘superstars’, e.g., Karl Malone, been healthy. 2008 would have played out differently had our star Andrew Bynum played. Need superstars (or at least all-stars).

            As for putting the right pieces together, it’s not that simple. You can put together your fantasy team based on stats, and it still might not work out. Look at Pacers last year, and this year. Mostly the same team; things didn’t work out this year.

            However, if you have a superstar, your chances increase ‘considerably’.

          • DOC4DaLakeshow

            Its not that you cant win…its difficult to win against super teams that stack the deck unless you have great balance like the mavs had….otherwise you need 3 established stars…nash just isnt healthy and in a bad position for us because he makes 9M…i want to see randle clarkson kane…. Find a servicable big man who can score

        • LakersOverEverything

          The pistons didn’t win anything and you know it. The lakers LOST that series with their internal fighting.

      • JohnSmith00

        Melo or bust only applies when there is the possibility of landing a big name free agent in the future. Those possibilities (Irving, Love or Durant) are slowly slipping away, why? because as I’ve said on multiple occasions, the league is ever changing.. When that happens and a team is faced with not only NOT being able to acquire a big name, but having almost no assets (draft picks, current roster) for the future. That’s why there is absolutely no fucking question that you go after guys like Bledsoe or Monroe.

    • Malcy

      So you want lakers to spend all their money on players and then what if Melo wants to come? The top tier free agents are all waiting also the everyone else are resigning or getting traded

      • JohnSmith00

        Read my comment properly “if” he DOES NOT come to the Lakers, then the Lakers should make a max offer on said players.

    • DKWTTY

      Add Parsons as another player off the free agent list. If Melo doesn’t pick the Lakers we might not have many options left. The word is that Pau is leaving unless they get Melo in which case we’ll probably have Sacre as starting center. How fun.

      • JohnSmith00

        Yup, that exactly what I’m trying to get across, just look at Houston offers to Carmelo, Bosh and hell now even Dirk. I know there is no official decision yet but sitting around doing nothing just seem dumb to me, hell the least they can do is sign Randle to his rookie contract but they can’t even be bothered to do that.


    Why play with
    Derrick Rose ( 0 Rings ) & Jokim Noah ( 0 Rings ) Franchise – 6 Championships

    Dwight Howard ( 0 rings ) & James Harden ( 0 Rings ) Franchise- 2 Championships

    Dirk Nowitzki ( 1 Ring ) & Vince Carter ( 0 Rings ) Franchise – 1 Championship

    Amarie Stud ( 0 Rings ) & Iman Shumpert ( 0 Rings ) Franchise -2 Championships

    when you can play for

    Kobe Bryant ( 5 Rings ) & Paul Gasol ( 2 Rings ) Franchise- 16 Championships
    one of the greatest players to ever live.

    thats like someone asking me if i want $ 1 or $ 1,000,000

  • Darrell F Jackson

    As of right now the Lakers have more promise then the knicks roaster plans for this season. Knicks; Melo signs the max and then what? New York has no room to sign anyone else until next season. Lakers; Melo signs the max, Lakers resign gasol and signs Isaiah with those guys Kobe and Jus!……Oh yea then flip Gasol asap to make space for K-Love or KD!
    Its not impossible! Either way Lakers always build championship teams! thats why Phils making bank in NY and Riley’s having so much success, We have “The Formula”!

  • BrownMamba24

    Kobe and melo are great friends. So I assume that if we weren’t still in the race then melo would have told him. But since he hasn’t I like to believe we still have a shot. I’m going to hold on to the little bit of hope I still have and wish for the best. MelotoLA

  • Thoughtso

    The pgs should be isaiah thomas, clarkson and kane not kendall

  • jay

    As a Laker Fan if we lose out on Melo we can still contend my ideal lineup would be:

    Ariza or Deng/Xavier/Wesly
    Randle/Kelly/Elton Brand
    Gasol(Unless he leaves) Monroe/Hill

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      That team is trash kid – would not make it past the first round

  • Von_CertifiedLaker_Fan24

    This whole process is very aggravating.. I hope Melo makes his decision tomorrow… this NBA soap opera is overrated…… ugh I’m dying to know…we all are..

  • Joseph

    The Buss kids need to sell the Lakers team since they can’t handle the duties.

  • Keenan

    Lakers have the worst luck getting great players in free agency.Horrible bosses.

    • Bruce

      Ever since the CP3 deal that was blocked, Laker’s luck pretty much ran out and started to stink. But we are the Lakers, we will bounce back and get back to the top in no time!!

    • DOC4DaLakeshow

      Maybe jim effed up by not hiring phil….other than that we had cp3…got dwight and nash…nobody gave a chance for that but it didnt work out…they booted pringles….we r reeling for sure but swinging for the fences has consequences…the nash deal was boom or bust…imo melo is the same type move… Maybe its better we dont get him but build a nucleus that would attract a star player