Kobe Says He Can See Himself “Playing Another Three Or Four Years”

Kobe Says He Can See Himself “Playing Another Three Or Four Years”


Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game 2In one of the most trying seasons of his career, Kobe Bryant has openly discussed retirement and has reiterated that it is realistic that he would hang it up after his current contract expires, which is at the end of next season.

This was before the season-ending Achilles tendon rupture on April 12, 2013.

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While looking at the scar on his Achilles during an interview in Brazil, Bryant talked about his recovery so far and might have possibly reconsidered his retirement plans. Courtesy of KB824Legend (h/t Los Angeles Times), Kobe stated:

“I can easily see myself playing another three or four years.”

Although Bryant just recently declared his return as ‘The Last Chapter’ on Twitter, it seems that consulting with David Beckham about his Achilles tear in 2010 has Kobe encouraged about the future.

It’s potentially great news for all sport fans around the globe, but we all need to be cautiously optimistic. There’s absolutely no question that Bryant will return and is capable of playing at a high-level for a couple more years, but there is a difference between Kobe seeing himself play and actually wanting to play.

With so much uncertainty heading into this off-season, there is great divide on how this injury impacts Bryant’s career. Some feel that this upcoming season will be his last, while others believe that this is the challenge that will extend his career.

I’m sure that even Bryant, at this point, is uncertain about his future. We’ve all seen or read about him retiring next season, averaging 20 points and 10 assists the rest of his career, or playing a couple more seasons in pursuit of his sixth and seventh championship.

‘The Last Chapter’ is open to interpretation, so we’ll just all have to wait and see what Bryant does.

Regardless of what happens, we all want to see Kobe Bryant finish his career at the top of the mountain — whether it’s this upcoming season or in a couple more seasons.


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  • Lakers 4ever

    I wish Kobe all the best. I’d love to see him get if not 2 more rings then at least one. Only time will tell how Kobe will come back. I’m remaining optimistic that he’ll come back better, faster and stronger. GO LAKERS!!!

    • Miley

      I wish Kobe would just keep his mouth shut. By saying this, healed it harder to bring I. Other good free agents because many of them don’t want to play with him.

      • Willie D.

        Only a loser wouldn’t want to play with a 5 time champion!
        Kobe and the Lakers are better off without them.That’s why many so call great players never win championships.The world can see how smart Lebron was to team up with a winner like D.Wade.If you want an NBA championship to go along with what you accomplish as an individual you better hook up with the likes of a champion like Kobe.Just ask Kevin Durant,Carmelo Anthony,Chris Paul,Deron Williams,Derek Rose and countless others if they’d like to play on Kobe’s team.If you don’t know now you know!

        • Paytc

          Willie D.,

          I totally agree with you!

          The NBA is better off the longer Kobe plays.Kobe, the basketball player, continues to inspired many ball players around the world.

          Kobe, we hope you keep playing at a high level for 5+ years, or more.

  • Sharon M. Mullins

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