Kobe Reigns Supreme Over Lebron in Cold Hard Cash

Kobe Reigns Supreme Over Lebron in Cold Hard Cash


Ever since Kobe lost all his sponsors in 200, many have wondered if he would ever be able to get back on track to the millions of dollars in sponsorship money. As we see Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal and many other NBA stars push and push for more sponsors to throw money their way, Kobe has learned to kick back and let winning basketball games court his way to the No. 1 earnings spot in the NBA.

By adding his deal with Turkish Airlines and Mercedes to his current deals with Smart Water, Nike and the NBA’s top earning salary of $24.8M, Kobe is sitting sweet as the No. 2 overall richest athlete, behind a slumping Tiger Woods, who earned only $75 million (poor guy, huh?).

Check out the commercials from this past year that have helped push Kobe to sponsorship heaven.