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Kobe On Lakers Future And Flexibility, Jim And Jeanie, Free Agency

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“What we’re accustomed to is playing for championships or everything else is a complete failure.” Those were the sentiments Kobe Bryant uttered back in March, frustrated by an embarrassing sub .500 record and calling for change within the organization. “You gotta start with Jim and Jeanie and how that all relationship plays out and it starts there and having a clear direction and clear authority.”Kobe Mad Photo

Fast forward, three months later. James Worthy represents the Lakers at the NBA draft. Jeanie Buss was very much involved with pitching Carmelo Anthony and Kupchak, Jim Buss, and company have been as aggressive as their financial flexibility allows in landing one of the top NBA free agents in 2014. And, while the Lakers may not wind up stealing the very sought after Anthony from the free agency pool, the idea that they’ve clearly made quite the impression on Anthony is something most doubted before their meeting.

“They’re going for it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They’re being extremely aggressive. They have solid concepts and plans to be able to get it done,” Bryant confidently gushed at his Basketball Academy. “They’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that we put a contender out there next year, and that’s all you can ask for.”

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The Lakers are patiently awaiting Anthony’s decision, waiting for the dominoes to fall before they put Plans B, C, and D into effect, confident they are at the very least a valid contender in the Anthony race. If the dominoes don’t fall in their favor with Anthony, the Lakers will be looking to their financial flexibility in future years to rebuild, as there won’t be much left on the table after the waiting game concludes.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has been quick to remind us of the Lakers financial flexibility in the years to come, somewhat prepping fans for the harsh reality that a rebuild could take several years. Three months ago, Bryant said he didn’t have the patience for rebuilding years, wanting change this summer. On Wednesday, Bryant stuck to his impatient moniker, but with an asterisk.

“The organization, if God forbid we end up with absolutely nothing, it’s not for lack of effort. That is something I would be extremely proud of.”

As for Jim and Jeanie Buss, Bryant’s no longer calling for change. No longer motioning for clear authority and direction. Whether he’s truly convinced of their solid partnership over the past three months or he simply understands how important it is to paint the picture of solid and cohesive management, his most recent vote of confidence is all in on Jim and Jeanie.

“I know Jim and Jeanie are on the same page. They’re ready to go. They both understand what they need to do individually and how that works together as a unit and turn this organization around.”

And, Bryant also understands his role individually through this process, being a public symbol of confidence for an organization whose image and reputation has walked a fine line, since the passing of the late Dr. Buss. An image and reputation that can help be repaired, at least in part, by the public support of Bryant in the final two years of his career.

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  • Richard

    Don’t give up LakerNation. I think the Lakers Jeanie, Jim, Mitch, Kobe, the next coach and coaches, etc. look at NBA picture now and in the future, consider all of their moves and options, imput their individual thoughts together (if they haven’t already), put their heads together and come up with the best possible overall solutions/plan(s) to successfully compete now and double down and get very aggressive now and in the future. Their hard work and efforts will result in bringing back the success and tradition of past Laker teams

    • Swaggy C

      Lets hope so! Because what they keep doing is banking on the past and the history of the franchise. Thats all great and all if your trying to reminisce, but this is a new age of players. They don’t wanna hear about what the past has done. They want instant gratification and the easiest road to the chip! And I blame the ex BIG 3 of Miami who preached that whole not 1, not 2, not 3. not 4 BS. They all wanna play with 2 or 3 other stars and sail their ways to victory. Jim, Jeanie, and Mitch need to pitch to the future for now on. All 3 of them put together couldn’t pull off what Dr. Buss did, so they need to play hard ball and stop trying to patch up whats an already obvious rebuild. It sucks to say that this is a bad farewell tour for Kobe, but its 50/50 his fault for taking that contract and its Jeanie’s fault for giving him that contract. If i wanted an awesome farewell I would of pitched take less money Kobe, and we will get you Melo, you and Pau could of gone into the sunset together, and we could of left the team in good hands with Melo and Randle as your 1 -2 punch and we will add stars.

    • laker4life

      Wake up smell the coffe

      • laker4life

        Jimmy tard announced and i quote “Duh my big sis said if i dont get us um um to um the big trophy thing in 3yrs im going to um um step down ” ok so far he has done a great job!
        I cant belive kobe is saying he is ok with what has happened so far…NOTHING! Laker fans shut it down for 3yrs until jeanie or phil takes over and give kobe a parade when he retires

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