Kobe On Dwight Howard: ‘I Figured Out The Best Way To Reach Him’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="303"] The Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles didn't go as planned. The Lakers brass wanted to groom Dwight to be the future face of the franc [new_royalslider id="303"] The Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles didn't go as planned. The Lakers brass wanted to groom Dwight to be the future face of the franc Rating: 0
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Kobe On Dwight Howard: ‘I Figured Out The Best Way To Reach Him’

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The Dwight Howard era in Los Angeles didn’t go as planned. The Lakers brass wanted to groom Dwight to be the future face of the franchise in the twilight of Kobe Bryant’s career, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Unfortunately for the Lakers, the Houston Rockets became a more desirable destination for Dwight in free agency. Dwight wasn’t convinced the Los Angeles had a better chance to contend in the short-term compared to Houston, especially after Kobe’s Achilles injury.

Oddly enough, even though Kobe and Dwight never really saw eye-to-eye in Los Angeles, the veteran guard didn’t throw his former teammate under the bus when given the opportunity.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard, Kobe said the following about Dwight:

“We figured it out. It goes to what I said before, if you look at the second half of that season, what we accomplished? Ri-dic-ulous. We were five games out of the playoffs going into the All-Star break. Dead water, in the west. But we managed to figure that s–t out and put ourselves in the No. 8 spot and unfortunately an injury happened but we were playing so well. Going into the end of the season, anything could have happened. So even though on the surface it didn’t work, [Dwight] figured a way to do what we needed him to do, and I figured out the best way to reach him.”

In terms of working it out, the Lakers did start to come together in the second half of the season as Kobe suggests. Unfortunately, it was too late and not nearly enough to convince Dwight that the future was bright in Los Angeles.

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Ultimately, the Lakers were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs. Dwight then chose to sign a long-term deal with the Rockets in July of that summer. Dwight’s departure in free agent left the Lakers empty-handed and in unfamiliar territory with an injured superstar and a rebuilding process on the horizon.

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  • Zach

    Lakers should have kept Dwight instead of Kobrick, would still be playoff contenders.

    • Tommy Young

      Again, you don’t seem to know anything about basketball, but you have an opinion like everyone else

      • Lakers#1

        Agreed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Zach is clueless about basketball.

        • Yo Mamma

          I have three categories: Facts, Opinions, and Stupidity. I would put this Zach’s comment under stupidity.

    • Al Haldie

      Don’t feed the TROLLS.

    • Erick L. Jackson

      Google Free Agency, Zach.

    • C Dawg

      if by that you mean making the playoffs, then yes. just like how dwight and harden led the rockets to the playoffs. but success in the post-season? NOPE

    • stopbeingstupid

      IT WAS DWIGHTS CHOICE TO LEAVE… man its people like you that make Laker fans look stupid. Lets not forget the fact that Kobe absolutely carried that team to the playoffs

      • Mae Gilchrist

        AMEN stopbeingstupid Kobe was the one that carried the Lakers to PLAYOFFS.

        • stucktrader

          PEOPLE forget how KOBE sometimes CARRIED SHAQs BUTT to the Finals…

          People forget what Kobe did to Portland, Spurs, Kings…

          Without Kobe… Shaq doesnt get to the Finals 3x in a row…

          Granted that’s true for Kobe… just saying…

          • Wyatt Lowther

            kobitch? It was Horry, D-Fish, B-Shaw. when did kobitch ever hit a walkoff?

          • Sippi

            It all by design. Why risk a shot with 2 people draped all over you? When you have some of the deadliest shooters in the game. Kobe killed plenty of buzzer those years, but when about that ring he knew where to go. Don’t play.

          • Mike

            Your lack of intelligence is showing. Can’t you have a decent conversation without name calling? It’s ok to disagree. Not ok to let emotions interrupt your intelligence

          • stucktrader

            I guess you never watched the games…

            NO big deal…

      • DKWTTY

        He’s NOT a Lakers fan, that lowlife scum doesn’t represent us at all.

    • Dave Whitehead

      Riiiight. How many rings does Dwight have again? Exactly.

    • 1

      exactly, they would be a playoff team and would actually have some all-stars interested in joining the Lakers.

      • Marc Metal

        when dwight came to the lakers NOBODY expressed any interest in joining him. when he signed with houston NOBODY expressed any interest in joining him.

        when you rip kobe do you start with his scoring, his rings, his mvp, or are you like dwight and say “kobe works out too hard” and “takes the game too seriously”.

        • stucktrader

          It’s too bad the Lakers weren’t quick enough to trade D12 to NYK for a then disgruntled Melo…

          At least Melo and Kobe get along…

          The best deal would have been trading D12 to Chicago (don’t know if they would have wanted him) for Noah…

          • brian

            what about to the clippers for blake griffin and bledsoe?

          • stucktrader

            @Brian… Dude… I WISH!!!

            Talk about setting the team up for the future right there!

            If that was the case… Most likely, the Lakers wouldn’t have gotten as high of pick as they did… even if Bledsoe did get injured as he did w/Phoenix.

            But wow… imagine if that happened that year…

            Then more likely this past free agency the Lakers might have went after Stephenson… since the Cap that D12 left would have gone to Blake… and then the Lakers re-sign Bledsoe, even if he got injured as he did with the Suns.

            With an aging Kobe… they have him play the 3, and let Stephenson chase opposing 2s on D.

            Nice starting 5:Bledsoe, Stephenson, Kobe, Blake, Pau

            because of a cap hit… but if it did the bench:
            Nash, Xavier, Young, Boozer/Davis, Sacre

            Just sickening… how the Lakers FO didnt pull the trigger on getting something for D12…

          • Mike

            They had a shot at Lopez but passed on it. Same for Gasol. Passed on that as well. Got nothing for either one

    • Rich

      What the fuck did you just call Kobe!?

    • ‘James Edwards

      Lol hush u clearly are not very knowledgeable about this game the rest of call basketball…..playoff contenders in la doesn’t matter we play for championships just look in the rafter no division 5 isles championship banners let the rockets be second best in their own division…….

    • Al Haldie

      That’s called PRE-TENDERS””’

    • blah blah

      Because the Rockets have won with him right? Oh wait….

    • stucktrader


      D12 cant carry a team… Harden cant either… it’s Diva 1 & 2 playing together. Great regular season… only to lose in the playoffs…

      Choke city… that goes for the GM too (trading away valuable role players)

    • joshhh

      get a life u loser all u do is write negative stuff about the lakers is it cuz your alone in life and nobody wants u get the f*** out of here

  • Wayner


    Kobe’s whole point is don’t ever go running when the pressure appears and the going gets rough you have to stick it out cause it makes you that much greater, You don’t just go running out the first door when things go bad, Kobe and Dwight would have compromised and stuck through and no telling how many championships would have been won, Kobe will still win more rings but with Dwight he could have helped tremendously and once Kobe retired LA would have been his, always think long term.

    You ran to Houston to only get put out in the first round you lost some very key players this year which were treated wrong by the rockets, Harden & Howard then traded to teams in your own conference lol

    • David

      I guess you and Kobe have a lot in common, know what that is? Well it will take forever with answer….

      The both of you ran your significant other out of town, Kobe thinking it’s still his team and he can still dictate to other elite stars what to do and You Jeannie by thinking you can run the Lakers without PJ’s help to bring the glory back to the LAKERS.

      Big mistake Jeannie eeerrrrr. Wayner.

      • Wayner

        Well i pray to god every day not Phil Jackson because i am almost certain he isn’t GOD and he can’t just make miracles happen, but i do respect Phil’s basketball wisdom he’s great and will do well in the weak east,

        But one things for sure it is still Kobe’s team because when fans come they are coming to see Kobe and he puts butts in the seats but Byron Scott was coached by a great coach who he learned a lot from in Pat Riley, Byron has been coach of the year, he took the nets to finals and took a team with one star far in the west finishing 2nd in a extremely tough west so the Lakers will figure things out and if you talking about Shaq, Shaq has repeatedly stated that Kobe had nothing to do with him leaving it was contract issues and if your are talking about Dwight, Dwight thought he saw a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow but when he got their it was just a bag of skittles laying their.

        • Gordon

          Man are you guys still butt hurt that d-white left your bunch of old, slow, stars lolol, Lets see I give it 25 games next season before your Kobe goes down again, You can have 10-Byron Scotts and it’s not going to help that team, You sure didn’t see a bunch of free agents busting down the staple center for lakers that’s for sure…Say it with me lottery

          • DKWTTY

            Who the hell are you? A Rockets fan? Who was breaking down the door to play with knockoff Kobe and Shaq? No one. You idiots gave away Lin and a pick to US for nothing. Bosh told y’all kick rocks. We win. Who gives a shit what Dwight did? He’s a loser and waste of max money. Dodged a bullet with that 1st round exit.

      • DKWTTY

        You’re an idiot and a troll. It’s Kobe team, point blank and he was never giving up his team to a big baby with a broken back who didn’t do shit. New employees aren’t promoted to manager on the first day asshole, you prove your worth. Your comment was stupid and irrelevant.

  • David

    There is no doubt about it; if Phil Jackson was in control he would have amnestied Kobe Bryant and signed Dwight Howard to a long term contract. Only pussies like the F.O. who have no clue how to run a winning club would resign Kobe because they have no idea how to keep the Lakers RELEVENT/POPULAR and at the same time keep them wiinning. If you look at the Spurs Tim Duncan; he is not even that popular but the club knows how to assemble unknown pieces to give them a title. The Lakers could have done the same with a younger Howard, but I have to admit it would take PHil Jackson for them to succeed which they would not do because he would take Jim Buss title/role away from him.

    Make no mistake Phil Jackson would have amnestied the idol Kobe Bryant.

    • Schooling

      What! Pls stop commenting on your personal wishes. U sound as dumb as that

      • David

        I guess every GM in the league is just as dumb as me….it is what they are all thinking and SAYING.
        The idol worshiping is for the Lakers fans who lack common basketball sense such as yourself. I have common sense because I don’t follow stars blindly.

        • Al Haldie

          Oh you meen MUNKEY see MUNKEY do – that’s you…

    • Wayner

      Okay let me get this straight cause obviously you have no basketball knowledge what so ever,

      So you take a guy who was leading the lead in scoring 2 yrs ago before he got injured but he is also smart enough to know that he doesn’t have to put as much pressure on his body any longer because with younger pieces around him now he is capable of scoring 25 pts a game, a fierce competitor and has 5 rings and is also smarter than a lot of coaches if you will, but you will keep a Dwight Howard with no low post game what so ever.

      • Mae Gilchrist

        Dwight Howard can’t handle the pressure in LA AND KOBE CAME. It is so sad that people blame Kobe for Dwight Howard leaving. Dwight Howard can’t handle the pressure.

      • Mark Hill

        Led the league in scoring? In 2012-13 Kobe was third, and it was not a close race. But even so, Kobe led the NBA in shot attempts.


      relevant with an A

    • Al Haldie

      Not in this LIFE TME…

    • cj

      last years team was deeper then the kobe-howard lead team. if howard had stayed the lakers would of had

      blake, meeks, wes, pau, howard
      farmar, x, young, kelly, hill
      with kobe coming back at some point in the season. howard screwed up. last years laker team was solid but had no super stars if howard stayed they would of had two stars in kobe and howard.

    • stucktrader

      Ah… No… Phil would have seen through D12… not a true competitor…

      Traded D12 when he saw there was no chemistry…

      He could have sent him to NYK like D12 wanted… and brought back Melo…

      • David

        Are you talking about the same Phil that said he would have started a team with Howard over Lebron and Kobe? That was before Lebron became a great all around and in addition a clutch player?

    • DKWTTY

      Get a fucking life troll. Phil would have never amnestied Kobe. Kill yourself already. Dwight is 29 years old. Fuck that loser, he isn’t even the best center in the NBA in an era with no good big men. Shut your dumbass up already.

      • David

        That’s the kind of low class ghetto type that worships the idol Kobe, there is plenty of them on Lakers Nation. Reality hurts feelings…..Congrats to DKwtty.

        • DKWTTY

          Says the fag who is constantly on Kobe’s dick on LAKERS NATION. Get a life idiot.

    • Rob Continental

      Although it would be easy to call you names, I will not. The fact is the Lakers had already used the amnesty prior to the end of that season. You only get one. So there is no way possible to “amnesty” Kobe. Secondly, Phil Jackson is built and based on loyalty. Hence signing a 1st time coach in Derek Fisher. Signing Odom to a contract and attempting to get Steve Kerr are other examples. There is no way Phil would have took a non-leader like Howard over Kobe.

      • David

        Check your fact jack; you got that wrong they did not amnesty Metta before Howard left. PJ is no fool, KB has an achilles and loyalty means second only to winning. Odom and Fisher are given chances because there is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain…. and also PJ is KB’s mentor and not the other way around.

        • DanFromMV

          While I agree with your assertion that with Odom there is nothing to lose, the choice of a coach is critical. If it doesn’t work out, you will have lost a year or more of team building / cohesion and will have to start over with a new coach.

  • hookedonnews

    That’s a unique take on the situation. Doesn’t really matter at this point. Whatever happened during the season there’s no argument about why Howard left LA. He left because of Kobe. Would have been nice to see what the Lakers could have done if everyone had stayed healthy that season, but we still had the worst bench in the league.

  • Zach

    Delusional. Kobe drives the best Center in the NBA out of town, then brags about how he bonded with him. LOL.

    • Erick L. Jackson

      The Best Center doesnt even play in the Western Conference.

    • DocMD

      Dude, just shut up already. You really are a clueless, hate filled loser who has nothing better to do than talk nonsense about Kobe…and I don’t even like the guy!!! Howard is a team cancer everywhere he has been and will never win a title. Zero post up game.

      • Zach

        Sorry, I will try to be a nice guy, like you, in the future! LOL. I agree Howard is kind of a cancer, but the Lakers could sure use him anyway, far better than anyone they currently have. Lakers frontline is an utter joke at this point, only Randle has any potential.

    • RussinSactown

      Best center in the NBA? Man, stay home. You’re high.

    • Nashir Mohammed

      brook lopez was in the lakers?

      • cj

        noah, marc and howard are better then lopez

      • Zach

        I thought you’d be more of a Nazr Mohammed fan..?

        • Nashir Mohammed

          i was when he pushed lebron down that time lol

  • apeknows

    I like bananas. I’m a Laker fan, but I smell a lie here by Kobe. He’s always trying to be the ‘smartest’ and in order to be one you have to acknowledge your mistakes & errors. They did a mistake and have to learn to live with it. Move on to this season…


      Agree wit u on the 100

      • apeknows

        Gee, thanks. Didn’t you know? The Lakers run LA. Even an ape knows that.


    Kobe bragging about getting the 8 spot in playoffs, then getting swept by SA. You can’t make this stuff up! LoL #weRUNLA

    • Jokobe

      You thinking this is him braggin shows how immature you are. How old are you lil boy? You make a “CLIPPERSRUNLA” ID on a Lakers site in an attempt to troll Kobe? Nigga get cho sorry, low-IQ-in-basketball, stupid ass back to the Clippers website.

      • Dana Douglas

        He’s never been to the Clippers website. He’s only trolling here.

    • Rob

      keep hanging selfies, i dont see any championship banners coming soon :-)


        Keep “tanking” in the hope of obtaining a draft pick. Weren’t you supposed to have Love & Wiggins this year??? Instead you got Jeremy “Linsanity” and Roscoe Smith. LOL!!

        • Al Haldie

          And when did we get Roscoe Smith —DUMB SHIT

        • DanFromMV

          I thought the Clips invented “tanking in the hope of obtaining a draft pick (and then blowing it)” Had Stern not gift wrapped Chris Paul, the Clips would be a borderline playoff team, after decades of being the face of crap in the NBA.

    • Drew

      He was actually talking about the accomplishment of make a late run into the playoffs despite being in a tough division. Only a Clipper fan would troll the Laker website. Nothing better to do. Your sorry team hasn’t ever even made it to the conference finals, let alone win an actual championship. Go flaunt your pacific division title. Despite playing terribly last season, Lakers still had higher ratings than your Clippers who apparently “run LA”.


        We have more nationally televised games than you this season – can you explain that?? We will also be at Staples on XMAS Day playing the Warriors (greatest rivalry in the West) while you get your butts handed to you in Chitown. WE are what fans want to see :))

        Note that the Lakers don’t even have a rival……..is it Houston?? Or who is it?? Anyone care to comment on who the Lakers rival is??

        • LALOVE

          Wow! That’s the most insignificant remark ever but first I want to know, what does it do for your team to have so many “national televised” games than the Lakers? I’ve been doing sports media marketing for over 10 years, and I know certain marketing allocation but you seem excited for some odd reason that the clips have more games shown on the national platform, how does it benefit the clips?

          • DKWTTY


        • Al Haldie

          So how many years did it take to get there – and yet no RINGS…..

        • gabe

          Haha this guy worshiping and kissing a team thats NEVER won an NBA championships backside. Now thats funny. Your team is a joke. They hang selfies along with one pacfic division championship banner. And they run LA?? LMAO you got to be kidding. Right? Clippers are on there way up but are no lakers. Not by far. When the clippers win as many NBA TITLES as the lakers have then they can say” they run LA” till then this is laker city. GET OVER IT. clippers suck

        • BMAMBA

          lmao and how many times has the Clippers won a championship, or even been to the finals?

    • Cordero J Ramsey

      Lakers has won more playoff games that the slippers have ever been in, shoot we lost more playoff games that the slippers have ever played. If the slippers want to run LA they need to win as much championships as the lakers which will take you about 16 years (if you do it consecutively) so at best see you in 2030, you can brag then!!

  • joshua

    If dwight were better.. I’d have to agree that Kobe goes.. but dwight isn’t the guy you build a franchise around.. he’s not a true winner. He’s a 6’10 center with back issues. Look at his performance in the playoffs against the blazers.. he did well.. but still got out played by Lamarcus and they got bounced first round. This year they’ll struggle to even make the playoffs.

    • Dana Douglas

      Are you the same David that just posted, “If Phil Jackson was in control he would have amnestied Kobe Bryant and signed Dwight Howard to a long term contract?”

  • Dana Douglas

    To Zach, David, the Clipper Troll, and anyone else who thinks so highly of Dwight: I’ve got news for you. Howard is soft. He will never be a championship caliber player. He will never win a championship. He will always be unfulfilled promise. That’s who he is. Dwight will never, ever, EVER be a winner like Kobe.

    • 1mtoldman

      thats exactly right. watching howard in houston hes not a bad guy hes just a goofy guy. he is as you say not a winner. he may think he wants to win and he tries. but there’s a reason hes never won anything. hes not a black hole on offense like harden or the more talented melo. but he just puts up numbers and doesn’t have a lot of ambition. hes a light-hearted guy it seems. a clown someone i think said was how he was preceived in the locker room. that shouldnt be his role.

  • Joe

    Seriously, does any “real” Laker fan still want Dwight Howard. He is not a winner. He has no idea how to sacrifice for his team. Houston will find out. If/when they lose in the first round next season, he will throw Kevin McKale under the buss.

  • Marc Metal

    dwight wants to be the man but was outworked by every player on the team. he refused to learn from kareem and then from dream in houston. he flat out refuses to learn the game and improve his skills. he has tremendous god-given defensive abilities but no work ethic or heart. he’s not smart enough to see the big picture. until he wakes up and matures he will always be what he is – a million dollar talent with a five cent heart.

    • Spade

      Um what? He put in some work with Kareem before the start of the 2013 season and put in some work with both McHale and Hakeem before last season. Kareem said it best, he just doesn’t have the basketball IQ to put any of those lessons to work.

  • pski

    Im a Bulls fan and Kobe to me is the next best thing to MICHEAL JORDAN, but would you say that Jordan made Pippen into a hall of Famer ( absolutely ). Steve Nash led the league in assist when he came to L.A but playing with Kobe made him and his skill average

    • Al Haldie

      Nash broke his leg – I guess KOBE did it…DUMB sh.. ?

    • BMAMBA

      you do realize Nash wasn’t healthy from the start.. He gets injured the first game I think it was.. and he never recovered fully from that but thats all Kobes fault..

  • pski

    lets say the Lakers traded Kobe to the Brooklyn Nets for Joe Johnson and draft picks, Now you got Nash, Howard, Gasol, JJohnson, and draft picks you can win with that, that’s pick and roll all day all night no one stops that

    • Al Haldie

      WHAT IS LETS SAY? -cant you speak for your self ?

    • Yaya


  • Da_Manza

    Laker Ball!!

  • Ttkin

    Lets all remember the classy way we saw dwight wearing a laker jersey for the last time…getting ejected and taking the jersey off as he made his way to the lockerroom. Stay classy dwight.

  • Knowitall Jamal

    I come here very often. Love the regulars here. You guys are very knowledgable about the lakers, current situation and past. This “zach guy and his “like” can suck a bag of dicks though…

    • independentbynature

      You got that right……

  • Joe Mc Geehand

    Howard is nothing but an Arss Rimer posing as a basketball player

  • Spade

    The best way to reach Dwight is to massage his ego and throw him 5-10 lob passes a game. There wasn’t a whole lot of that going on in that season. But then again, Kobe isn’t going to massage any egos (Shaq is the perfect example).

  • Joshua Slater

    Dwight is Harden’s b!tch.

    • DanFromMV

      According to Harden, the world is his bitch

  • billsux

    yeah. its all you kobe. notice how many free agents came knocking on LA’s door. such an egomaniacal narcissist.

  • MannyP

    All-Star alley-oop dunk should be #1

  • Aaron

    DW your lazy have no jump shot past 5 feet only a dunk shot. No true will power to improve on your game or free throws..A waste of talent…

  • Yomi Diran

    First can someone remind Mr Kome that he has no college degrees


    Can somebody tell Mr. Kome to STFU !! I mean is this dude the one only one that ever played in the NBA ??

    Is he becoming a psycho or what. I really think he needs to get his head examined by a shrink Asap !!
    please Kobe.. . U are not even a top 10 player ever. All these players are better
    Wilt, Mj, Oscar, Magic, Kareem, Hakeem, Lebron, Dr. J, Bird, Russell

    Winning championships with other big time players doesn’t necessarily and singularly rank u ahead of other .
    The rankings are always in the details of personal numbers, stats and character. And all these players were better and are far bonafide leaders with better characters as a total package for player assessment too !!

    I think we should hear more from these top 10 players than Mr smuck Kome !!

    • Joshua Tree

      What are you doing on a Lakers website?

  • Wyatt Lowther

    I wasn’t meant to be because kobitch won’t go away already.

  • Mx

    Clearly, Howard was not comfortable playing in LA… even before he joined the Lakers, he didn’t seem to really want to be in LA. And though he seemed happier in Houston last year, now that the honeymoon is over, there is a lot of conflict coming Howard’s way this year.

    • DanFromMV

      I would enjoy it if the Rockets took a step or two backward this year. After losing Parsons, Lin, and Asik and adding Ariza, it has a good chance of happening.

  • Jim

    Just so everyone is clear, the Rockets won just one more playoff game last season than the Lakers did in the 2012 season. So, it really wasn’t an upgrade for Dwight. I do not know how well the Rockets will do this year having given up Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin. To assume that Ariza will fill both shoes is a rather tall order. Even Asik was productive when he came in for Dwight – the 4th quarter liability.

    Now, let’s kick back and watch Dwight get to be the baby he was with the Magic. I also do not believe that Harden is a top-10 player in the league since he tends to choke in pressure situations.

    You know Kobe is going to send a message to ESPN for not even having him as a Top-10 guard. Seriously??? Did ESPN just ignore the lack of defense by Curry and Harden. Oh i know, it’s all about offense.

    • AK

      the lakers won 5 playoff games in 2012.. 0 when dwight was on the team

  • Sumeet Bhatti

    If that Chris Paul trade went through, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Curse you David Stern!

  • http://www.endtimesurvivalguide.com Leland Williams Jr.

    Bryant good player but lacks that integral leadership quality

  • Shane Michael

    Dwight has bad character. Not just because he left the Lakers. Look at his child-like antics everywhere he’s gone. Even Houston is seeing a little bit of his attitude out there. Yelling at guys for his mistakes. He’s a cancer. Glad we only had him for 1 year.


    Definitely seems like ESPN and TNT want to carry the clippers more since they have more star power right now than our aging one, which is transparent to anyone following the NBA, still doesn’t apply to a national platform that the Lakers have with their own network but I guess ppl celebrate the small things in life. No rivals yet but we have many over our course of 16 championship banners.

  • Eman94

    That’s a retarded question, it’s the Celtics. Anyone with basketball common sense would know that.

  • Lalove

    Clearly youre fishing on the fact that were at a rebuilding stage, which is fine, all teams go through it. But the fact is, the lakers still gross the most in tickets sells, and network air than the clips, even a season without Kobe! Even w/ a 27 game win at their belt and no real rivalry fans will still come to staples, and will continue to watch the games. Can’t really say that about the clipper, since all their fans like you are fair weather fans.

  • Eli

    Are you stupid? Ever heard of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry? It’ll never die out.

    You’re bragging about how the Clippers are more desirable to watch and how the team is packed with stars yet they can’t even get past the second round.

    By the way, every team experiences a few years of mediocrity. You’re not gonna be dominant every single year. That’s just how it is. You’re just another fair weather Clipper fan looking for attention. I just have one question for you. How does it feel to not have experienced your favorite team win a championship? What a joke.

  • AK

    LOL its only 3 games more than a team who just won 27 games and your bragging about that? i guess clipper fans have nothing else to brag about but lmaoo

  • Eman94

    The Lakers have the most respectable rival in the NBA in the Celtics. Who are the Clipper’s rival? The Grizzlies? The Trailblazers? It’s definitely not the Spurs or Thunder. It can’t be the Lakers because they haven’t met in the playoffs enough (not even once) and the Clippers don’t even have enough accolades under their belt to be worthy to be a rival to the Lakers.

  • AK

    yeah hes exposed himself already before he just started watching the nba last season

  • hehatesme

    Why oh why do we keep feeding trolls? They’re like the annoying seagulls at the beach that shit on you and yet people keep throwing them food.

  • Joshua Tree

    Spurs maybe? Lololol!

  • DanFromMV

    Boston. Until the Clips have 10+ championships, they aren’t in the conversation

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