Kobe, LeBron Featured In Best And Worst Lakers News Of The Week

Kobe, LeBron Featured In Best And Worst Lakers News Of The Week


Kobe, Gasol, NashLakers Nation takes a look back at the best and worst Lakers news this past week. The week started off with Kobe hinting at a third baby on Instagram and ended with LeBron James passing him as the NBA’s most popular player.


Los Angeles Lakers Early List Of Top Games Of The Regular Season – The Lakers will begin their title quest against the Clippers. I’m sure the realistic fan knows that the Lakers aren’t championship contenders this season, but they’re not going to be as bad as everyone thinks. The Lakers brought in players who understand and respect what it means to wear the purple and gold uniform, and I believe that goes a long way in terms of competing every single game.

Kobe Hints At 3rd Baby On Instagram, Mitch Kupchak Hoping For Boy – Social media blew up when Kobe hinted at a third baby on Instagram. Unfortunately for most of us, we weren’t too familiar with Italian and quickly assumed he was having a third child, hoping it would be a boy, and then imagining Kobe Jr. in a Lakers uniform in 2033. Lakers fans are simply the best.

Fans Praise Kobe After LeBron’s Manila Tour – LeBron James might be the King of the NBA, but he sure isn’t in Asia. After refusing to take pictures and signing autographs, fans in Manila couldn’t help but to compare him to the living legend of Kobe. Even though Kobe couldn’t go on his yearly Asian Tour, fans still appreciate Bryant’s efforts to connect with them.

Andrew Goudelock Signs a One-Year Deal With BC UNICS in Russia – Congratulations to Andrew Goudelock for continuing to pursue his dreams even though he’ll be taking his talents to Russia. The “Mini-Mamba” was a fan favorite and even though the Lakers were forced to sign him under the most unfortunate of circumstances, it was nice to see those floaters in the lane one last time.

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LeBron James Passes Kobe Bryant As NBA’s Most Popular Player – According to ESPN Polls, LeBron James has passed Kobe Bryant as the NBA’s most popular player. It’s the first time since 2009 that someone other than Kobe topped ESPN’s list.

Paul George Thinks Leaving Pacers for Lakers “Wouldn’t Be A Smart Move” – Paul George is the player most feel can replace Kobe when he decides to retire. It’s likely not going to happen since he’s a restricted free agent, but don’t get too offended that he thinks it wouldn’t be smart for him to join the Lakers. He’s still under contract with the Pacers for another year, and he has to say the right things. For those who are optimistic, a year is a long time and anything can happen.

Carmelo Anthony Says He Doubts He’ll Wear Purple And Gold Outfit – Out of all the players who will become free agents in the summer of 2014, Carmelo Anthony is the most likely to leave his team. Once again, he’s still under contract with the Knicks and he has to say the right things. We’ll see what happens.

Andrew Bynum Delivers A Low Blow to Lakers Fans -“I apologize on behalf of the Sixers to any fan who invested and thought Bynum was going to be their guy and be the savior.” – Sixers CEO, Scott O’Neil. Ouch. Good thing the Lakers got rid of him for Chris Kaman, Jordan Farmar, Nick Young, and Wesley Johnson.


Lakers Sign Forward Elias Harris to a Two-Year Deal. Be sure to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube channel by clicking here!

  • 3339

    none of these worst stories can unseat the continuing weakly champion of worst Laker news; the fact that dantoni is still here

  • 3pointshooters!

    2013 weaknesses.. defense, 3pt shooting, chemistry/teamwork/, weak bench players.
    2014 additions, youth/athleticism, defense? better 3pt shooting..
    to lakers management load up on defenders and 3pt shooters if you want to win another title!! the more weapons and versatile athletic players the better!

    • Jim213

      We have a 12 man roster but R Kelly still hasn’t been signed. I still believe that Jim Bust will want to make some trades given the taxes that come with being over the salary cap. Agreed, Odom (miracle now) could contribute to aid in our weaknesses aside of other players like Ronnie Brewer.

  • Jim213

    IMO, too many daily and weekly recaps.