Kobe: ‘If You’re Going To Fail, I Guess Fail And Be The...

Kobe: ‘If You’re Going To Fail, I Guess Fail And Be The Best At It’


Kobe Bryant’s drive and desire to win is no secret. It’s what has both endeared him to the city of Los Angeles and drawn the criticism of some for what they believe is too much intensity from Bryant. With the Los Angeles Lakers eliminated from the playoffs and on pace to finish the season with the worst record in franchise history, Bryant’s patience or lack thereof, was on full display when he met with the media following the official announcement that he wouldn’t return this season.

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In a lighthearted moment during an interview with ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Bryant took some solace in the Lakers struggles this season:

If you’re going to fail, I guess fail and be the best at it.”

Bryant then stated it’s important not to dwell on the losing this season and focus on improving moving forward:

It’s important to try not to beat ourselves up about it. It is what it is. We’ve been decimated by injuries, but now it’s time to regroup and look ahead and start strategizing as an organization. Alright, how are we gonna turn this thing around?”

Though Bryant didn’t completely admonish the losing, he further reiterated the importance of the Lakers rebuilding quickly, telling Rovell he wants the process to be expedited because of his desire to win. The window for Bryant to win another title has steadily been closing over the last four seasons and many proclaimed it nailed shut when he tore his Achilles at the end of last season. Bryant returned to the court in December and appeared to be regaining form before a knee fracture set him off course.

The Lakers are a lock to get at worst a top-10 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and will have ample cap space to retool the roster. What may make matters difficult on the Lakers is if big name free agents decide against opting out. Carmelo Anthony is one of the few sure-fire free agents to be, but Phil Jackson’s recent addition to the New York Knicks front office may be enough to help convince Anthony to stay with the Knicks. The Lakers may ultimately need to wait for the summer of 2015 before they are able to add the championship-level pieces Bryant desires.
Kobe Bryant On Change THIS Summer, Jim and Jeanie Buss, Coaching Staff

  • truth24

    Lakers will suck next season. Kobe will demand a trade to the knicks to play with melo. Phil will provide him with the pieces to winning his 6th. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil goes after love, durant, and james.

    • Zimmeredge

      I’m afraid melo will leave this summer. Chicago, Houston are in a better position to win. Even the clipps are, reportedly, interested in him.

      • kobe24

        @zimmeredge:disqus agreed, I think Melo would have most success by going to the bulls. If Rose can come back even 80% of what he is and Noah continuing his great season next year

        a Melo, Rose, Noah, Butler, Gibson combination can be scary good

        • Zimmeredge

          And they have many first rounder as well too.

    • Daryl Peek

      Howard and CP3 were plan A as we all know. That was not a bad plan but it didn’t pan out. That set the franchise back and all that has transpired since has most in a panic mode. This is very similar to the Charles Barkley plan of 91-92 that failed. As we all know the next two seasons were pretty rough. The Late Show momentum was pretty awesome as they competed for the next several seasons. Hopefully it won be so long til they get back to finals glory but I can’t roll with all the self loathing gloom and doom predictions just because Phil is gone.

  • Daryl Peek

    “There’s no question the Laker brass mortgaged a LOT of future for the present. Some decisions were better in a vacuum than others — and EVERYTHING would have changed had Chris Paul been allowed to become a Laker — but the majority were, in my opinion, at least reasonably defensible. And everything reflects the premium this organization puts on winning, particularly with someone like Kobe still on hand and (at the time) playing at a high level. (They may have also been planning for this to be Kobe’s final season before the Achilles injury changed the equation.) Unfortunately, the results didn’t shake out as planned, the bill has arrived, and the price tag is steep. Lotta work lies ahead.” –Andy Kamenetzky

    I’ve been trying to tell some this for quite a while now. It’s so obvious but many want to play the blame game instead.

  • ra

    Lakers re-signed Kobe, and are holding on to him for 2 years, for the following reasons:

    1) If they didn’t re-sign Kobe, they would throw the Lakers brand completely down the toilet. They don’t know what they will have next year, but they do have Kobe, who still has huge market value. If he stays healthy, it’s a smart move.

    2) Kobe’s presence, if he’s healthy, ‘may’ also attract some players to the Lakers (yeah, I know, they might also prevent some players from coming, but some might want to be here with Kobe in the last 2 years of his run, and be part of the next phase).

    Kobe’s interview revealed that he knows this could be the end. He mentioned the Achilles heel as a ‘past event’ that stopped things for him, but it also appeared that he ‘suspects’ that if something happens with it again – it’s over for good. He could take another year off, and try it again, but it’s not a good sign if a surgical procedure like this doesn’t last. Of course he would never give up, and I’m sure he would try to continue playing if he could no matter what.

    On the flip side, the new CBA makes it difficult for the FO to make Championship type moves soon, in ways possibly ‘because’ of Kobe’s contract. But it’s ok. They will figure something out.

    The D’Antoni-Nash experiment will probably not be able to continue. So, if it doesn’t, we can say goodbye to small-ball. That means the Lakers will have to tool up with more ‘bigs’, or bigger athletes rather than faster players.

    But more importantly, if D’Antoni leaves, the Lakers need a coach who can ‘really; represent the Lakers Championship style.

    • Daryl Peek

      I agree with much of this, especially the reason the franchise signed Kobe. He’s the one short term link from the past they need as a transitional beacon, as they head into this post Dr. Buss era of uncertainty.

      The FO will do their best to put a contender around Kobe during his last couple of years but make no mistake about it, this is a farewell tour. The difficulty is the balance. As the article states, the FO is stuck between needing to completely reboot for the future but keep up the Lakers winning traditions. Simply competing like the team did in the Del Harris era may be the the best case scenario as they search for the next dynasty worthy players to be the foundation as this Kobe era winds down.