Kobe: ‘I Feel Like Killing Everybody Every Time I Go To The...

Kobe: ‘I Feel Like Killing Everybody Every Time I Go To The Arena’


Last week, the Los Angeles Lakers suffered their worst loss in franchise history, 48 points, and it also happened to be against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers season had hit an all-time low and the locker room was flooded with embarrassment. Kobe Bryant was not around to react to the loss, though he did tweet out “Misery = Motivation” later that night.

Six days later, Bryant was officially ruled out for the remainder of the season. On Wednesday, he spoke to the media for the first time since the All-Star break. Only playing in six games this season, has Bryant been able to distance himself from the disappointments of this season? Do the losses affect him less, since he’s not out on the court?

I feel like killing everybody every time I go to the arena. I’m just on edge all the time,” Bryant said candidly to LakersNation.com. “To answer your question, yeah, I still feel it, probably more than anybody in the organization does, and it drives me absolutely crazy.”

What about his reaction after the worst Lakers loss in franchise history, which also happened to be against the Clippers? Bryant couldn’t help but smirk upon hearing that question.

Now I know what it feels like to be a Clipper fan all these years. That was my reaction.”

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Despite having little part in the Lakers 2013-2014 season, the Lakers 42 losses have weighed heavily on Bryant. Wednesday, Bryant strongly voiced his dissatisfaction with the current state of the Lakers and the culture of the organization. Plus, Bryant said that he does not have the patience to go through another year of rebuilding, he’s looking for change this summer, and that starts with management.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant On 2014-2015 Expectations, Looking For Change THIS Summer

  • e3bonz

    It’s going to get very interesting from this point forward……

  • Ron Harper

    Top quote from Kobe! Now we all know how it is to be a clipper fan! Just hope this is the last of that.

  • WarriorNuts

    Hey all. Im a die hard Dubs fan, and I just wanna say that I love and support Kobe, the man is a legend, hes a general, and hes not old, hell Mike was 40 when he retired. I know Kobe started earlier in his age than Mike, but still Kobe can play till 40 in my opinion. Hang in there. Its gonna be tough now with the West. But I have a feeling that in 2015, things will dramatically change with the big free agent class. Wont lie it is humbling to see the Warriors on top and the Lakers on the bottom. F THE CLIPPERS