Kobe Endorses Byron Scott, Talks Carmelo, Free Agency Plan B (VIDEOS) Reviewed by Momizat on . At Kobe Bryant's 8th Annual Basketball Academy, Bryant fielded plenty of questions about Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers Plan B, the future of the Lakers organizati At Kobe Bryant's 8th Annual Basketball Academy, Bryant fielded plenty of questions about Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers Plan B, the future of the Lakers organizati Rating: 0
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Kobe Endorses Byron Scott, Talks Carmelo, Free Agency Plan B (VIDEOS)

At Kobe Bryant’s 8th Annual Basketball Academy, Bryant fielded plenty of questions about Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers Plan B, the future of the Lakers organization and his own health. Bryant also endorsed Byron Scott who he’s had a ‘tremendous’ relationship with over the years. Plus, Bryant explains how he paints a picture in a free agency pitch, with the Lakers future flexibility being a big selling point. Bryant says like many other teams, the Lakers are waiting on the dominoes to fall (i.e. Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James), before moving over to Plan B. It’s all in our Lakers Nation videos below.

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  • BrownMamba24

    So he wasn’t even at that ucla pick up game? That makes me wonder how reliable these sources are. Maybe we still have a strong chance. #MelotoLA

    • Spade

      Frank Isola reported that Melo is NY bound. He’s pretty reliable

      • Derek Clark

        … and that report was shot down swiftly by Ramona Shelburne and ESPN and others.

        • Spade

          The agent only said that to save face. Isola spoke with a close friend. It’s a done deal, but if you want to keep pipe dreaming don’t let me stop you.

          • Zimmeredge

            Basically what is isola wrote in his article was “melo resign nyk, official decision tomorrow although he might have a change of heart until tomorrow” the guy is only guessing he does not have a clue. Nyk are more impatient than we are. They expected an answer by monday…. It’s Thursday already.

          • celinadlittle

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          • smale45

            Carmelo is going to be so stupid to resign with the Knicks. And i don’t only say that because i’m a laker fan, Theres a bunch of teams he could join, make a bank and have a chance at the rings. With Knicks, all he gets is money. Knicks are offering him all their money. Even during the meeting, Phil Jackson said that it would be nice if Melo did take a pay cut tho. If Melo did resign with Knicks, but took a pay cut, then i would understand that, otherwise, he’s a selfish bitch and he can finish of his carrier as a loser in NYC.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            Plus he will have to deal with Phil’s mind games until Phil retires. Don’t do it, Melo.

          • genevievegvoss

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          • Derek Clark

            This “done deal” sure is taking awhile to actually be done.

      • Marc

        Frank Isola flat out lied about Steve Kerr being the head coach of the Knicks and he has lied his whole life about a lot of things.I would never believe anything Frank Isola says he is a rat fink liar.Frank Isola is a big joke and he even will backtrack and act shocked and play the stupid role once Carmelo signs elsewhere meaning LA.

        Carmelo Anthony has not said anything regarding this.He article says a friend lol that’s some BS and don’t believe BS from him.

        The Lakers are end game for Carmelo Anthony.

    • Marc

      Steve Kerr near deal to become new Knicks coach, according to source

      Kerr’s agent, Mike Tannenbaum, is still negotiating with the Knicks but the two sides are optimistic that a deal would be in place early this week. The plan is to have Kerr accompany Knicks president Phil Jackson to Chicago for the NBA Draft combine, which begins Thursday.



      Published: Sunday, May 11, 2014, 6:36 PM

      Updated: Monday, May 12, 2014, 9:22 AM



  • Speed

    Move on….Melo is following the money. Sign Stephenson and Ariza. Bring back what’s left of our bench mob and let’s roll. Wait ’till trade deadline and go all out on Love.

    • Spade

      Reports say that the Bulls have reached out to Stephenson. Plus Ariza has been in serious talks with the Wizards and the Cavs plan on going all in for him in the event LeBron doesn’t return. The FO waited on Melo and LeBron too long.

      • Matt Williams

        Wizards don’t want to pay what Ariza is asking. Maybe we can. along with getting Isaiah, Swaggy P, and a better bench than last year.

  • Jim213

    Kobe’s confident with FOs plan execution? (no diss #24) Plan A is still in effect and it’s very likely that solid role players won’t wait for any team so while FO waits solid players will go elsewhere to assure themselves of a better tomorrow ($$).

    • independentbynature

      It’s just PR,Jim.Privately,Kobe has to know what’s up.

  • Speed

    Rondo and Love in LA is the FUTURE we should be focusing on. Stop with this melodrama. We are the LAKERS. If he doesn’t know this is the place to be from day one, then he has no business being a Laker. Move on before we lose out on anymore good FA

    • courtney harris

      It’s really now that easy. I don’t understand why laker fans (us) believe that we are entitled to be great. It’s hard work. The lakers have done nothing for melo or any top free agent out there to make them want to play for LA. These players will be great whether they sign with the lakers or not. The question is, can they believe in what we offer. We’re no that removed from a championship (2peat) but since then we haven’t even been relatively competitive. Miami has had 4 tries at it. Dallas pulled one of the greatest final upsets. Also the spurs put a beat down on what seem to a great team with an easy path to the finals. Where was LA during all this? Firing coaches, dealing with 38282829 different lineups, guys quitting on their coach etc…

      I do not blame one player for debating his future rather than just uprooting his family because LA has a lot of rings. Believe it or not, money is not the most important thing to a lot of these guys, but you have to make yours

    • independentbynature

      I like that….Melo-drama.LOL.


        Yeah, Melo-drama is perfect…. good one.

  • Spade

    Seems like Kobe is just as lost as we are when it comes to the FOs plans. Plan A is dead and burried and we haven’t even reached out to anyone else besides Pau (who’ll probably as good as gone).The only real plan on the board is to rebuild, but in all likelihood the FO will probably panic and start overpaying players.

  • independentbynature

    The hell with Melo and LeBron.If the FO is going to let a player pick their coach,it should be Kobe that does it.

  • RandomLakerFan

    If Melo doesn’t come to Lakers. Lakers need to pursue Bledsoe. Offer him around the $12-14mil for 4 yrs. He’s only 24 or something and is considered a very good attacking pg that can play defense. I don’t mind Lance as our sf. Fiesty defender that doesn’t back down from anyone.

    • Speed

      Agree on Lance. I’d rather we hold out for Rondo. Given that Rondo and Love have already expressed interests in playing together. You know Boston will move Rondo before he leaves for nothing. If we get Rondo, Love will come.

      • RandomLakerFan

        TBH, not a fan of Rondo. A pg that’s not a 3pt threat is not really a good pg (E.g. Rubio). Sure he can run the point, but he is also the person everyone will double team off/sag into the paint. Also, I read somewhere Bledsoe was the like the 4th best in NBA last season in driving and getting points, behind Lebron & Durant for obvious reasons. As you can tell, I’m really high on Bledsoe and his potential.

        • Speed

          Yeah but he’s RFA. No way in hell Phoenix will let him go. Boston will trade Rondo or risk losing him for nothing. I don’t waste my time dreaming. That’s why I think this melodrama is so ridiculous. Move on already

          • RandomLakerFan

            Giving Bledsoe a near max will place the pressure on Suns. Can they afford/are willing to pay him that much. Lakers need to test that. Also, What can Lakers give in a trade to get Rondo??? We don’t have too many attractive assets. If anything, Rondo will be traded to team that can give Celtics multiple picks and/or young players with potential. I would rather Lakers use their cap space to pursue Love (or LA if he wants to be a free agent) in next yrs FA then Rondo.

      • RealisticLakerFan

        Love would come without Rondo. I wouldn’t mind having both but I’d hold put on rondo to see how this jordan clarkson kid turns out… he’s got some real potential. Also if Randle proves to be the real deal we may not need love either

        My wish is that we could get a strong big bodied center (pre 76ers weird hair, tear my meniscus bowling Bynum) and a Rodman type player to run the defense… I honestly like lance Stephenson with kobe to put him in his place

  • jamesdarm

    Why don’t you guys make it one video instead of 4… #nopoint #useless

  • kiko


  • kiko

    the perfect fit for LA Lakers head coach :)

  • David

    Melo & Kobe or Melo and Knicks roster, I would take the knicks roster because they already have a good defensive roster but what put it over the top is Derek Fisher and PJ because they have the knowledge to utilize and maximize the talent. I would only put the Spurs ahead of the Knicks as the team that has the most intelligence and knows how to utilize team chemistry and succeed and it is all because of PJ and his coach (Fisher). I believe Melo will eventually come to that conclusion and go back to NY.

    In the meantime I hope we go young and sign some good FA and start rebuilding.

    • RealisticLakerFan

      Can’t agree with you more there… the only stupid thing they are doing is resigning melo haha.

      PJ loves to have a strong minded SG who plays D and a straight banger like pippen or Shaq… melo fits none of these descriptions which is why I’m surprised PJ wants him

  • Brian Thomas

    current Lakers FO is a disgrace to the legacy of Dr. Buss and the team
    is following suit. I have nothing but respect for Kobe Bryant, but the
    truth is this franchise has shown, repeatedly, over the past couple of
    years that they could care less about
    the fan base. That’s a slap in the face of loyal fans that pay to see a
    great franchise put forth it’s best effort. Dr. Buss and Jerry West,
    when they were here, always seemed to genuinely care about the Lakers
    fans and supporters. I just don’t get that feeling from Jim, Jeannie,
    or MitchK. It seems to be just getting worse. THAT is why some of the
    better players are avoiding the Lakers like the plague. Still a fan,
    but not a dummy!! :my 2 cents:

  • Richard

    I say the Lakers should be working closely in contact and talks with players on their priority lists starting lineup and bench and Plan B before they lose them to other teams. Find out where they stand, where they are with Carmelo and Lebron so they can move quickly to get the players they need to compete in the playoffs next season. tick tock…tick tock

  • Richard

    The Lakers can not afford to be struck with leftovers players and repeat the failures of the past two years. they have to step up their efforts.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Lets get real and off topic right quick — Can we bring back Amy Halvorsen and get rid of Serena Winters please -

  • KOOL57

    Melo was never coming to LA

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