Kobe Compares Himself To ‘Race Horse’ Locked In A Barn Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="303"] After playing in only six games last season, no one is more eager to get back on the basketball court than Kobe Bryant. With doubts s [new_royalslider id="303"] After playing in only six games last season, no one is more eager to get back on the basketball court than Kobe Bryant. With doubts s Rating: 0
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Kobe Compares Himself To ‘Race Horse’ Locked In A Barn

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After playing in only six games last season, no one is more eager to get back on the basketball court than Kobe Bryant. With doubts surrounding both the Lakers and himself, Kobe plans on proving a lot of people wrong this season.

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In an interview with the newspaper Die Welt, courtesy of Kobe Legends, Bryant describes the anxiousness he is feeling this off-season:

I can’t wait to return to my duties on the court. I feel like a race horse that has been locked in a barn for months. I want to get out.

It pained Bryant to watch as the Lakers season spiraling out of control while he was powerless to stop it. Bryant wants to turn things around as quickly as possible and get the Lakers back to prominence.

Doing so with the roster the Lakers have put together this off-season will be another challenge. Kobe has complimented the moves the Lakers have made this off-season, but understands that there will be a growing process with this team:

Our team at this point is like a puzzle. We are looking to place the pieces in the right places. Slowly we will get results.

ESPN recently projected the Lakers to finish with the ninth worst record in the NBA, so expectations for the Lakers are relatively low.

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But with Bryant leading a bunch of young, hungry players with plenty to prove, the Lakers could surprise some teams this season. And that is exactly what Kobe expects.

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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • LakerSpartan117

    Wow…. I had the wrong thought when I read that title and quote. But anyway, I’m stoked to see Kobe return. #2 on the greatest of all time list. #1 in Lakers players history. And my #1 favorite player. Watching the Lakers play without #24 on the court never feels the same… Go Lakers!

    • Duckathon

      Yeah, I had the same WTF moment when I read the header as well LOL.

    • ghost

      It’s good you said he is your #1 favorite player, it explains why u put him on #2.

      • LakerSpartan117

        Have to respect MJ, I believe when Kobe wins #6 though he will surpass MJ. But I’m not some blind fan who doesn’t respect the past. Like these new generational fans who suck LeBron’s dick all day.

        • ghost

          Sorry, but you must be if you believe Kobe with 6 would surpass MJ. Omitting fact that counting rings is an awful method in comparing players, Kobe has just no arguments to consider him ever that high.

          • LakerSpartan117

            If he wins a ring with the team he has now? Hell yes I’m putting Kobe over MJ, especially if he leads them to a championship at his age with everyone doubting him. You brought up an argument and missed completely on it. Nice try though. Because the only thing that matters in this league is championships, the greats know it and I’m surprised you don’t.
            Those awards such as MVP are given by media heads such as ESPN (the most biased broadcasting station in the world), the real votes that matter are the fans votes and they count very little in the poll.

          • ghost

            Yes, it would be something unusual, but everyone knows he won’t do that. Why? Because it’s impossible, and everyone who was following his career just know it unless
            believes in miracles. But even there it would not change his all other years and not enough arguments in important things (accolades, stats, value etc.)
            About championships – yes they matter for teams, but how winning a championship define players value? We both know it doesn’t, it’s a media argument, but completely useless in this type of debating. And it is still not an argument for Kobe (there are 25 other players with at least same number of rings).
            Media are often wrong, but about MVP the choice is usually obvious and they can’t be wrong. And fans voting are jokes, almost everyone votes for their favorite players
            and based on players popularity, rather than for real best or most valuable players.

          • LakerSpartan117

            Wait a minute!!! You’re a ghost! I don’t have to listen to you!! GHOSTBUSTERS!!!! HELP!

            No but seriously, I’m just saying from my perspective and opinion he would top MJ if he won another ring now. But I respect MJ greatly, and would put him above Kobe in the GOAT convo… Kobe is still my most favorite player, but I’m realistic. Still, there is NO ONE who deserves to be compared to MJ other than Kobe. Not LeBron, not KD, nobody. And again, Kobe was robbed of TWO MVP’s from Steve Nash. And if what your definition of the MVP is correct, that means Kobe was no question the best player in the league during those years..

          • ghost

            You can believe that, but the only reason you would put him there is the fact he is your favorite player, no because there are any reasonable arguments for that. And Kobe was not robbed, Lakers were defianitely too poor that time to have an MVP.

            “And if what your definition of the MVP is correct, that means Kobe was no question the best player in the league during those years..”

            How so? The point is that he was not, and his one MVP (which was even debatable) proves it.

          • LakerSpartan117

            Oh… now I see. Kobe is obviously not your favorite player (and he doesn’t have to be) and you probably don’t like him, because I find it pretty disrespectful that you wouldn’t put him in that conversation or even close to it. I don’t put Kobe there because he’s my favorite player, I put him there because he’s earned it himself. His skill level and overall talent (offense and defense) let alone put him there with MJ. And if your willing to say that championships don’t matter when it comes to a player’s value, then accolades/stats/etc. don’t matter either. Because none of those things actually define a player’s true value right? Those are just nice stickers to put on your resume, something I can tell you that no employer ever looks at unless your resume sucks.. It gives them something to talk to you about because they find your general resume (who you are, why do you want the job, etc.) to be boring.

            And if you really believe it is debatable on Kobe’s only MVP, you are more of a hater then I thought. Because only someone with a grudge would claim “there are no arguments” to prove that he deserves to be up there with MJ. Because being the GOAT is then strictly about skill and that Z factor… something only MJ and Kobe have. Get real.

          • ghost

            That’s not any disrespectful, but answer to fact that Kobe fans strongly overvalue Kobe’s career. Kobe’s stats, value as a player or accolades are from top15, but goat
            level is a completely joke. It’s like putting on goat players like k.malone or west. Stats shows players value, rings do not. I don’t say they don’t matter, but they
            are only and addition and much more important is how player performed rather than number of rings. Especially that, as I said, there are 25 other players with at
            least 5 rings.

            “Because only someone with a grudge would claim “there are no arguments” to prove that he deserves to be up there with MJ.”

            So prove me there are. Any stats, analysis from his game, important awards to put him so high? He doesn’t have it. His stats may be top 20 all-time. How that type of
            player may be goat? Let’s get down to the earth.

          • bigrix

            Ok so here’s the argument that Kobe’s as good or better than Michael. Stats are dependent on opportunity. For example 1. Kobe was not the 1st option for several years (until Shaq left).
            2. However he was the best clutch player on his team during that time -just watch the end of the comeback in game 7 of their series vs Portland during their first championship.
            3. skills. Kobe has always had skills michael did not have until VERY late in his career. MIchael was never the shooter that Kobe is naturally, Kobe was never the defender that MIchael was naturally. While Michael was the best defender -Kobe was merely first team. While Kobe’s been the best shooter in the league – Michael was never top 10 in the league.
            Kobe has existed in less than optimal circumstances than Michael had – (both share PJ, but Kobe’s had some pretty terrible teammates and below average coaches.

          • ghost

            example 1 is the next argument against Kobe. If he was not even the greatest player on his team, how can he compete with greatest ever? It’s completely illogical.
            2. Kobe was often clutch, but he also often failed in important moments because of his erratic. And Shaq played well too in important moments, and overall was easily better.
            3. Kobe didn’t have most of his skills when he was young. He learned them in later parts of career when he has started getting older and needed to compensate his physcial aging. A MJ had many other advantages which Kobe doesn’t have and what is much more important he was easily more effective player.
            Kobe’s shooting is strongly overvalue, he never had shot selection, his percentages were too poor to compare it to MJs value. By which measure you call Kobe a great shooter? And how does it change fact that Jordan was much more productive player on both ends of the court?!

            The last argument is terrible, Kobe is most lucky superstart ever, he has played in greatest basketball organization since he was 17, and since 17 he have
            had an opportunity to fight for championships almost every year. Jordan had to wait long years before Bulls support became valuable, and he had
            championship caliber team about half of years Kobe had. MJ vs Kobe is not even debatable, Kobe’s career was never and never will be close to Michael.
            Their stats, impact, accolades are from different planets.

          • SirHambone

            Although I Believe Kobe is great, your line of thinking (winning rings) does not hold water. If that were the case then you would have to go with Bill Russell, who has 11 or Sam Jones with 10. Or the other 6 players who have more rings than Jordan.

          • LakerSpartan117

            Even if it’s not based on rings (and I know its not), but completely throwing out the “Kobe up their with/next to Jordan argument” is dumb. The guy that I was arguing with was saying Kobe doesn’t deserve to be up their with Jordan and that there is no argument.

          • SirHambone

            My bad! I am with you on that!

          • comrade24

            I believe he’ll have a better foothold on the argument of him being in the discussion. Their numbers very closely mirror each other. I believe Kobe’s footwork and ability to hit tough shots was better than Jordans, but no one can deny that Jordan was the better defensive player. And btw, ESPN could never top Fox News as the most biased broadcasting in the world.

          • LakerSpartan117

            HAHA!! Ok you got me there with Fox. Republican controlled/funded.

          • sane

            How is there no argument for Kobe being the GOAT? Cuz i think hes the best to ever play. I think KB did it against stronger longer more athletic players. KB also had to face zone defenses which MJ never faced until 2003

          • ghost

            ” think KB did it against stronger longer more athletic players.”

            No it’s not. And MJ faced even harder defensive teams, especially that league became very less physical. And what arguments are for Kobe goat? He has no stats, no impact/value to a team, no individual awards for that. He’s got nothing to talk about goat considerations. As I see most his fans who believe that, believe he is goat or 2 all-time because he is and that’s all. rofl

          • Karots

            To Ghost: What NBA games are you watching? You’re right Kobe is not better than Jordan and may not ever be. But he is one of the Goat in the NBA and the closest to Jordan. Jordan acknowledged that himself. Kobe ‘s 81 point game will never be passed by any of the players in the NBA, not Lebron, not KD, nobody. That is something no one can take from him, you can say Wilt had 100 but when Wilt did it and check it he did most of his damage in the paint because there was no 3 seconds and on the free throw line. Kobe did it inside and outside. So stop disrespecting the man and give him credit for his accomplishments. Give credit where credit is due and he deserves it.

          • ghost

            He is closest in style game, but it doesn’t mean his career or his value was closest. Problem is that most people don’t see a difference here when it’s a huge difference. And sorry, but scoring achievement from one single regular season game is at most curiosity in those debates. I respect Kobe, but problem is that his fans don’t respect all other great legends by putting him so high, so i’m asking how he has better than many other players? You just put him so high because you like him the most, not because his career deserved to be there.

          • Rees

            Jordan done his damage against way tougher teams and way more aggressive defense and will NEVER be topped for the GOAT title for the simple fact that he not only elevated his game in the playoffs but he trusted his role players and he is UNDEFEATED in the finals he beat showtime, he beat Stockton and malone, he beat Barkley, he beat drexler but if anybody has come close to him it’s definitely kobe the games mirror each other he rises to the occasion and he didn’t need a BIG 3 to get his rings he got an inside and outside game he can play in a sleeved jersey and extremely hot temperatures don’t bother him the man tore his Achilles tendon and got up and made the free throws where the “king” caught cramps and won’t the team to pack his big ass off the court lol oh btw kobe is my favorite player too but he is only 2nd to Jordan and nothing he does now will change that

    • Mambanation

      lol same here. wtf is wrong with the writers lol.

      • LakerSpartan117

        They aren’t nearly as bad as ESPN’s hack-job writers.. these are writers a fine.

        • Mambanation

          Well i stop reading ESPN for awhile cuz they are some annoying writers lol.

          • LakerSpartan117

            Good for you because they really are terrible!

  • Mambanation

    I thought….kobe was complaining about the team and wanting to leave….damn…kobe u scurrred me badly. Yup kobe Go and get it brother.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    I’d like to personally say that I hate Steve Nash. No one has ever accomplished more than you as a Laker:
    1. Injured in your 1st game.
    2. Played a total of 21 games in your first 2 years for the Lakers (those few fucking games where you played 1 quarter in the first half and have to sit out the rest don’t fucking count).
    3. Intentionally played the 10th game in the ’13-’14 season so your team cannot waive you with Medical Retirement (you would still be paid in full for your contract).
    4. Play soccer during the off-season, rather than condition your back to play the final year of your career.

    The Lakers are better off giving the ball boy that $10 million pay, at least the ball boy can help the team.

    Nash, FUCK YOU!

    • Nore


    • george

      fuck you. you aren’t worth the little internet data you used.

    • thisstinksagain!!

      I agree it sucks to have Nash’s contract looming over us but at the same I don’t have a problem with him getting paid. Let’s remember that he was injured in the line of duty for the Lakers. It’s not like he was injured snowboarding(Radman) or any other non-basketball related activity.

  • kareemlaker

    Kareem is the greatest of all times he holds all the records some that will never surpass

    • bigrix

      you’re right. It seems obvious to fans of the game. But you know he played pre NIKE hype and endorsement deals in the millions

  • kareemlaker

    lobe shouldn’t be chasing MJ its kareem

  • Eman94

    I know how Kobe must be feeling, I think more than anything he just wants to play some real games to try to show everyone that he’s not done yet and can still play at an elite level I’m sure he doesn’t know how he’ll good he’ll be when he returns and he just wants to measure up how his game is after sitting out of pro basketball games for months but him being Kobe I know he has to be confident in himself to still be an elite player

  • Truth B Told

    Kobe top 5 GOAT……The impact MJ and Kobe has on a game…Their Box Office appeal…International appeal….Their entertainment value…..Championship pedigree is what make them Elite of the Elite…..Truth B Told.

  • johnny

    If he wasn’t such a horses ass, we would plenty of fire power.

    • vdogg

      you have no idea how the salary cap works.

  • James Richards

    He’s the FLOAT, Favorite/Finest Laker of All Time. Please help me make this term a thing amongst Lakers fans, spread it.

  • DOC4DaLakeshow

    I just hope he can be healthy he has nothing to prove…it takes more than just him to win

  • Rick Ross


  • Duckathon

    Kobe needs to pace himself this upcoming season. I know he’s getting restless but ee’s not getting any younger and is coming off a major injury..

  • LakerSpartan117

    Hence “if” dumbass. God, please bring your wraith upon every bangwagoner and negative hater on this world. Seriously go to your Clippers nation website…

    Oh wait there isn’t one, because bandwagoners never like to get to attached to one team, they like to go from team to team that has had RECENT success. I mean, the definition of a bandwagoner is “success-hoarding whores who crave attention when they haven’t earned it themselves.”

  • Adam

    Clippers… enough said. LMAO!

  • fatZach

    call me when chris paul makes it out of the second round.

  • fatZach

    being the best team in LA last year is like saying you won a bronze medal in the special Olympics. good job clips representing Los angeles all the way to the second round. with a team that stacked and you cant get past the second round? what a joke.

  • Matt Williams

    You trolling on here proves to me that you have no job, no girlfriend, no life, and no brain if you’re a clipper fan. I got a number to a psychiatrist, cause clearly you need one.

  • fatZach

    why would I be bitter about not getting a player who has never been out of the second round? so losing by 50 does suck but getting beat on opening night by a team you should beat by 50 seems a little worse lol. make sure you hang those 2 conference banners up asap.

  • fatZach

    yea and if that roster was in purple and gold they would have already won a championship. sucks to be a clipper I guess.

  • Adam

    I detect a brain back there. However, your idiotic posts contradict that theory. Good entertainment though… but so is watching chimps thow there own shit. LOL

  • fatZach

    do you remember the clippers being the worst team in basketball more times than I can count on my hands? lol hate all you want you don’t have much time left. and the guy buying the clippers for 2bil lol lakers were crap last year and still doubled what the clippers made in revenue. its going to take him 30 years to break even.

  • Matt Williams

    Piss off!! Go worship your wack ass team that can’t seem to escape the second round. Loser.

  • SirHambone

    Finally! But believe this CLIPPERSRHOME, The Clippers will never win a title!

  • Adam

    Again… a clipper fan calling the Lakers the shittiest team in the west… Well, guess a clipper fan would corner the market on knowing what a shitty team looks like. LOL Loser!

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