Kobe Bryant’s Old Text Message To LeBron James Revealed (VIDEO) Reviewed by Momizat on . Anytime Kobe Bryant and LeBron James come up in a story together, it’s bound to make headlines. Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding wrote a column on Bryant this off-s Anytime Kobe Bryant and LeBron James come up in a story together, it’s bound to make headlines. Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding wrote a column on Bryant this off-s Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant’s Old Text Message To LeBron James Revealed (VIDEO)

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Anytime Kobe Bryant and LeBron James come up in a story together, it’s bound to make headlines. Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding wrote a column on Bryant this off-season, which involved 19 untold Kobe stories, ranging in time over his 18 seasons (going on his 19th) in the NBA.

Despite a myriad of interesting snippets about Bryant as a father or his dedication to the Make-A-Wish kids, of course the one that’s catching the most attention is a story involving Kobe and LeBron James during the 2010 off-season.

Bryant had just come off a Game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics, sealing a back-to-back championship, and yet there was of course only one thing on Kobe’s mind, another championship.

On the NBA’s mind though and on every television set, was LeBron James’ decision, his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami.

Well, Kobe apparently sent quite the text message to James during that time. A typical Kobe-like, challenging, trash-talking text message. Thanks to Kevin Ding for revealing this. Check it out in our video above.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryants Admitting He Won’t Be The Same Player

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  • detroitbadboys

    “easy”, i would love to see what kobe had to say to shaq after he was traded to the heat. that would be an interesting conversation

  • BearsRpackKillers

    Who cares, Kobe is legend, Lechoke is a insecure crybaby that needs 2 or three superstars around him for him to shine

    • lilbuck

      Did u 4get the snitch threw his teammates under the bus he told management he didn’t wanna b in l.a. he wanted to b traded to chicago for 2 str8t yrs, with the snitch l.a. was getting blown out in the playoffs losing by 20 and 30 points the snitch didn’t win another title until Pau showed up while lebron was winning 60+ games with clev.and dnt say the snitch could do that bc he had D12,nash,and gasol and couln’t win a title now give lebron those players and see what would’ve happened oh and when lbj left clev. they went from 60 wins to 15 wins and last but not least when lbj was in clev.they dominated l.a. when they had shaq and the snitch look it up and tell the snitch to b himself coming in the league acting like 23 walking,talking,and pointing like mj its ok to idolize mj but tell him to b yourself

      • Sublogic

        Kobe 5-7
        Lechoke 2-5

        nuff said

        • efffyii

          Well if wanna compare rings, so jabbar is better than jordan?

          • Guest

            You may be better off asking if Horry (seven) is better than Jordan (six).

          • Ld1992

            I hate people like you that try that stupid argument about Robert horry. Grow a brain before you engage in another basketball conversation

          • Yamajasti

            Jabbar? What? So six is greater than six? Okay now I see

          • LLKoolJ

            Who the eff is “Jabbar”……that’s like calling Sacha Baron Cohen as just “Cohen”….Osama Bin Lade, just “Laden”….and Christ Douglas-Roberts just “Roberts”…

          • WERT

            When we say just Jabbar, we all know who he is. There’s no need to mention his full name.

          • Lonnie_Kushking

            When someone says Michael, during NBA discussions… It’s Jordan… no other Michael is relevant.

            Jabbar or Kareem…. only one….
            Reed… Willis Reed
            Malone…. Karl Malone
            Charles or Chuck, is Barkley.
            But, you still wouldn’t know, cuz you’re NBA IQ is LOOOOOW!

          • Trolling

            you can’t use jabar as kobe and lebron as jordan. Lebron doesn’t have the skill set of jordan.

          • kb24

            theres an exception in every rule, like MJ has 6rings and everybody knows how GREAT he is,and if scalabrine gets 12rings by changing teams every yr, we all know how good he is…isnt it common sense that MJ is better than scalab

        • Chris


      • Tree

        Shut up! Lebron had Dwade and Chris bosh. What was the outcome. I rest my case my leveled headed friend.

      • Kalousdm

        You cant even say he had d12 and nash. Nash could barely run up and down the court, d12 was injured most of the year and clearly wasn’t happy to be playing with Kobe that year, and Pau was hurt. Kobe basically carried them to the playoffs before he got injured. When Lebron won with Bosh and Wade never had to deal with all those injuries. And he may have wanted out of LA at one point but he never left.

      • Chris

        lol You have no clue about basketball…. Enuff said….

      • LLKoolJ

        Kobe couldn’t win with D12, Nash (barely counts bc he barely played), and Gasol? True.
        But LeChoke, Bosh, and Wade didn’t win their first year either.

      • RickFlash

        If people hear things enough times, they’ll believe it.

      • JooBin

        ur comparing two totally different playing styles in two different times in two different conferences. I think if lebron was in the west then he would of gone to the finals maybe one time. The east is so weak compared to the west. When lebron was getting mvp’s in cleveland kobe was falling off his prime and lebron was just getting to his prime.did lebron score 81? does lebron have 5 championships? those events happened when kobe was in his prime. Im not saying lebron wont reach those numbers but you have to acknowledge the fact that during the time u are comparing lebron and kobe they were at different stages of their career. Also D12 had injuries and did not play the way anyone expected. same with nash and gasol. On top of that they didnt have phil jackson. That year was a mess for the lakers. And i dont get why you are calling kobe a snitch.. Dont even say that kobe has more help than lebron… he might of had pau but that was the only other all star on that team. the heat had dwade chris bosh, ray allen, mario chalmers, the list goes on and on. your saying kobe cant win championships unless he has help but u have to remember that even mj had scottie pippen a hall of famer on his team when he won his 6 championships.

      • lakerluv

        @lilbuck He had a punk d12 who kept complaining about his back all season! Nash who played about 40 games. Gasol who dantoni would not play. He himself got hurt in the playoffs. Lebron wouldn’t have done anything with them but get whooped like San antonio tapped that butt!!!!!

    • LeBronhatersRSTUPID

      Dont forget how Kobe was drafted to Charlotte Hornets and refused to play for them and demanded to be traded to the Lakers. From the very beginning of his career Kobe needed an all-star cast with him to win. Not to mention the great Phil Jackson. But yet LeBron gets flack from people who have no reason to hate LeBron, but they are follwers and it is the popular thing to do so they do it too. Lames.

      • BASEGOD

        Actually the hornets let him go 2 weeks later cause they said “He had nothing to offer for the hornets”

      • Versace Game

        dude educate yourself…the hornets traded kobe because they didnt want another guard on their guard stacked roster at the time. and if you really think a 17 year old rookie has enough power to demand a trade to a specific team like LA you need to reevaluate some aspects of your life. what you posted is one of the most incorrect, inaccurate, blasphemous, false statements ever to be uttered by even the most ignorant of fools

        • Al Haldie

          Jerry West wanted him and went after him – he new what KOBE could bring..

        • Mason

          Just goes to show how desperate lebron bandwagoner’s are.

        • JooBin


      • Tree

        Shush makes no sense!

      • JooBin

        of course people have a reason to hate lebron… r u serious? he lived like 2o mins from cleveland. He was their only hope and their only franchise player. on top of that he had to make a huge show to leave and embarrass the city. and in kobe’s case, he was a rookie and never played a game for the hornets. Lebron played like 6 years in cleveland and then left. two totally different things.

      • Luke Schroeder

        Kobe never asked to be traded. Charlotte thought Vlade would help them win and that Kobe wasn’t going to amount to anything.

      • Ejs

        He did not demand to be traded. Hornets traded him and told him that they don’t have any use for him. Get your facts straight.

      • jose colon

        That’s a lie Kobe was a force trade to LA because hornets didn’t want him

      • lakerluv

        @LeBronhatersRSTUP First of all you should have been taught not to speak with ignorance! The Lakers had rights to the hornet’s pick because the hornets got Vlade Divac from the lakers. Kobe had no say in the matter. But, you wouldn’t know that because you’re a follower, not a fan!

    • Martin GT

      Idiot and Kobo didn’t need Shaq and Fisher or Horry to win? Or Gasol after Shaq left? Faker fans are funny, and ignorant

      • JooBin

        ur ignorant.

  • R4p3

    The girl from colorado

    • jae007

      that would make for a great story.

    • Mike Dee

      And is that all the argument you guys can come up with about him being a snitch and raping that girl? Get some better material, ya shaq got booted kobe stayed in L.a but as a franchise they were looking to keep youth not age to the franchise, by any means necessary to make that your team, I don’t agree on how it played out, but we were able to watch one of the best players on the planet play ball in L.a so oh well for you guys.. As far as that ‘rape’ charge played out, ya he was never charged, cheated on his wife oky, but not one of you ever did something deceitful in your lives? He was forgiving an won 2 more rings soo..?

  • Joshhoustonboy

    Funny how lakers fans forget Kobe had shaq, if you take shaq away from Kobe he would have only 2 rings, lebron would of killed with a young shaq

    • lebronfansare12yearoldboys

      Kobe carried shaq in the playoffs actually. Kobe scored 478 points compared to shaqs 455. Shaq didn’t win anything until he acquired Kobe.. Dumbass

      • Russell Lazicki

        shaq finals mvp everytime how did that happen?

    • Tree

      Funny how u say only 2 rings. Shut up!

  • Martin GT

    The LA Losers won’t even make the playoffs next season!

    • Tree

      Huh!! Haha

    • Al Haldie

      I think we have a TROLL here , don’t feed the TROLLS.

  • http://www.facebook.com John Carlo Caoile

    Noob.. even though the lakers lost last playoffs.. it doesn’t mean that they won’t make the playoffs next season’.

  • slotstik

    I don’t hate on LeBron, but he is one Ray Allen 3 from being 1-4 in the Finals. Far from legendary. Kobe has had Jordan’s 6 rings as the standard his entire career, and everytime he won another, there were haters trying to devalue his role.

    • Zach

      Sure, but Kobe is one Phil Jackson away from never playing in a finals. Works both ways.

      • Khaled

        So is Jordan, what’s your point?

  • Al Haldie

    Your VIDEOS really stink- they re-wind and re-wind – it takes for ever…my PC is brand new..

  • MCD

    kobe and jordan, nothing more but this one would be epic!!!

  • lakerlaker

    smush parker or kwame brown; the constant rage aha

  • Old Souldier

    WOW! Great question! I’d like to read a good Kobe and MJ text conversation. Kobe would be like, “My 2001 Lakers would’ve kicked your 1996 Bulls, A$$”!

    • Zach

      Can you seriously imagine how badly any of Jordan’s title teams would have beaten any of Kobe’s? Definitely sweep ‘em.

      • Old Souldier

        I’ll take my 2001 Lakers, thank you. Shaq and his big booty vs. The Bulls front-line. Kobe, Rick Fox, and Ron Harper vs. MJ, Pippen and……. Ron Harper. LOL

        • Zach

          You’d lose every time, heck the Jazz team the Bulls beat sweeps that Laker team. And why even mention Rick Fox, just a god-awful player…Harper was at least a star a few times, Fox was arguably the worst player in the NBA.

          • Old Souldier

            So we agree, then. The 2001 Lakers (the most dominate playoff team of all-time) would beat MJ’s Bulls. Maybe you’re not a complete idiot, after all. But you probably are, though.

          • Zach

            LOL, we’re talking about a Laker team that had be verrrrry lucky and get ample ref help just to avoid an 0-2 hole to a mediocre Sixers team. Only a fool would call them a great team. BTW, I think you were reaching for the adjective ‘dominant.’ ‘Dominate’ is a verb.

          • Old Souldier

            Thanks for spell check. Because of that, I’ll upgrade you to half an idiot. And yes, The Sixers were tough enough to not get swept, and not get completely blown out, in every game. The Lakers still kicked that butt!

  • Zach

    And old Kobrick hasn’t reached a conference finals ever since. What a pathetic clown.

    • Old Souldier

      So Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest and most successful athletes of all-time, is a pathetic clown, because he sent LeBron a trash talking text message? Now, hating on people, that’s more successful than you. THAT’S “pathetic”. #zack #hater

      • Zach

        But now YOU’RE doing the same thing by hating on me. Ironic.

        • Old Souldier

          I’m just stating facts. I’m also assuming that you’re not a multi-million dollar athlete, that’s one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. You know, like that Kobe Bryant guy. What the hell is pathetic and clowness about that?!

          • Zach

            No but I’m still more successful than you are. And being a star athlete is great, but being a good person is even better. Kobe is an awful person.

          • Old Souldier

            More successful than me? Ya think? Well I’m 26 and retired, but….. okay. Kobe’s an awful person? Yes, his crusade against homelessness in LA, is AWFUL. Just because you watch them on T.V and read articles about them, doesn’t mean you KNOW them. I suggest you grow up. #realtalk

  • Hotdoc0811

    I would love to hear what Kobe text to Phil Jackson when he didn’t get rehired by the lakers rather dantoni foolishly hired.

  • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

    Nobody should count Nash as part of the Lakers….we got a broken down guy for a hefty price and he’s been on the bench for most of his time in LA. He had D12 and Paul with a coach that didn’t know how to use them. Come on man! Look at who Kobe had when he one he last two championships and look at who Lebron had on his last two. There’s is a big difference.

    • Zach

      Do you really think Bosh and broken-down Wade top Gasol, Artest, Odom and having Phil Jackson as coach? LBJ should get immense credit for reaching four straight finals with Spoelstra as coach and winning twice.

      • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

        You trying to tell me that Gasol, Artest, and Odom were better with the Lakers than Bosh, Wade, and Ray Allen during their championships.

  • Oma Julius Idolor

    Definately a convo with shaq after he got traded and went to Miami and TEXT messages between him and Howard after he decided to go to houston

  • LakersGANG

    When Lebron gets 5 championship titles.. that’s just the only time to argue and compare him to Kobe.. Enuff said!!

    • Zach

      True, and when Kobe reaches 7 rings we can start comparing him to Robert Horry.

  • Ruben N Mandy

    Kobe probably laughing at lebron in nba FINAL,cramps!!enough said

  • Andy

    Despite myriad interesting snippets…”myriad” is an adjective, not a noun, @SerenaWinters.


    Kobe and shaq obvi

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