Kobe Bryant’s Odds To Win NBA MVP Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] After 18 seasons in the NBA, the future remains uncertain for superstar Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers showed their dedication t [new_royalslider id="298"] After 18 seasons in the NBA, the future remains uncertain for superstar Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers showed their dedication t Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant’s Odds To Win NBA MVP Next Season

After 18 seasons in the NBA, the future remains uncertain for superstar Kobe Bryant. The Los Angeles Lakers showed their dedication to the face of the franchise by signing the perennial All-Star to a lucrative two-year contract extension, but many believe it was a bad deal that could potentially impact the future of the franchise.

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Although the team and future Hall of Famer have been highly criticized for the extension, Kobe and company are confident he’s got something left in the tank. Kobe will attempt to prove all his doubters wrong in his final two years in Los Angeles while the team rebuilds.

Unfortunately, after two disappointing seasons that ended with serious injuries, Kobe is no longer considered a legitimate NBA MVP candidate.

According to Sportsbook.com, Kobe’s odds to win NBA MVP are 60/1.

It’s not all that surprising that Kobe would be given these odds considering the elite players ahead of him.

As usual, LeBron James is the favorite to win MVP honors at 8/5 with the reigning MVP right behind him in Kevin Durant (3/1). Rounding out the top five candidates for next season’s MVP are Blake Griffin and Chris Paul tied at 15/1 and Carmelo Anthony at 20/1.

Rookie Julius Randle is the only other player on the Lakers roster with a prop bet on Sportsbook for Rookie of the Year. Head coach Byron Scott also has a prop bet for Coach of the Year and is considered a long shot.

Kobe Bryant Top 5 Dunks

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  • ra

    Odds of MVP:

    Kobe = scoring champion, and Lakers make it to top 1 – 3 in West: 100% chance.
    Anything less: 0% chance.

    Recall, that the ‘media’ votes on MVP, and by media, we mean ‘many’ from ESPN, who are not Kobe-lovers.

    Also recall that right before Kobe bust his Achilles, he was ’2nd’ in scoring in the NBA (by 1/2 a percentage point), and the Lakers made it to 6th in the West. He has to do ‘top 1-3′ for the ESPN weenies to even consider voting for him.

    If you want to see a ‘real’ MVP contest, look at All-Star ballots. Kobe was the top choice of the ‘World’ for many years; ESPN don’t count.

    • joshhh

      3rd not 2nd ad 7th not 6th get ur stats right

      • LakersOverEverything

        We finished 6th ahead of Houston. Get your facts str8 before checking someone

        • LALazky

          I think we did finish 7th no? I remember wanting to face the spurs and we did them trying to avoid the lakers from playing against 8th so they dropped to 2nd and lakers ended up moving to 7th by beating houston within the last 3 games of that year. I could be wrong thogh and you could be 100% right

          • Redemption Rain

            Its 7th =_=….someone either has short term memory, or people are trying to rewrite history….

        • Redemption Rain

          Exactly get your facts straight, we finished 7th and played the Spurs before Dwight left. What’s up with you guys??? Short term memory???

        • joshhh

          wtf r u u talking about we faced the spurs in the 1st round and got swept the spurs were 2nd that year and houston got the final spot at 8th spot u retard they faced okc in the 1st round. if we finished 6th we would of faced the clippers in the playoffs stfu

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Kobe has no shot at MVP unless he becomes friendlier with the media. If the Lakers surprise everyone and win 65 games this season, Kobe averages 35/8/12 on 60% shooting, he still wouldn’t finish higher than 3rd. MVP has become as meaningless as coach of the year.

      • LakersOverEverything


      • Kishan

        if that were KOBES stats and team finished top 3 then he would defo be MVP

      • ghost

        You’re funny man. If Kobe averages those and lal win 65 games he would be easily MVP, thing is that he was never ever close to be that good player.
        MVPs are the most reliable with all awards. Just Kobe fanboy’s can’t accept their idol was not good enough for this award for almost entire career, even if he was player most friendly to the media.

        • LakersOverEverything

          You’re pretty stupid, aren’t ya, fella?

          • Al Haldie

            Ya don’t feed the TROLLS….

          • ghost

            Can’t accept facts aren’t ya, fella? Don’t waste my time.

          • dd

            fuckin moron over here lol kobe should have like 6 mvps faggot both the ones nash got should be kobes… the one dirk got should be kobes same with the one duncan got

          • ghost

            buahaha, I think he should have 25 MVPs. So how does it happen he have 1? You’re blind fanboy, can only cry a talk shit.

        • ghost

          In fact, Bryant deserve 0-1 MVPs, this 2008 was probably Paul. Fanboys can cry all the way, they won’t change facts.

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t agree that it’s meaningless. Do you think someone other than LeBron or Durant deserved to be MVP the last 3 seasons? It doesn’t matter how well you play. If your team is not at or near the top of the league you’re not going to be MVP. If your scenario occurred, I think it’s possible that Kobe could be MVP. However, we both know that’s not happening.

        • fr@z

          I like you point, but as you have said for the last 3 seasons, KD well deserve but for LBJ(not a hater) questionable 2011 for Dirk this guy honestly is in conversation as a GOAT he give mavs a ring (that is what a competition is all about) without superstar besides him and that year Dirk was not even voted for All star game my friend where can you find in sports history (not only NBA) a team with best record but without a player in all star its crazy right? (Kidd is old and no longer a Sstar) 2012 goes to Parker you know why this 2 guys deserved more than LBJ? bcoz through out their career they have never played the way they did on that year (esp. parker) and for LBJ he was a monster in Clev. I was a fan and dying to see him win his ring in clev. he can even get boss to clev. if he want that year coz every NBA player wants to play with him but he choose miami (big 3) not a bad choice but as great as he was I don’t think it is. that is the meaning of MVP (most valuable player) but you know what? NBA, sad to say is racist I think Kobe was one of the victims.

    • KB24



      heard lbj wants 2b more 3pt shooter, he loses weight more likely muscles,more speed less power,hell struggle shooting since hell undergo transition stage(from rim to perimeter game)

      • hookedonnews

        Unless the Knicks undergo a dramatic transformation and are one of the top teams in the East it doesn’t matter how much Melo scores. He’s not going to be in the chase to be MVP. And that’s wishful thinking about LeBron. He’s going to be extremely motivated to bring a championship to Cleveland. I’m not a fan, but I am a realist. He’ll probably win MVP again. If not, I would probably bet on Durant. Let’s not forget Derrick Rose (if he’s healthy). I would put him above Harden because I don’t see Houston being a top 3 team in the West.

    • Redemption Rain

      Lakers made it as 7th. What are you talking about…..


      The media doesn’t set Vegas odds. Face it, Kobe is a long long shot…a guy who only played six games last year. His turnovers and points roughly equal. Led his team to 27-55 record.

      • Vernon McClain


  • Spade

    MVP typically goes to the best player on one of the four best teams in the league. Since we won’t be one of those teams Kobe has a slim chance of winning it.

  • Jokobe

    Anthony Davis has a good chance winning next season. Especially if he shines during the world cup too.

    • Kishan

      in order for that u actually need a top 3 team in the conference which pelicans don’t really have a chance to be … SO Davis has slim chance

  • kb24


    KD- he is only reaching his prime(25soon2b26,prime is 28)
    LBJ-bandwagons and espn(will votee 4 him 2)
    KOBE- why? coz he is KOBE( china and philippines dude,not to mention LA)
    ROSE- the return
    NOAH- u know y bcoz of last yr
    BG- bcoz of dunks
    wade- no more lbj, wade will be the main man
    harden- he is their 1,2 and possibly even 3rd option(4th u knw who…ariza hahaha)
    DAVIS- his range is from 6-10 in MVP votin for sure

    if not wade, i say melo

  • kb24

    BTW, since kobe will have a comeback yr, for me he will win MIP(13pts 6.3 ast last yr)

    COTY-POP as always
    I CAN SEE KOBE MORE OF A PASSER THAN EVER(more of a lbj type but still clutch in the 4th)

  • David

    Kobe’s chances of winning the MVP is better than the team’s chances of making the playoffs; that’s just the fact jack.

  • Redemption Rain

    If the Lakers make it to the playoffs as Kobe being their best player and upsetting one of the top 3 teams then Kobe should be the MVP despite whatever superstar gets it just because he is on a better team with a better record. Kobe has a lot on his hands.

    • joshhh

      i dont know why alot of people r saying this starting 5
      nash,kobe,young,boozer,hill. thats the stupidest lineup i ever saw someone with a brain knows that this should be the lineup. lin,kobe,wesley,randle,hill randle or boozer that i dont care but nash and young hav to come off the bench. i lke randle starting cuz hes gonna develop faster playing against the big boys wouldn’t u agree that boozer would be better coming off the bench he’ll have a better season and prodce more cuz it’ll be easier for him to score and plus he’ll get more touches.ur telling me a bench of nash,young,henry,boozer and davis cant produce that may be the best 2nd unit in the nba cuz there cabale starters and u got ur rim protector and ur perimeter defender in henry. u have to put young players around kobe that compliment him not players like kobe. players that cant create there own and just suk offensivley but defend (wesley) r the players that should be starting. a starting 5 of lin,kobe,wesley,randle,hill would be the best thing for kobe cuz he’ll be running the show at all times and help develop
      those young players around him like randle and Johnson. To be honest i dont mind and i want hill coming off the bench and making davis start it’ll be actually better so we have a rim protector to start. hill doesnt have the strength and fundamentals to be a defensive center in this league hill. He wont be able to compete with big boys centers. He’s best suited coming off the bench hell produce more

  • vince

    kay well

  • Zach

    Even in his prime, Bryant was rarely MVP material, constantly making his teams worse not better. The 60-1 odds really should be about 6,000 – 1, but they’re going to suck in some deluded Kobe fans…so no need to raise the odds too high I guess.


      Kind of like the 90:1 odds for Lakers to win the Championship . A sucker bet that will attract plenty of Laker ducks

      • Zach

        I honestly think they’d have a better chance of going 0-82 than winning a title, this is one of the worst teams in the NBA. Without the ref love they definitely don’t win 20 games.

  • comrade24

    I’m shocked that Anthony Davis wasn’t on that list. In my mind, this guy (barring injuries) is going to have a break out MVP type season and average 25/10


      someone pinch this guy……..wake up! wake up!! LoL

  • hookedonnews

    To be considered for MVP you have to be playing for one of the top teams in the league. Realistically the Lakers don’t qualify. You can be the best player in the league, but if you’re playing on a team that isn’t competing for a championship (at least a conference championship) you’re not likely to be voted MVP. I think it’s a little premature to even be discussing this topic. No one knows how Kobe or the team is going to play at this point.

  • http://batman-news.com Duckathon

    Probably Lebron or Durant’s to lose.

  • Zach

    “Since Kobe has only won one MVP, they aren’t really important.”
    - Kobrick slurpers

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