Kobe Bryant Wants Pau Gasol More Involved in Offense

Kobe Bryant Wants Pau Gasol More Involved in Offense


Pau Gasol and Mike D'AntoniNothing is going right in Los Angeles right now for Lakers fans as the team is currently two games under .500 and is coming off a tough loss to the Clippers.

As of right now, the Lakers are 15-17 and they are no where close to championship form. In fact, if the playoffs were to start today, the Lakers would be watching every game at home as they are sitting in the 11th spot in the Western Conference. The Lakers fell to the Clippers on Friday night, and the match was hard to watch for many fans. Even though the Lakers made a great run in the fourth quarter, the Clippers dominated the Lakers for most of the game.

After the game, Kobe Bryant talked to reporters about the Lakers’ offense and ESPN 710 Radio tweeted that Bryant wants more touches for Pau Gasol.

Gasol’s number was not called very often during the game on Friday and it was clear that he was frustrated with the looks he was getting on the court. Gasol has certain spots where he feels comfortable, but he has not been getting the ball where he likes.

In Friday night’s game, Gasol scored only two points on 1-6 shooting and had a plus/minus of -20. It was certainly one of Gasol’s worst games with the Lakers, and the team will need him to more productive moving forward if they want to be successful. There is no doubt Gasol is one of the most talented big men in the NBA; however, he hasn’t been playing like it this season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.grove.737 Kevin Grove

    Howard has the worse post up game for any one ever called the best center in the NBA…. And I have been going to NBA games since 1963. He has no touch, bad footwork and thinks he just has to jump and cast off. His days of out jumping the league are over. He is a turn over machine in the key. Gasol should be the first option in the half court on the post and let Howard roam around looking to cut for dunks or get offensive rebounds. Nothing else makes any sense. If D’Antoni’s ego is too big to see it fire him now. This has broken my old Laker heart like nothing else ever. Such opportunity wasted with this team.

    • Michael

      …and dough.

  • Lyle

    This Lakers team never really needed Howard and Nash. This team needed the right coach. Mike Brown wasn’t, and definitely Mike D’Antoni isn’t either. What if they tried Jerry Sloan? He has the second best coaching record behind Phil Jackson. Has a lot of experience and his coach style is all-around, also 60% of the time using half-court plays. This Lakers team needed only Kobe and Gasol, and then find players that gel with them.

    Trust me, let Howard go. Consider keeping Nash. He still can contribute. But get someone like Jordan Farmar or Shannon Brown. Stephen Curry has a cheap value. Ty Lawson as well. Mario Chalmers. Raymond Felton. Let Duhon and Blake go. Man.

    If only management would listen to the Lakers fans.