Kobe Bryant Wallpaper Release: PowerFULL Beyond Measure


    The idea behind this wallpaper actually comes from the song “Revolution” by the Beatles. As I was watching the espn special for Kobe’s Birthday on television, the song started playing, and it actually inspired me to create this wallpaper. The theme being that an individual is powerful beyond all measure, and truly capable of anything they set their mind to. In this case, Kobe’s relentless drive to become better every single day, takes center stage. Kobe is truly one of the most inspirational players of my era, and I really am starting to appreciate his contributions to the game and to the Lakers as his time slowly draws to a close. Now don’t get me wrong, he has more than a few years left in the tank, but I appreciate this last stretch from him more than anything. So here is to a great player, and a great Laker, here is to Kobe Bryant.

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    In terms of revolution certain historical narrative accounts entail that the word powerful finds its origins in the early 15th century, where it was used to provide a description for the immense skill and willpower of the Knights and warriors of the time. Derived from the classical latin word exponere, with french roots, meaning to set forth, the word looks to the effort and time put forth by these highly skilled individuals.  The extra “L’ is often considered to come from the Sanskrit roots of language from the Indian subcontinent, where the enunciation of the word slightly accrued the extra consonant that we now drop. They were potent, and able to do things that others were not able to do, and this is where the positive regard for their personas arose. As the East Roman empire of Constantinople was falling, it was commonly referred to, according to certain historians, almost mythically as the still power”full” empire of warriors as it’s reign was coming to a close. Its territorial opponents, the empire was still respected but they realized that the end of it’s epic journey may not be near, but was nearing closer. This relates to Kobe because the end is near, but he is still considered to be one of the most power”full” players in the league. So here’s to the last few years of a legend. Let’s make them worth it and hope Kobe gets the most out of his power”full” years.

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