Kobe Bryant vs. Tracy McGrady: Who’s Number One in Their Prime? Reviewed by Momizat on . An interesting article surfaced this morning that asked a question that seems obvious on the surface. Who was the better performer in their prime, Kobe Bryant o An interesting article surfaced this morning that asked a question that seems obvious on the surface. Who was the better performer in their prime, Kobe Bryant o Rating:
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Kobe Bryant vs. Tracy McGrady: Who’s Number One in Their Prime?

An interesting article surfaced this morning that asked a question that seems obvious on the surface. Who was the better performer in their prime, Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady?

After the rapid decline that McGrady experienced in his career due to injuries and other various issues, it’s easy for basketball fans to forget just how productive he was during his prime.

When McGrady played for the Orlando Magic from 2001-2005 he put up remarkable numbers. While he didn’t find the team success that Bryant did with the Los Angeles Lakers, statistically he was one of the best players in the league.

The articles lists Bryant’s ‘prime’ as 2003-07, which once again represents his statistical peak rather than his most successful seasons in terms of wins. The numbers are fairly similar, meaning that the argument may not be as ridiculous as it first appears.

“McGrady was a more willing passer, but you could argue that when Kobe was willing to pass, he was a better passer. In McGrady’s defense, his prime was spent passing to the likes of Mike Miller, Pat Garrity, fat Shawn Kemp, John Amaechi, Bo Outlaw, and Juwan Howard, with his best teammate being Yao Ming. Kobe’s prime was spent passing to Shaq, Karl Malone, Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Caron Butler, and Lamar Odom.”

There is no question that during this period McGrady and Bryant dominated the NBA statistically. While McGrady’s career certainly dwindled much more rapidly than Bryant’s, there was a time when they were the most statistically impressive players in the NBA.

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  • Steven the All-Mighty

    you didn’t include any numbers…

  • yeah

    where are the numbers.

  • yeah

    where are the numbers.

  • Juanitaluvjesus

    Wheres th #’s

  • Juanitaluvjesus

    Kobe has more all star appearance

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1616769187 Nor Muss Estudillo

    There are no comparison. Was he ever been touted as the second MJ. Have he threaten or panic MJ fans.I haven’t heard or read a debate or dared to say he is number one better player than MJ.Does he have accolades or records similar or close to MJ. If he ever have all these attributes, then I stand corrected.

  • Jasontruji

    Thus article should have never surfaced!!!! U serious?

  • Clark Hewitt

    Just know that Kobe is the best basketball player to EVER play the game. EVER, even better than Michael Jordan. 

    • twothreeforever

      lol @ the comment on Kobe Bryant being the best player EVER, even better than Michael Jordan.

    • showman

      thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard

    • Gajq45

      Only Laker fans would make a ridiculous statement like that. He is no way better than Jordan. I wish you laker fans would look beyond your ignorance. Come on son better than Jordan? Wow…Kobe has 5 rings been to the dance 7 times. I seen Tayshun Prince shut Kobe down in the finals. I seen the Celtics shut this guy down. First three championships it was Shaq championship MVP, the last two Kobe, but we all know it wasn’t until you had Gasol, not to mention Bynum for the last one. But Gasol is the main reason you got that championship. I can still remember the “Best EVER” quitting on his team game 7 vs The suns! Three shoots the second half; yeah you lakers fans never talk about that! kobe has better shooting range than Jordan. I agree with that. kobe had two games better than Jordan. 81 points and 62 in three quarters. So you telling me 2 games is better than 10 years? 10 scoring titles to Kobe’s 2? Highest scoring average in NBA history regular season and post season? 1 of 2 players to ever score 3,000 points in one season (wilt chamberlain)? Lead the league in scoring and steals more than once other player to do that was allen iverson and he has 4 scoring titles. One year jordan average 37 points a game and lead league in steals, kobe’s highest is 35. After Jordan did that they said he doesn pass the ball. Next season 32 points 8 rebounds 8 assists. Lead the league in steals 88, 90, and 93. 5 MVP’s we know he deserved more. Jordan never lost in NBA finals. Jordan 6 titles and 6 championship MVP. Question what team had the best record in history 72-10? humm ahh, I’ll take a wild guess the Bulls lead by who? Some dude name Michael Jordan. O yeah Jordan got something Kobe will never get it’s called Defensive Player of the Year, laker fans never got to see someone like that since Michael Cooper! DPOY Jordan and 3 times steals leader. Laker fans way to bias. someone said Kobe is the best scorer in history really Jordan has 10 scoring titles. I haven’t even metion some guy name Wilt Chamberlain who average 50 points and 25 rebounds a game. Or Oscar Robinson who average a triple double an entire season! yet Kobe is the best EVER…wow…

      • annom

        Dont ever say kobe or anyone ever won a ring bcuz someone else as a defense. Mj wudnt have won without grant pippen and rodman

      • googy

        you are not allowed to make any more arguments about the nba after saying oscar ROBINSON* Its robertson dumbo

      • ejMayer

        Of course Kobe fanboys will want to forget the Suns Lakers Game 7, but I doubt Jordan “fans” remember Pistons Bulls 1990, Game 7. Were you even alive then? Or did you look up the stats online, and pretend you know what you’re talking about? I personally believe Jordan is better than Kobe, but the argument is VERY close based on skill level. After being lucky enough to see them both play, Kobe is a better 3 point shooter with more range, had a larger technical offensive arsenal, and it is debatable who was more explosive during their primes. Jordan was the superior defender, with a much better shot selection, was more consistent, and a made leader by the time he entered the NBA. Kobe, fresh out of High School, had to go through a learning process to become a leader. But, if you honestly believe Kobe has only had 2 games where he was superior to Jordan’s career games, I truly believe that you did not get to watch EITHER of their actual games during their primes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/b20vx1228 Eric Davila

      What…even better than Michael Jordan? Like Gajq45 said Only Laker fans would make a ridiculous statement like that.

  • Tron

    its easy to read this title and dismiss it all together. truth is Mcgrady was a better player in his prime than Kobe. Mcgrady in his prime is probably one of the most underrated in history of the league. i watched all his games until this day. because of his playoff failures people dismiss him of his legendary status but truth be told Orlando management was horrible.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1053609338 Brian Yu

      You’ll be pretty lonely with this opinion. 

      • Ishpat95

         Not at all, T-Mac could do anything and everything…He led his team on his back, way more than Kobe, and when Kobe led his team in his prime, he was a hell of a ball hog…Before he figured it out basically…T-Mac was also a willing passer and a much better passer than kobe. Kobe is a more determined defender than Tmac as he is laid back. That is probably the reason T-mac is still not at the top of the league, other than his injuries he just relied on his athleticism…

    • Bryancarlos86

      you have to be great in the playoffs to be legendary

      • Tron

        I guess dominic wilkins wasn’t legendary? the reality is either you win it all or you fail . remember all the commentators saying how soft dirk was, kinda overrated and on the downslide. now guess who is the best player in the nba. t-mac is a legend in a lot of people eyes. he loss in the first round not because of a lack of talent or will but one of the worse teams. when darrell armstrong is your second best player… you arent getting out the first round.

  • Santeeboi09

    kobe of course future hall of famer t.mac nah

    • Near777

      its not about how many all star that you’ve got, its all about performance..Tmac is is better than kobe. and Tmac is the only one who create the title of two time scoring champion and take note, back to back scoring leader in the league.

  • http://twitter.com/DAntePage D’Ante Page

    Definitely T-Mac

    • Near777

      i agree

  • LH

    kobe - 5 championships and plays while injured
    t-mac – never made it past the 1st round and admitted to faking injuries

  • Nbath24

    Are you serious… To even suggest this is ludicrous… T-Mac was really really good… But he can’t even compare… That is like saying Charles Barkley was better than MJ or or Trevor Hoffman is a better closer than Mariano Ravera… You have to be an idiot to think some one with no rings can even compare to a champion. And don’t give me the Adam Morrison has two more rings than Lebron but he isn’t better argument, if you are the best then you prove that by winning I love McGrady but even if you asked him he isn’t stupid enough to say he is better than Kobe. And I think his cousin Vince would have something to say about who is better in that blood line…

  • Adzurov2

    Kobe Bryant scored 81 POINTS IN ONE GAME! Did people forget about that?

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