Kobe Bryant Trash-Talked LeBron After ‘The Decision’

Kobe Bryant Trash-Talked LeBron After ‘The Decision’


Kobe Bryant is known as one of the biggest competitors the sports world has ever seen. He is always focused on the ultimate goal, and that is winning championships.

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‘The Decision’ was one of the biggest moments in recent NBA history as LeBron James chose to join the Miami Heat. Coming off his second consecutive championship, Kobe Bryant was on top of the mountain when James ‘took his talents to South Beach,’ and he made it a point to let James know that via text message according to Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding:

Go ahead and get another MVP, if you want. And find the city you want to live in. But we’re going to win the championship. Don’t worry about it.

Trash-talking is a part of NBA culture, and Kobe can definitely talk with the best of them. Bryant wanted to let James know that he was still the top dog in the NBA.

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It is also interesting that Kobe had no problems with LeBron winning another MVP. Kobe has gotten the reputation of being selfish and wanting individual accolades, but this shows that there is only one thing that matters to Kobe, championships.

Even though Bryant was unable to follow-up by winning his third consecutive championship, the fact that he will challenge anyone shows the fire burning inside Kobe to be the best.


Kobe Bryant Answers Fan’s Questions, Talks Keys To The Game

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  • TheReal

    Guess LeBron got the last laugh on that one. Since the decision LeBron has been to the finals every year, won 2 rings, won 2 Finals MVPs, and 2 regular season MVPs. What did Kobe do? Won 8 playoff games, couldn’t even get past the second round, and killed any chance of winning anymore rings by taking up a third of the Lakers salary. Other than that he’s been all talk. He buys into the narrative that he’s superhuman, but at the end of the day he’s just a broken down shell of what he once was. Desperately hanging on to his legacy while LeBron passes him by.

    • USC Trojan Horse

      Ya horse shit.

      • TheReal

        You don’t like the truth?

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          LeBron isn’t going to surpass Kobe, he only won 2 championships, he is 2 and 5 in the Finals, and last and most important he needs a team full of superstars to win.

          • TheReal

            That ring argument is the best you can do? Guess it can’t be helped since that’s the only argument you have. If there was an all-time starting five Lebron would be starting at small forward and Kobe wouldn’t even make the cut. Lebron is a more efficient scorer. better rebounder, better passer. and can defend all 5 positions. He’s clearly the superior player. And if you want to fault him for playing with superstars you have to do the same with Magic. Magi didn’t win without Kareem. Kobe didn’t win without a superstar big guy. Every team that wins has multiple superstars. Go learn something about basketball before you flex again kid.

          • WestCoast323

            What’s your pathetic argument?!?!! Ring chaser I bet your a Cavs fan now..

          • TheReal

            I gave my argument clown. And I’m a Lakers fan who can recognize the superior player.

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            You play to win championships, MVP’s other personal accolades doesn’t mean anything.

          • Truth in Redemption

            Siggghhh….*copy and paste*

            People think LeBron is better than Kobe in terms of raw skill and not better career wise, Lebron is taller and clearly bigger then Kobe giving him a advantage in size since Lebron can thrive as a SF and even the PF position being 6-8 and 240lbs vs Kobe who is 6-6 200lbs. This is like saying Oscar Robertson is better than Michael Jordan. In terms of absolute talent and what they do for each team, Oscar/Lebron is better, in fact, much better than Michael/Kobe. LeBron is the most talented human to ever touch a basketball and Lebron fans and sports analyst bring up that he is statistically superior than Kobe; everything that DOESN’T involve statistics is further excelled by Kobe than Lebron in the same manner that Michael is better than Big-O. But who does the basketball community remember as the absolute GOAT? His Airness Jordan rather than Oscar Robertson, this can also explain why Kobe is more popular worldwide compare to Lebron who is only more popular in the USA.

            People also bring up the fact that LeBron had a pathetic support cast in Cleveland. I’m going to name the pathetic support cast post-Shaq and pre-Gasol era that actually had decent playing time: Slava Medvendenko, Luke Walton, Kwame Brown and Smush Parker. Yet, the Lakers still made the playoffs minus the first year after Shaq. You expect Kobe to lift those players past Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire? The whole world knew LeBron asked himself the same question in the finals when Tim Duncan and Tony Parker embarrassed him. He also went on national television to remind us with the infamous decision.

            Saying that Kobe could not win without Shaq is valid and actually, it’s as valid as Shaq never won a ring without a superstar wing player such as Wade or Kobe. Did Shaq ever carry the rookie Kobe Bryant? Or did Shaq “carry” the superstar Kobe Bryant who was averaging 25pts per game by the time they won their first ring together? Yes, Shaq was the most dominate center to ever play the game and Shaq was even consider to be Batman and Kobe was Robin. Kobe Bryant then won back-to-back titles as Batman and Pau Gasol as Robin. Some have said he didn’t win until Gasol and Bynum came along. Bynum became a Laker back in 2005 and came off the bench with a risky knee for the three finals appearance. The rings that LeBron has won are the same rings that he won with future Hall of Fame inductee. LeBron is Batman and Dwyane Wade is the Flash. Let’s not leave Chris Bosh out of the equation either. Yeah Kobe needs help? So does Lebron…..Therefore criticism that Kobe needs another star to help him win championships can be applied to Lebron. Let’s see how the King fairs with his needed sidekicks with Irving and Love.

            The MVP titles… What an accomplishment! But we all balked and threw up in our mouths a bit when Steve Nash won back-to-back MVP awards when clearly Kobe Bryant deserved one of them. For those of you who doubt Kobe was robbed by Nash, check both of their stats in 2005 on Basketball Reference(dot)com. Can you say that Nash’s 15pts per game, 11 assist and 3.3 rebounds is better than Kobe’s 27pt per game, 6 assist, and 5.9 rebounds? Oh but the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs in 05, ok what about 06 when Kobe carried a talent-less team and nearly eliminated the Suns with Kobe averaging 35.4 points per game, 4.5 assist, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.8 steals vs Nash’s 18.8 points per game, 10.5 assist per game, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 0.8 steals per game. Nash had Amar’e to help him succeed but Kobe had the above mentioned players and Lamar Odom who is great but not Stoudemire great. Nash got his MVPs with a better team, Kobe who has the better stats was stuck on a talent less team. So ask yourself shouldn’t Kobe have at least 1 more MVP instead of Nash? People who use the MVP argument when debating LBJ vs Kobe have clearly forgotten the circumstances that took place.

            Yes, LeBron puts up overall better stats with rebounding and assist compare to Kobe. But all the intangibles, the stuff that isn’t recorded on paper which clearly failed to mention by Lebron fans , Kobe is superior to Lebron just like how Jordan was better than Robertson like I mentioned earlier. LeBron James is the deadly poisoned tip of the spear, but Kobe is the hunter that actually throws it. So just so you guys know Jordan was remember as the GOAT not Robertson who put up way better stats, and now the same has been said about the King and the Mamba.

          • chubb

            Well said. I agree

          • Truth in Redemption

            Feel free to copy and paste that when dealing with a Lebron Fan.

          • chubb

            LOL absolutely

          • trav

            Size and skill are completely different. Kobe’a skill level and is through the roof compared to LeBron who uses his size to win battles which is smart. When kobe guarded LeBron in the All Star game what happened? Kobe shut him down with his 6″6 frame. That goes to show you with out LeBron’s size he’ll be an average SF. Kobe is better than LeBron because of his skill set. You give Kobe lebron’s size he’ll probably go down as the best player that ever lived.

          • Truth in Redemption

            You’re not the first in this regard, so I’ll copy and paste to another person I was responding to.

            “LMFAO if all you have is being 6-8 and 240lbs and that is the only thing you rely on then you will never make it through the NBA, at best college basketball. Everyone has certain amount of talent or skill to be in the NBA. Lebron just has the advantage to combine his size and strength with his talents to be a guard/big man hybrid.”

            People who make an argument for Lebron being more skilled then Kobe use the stat sheet as their justification for why they believe Lebron is more skilled then Kobe. My first paragraph on the other explains WHY Lebron has better rebounding and assist stats then Kobe and its not necessary just skills, its also Lebron’s mix of his strength and speed along with his skills. Kobe on the other hand and especially in 2012 ONLY relied on skills because he lack the athleticism that he use to have. I didn’t compare their skills in my first paragraph, I use the reason that Lebron has the advantage of using his size with his skill set, compare to Kobe who ONLY uses skills. Now do you get it?

          • TheReal

            I counter with this:
            1. More MVPs: Self-explanatory. You can try to devalue them all you want but they still matter.The funny thing is is Kobe had more of them you’d be throwing it in everyone’s face.
            2. Better Clutch Performer: Contrary to popular belief, LeBron James is a better clutch performer than Kobe Bryant. Everybody thinks Kobe is a better clutch shooter, but the desire to shoot the clutch shot doesn’t mean you will succeed in such opportunities. Let’s look at the playoff statistics in “shot attempts made with the intent to either win or tie the game within the final 24 seconds, during which a player’s team is either tied or trails by three or fewer points:” Kobe is seven of 27 in such opportunities. How about the All-Star some people call a “choker?” LeBron James is at an impressive five of 12. In more than 100 fewer playoff games and 15 less attempts, LeBron has made nearly as many game-winners. He shoots almost 25 percent higher. Also, LeBron has better performances in playoff games, simply taking over games against some of the league’s best. That is as “clutch” as hitting a game-winner. Take Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals as a case in point. James and the Heat were facing elimination from the playoffs, courtesy of the Boston Celtics, down three games to two. Not only that, LeBron’s legacy was on the line. He responded with one of the best playoff performances the NBA has seen. Hitting jump shots, three pointers and driving to the basket with a purpose, LeBron ended up with 45 points, 15 rebounds and five assists. The only reason he didn’t have more assists was because his teammates just weren’t making shots. There was no need for James to even play in the last couple minutes of the game—he had suffocated the Boston Celtics for 45 minutes. Even when the Celtics made a run, LeBron countered with shots of his own—destroying any momentum. That’s not even LeBron’s best clutch performance. In 2007, during Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, James scored the final 25 points for the Cavaliers, including overtime. Unlike Kobe, who has been able to defer to players like Shaquille O’Neal in playoff situations, on the Cavs, James was the only option. He held down the entire game singlehandedly while the Detroit Pistons defense was trying to lock down on him. Talk about clutch. The Epoch Times rates that game as the fourth-best playoff performance of all time….

          • TheReal

            (cont) Kobe doesn’t land a single spot in the top 10. He’s the top scorer all time when facing elimination and in game 7s.

            3. He makes his teammates better: Kobe had Shaq for his first three rings, and followed that up by alienating one of the NBA’s greatest centers—who also happened to win all of the Finals MVP awards during the Lakers’ three-peat. Then, he proceeded to win a total of zero championships until 2009 when the Lakers added Pau Gasol to Andrew Bynum down low. He couldn’t do it on his own while in the prime of his career. All the while, LeBron was in Cleveland with players like Mo Williams, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Anderson Varejao. Teams could try to key in on only him. It didn’t work. LeBron was a complete player who could score and pass. Unlike Kobe, he makes players around him better by keeping them involved. His role in bringing the Cavs to the NBA Finals was greater than Kobe’s role in any of his championship runs.

            4. Rings are a team achievement, not individual.
            5. He’s better than Kobe in every statistical category conceivable.

            Deal with it.

          • Truth in Redemption

            You didn’t counter anything….

            1. No where in my argument did I diminish the importance of MVPS, but Lebron fans sure like to make fun of Kobe’s one lonely MVP. I already explained why Kobe should have at lest 2 MVPs by listing Kobe’s and Nash’s stats. You haven’t counter anything.

            2. Reading the first sentence I know you copy and paste that from a old Bleacher Report Article. If you read everything that I have said, I stated that Lebron surpasses Kobe in stats. Measuring Kobe and Lebron’s clutch performance in their ability to win or tie a game in the last 24 seconds falls under the statistics category. So know that you didn’t counter anything only to reinforce what I have said about the two players statistics said so thanks!

            3. LMFAO yeah you didn’t read my 3rd paragraph. So what exactly have you counter?

            4. I only have 3 paragraphs, when the 4th paragraph is a conclusion/wrapping point of what I have said in the previous paragraphs. No where did I say rings are individual success, so now you’re falsifying things that I never said. Fact is Oscar Robertson excels in stats compare to Micheal Jordan. Rebounding and assist you name it Orscar had the better stat compare to Jordan. But Jordan is accepted as the GOAT by the basketball community. Same argument has been made now by Kobe and Lebron.

            Deal with it

          • TheReal

            1. “No where in my argument did I diminish the importance of MVPs” And yet you spent the whole time trashing Nash for his MVP accolades.
            2. Where I got it from doesn’t make it any less true. And I like how you left out the fact that LeBron is the all-time ppg leader when facing elimination and game 7. Also “know” how to use the proper “no”. But please keep looking foolish. It looks good on you.
            3. I did. You pointed out how both players need help to win which is basically saying the sun is hot. And once again you leave out pieces of my argument to try to make yourself seem intelligent. LeBron led the weak 2007 Cavs to the finals, led a team to back to back 60 win seasons. And then when he left they fell off the face of the face of the earth.

            That’s checkmate man. Don’t bother responding. Have a good Saturday night.

          • Truth in Redemption

            1. You are in desperate need to get back to school and learn how to interpret what I have said. I did not diminish the importance of the MVP tittle. “Trashing” Nash as you speak doesn’t mean that I said MVPs are not important. Learn to read. The stats and numbers that Kobe had in 06 is clearly superior then Nash. I just listed their stats so I’m not going to repeat it again. So yes Kobe should have at lest 1 more MVP under his belt while Nash got his MVP simply because he was on a better team.

            2. I didn’t say it wasn’t true, why do you keep putting words in my mouth? Why do you keep insinuating that I say something that I didn’t even say? Or do you just have poor reading comprehension? Yes, your reading comprehension is very poor because I meant to say “know” instead of “no,” re-read that sentence again because now you look like the fool. I’ve already stated Lebron has the better stats so talking about clutch plays which falls under the stats category makes no sense.

            3. Yes I said they both need help to win? Am I wrong? Basketball is a team sport after all, so criticizing Kobe for not taking a scrub team to the finals in 06 is just as wrong as criticizing Lebron’s decision to team with Bosh and Wade, now Irving and Love. If I did leave something out, repeat it.

            No sir, this is checkmate man. Have a good Saturday night. I will keep countering any arguments you bring fourth.

          • Frenk

            LeBron can be 5 of 12 in clutch situations. BUT, how many times did we see kobe take a really bad shot because he really had no other choice but to shoot it. If nothing else, 3 of those 27 came against Utah. Would LeBron even WANT to get that ball on that team at that time at that age?

            So as far as LeBron and clutch shots go, he clearly:
            a) wants to make the “smart” play. Which means passing to open guy if he sees him. And that’s alright. BUT, I would bet also

            b) he really doesn’t embrace those moments as much as Jordan and Kobe. And we’ve seen a loooot of games where he clearly wasn’t as engaged in the 4th q. and guys like wade had to step up.

            People don’t get Kobe’s or Michael’s thinking, which is.

            1. I’m the hardest worker on the team
            2. I’m the best player on the team
            3. I’m the best player in the league
            4. I practice those situations every day. So, it’s still better for me to shoot those practiced shots (even if defended) than pass them to someone who is maybe open, but is afraid to make the clutch play.

            So, the point I’m trying to make is. I don’t mind LeBron’s “right play” game. But this will only bring you MVPs and regular season wins. It will NOT bring you championships. And 2 of 5 proves it.

            On the other hand, Kobe and Jordan WANT to take EVERY clutch shot. And why I am ok with that too? Even though I would sometimes rather see Kobe pass it to someone else? Because regular season doesn’t bring you anything. First round, second round, Conf. Finals. Nothing. And both Michael and Kobe used all those games BEFORE finals as a tool to practice every possible angle as they could. So when those shots come in the finals, they will be as ready as possible.

            And if that wasn’t enough, Magic Johnson was the same kind of guy. BUT same as LeBron, you will never get rewarded for going to the finals 9 times, you “only” won 5 of them. The other 4 don’t matter.

          • Sohrab Zia

            what everyone here fails to realize about the kobe’s stats and lebrons stats and the comparison between them is that kobe bryant has been playing in the nba for almost 20 years now, lebron has been playing for what? 11? OF COURSE HIS STATS ARE GONNA BE BETTER. kendall marshall shot a few three point shots last year and had the highest percentage of 3 point field goals ever at a certain point. why? cause he made 2 out of the 3 he shot in his whole career. does that make him a better 3 point shoot than say reggie miller? or ray allen? all of you idiots using the stat cards obviously don’t understand basic math and fractions in that the only way a fraction can be compared is IF IT HAS THE SAME DENOMINATOR. so, either compare the stats from when kobe was in his 11th year or w.e, or wait till lebron james has been playing for 20 years and then we can discuss and compare and contrast stats.

            besides that, one thing people never consider when talking about kobe and lebron is the use of pure and actual skill to get goals on the court achieved, versus the use of athleticism to get goals achieved. kobe bryant was not the biggest/fastest/tallest/strongest player on the court ever! the same can’t be said about lebron james. while kobe uses his footwork, and his ball fakes to fool defenders, lebron walks right through them. kobe was unguardable with none of the advantages stated above on his side. the same can’t be said about lebron james.

            lets put this in the perspective of fighting. one fighter beats everyone cause he has that one punch knockout power, that if it lands you are out. the other fighter has unbelievable skill. he has powers he has speed but not overwhelming power or speed. but he has skill, he picks everyone apart in all aspects. thats what kobe and lebron are.

          • Judo Mma

            Zohrab, what you commented is simply brilliant! Unfortunately, this is too complicated for some of these “stat genius” air heads!

            Après do aper jaaaan>

          • Evan10800

            You just slaughtered him! I applaud you sir.

          • LeChokeJames

            hey u got beaten lol. lebron fan. real my azz. get back to your cavs site.

          • eclipse vader

            60 wins in the east makes you great…thats cute, in the EAST.

          • 24

            Ur worse than barkley who says kobe will forever b a top10player….1more thing, u dont deserve to b n d top 10 if you are thE KING…OF FLOP AND THE BEST PLAYER IN D LEAGUE…..TO EVER FLOP AND CHOKES THE GAME,Btw,if u watch BSPN then its normal that ur reaction is like that

          • Jim213

            Good point (flops), but haters gonna hate. Solid article by K Ding showing the otherside of #24 which many don’t get to see. http://bleacherreport. com/articles/2172186-kobe-bryant-reveals-competitive-fire-unique-kindness-in-untold-stories

          • the real is fake

            c’mon man.. these is lakers fan site. not leblowjob fan twat!!! get a life. we can argue over and over again. whats your fighting for is your ignorance that kobe is superior that leblowjob.. do you got paid by leblowjob for defending him?? im not saying im not a kobe fan but man c’mon go and get a life.

          • jakamawatan

            “5. He’s better than Kobe in every statistical category conceivable.”

            How about most points in a single game?

            Not all stats. Just saying. Peace!

          • Charles Weadon


          • Al Haldie

            Ya and he even played on more teams – he just cant make up him mind – but don’t worry he will leave this team also …

          • Jeff

            You are probably the most ignorant uninformed fan I have ever come across

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            You’re being a moron.
            1. MVP’s mean nothing it’s a media award, if they truly based on stats and who played the best that year then Kobe would have won several MVP’s.
            2. Kobe takes over games, LeBron doesn’t. If the Lakers were down by 10 Kobe would try to will the team to victory, LeBron doesn’t do that it was displayed this year in the finals.
            3. Kobe does make his teammates better look what happened to Shaq,Odom,Brown,Farmar,Sasha,etc. when they left. They were all a shell of themselves.
            4 and 5. “You don’t play for stats because your records will be broken. But no one can take away the championships you’ve earned” – Larry Bird.

          • LakersLifer

            LeBrute better clutch player than Kobe? WTF alternate universe did you come from. NO WAY IN HELL will Lebrute ever come close to being Kobe clutch. What a moron. You can’t even count the amount of clutch plays Kobe has had so far in his caree. There’s always some attention starved Kobe hating LeBrute teabagging delirious mofo trying to have their five minutes of fame in our forum.

            Move to Cleveland, get to steppin, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

          • CFCs

            Can u even sit down correctly… U are nothing more than a lebron cock rider and a kobe hater Lebron is more clutch than kobe how many finals has he lost??? Ray Allen saved his ass in the last one if I could remember correctly..

          • Al Haldie

            Has he ever scored 80 pts -KOBE HAS – end of story – in very few words that no one gets tired of reading.

          • magikwyrkz4u

            Boy you must love riding his dick. Must feel real good for you. Not get the hell off our board and go troll on your own.

          • eclipse vader

            whats funny is that you said you where a lakers fan…thats so funny cuz it looks like you got a pitbulls grip on lechokes nuts.

          • jwickabdurrahim

            It’s funny too because as a Laker fan, I can appreciate what Kobe and the rest of the greats have meant to the franchise. I can also appreciate what LeBron brings to the NBA. A true fan, no matter what they really think of a player, can appreciate their game. The Real is clearly not a true basketball or Laker fan for that matter if he can’t appreciate what the franchise greats have brought to his “favorite” team.

          • kb24

            it came from you, the word NEARLY

          • Dondada-atl

            Yea… This is ridiculous. KOBE IS THE MORE CLUTCH of the two…

          • Al Haldie

            Some one has been looking at espn…

          • Truth in Redemption

            ??? Don’t know what you mean, but I rarely read anything from ESPN, I go on Bleacher Report for my sports news.

          • janllen

            nicely done.. i agree to everything you said. by the way remember the all star of 2013. Kobe blocked James twice. James tries to block kobe but kobe is so smart he flushed the dunk so quickly so leblowjob cant get block. hahhhahah

          • Vernon McClain

            Also Kidd should’ve won one of those MVPs his first year in New Jersey. He took them to the finals that year too

          • Truth in Redemption

            Nah Kidd only averaged 14pts per game and 9 assist that season. The Kings had the best record in the NBA that season, so if we are playing by the rule that the superstar from the best team should win the MVP, then the winner should be Chris Webber from the Kings who averaged 24pts per game, 10 rebounds, 4 assist, 1.7 steals, and 1.4 blocks per game.

          • Vernon McClain

            Actually Kidd averaged 14.7pts, 9.9ast, 7.3 rbs, and 2.1stl. He’s closer to 15 and 10 than 14 and 9

          • Truth in Redemption

            Yes, but the general concession is that the superstar who is on the best team with the best record is the MVP. That would mean the King’s superstar Chris Webber should be the MVP for that season.

          • Vernon McClain

            Nah that season Kidd turned the nets around and took them to 2 finals. He didn’t get love that season.

          • bandit

            Well said, (starts slow clap)

          • B.J.

            I could not have said it any better than that. Kobe wS robbed of a few MVPs but he is still the GOAT of our era. Ooh and by the way you kobe haters, it aint over yet! GO MAMBA !!!!

          • Lex

            Strong and big yes talent not too much.

          • Truth in Redemption

            LMFAO if all you have is being 6-8 and 240lbs and that is the only thing you rely on then you will never make it through the NBA, at best college basketball. Everyone has certain amount of talent or skill to be in the NBA. Lebron just has the advantage to combine his size and strength with his talents to be a guard/big man hybrid.

          • twan

            Kobe is a winner plan and simple he will be the only player in basketball history to have 6k points 6k assist and 6k rebounds. He is the fastest player 31k points. LeBron Is not a better passer he just passes more. He is not a better scorer he can really only score in one main way kobe can shoot better and can score from anywhere on the court. LeBron is more physically gifted than kobe but a better player maybe plays a more rounded game but each in their prime and I want to win I’m taking kobe. Kobe is the second greatest player of all times period lebron will probably be 3rd or 4th when it’s all done

          • SirHambone

            You are not a Laker fan clown! Kobe (in his prime) was more un-guardable than LeBron!

          • TheReal

            But he’s not in his prime anymore is he? Keep clinging to the past.

          • the real is fake

            so what?? haters gonna hate.. atlist everytime kobe gets a injury he is not ncarried out. but leblowjob have hes blichers carried him out and he looks like he is in pain but in the presscon he will say “it doesnt hurt”. while kobe with achilles injury shoot 2 free throws and walks out with the pain. un imaginable pain. think about that.

          • Guest

            It’s not Kobe’s fault that he’s no longer in his prime. Every player eventually has to meet his maker. It will be the same for LeBron one day.

          • Tina Moran

            And LeBron will be in his prime forever? I think the question should be, will LeBron still be significant after another 8 years in the NBA

          • Mario Curry

            You know youre superior player still looked up to Kobe? Always has and always will Hope you knew that lol?

          • Al Haldie

            Your not a LAKERS fan ur a TROLL..go away …not wanted here – this is lakers land…

          • Frank Padilla

            No! You are not a Laker fan. A lakers fan is not a Lebron lover…elfin sh..t!

          • magikwyrkz4u

            Your just a troll posing as a Laker fan in my opinion. And BTW, Kobe has won championships with less “superstars”. Now go back and ride Lebron’s jockstrap on your real teams website hater.

          • Jeff

            You AREN’T a Lakers fan. Lol

          • Kings13

            You ain’t no LaKers fan bitch!!

          • MikeyEd619

            Clearly you do not know basketball or business. If you have a problem with the amount of salary cap a player holds take it up with the league. Not with the player. Kobe does not set the salary cap that would be the NBA owners along with the commissioners office. In life we all strive to make as much money as possible. (BTW Kobe did not even take a max offer) Imagine if you were working for a business selling paper for $15 per hour and one day your boss said, we can only spend $20 per hour on paper sales but we want to bring in 2 salesmen. Thus we are going to have to ask you to take a 33% pay cut. Would you feel like your boss was treating you fairly? Or would you think “to hell with that rule I am worth $15 easy?” My bet is that you wouldn’t care about why the pay cut was coming. In principal you are right, he makes enough money to survive through a pay cut. But that goes against the idea of free market value that we in America strive to maintain. Though you are entitled to your opinion I would recommend taking a step back and breaking down your argument with logic rather than emotion because there was little to no fact in what you said, thus just making you look like a bitter fan as opposed to someone with actual analysis and insight.

          • AK

            the spurs had no superstar you dumbass its a team full of role players and you gotta be 14 or something to think lebron is better or greater kobe can play any position too and he is one of the best defenders in the leagues history check his all nba defensive team stats.

            and PLEASE dont say pau is a superstar he barely made all star sqauds the few times he did.

          • TheReal

            No superstars? They have 3 hall of fame players on their roster. And lol at Kobe being able to play any position. He’d get killed against at 4 or 5. And yes Pau is a superstar, but I guess he isn’t now that he left you high, dry, and mad as hell lmbo.

          • AK

            at one point those 3 players were great but they are not on the same level anymore their game has changed they are NOT SUPERSTARS or even all stars. If pau is a superstar than i guess boozer is too since they have similar stats you toss around that term too losely there is only about 10 superstars in the whole league.

          • TheReal

            But they’re still hall of famers right? Oh ok lmbo

          • AK

            LMAO nash is a hall of famer too look at him now

          • Kale Pinder

            I will just say this….there is an attitude…a way you carry yourself and a mentality you have on the court, at any level, in any sport, that is associated with greatness. Its known as the ‘assassins mentality’ Kobe/Jordan/Bird/Carmelo/KD. All these guys have that mentality, LeBron doesnt have this. At this point at their respective careers LeBron is the better player, yes. But, just the fact that there is this argument going on with LeBron in his prime and Kobe in the twilight of his career should show you something. Kobe Bryant is the most underrated basketball legend in the history of the sport besides maybe Larry Bird. Also to counter your Kobe never won without a superstar big man argument. LeBron has never one without TWO all-stars. One of which is a sure fire HOFer and depending on what Bosh does for the rest of his time in the NBA maybe 2. Also unless Ray Allen hits a miraculous 3 pointer LeBron is 1-5 in the NBA finals. Plus I dont believe Pau was a superstar at the time. A star yes but only the rare players should be classified as a superstar. LeBron James is a superstar but Dirk is not right? Dirk is just a star at this point of his career.

          • magikwyrkz4u

            If you really know Pau like we do, you would know that he left to chase another ring before he retires, and felt he wouldn’t be able to achieve that with the Lakers in the short term. Also, Pau has the utmost respect for Kobe and has called him his brother. He may have been mad at all the trade talk and one of the reasons he left, but he didn’t leave for reasons other than those I mentioned.

          • Luis Leyva

            At the end of the day championships is all that matters, that’s all there is to argue about dumbass.

          • SirHambone

            Retard! Magic did win without Kareem! Better ask somebody since you have limited knowledge. Retard! Magic could play all 5 positions better than LeBron. LeBron is stronger but Magic had a lot more “Game”! Not even close!

          • TheReal

            Um no. Kareem going down for one game in the 80 finals doesn’t count as winning without him. Without Kareem the Lakers don’t make the finals that year. And what is “a lot more game”? A blanket statement used by an imbecile who knows nothing about basketball. Even Magic has praised LeBron as his superior. Deal with it clown.

          • Jones

            Clearly, not biased at all….
            -MVP’s + other accolades= Given to those who get their stats & on winning team (LeBron, Pass-first PGs, Rebounding Big Men w/ high PPG…stat padders), which Kobe doesn’t really care for.
            This leads to LeBron>Kobe statistically.
            -Clutch= It does not only narrow down to only “24 sec or less,” but for the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. Huge misconception with this topic. Kobe’s numbers are much better if you actually expand beyond than just 24 secs.
            -Like mentioned before, the physical advantage LeBron has over Kobe. You realize what advantages he gets from this? LeBron has a higher vertical, bigger hands, bigger body, and he’s even faster than Kobe ever was! He’s also less likely to get injured due to this. When did LeBron ever injure something seriously? Hardly ever. The fact that he weighs 45-50lbs more is mind-blowing. There is no reason for LeBron to be worse than Kobe.
            -Offensive skillsets= Take a good look at the way LeBron will score. He will spot up for open shots, which leads to his higher FG%, because they fear more of his driving game. Whereas Kobe is more dangerous from all angles. Realize Kobe relies more on his jumpshot…which will lead to his weakness (Kobrick moments). Post game? We all know Kobe is far superior in this aspect. Footwork? W/o question, Kobe wins here as well. LeBron actually has more potential to become even deadlier than he already is if he worked on his post-game. (w/ his type of athleticism & strength combined with it)
            -Basically, what seperates the two is their physical aspects and how they both approach the game. LeBron is more of a point-forward, resulting in incredible stats along with his incredible physique, while Kobe will rely on his skills to get the W as to LeBron’s raw power.

          • Truth in Redemption

            Preach brother preach! I like Lebron and I’ve watched many of his games, have you notice that half of his points comes from him driving to the basket with his speed to do a dunk or a lay over where as Kobe takes more jump shots which explains Kobe’s lower FG%. Lebron’s size gives him the ability to be BOTH a guard and a big man. Where as if Kobe played as a PF he would be in a complete disadvantage due to his size. If Lebron fans want to act like the stat sheet means everything then Jordan would not be the GOAT. Oscar Robertson who puts up 25pts averaging 8 assist and 8 rebounds per game. So I guess Big O is the GOAT if we are playing by the rules made by Lebron fans. Make no mistake Lebron is a great player, but this whole misconception that Lebron fans use when they compare him to Kobe is just pathetic.

          • SirHambone

            Are you stupid or what. One game, one season, did you say. No idiot you did not. So again. He did win without him, idiot!

          • TheReal

            “One game, one season, did you say. No idiot you did not”

            Lol what is this? Stay in school junior.

          • TheNameGame

            point goes to SirHambone. that made me laugh

          • 24

            Yes he can defend howard lol,larry bird over lbj anytime of the day

            Actually, kobe can play D too,anyone can guard all 5 postions eeven if youre nate,its a matter of how can u stopem


            Kobe not on Mt. Rushmore. It’s been said so many times.

          • LakersLifer

            Since your obsessed with mountains, Go climb to the tip of LessBrains James mountain and enjoy.

          • PFTB

            Firstly I’m not even sure Lebron would start at the three and Jordan or Kobe could get the nod at the two spot. There’s arguments to be made both ways. Lol at Lebron being the superior player. He is a great all around player but has never been best at anything ie passing shooting rebounding scoring etc. In actuality if u had magic at point for starting five Lebron would be useless so he wouldn’t even start at the three

          • TheBest

            Kobe raped Labron in the all star game not even in his prime so you can talk that Labron mess all u want be he will never come close to being as good as Kobe not to mention Labron can’t win a title without recruiting some of the nba’s finest on his side. That guy is the ultimate baby. He fakes cramps to get out of games he’s not doing good in and he can’t come threw in the clutch when it matters just like we seen in the finals last year so go ride Labrons duck harder and throw away or burn your Miami jersey and fish that Cleveland jersey out of the trash, it’s sitting next to your dirty wore of mom kinda like Labrons mom lol didn’t she get fucked by Delante West lmao what a chump!

          • spazz

            then why he keep on losing on 1on1 game on kobe if’s superior and why he cant win rings without 2 or 3 super star in his team. Your so called king cant even win in cavs he need to kiss ass to wade and bosh just to get his 2 rings dont he dont deserve and thanks to Ray allen and battier they step up when your king choke up and cant make clutch plays like MJ and Kobe do they have balls when winning is needed.

          • spazz

            he cant even make clutch plays and dont have moves like MJ and KOBE all he can do is muscle up to get to the basket but on IQ and moves in basketball he dont have any of that just a plain simple moves he is lucky he have football player build.and calling him self a king with 3 superstars in his team and bench player that is starting five in there old team? psssttttttttt not even close bro

          • Mario Curry

            We talking about rings? Greatness? Man you got at LEAST 3 rings to go and lebron know more than anyone just because you go to the finals aint no guarantee you winning a title. Bron-Great player but not in the same league dont shoot at the same baskets..In my HOV voice lol!

          • Whoareyou

            Have you ever heard of a Mr. Larry Bird? Lebron is not the starting SF. I’d also take Dr. J and Scottie Pippen before Lebron.

          • Al Haldie

            How about 18 yrs with the same team LAKERS and not jumping around looking for rings that some one else earns and he gets to share and if this team goes down he will leave it in a NEW YORK second – ya he is a real HERO -with all the help he can get..(NOW GO AWAY TROLL)

          • mc

            Yea ur bytch james still not as gud at taking ova a game the way Mj or King Kobe…go take u do kbj nut juice n go tha fucc 2 bed…remember unless ur kbj has z team of superstars that r scoring high numbers hes guna lose…Mj and King Kobe still took ova and won wen there team was on a off day…rt

          • the real is fake

            here is what i’m thinking?? your one of the biggest fan of heats when the self proclaimed king is in that team. now he’s with cav’s so im now thinking your one of the biggest cav’s fan now. your big bandwagon bitch. before leblowjob step on the court all of the greatest player is retired. even the best centers. do you think if leblowjob steps to the court with Jordan,Irving,Kemp,Bird,Shaq,Ewing,Rodman,Pippen he will be stil the player he is today.. he will be just average player if that happens. so shut your fat big leblowjob mouth and take your bandwagon out of here.. this is for lakers fan.. we are not into your leblowjob king. shit.

          • the real is fake

            and by the way. Kobe Bryant steps into the court with MJ. got it.. your leblowjob king steps in the court after them. so shut your fucking leblowjob mouth. your name says it all. your THE REAL BANDWAGON ASSHOLE.

          • the real is fake

            by the way i hope you still remember the all star of 2013. Kobe blocked James twice. James tries to block kobe but kobe is so smart he flushed the dunk so quickly so leblowjob cant get block. hahhhahah

          • Vernon McClain

            What do you expect of a player his size? He should dominate with power. Kobe is significantly smaller and 3 inches shorter. He’s supposed to out rebound him easily. Season before last he averaged 27 and shot 46 percent.

          • me

            really… kobe wouldnt make the cut…. kill yoself… stats dont lie.. ppl do

          • Meh

            You are out of your mind if you would pick lebron in his prime over kobe in his prime to lead a team to a championship. Lebron needed good teammates to WIN a championship more than kobe did. Lebron got a shit cavs team to the finals, but didnt come close. Kobe got a shit lakers team to the finals and won.

            My Top 5…
            Shaq (C)
            Lebron (PF)
            Jordan (SF)
            Kobe (SG)
            Magic (PG)

          • jwickabdurrahim

            Magic, Michael, Bird, Russell, Kareem. LeBron’s not making the cut either.

          • Johnny Sifuentes

            I couldn’t agree with you more. Kobe won with Shaq, then with a stacked team after that. Its only a matter of time before he passes Kobe in the Ring department. One is coming off of a HOF career and the other is in the middle of his. So we will have to wait and see about the rings. However if you compare both of their games. LBJ has more to offer. Kobe may be the better scorer, but LBJ can put up points too, plus more rebounds, and is a better defender and can defend 1 thru 5. LBJ’s game>Kobe’s Game when compared at their peaks.

          • Keith Marcus

            It’s the only argument we need. Rings are the ultimate goal. Put Kobe in that superteam, Kobe would win more than Lebron. Lebron would be starting at SF in all-time starting 5, true but, If Lebron was a SG he wouldn’t start as well, MJ is too great for anyone to take his place. Lebron can defend all 5-Positions? Bullshit! Kobe didn’t win without superstar big man? Kobe won 2 with Gasol which is only a all-star at best. Lebron had 3 superstars to win only 2 rings. You mad? The one who don’t know basketball is you.

          • ghost

            What you say is completely bullshit as most here. Rings are ultimate goal because it’s team sport, but they say very little about players value. Kobe wouldn’t win more in superteam because advance stats prove he is much less valuable player to the team than LeBron.
            LeBron can be defensive anchor and that’s why Heat were such great in defense in championship years. With all sure his impact on defense is much bigger than Kobe’s.
            Gasol was much more than “only a all-star”, he was the best playoff big in the league and top player that time. And Lakers had the best frontourt in the league what was the main reason why they suceed.
            LeBron had 3 superstars? hahaha, wtf? The only superstar was Wade and that was even before they won first championship. Then he was much worse player, often didn’t play, problems with injuries, failing in important playoff moments – similiar to Bosh who would be all-star at best. All others were normal average-good players at most. Shaq for 8 years is much more than anything what LeBron ever had. Kobe is easily most lucky superstar ever, in normal circumstances he would have 0 rings.

          • Lex

            Please! Name a move that Lebron has that is not a dunk or a three. Also where is he each time the game is on the line?

          • samuel jennings

            The one thing youre wrong at is he can defend all five position no he can defend two or three of them any top tier two giard gives lebron fits ala kobe durong the all start game and kwahi leonard manu ginobli paul george and all the top tirler two guards gave lebron trouble look up the stats on the players against other small fowards and those against lebron youll see that theres a five point swing

          • Vell Dasneakerhead Luarks

            Ummmmmm superstars is what Kobe had Also

          • Brandon

            He had Shaq before his prime years. Nothing during his prime years and Pau Gasol later in his prime years. Lebron has super teams and is 2/5 in Finals to Kobe’s 5/7 lol. Not too mention Kobe has got robbed on about 4 to 5 mvps look it up.

          • Alvanz MG Da Don


          • Charles Weadon


          • LEBRICK

            Breaking News and it is confirmed that LeBron just said that if he can’t win a championship In Cleveland he will be taking his talent to Houston to play with Harden and Howard and if he can’t win there he will go play in San Antonio and join forces with Duncan and Parker he really feels he will pass kobe sometime in he’s career in championships.

        • VillainKing™

          The truth is Kobe is much more greater than your bitch Lebron!!!!

        • ghost

          Kobe fanboys are desperated as I see. LeBron is greater and better player, it’s fact.

          • Jim213

            No diss to Lebron, but he has to prove that he can carry his own weight (team) aside of cutting that flopping out.Makes him look bad. The elite players aren’t known for being floppers. LJ has more than enough mass to railroad his way inside rather than trying to sell a foul.

            Say what you want but everything is taken into account as mentioned before. Even MJ brought up the title count a few yrs ago when comparing both #24 and LJ tho titles aren’t the only thing taken into account. However, LJ’s fortunate that he’s played his career in the East as opposed to the West (competitiveness).

            Although, it doesn’t take anything away from his talent but the way the game’s played today which goes for both conferences the NBA should switch their playoff modo to allow the most competitive teams overall (best record) to play even if one conference losses out with regards to team representation.

          • jmqlj

            I read the comments. Ok, those who sided with Lebron didn’t/less likely to say anything “immature” against Kobe.

            Well, the Kobe Fans, I saw, “Leflop”,”bitch Lebron!!!!”,”leblowjob”,”Labron(seriously?)”,”LeBrute”,”King of Flop and Best Player in D-League”

            and so much more I may have missed in this single Commenting Thread.

            I dunno, maybe some of you are more likely “Hating” Lebron rather than “explaining” that Kobe is Superior over him.

            Getting sick of the “Kobe vs. Lebron” Thing, they both are Great Players, and both are gonna retire as Legends. Done.

          • Jim213

            Not hating on Lebron (myself) but IMO he has to show more which he’ll get the chance to with the Cavs. LJ’s is the last true Superstar remaining once #24 hangs it up b/c haven’t seen any upcoming ballers play up to the capabilities that a true superstar is known for… not even KD.

            Some of the arguing is repetitive but this is a Laker site so ‘of course’ the masses will defend their own. Especially since #24 can hold his own. But there’s plenty of basketball to be played so wouldn’t count out anyone of them with regards to moving up in the all time ranks tho IMO don’t see neither moving up in the top 3 all time category. But just like Kobe haters hating… everything will mostly be answered in the court.

          • ghost

            Durant is superstar too no doubt. He is about prime Kobe level now, if not better. And in few years there will be few next superstars. So I don’t know which results in your grief.

          • Jim213

            Although we can consider him a Superstar today they’re (referring to superstar legends) are made/born in the playoffs. IMO, don’t observe the same amount of talent as in the past. It’s a win now league as opposed to evolving and growing with a franchise if organizations manage to surround that player with the right pieces.

          • ghost

            Yes, with all sure Durant is long way before all-time great, but I think he has a big chance for that looking at his game now when he is 25-26 years old.
            I don’t see same amount of talent as in the past too, but it may be change in a few years. I hope.

    • ra

      what do you want, a cookie?

    • WestCoast323

      TheRealBandwagon.. GFTO Bitch!!

    • Spade

      Prepare to be run out of here. You’re not allowed to say anything bad about Kobe.

      • TheREALRealKeepinitreal

        The Real is not the real anything, except a real Jabroni.

    • AK

      yeah lebron and all the help in the world, just like right now he couldnt just go to cleveland and bring up a young team he NEEDED K Love and pals to come along with him.. Some legacy , they still still dont have the defense to win a chip anyway.


      Kobe led his team to a 27-55 record last year. LOL

      • SirHambone

        Kobe was injured idiot!


          Kobe still the team leader. The Mambas presence is always felt, Lol

          • eclipse vader

            and the clippers..oh ya another playoff failure hahahaa..the clippers.


            Lakers not making playoffs (again)!!


            you wish Lakers could make the playoffs :)) LOL

      • AK

        and the clippers pretended like always last year LOL

      • LakersFan@Six

        And it was you who said he played only six of those games. Aren’t you taking exaggerated liberty with the word “lead” in your comment? Your hypocrisy knows no bounds

      • LakersLifer

        Clippings fans make me laugh.

        And your clippings team was almost swept and couldn’t get passed the 1st round even with a stacked starter and deep bench roster recently!

        You L.A. bandwagonners are pathetic.

    • SirHambone

      TheReal, you have no basketball knowledge! Oh, sorry, maybe you can’t count.
      LeBron has a few more rings to “pass him by”

    • VillainKing™

      Fuck you bullshit!!!!

    • LakersLifer

      Your an idiot.

    • Truth B Told

      How can you win something when you’re in pursuit of what someone else already have?…….Kobe isn’t running all over town to win a championship…..Kobe is in a HARDER division……LeBron being in the WEST would be very hard getting to 4 finals…..He’s in a watered down division……Hello…He really doesn’t have a legit ring…….1.Shorten season ring or an asterisk ring 2.Spurs gave Miami one ring….So actually he has half a ring.

    • PFTB

      Well, to pass him by Lebron will need to go 4 and 0 in the finals winning four more rings to end 6 and 3. With that said many will still believe Kobe did his with inferior players judging by Lebrons super team trends

    • Number24

      @TheReal you say your a laker fan but try an talk down bout the greatest laker ever.. Not only that but say that LeBron is better… You need to watch basketball more an see how LeBron was given his rings and his MVP’s… Because clearly Kobe carried his team while LeBron had two other stars with some of the best three point shooters an then a whole bench of players that could’ve been starters for any other team… Not only that but in the east conference, that’s handing him a championship on a silver plate… MJ himself said Kobe was an will be the greater player after it’s said an done..

    • Brandon

      LeBron has to be set up with a All-star team to win. He is 2/5 in the finals. Now is set up again with a All-star team in the weak East. Kobe never had that much help and had zero in his prime years. LeBron never to laugh let alone get the last laugh. Kobe with Shaq got 3-4 not even in his prime yet. and another 2-3 with Pau Gasol way later after his prime years. Also he never had to take a pay cut to buy his rings.

    • Dinero80

      Huh no….

    • Tea3223

      Lmao! You still can’t compare Lebron to Kobe. Yes, Lebron is amazing and arguably the best player in the game right now but…. Kobe has 5 rings to Brons 2!! And, with the same team. So until Lebron adds a few more rings to his collection, please don’t put them in the same boat!

    • AntRodrigues

      He has a LONG way to go to pass Kobe in the Ring department…

    • Yamajasti

      You mean Stern got the last laugh,… again.

    • mc

      Stupid azz kbj is playn catch up…King Kobe has already got all them titles kbj is so eorkn had 2 get…1 thing tho. King Kobe got allhis work done with 1 team…kbj has moved around tryn 2 find himself a place 2 call home…King Kobe is right @ home n LA…real talk 4 u kbj nut suckerz…lol

    • Al Haldie

      Go away TROLL – UR NOT WANTED..

    • Nashir Mohammed

      different eras, different circumstances. the conference and league lebron played in was definitely a joke compared to the one kobe played in…as was the won MJ played in which he basically whooped shaq each time. it’s a cycle folks kobe is obviously a different animal than lebron and a different player altogether. i don’t know about lebron getting a ‘last laugh’ because he didn’t win that year either. only person must be laughing at all is donald sterling with that $2B in the bank.

    • Nashir Mohammed

      it would be fair to make an assessment when lebron is out of his prime and has to adjust his game….when he does not have his physical gifts which are out of this world.

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      you stupid…. 2 different builds. If Lebron was same size as Kobe ,he wouldn’t be all that like you’re saying he is.. and lastly anyone who’s 6’8 260-280 and flops and cries for foul is a bitch. especially if they are built like a tank

    • Navarro

      Shut the fuck up. How many rigs does Kob
      e have over lebron… There u go. So now u can shut the fuck up

    • me

      tell lebron to get 3 more rings than he’ll be past kobe… im just saying

    • cesar

      your tripping bro LeBron ain’t never passing kobe read a little more learn a little more.

    • Tyler

      And Lebron will be known as the player that could only win a championship with a super team.

    • edawg

      Kobe doesn’t need to jump teams. He plays with what he gets, &has won 5 Championships!! Now LeBron’s back in Cleveland, what a trader!!! Srry Ass. Kobe’s on his way to a 6 th ring. Let’s find out if LeBron can win any in Cleveland, or trades to another team thru his career. Kobe, true champion!!!!! LeBron, passing by him?? U must b blind and can’t count. LeBron s still behind Kobe! Hahahaha

      • edawg

        He leaves Miami cause he knew he can’t win another ring there! Went back to Cleveland with his tail between his legs! Punk Ass, trader “superstar”!

    • Jeff

      The real?
      How is Kobe broken down shell? Except for his injuries what was Kobe’s points avg. before?
      Broken down, hardly. Lol

    • Ant Hackey

      Dude hope off lebrons dick…..the 5 rings speaks for its self while lebitch cant do shit by himself…..so so sad

    • Stacy LaGrone

      Yeah but he lost 2 with an star team. And probably was his last chance to win. KD, Chris Paul, turn to win. LeBron window is closing fast.

    • Lakers Fan

      Who got the last laugh?

      5 rings > 2 rings

      lol Kobe still laughing .

      • rofl

        Horry 7 rings > 5.

        lol Horry still laughing.

  • atakan imren

    Kobe Bryant ‘Jealous’ of Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich as NBA Marvels at Spurs yeah kobe knew that timmy would win another championship i mean he had already known nba is rigged for years and in 2 years time lakers gonna be champ according to what kobe said

    • AK

      their just a trade away


      next year the Lakers will have Durant, Melo, Lebron, Love, Wiggins, the Splash Brothers, and Kobe

  • FAWK Q



      awwwwwww…….my knee hurts!!! 6 games last year, 27-55 record

      • SirHambone


      • AK

        now i know you just started watching basketball

        17 nearly full seasons of amazing basketball > 1 injured season

      • Ray-Marcus

        lol….wassup CLIPPERSRUNLA?? See you are still trolling hard


          I’m here all season.

          • john

            but you’ll be gone after the second round.

      • jb

        Still beat the clip’s on the season opener last year hahaha

      • LakersLifer

        Hey you forgot an “i” in your name…clippers-RUIN-la.

        Why don’t you go take more selfies to cover up our 16 championship banners next time you play in OUR Staples Center!

        Poor dumb ass is in denial.

  • album deed

    GM: Kobe Bryant Has ‘Zero’ Value On Trade Market Due To $48.5M Contract

    Aug 23, 2014 4:36 PM EDT

    Kobe Bryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension last season, three weeks before he suffered a fractured left kneecap.

    The contract, which the Los Angeles Lakers and Bryant signed by design to recognize Bryant’s value, makes Bryant nearly impossible to trade even if the frachise tried.

    “Zero. Look at that number. Who takes him?” one NBA GM said when asked about Bryant’s value on the market.

    Bryant’s plan is to retire in two years, though he says he reserves the right to change his mind.

    Via Chris Ballard/Sports Illustrated

    • AK

      thats cool i would never trade kobe anyway


        well nobody would take him…..

        • AK

          dont be a dumbass anyone in the league would LOOOOVE to have kobe on their sqaud


            Not for anything close to 24 million He not worth much considering his age and limited physical mobility (6 games last season)

          • rambis_clothesline

            Chris Paul asking his agent if they can sue the NBA after hearing he got traded to the Flippers still funny today.

          • AK

            how is he not worth that much hes a top 5 player in the league and he brings in a lot of revenue


            According to ESPN, he’s not even a top 10 shooting guard in the league. Years ago he was a fine player but not anymore plus he is extremely prone to injury.

          • AK

            “according to espn” LOL how young are you 10??

          • LakersLifer

            Lol, this fool said “according to espn”.

            Now it all makes sense…the blind following the blind.

  • album deed

    A zero trade value for KB24.

  • Spade

    *Re-enters comment section and sees massive troll fueled argument*

    Time to go…

  • LAL Kobe Is Man

    PG Steve Nash?Age and injury concern plus declining skills
    SG Kobe?Injury concern
    SF Wes Johnson?Lottery bust not worth a starting spot
    PF Boozer Solid veteran with good offensive ability and a good rebounder
    C Sacre?Very limited player with minimal value

    Bench is the best in the NBA.I challenge anyone to name a better bench player for player.
    Jeremy Lin
    Nick Young
    Julius Randle
    Jordan Hill
    Ed Davis
    Jordan Clarkson
    Ryan Kelly

    Coach Byron Scott preaches and coaches defense,defense,defense+Princeton offense.

  • LAL Kobe Is Man

    Xavier Henry also will most likely make the team.

  • Vince

    The real said he’s a Laker fan, STFU!!!, exactly what everyone else said cavs fan, GTFOutta here biatch

  • Mario Curry

    Last Laugh LOL?? 5 rings-Kobe 2-Lebron! Finals Kobe-5/7 Lebron-2/7. Not even in the same bracket!

    • ghost

      LeBron have 2/5 no 2/7. Your logic:
      Kobe finals – 5/7
      Horry finals – 7/7.

      Not even in the same bracket!

      • Cubanito

        Where does Horry cone into the play here?? Stick to the comparison between the two players we’re discussing, and don’t go off the subject… Kobe, 5 rings. LeBron, 2 rings. Period.

        • ghost

          I just proved idiotic rings criterium. So why don’t talk about Kobe vs. Horry?

  • Razr

    With all this arguing bout who’s better.. All I gotta say is 4 straight games of 50pts or more. That will never be done again

  • Dinero80

    Mamba is a fierce competitor LOL!

  • Guest

    I don’t understand how people (supposed basketball fans) that talk “up” LeBron never mentions the fact that this dude cannot dribble, yet seamlessly gets to the basket. He calls more picks than any other player other than Malone and Stockton. He pushes or shoves his defenders (uncalled offensive fouls; Stern’s directive) to get to the basket because with handles he can’t create otherwise to get to the rim. Now if I am wrong please post several links to LeBron getting by a defender with a dribble… WITHOUT pushing off.

  • Yamajasti

    I don’t understand how people (supposed basketball fans) that talk “up”
    LeBron never mention the fact that this dude cannot dribble, yet
    seamlessly gets to the basket. He calls more picks than any other
    player other than Malone and Stockton. He pushes or shoves his
    defenders (uncalled offensive fouls; Stern’s directive) to get to the
    basket because with handles he can’t create otherwise to get to the rim.
    Now if I am wrong please post several links to LeBron getting by a
    defender with a dribble… WITHOUT pushing off.

  • Alvanz MG Da Don

    Imma lakers fan butBryant gotta show me sum this year..

  • Alvanz MG Da Don

    Miss me wid all dat cocky stuff. That just shows you’re a good talker….

  • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

    LeBron is more like Magic than he is Kobe or Jordan which doesn’t make him better, just a different type of player. Either way the MVP is something the media votes on for popularity which means nothing. In the end what happens if the Cavaliers don’t win a championship while Lebron is there, then what will the argument be cause nobody remembers MVPs.

  • dree

    I like bron but kobe is always right

  • Aubrey

    People are stupid tryna even compare who kobe played with lebron played in Miami with bosh, wade, ray Allen, then he goes to Cleveland after losing in the finals to play mike miller,kyrie irving, kevin love, ray allen lebron lost two championship finals every time kobe went he never lost kobe had pau and bynum and majority of the two years bynum was out with back injurys lebron is a bum that needs a big 5 wherever he goes

  • stephaniejmota

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  • mohammed

    fucking awesome

  • TheTruth

    Firstly, Kobe is past his prime now. And whose done better the past few years? LeBron.

    LeBron is more of a team player than Kobe any day.

    LeBron interacts with fans and reporters and the rest of the community much better. Kobe is reclusive and more about himsef.

    LeBron never raped (or supposedly raped) anyone.

    • Kishan

      Boston Fan Talking right there or a paul pierce fan

    • LakersLifer

      And Kobe RAPED LessBrain James 1 on 1 repeatedly and apparently James liked it because it happened on multiple occasions!

      Crawl back under your LeBridge you dirty little troll.


      • TheTruth

        I seriously think you would slurp Kobe’s d if he asked you to or let Kobe do you wife if Kobe told you he wanted to. You seem all about Kobe. Lighten up. It’s only a sport. No need to idolize Kobe.

    • digital

      Lebrick is 2 out of 5 .. he loses more than he wins … hes good… not great. Kobe is great..a all time great an didnt need two hof allstars to win … shaq n kobe never played with a third allstar … and pau never won a playoff series without kobe, bynum allstar appearance was by default and cough cough where is bynum now? Exactly.
      Kobe 5 > 2 lj

      • digital

        Excuse me 3 hof allstars …ray allen actually won lebrons 2nd ring for him

        • rofl

          And Horry won ring for Kobe.

  • Adán

    This sounds so made up…

    O’well anything for headlines.

  • Anidar Jimenez

    2 of lebrons mvps should be kobes dont believe me he won 2 rings in that time span

  • Franco

    Lebron join MIAMI HEAT to win Championship but KOBE didnt to win CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Its KOBE ALL DAY :)

  • Darion Collet Martinez

    Fk u Kobe hating b******…..

  • http://longrichjcuets.blogspot.com/ Jonjon Cueto

    I think Kobe trash talking Lebron after “the decision” was really in favor of Lebron. No one really got the last laugh. U guys think Michael Jordan didn’t take a lot of crap from other players when he was starting? Great players push other players to play their best and it’s simple as that. Throw away the damn stat sheets because that is an unending discussion and a waste of time.

    It’s funny though how people tend to cling on the stats and actually believe that validates their claims.

    When someone asks you, ” Is Charles Barkley a better power forward than Karl Malone? ” Will you immediately look up their stats? I say Hell NO! There are a lot of factors that stats won’t tell you like who was a more fiercer competitor, who can play through injuries and pain, which one played with their full potential and even surpass their limits, who played with more basketball I.Q., and the list goes on and on….

    I guess that’s why MJ is considered by majority as the G.O.A.T. We don’t need to look at his stat sheets. Deep inside us and for those who’ve seen him play, we know what he brought to the GAME, statistically and all the other intangibles…

  • Brian Reaves

    Kobe is the superior player period. There is no comparison at all. Lebron is young

    er than Kobe of course. There is a such thing called teacher and student. If you’re a student

    • Zach

      LOL! So the superior player has one lonely MVP to 4 for the inferior player..? Too funny. Don’t ever try a career in math.

  • Zach

    So a rapist is trashing someone else over a TV show? Wow.

    • digital

      Allegedly … the girl had 3 dna in her … someone looking for a paycheck but hate on…fact is he busted on 2 tries in the weak east…pathetic ..lebrick is a joke! kobe won 5 out of 7 in the west and the mvp is given by the media not by coaches or the nba community or even the commissioner! Kobe averaged 36/5/5 n didnt get mvp u chode! Becuz of hatred! The media is slobbering all over lebrick s dick his mvps were given not earned….kobes mvps were stolen and gave away… kobe wanst mvp both years in 09/10 when he went back to back…point proved.

      • rofl

        Kobe didn’t get MVP because players from 45 win teams are not mvp. He didn’t deserve any more than 1 mvp, educate yourself.

  • Kellan Kemp

    The only thing Kobe cares about is winning championships? false.. Kobe cares about a lot of money and he cares about scoring a lot of points. If Kobe really cared about Winning championships he would shoot less, take less cash and pass more. If Kobe really cares about winning as much as he says he does then he would put himself in the best possible situation to do such a thing.

    • digital

      And lebron went back to Cleveland taking less right? Wrong ! …he demanded the max too u hypocrite, and thats what the best do…
      5/7 > 2/5

      • rofl

        7/7 > 5/7

        Horry > Bryant