Kobe Bryant Third Most Disliked NBA Player

Kobe Bryant Third Most Disliked NBA Player


In a recent survey, it was revealed that the most disliked NBA player was one that has never won a championship and has never appeared in an All-Star game. Forbes.com reports that New Jersey Nets forward and ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, is the most disliked player in the league.

Miami Heat star LeBron James comes in at second and right below him is Kobe Bryant at third. Tony Parker and Metta World Peace round out the top five.

Metta World Peace has been involved with various off-the-court issues and his recent name change did not get the seal of approval from the majority of the public. World Peace will receive appreciation from his fans, but supporters of the other 29 teams have never cheered for him.

Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom was placed tenth on this list. Although Odom is a great teammate and role model, it seems as though his connection with the Kardashian family hurt his reputation.

Kobe’s reputation did take a hit with his off-the-court issues in 2003, but most of his critics are people who envy his skills on the basketball court. Bryant never takes a day off and whether it is an All-Star game or Finals game, he will try his hardest to win.

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Although some people do not like that demeanor, no one can question Kobe Bryant’s incredible legacy. The hatred he receives from this doubters fuels Kobe, and he loves proving his critics wrong.

  • Imran Chowdhry

    Fuck that haters are going to hate man!

  • Al_rivers

    there are more haters than fans  but that’s ok… the rings compensate for that LOL

  • Pakmann2k

    I personally do not hate Kobe but I do hate a large group of his followers. His arrogant, holier than thou, fans are what makes people detest him. He has tremendous skill and had he played his cards right, he would have been as infamous as Michael Jordan. Back in the day, you could be a fan of any team and still have a love for Jordan. Unfortunately for Kobe, it is quite the opposite, of you are not a fan of the Lakers, then you probably have no love for old number 8… err. 24. ha! 

  • Christian Delosreyes

    Hey Ramneet,

    Great looking sports site. In regards to Kobe Bryant, I used to be one of those people that disliked the guy, simply because I always felt he was trying too hard to be someone else. *ahem.. Michael Jordan*.. 

    The guy sticks his tongue like MJ, He moves and shoots like MJ, and on top of that, he was cocky, but not in a likable way. Then I realized after all these years… that Kobe is not half as bad. He showed me his true professionalism and leadership when the Lakers lost to the Mavericks last season and how players like Andrew Bynum embarrassed the franchise. 

    KB really grew up and became a real leader. If people dislike him now, then it’s a shame because he is actually one of the athletes that represents the NBA in a good way. 

    KB Third in Most Hated? They better quit with that. 

    Feel free to come by our website as well and share your thoughts on other sports topics. That would be well appreciated!


  • Moe

    Alot of people hate Kobe, especially in Los Angeles, which is so odd. Alot have their own reasons. Some say it’s because he ratted on Shaq about cheating with his wife. Some call him a rapist and thinks he should die. Some feel he is overly cocky and thinks his shit don’t stink. Me. I think he is an amazing basketball player as well a human being with a lot of money. The more haters, the better… lol… Bring it on dammit… Leave it all on the floor and be done.. I can’t stand how intimate we have to be with celebrities now days…  I wonder how many people would hate them if someone cared enough to watch their every move… lol… ALOT IM SURE…

  • http://twitter.com/Shawnkobe Shawn Cahill

    Artin Daryabari    He was the main force in the most violent nba vs fans fight in the history of the league. On second thought maybe you were being sarcastic

  • Justin Sias

    If you’re high on the Hated list, you must be great, because last time I checked, he plays for ONE team, thus the fans of like 29 other teams will hate you for kicking their a$$es all the time! As Stu Lantz would say, Kobe is NIIIIIICE. You go Mamba!