Kobe Bryant: There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Kobe Stopper’

Kobe Bryant: There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Kobe Stopper’


I stumbled across this great video from the L.A. Times that featured interviews with Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum. During the interview Bryant answered a few questions, including one that involved ‘Kobe stoppers.’

There have been a variety of men that have tried to earn that label over the years. Originally it was Ruben Patterson of the Portland Trail Blazers, then there was the Spurs’ Bruce Bowen, Phoenix’s Raja Bell, and Shane Battier.

But Bryant isn’t buying it. Enjoy.


  • jaymin

    I don’t really see what the headline has to do with story here. We are loyal readers, we’ll gladly become advertising stats to help you, just don’t lie to us.

  • Kim

    I love these posts. I agree there is no such thing as a Kobe stopper, also, great analysis, I see Kobe’s game comparisons to¬†Beethoven! ¬†Both, simply genius!