Kobe Bryant tells Lakers Management to End the Pau Gasol Rumors

Kobe Bryant tells Lakers Management to End the Pau Gasol Rumors


courtesy SBNationArizona
After the Lakers loss to the Phoenix Suns, a group of reporters surrounded Kobe Bryant and the topic of Pau Gasol and the trade rumors swirling around him came up.

Kevin Ding, a longtime Lakers beat writer for the O.C.Register was there and got down these quotes:




After catching up with Kobe, Kevin caught up with Pau Gasol to see what he’s feeling right now about the trade rumors:



As you can see, the cat is out of the bag and with the Lakers’ up and down season, the fans are calling for change. The team’s management knows there needs to be change, but the question now is going to be about what kind of change there’s going to be.

With all this uncertainty around the Lakers roster combined with the unpredictability of the Lakers rotations, it’s extremely tough for anyone to ask the players to focus on the task at hand – to win and practice for success.

  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    I agree, and I’m glad Kobe spoke on this matter.

  • Wachudo

    Shoulda hired Brian Shaw

  • Franky 2x

    its easy guys. nothing serious is gonna happen till we know where D12 is going. thats the future for the next 10 years, (think shaq, ok he’s no shaq but he’s this era’s shaq) so either the lakers get D12 for preperably bynum and player and draft pick we keep pau and go after an average young pg (which is a step up from dfish) i’m thinking ramon sessions OR the lakers DONT get D12 and we keep or trade pau for Deron… but i do believe something is going to happen and arenas is not the answer, i give him a 10 day contract and go from there… Kobe should not be saying anything about lakers management. if pau’s feelings are being hurt because of his uncertainty of whether he’s gonna play in LA or elsewhere, man the F up, i wish I was getting paid millions and having that type of uncertainty. if jimmy wants to be the next big wig and apeace the masses he has my vote if he and mitch pull this off: 

    – get Howard and try to land deron williams duh thats the obvious

    – prob more plausible is that they get D12 and aquire ramon sessions and sign arenas off the bench

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrcesarlopez Cesar Lopez

    Can we trade Jim Buss?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mrcesarlopez Cesar Lopez

    What about Mike Brown?

  • Ne0

    If kobe took 15 not 25 million at his renew contract, lakers won’t be pressure make a movie since we could land good free agent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Bass/100001081456214 Steven Bass

    Wake up Buss’s.  The players and fans are extremely displeased with the constant trade rhetoric.  I’m a long time Laker fan, had season tickets from 82-92 and recently transplanted to ORegon (enemy Trailblazers country).  I bleed purple and gold through the good times and bad.  Laker management is not endearing anyone right now. Either put up or shut up and get on with the players we have.

  • Buddy Love

    Pau is 32..His time is almost up..Its time to get Value for him… 
    He is declining and is not mentally or Physically tough…