Kobe Bryant Talks About Nike RISE LED Court In China

Kobe Bryant Talks About Nike RISE LED Court In China


Kobe Bryant is one of the most popular athletes in America. And he may be even more popular overseas, especially in China where fans adore him.

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Bryant had been in China in recent weeks promoting his Nike RISE campaign. Bryant helped Nike open ‘Bryant Court’ while over there, but there is a different court, entitled the ‘House of Mamba,’ that is even more impressive.

No one described the court better than Kobe himself:

My first experience on the LED floor, it’s pretty umm…I didn’t even know that was possible. It’s amazing what can be done nowadays. I think the potential and possibilities for the floor are endless.

The ‘House of Mamba’ court is an LED court that is absolutely amazing to look at. The court almost seems like a touch screen basketball court capable of tracking player movement and possibly running its own drills for players.

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The costs of creating this court were probably out of this world, but having access to something like that could lead to an entirely new breed of basketball players.


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  • Ttkin

    I would be sooooo down to try playing on this court

  • purp& goldpride

    This will be the first of many….insane what technology can do. Maybe the Lakers should put this in their newly built practice facility..

  • Jay Brodes

    dope..i love the red flyknits..they better drop stateside..wonder if he starts season in the flyknit low..great shoe IMO!!


    for a team that is barely scratching 30 games, they should be focused on practicing and keeping a low profile. Lakers also have to prepare for their XMAS Day game at Chicago (CLIPPERS play @Staples on XMAS Day)