Kobe Bryant Takes Phil Jackson’s Seat on the Bench

Kobe Bryant Takes Phil Jackson’s Seat on the Bench


We talked about Kobe Bryant possibly trying his hand at coaching one day, but we didn’t think Kobe would be so bold as to try to replace the greatest coach ever in Phil Jackson.

Last night, Kobe Bryant dusted off the old “throne” made famous by Phil Jackson and placed it squarely in between assistant coaches, Darvin Ham and Quinn Snyder. Kobe was very active on the sidelines, helping to be a calming influence in a game of many runs. Pieces of advice were being dropped to Ramon Sessions and Andrew Bynum throughout the game and even acting Head Coach for the game, John Kuester commented that Kobe was the 5th assistant coach out there.

Jackson was mocked incessantly by opposing team’s announcer for the “throne” chair, but it had a medical purpose. In 2007, Phil Jackson underwent hip replacement surgery and as a result, needed a chair to alleviate the discomfort and prevent any alignment issues from sitting in “normal” chairs.

After the Lakers victory over the Nuggets, Pau Gasol was asked about Kobe’s sideline duties:

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How did you think he looked in Phil’s chair?