Kobe Bryant Still Only Focused On Lakers Championships Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="303"] Kobe Bryant was in China for Nike's RISE campaign. In an interview by SINA for NBA.com Kobe was asked what his highest and lowest exp [new_royalslider id="303"] Kobe Bryant was in China for Nike's RISE campaign. In an interview by SINA for NBA.com Kobe was asked what his highest and lowest exp Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Still Only Focused On Lakers Championships

Kobe Bryant was in China for Nike’s RISE campaign. In an interview by SINA for NBA.com Kobe was asked what his highest and lowest expectations were for the upcoming season. In true Kobe fashion his answer was not surprising.

Championship. Championship. That’s all there is winning a championship,” Bryant said before being pressed about the lowest acceptable expectation. “The lowest? I don’t even think about because it’s not an option. You focus on what the end goal is, you know that’s where you want to get to and now, every single day, you do what’s necessary to get you there.

The Lakers are coming off of one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Furthermore, the Lakers failed to sign any of the available superstars this Summer. In fact ESPN’s Chad Ford recently predicted that the Laker’s would finish 13th in the Western Conference.

But the Black Mamba retains his confidence despite all of the odds against him, and he has surprised sports analysts before. Most recently, he willed the Lakers to the 7th seed at the end of the 2013 season just before he tore his Achilles tendon.

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Kobe only played in 6 regular season games, during the 2013-2014 season, before fracturing his knee. The Lakers ended up finishing 14th in the West only above Utah. Thus, a season with Kobe and without him can mean the difference between making the playoffs and not.

Of course, for Bryant that isn’t enough. It remains to be seen what kind of player Kobe will show himself to be next season. All eyes are on Kobe.

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  • LakerSpartan117

    GOD bless you Kobe… because a lot of the time when we’re down we just focus on the negatives and put ourselves down. But you have that mentality that doesn’t allow that type of thought, and I respect that. Some things you’re born with, and other things you can work at. That type of thought can be both learned or born with.

    • Andy L

      I can see you’re gunning for another T-shirt. ;-) On a more serious note, I couldn’t agree more with your praise of Kobe.

      • LakerSpartan117

        LOL. I didn’t know they did that contest, but I was nonetheless happy that I got a free t-shirt. If I were to win another one (doubtful) you can have it. Deal? HAHA!

        • Andy L

          Whoa! It’s a sure shot. ;-D

    • Mambanation

      Go and get it LakerSpartan117 lol. Be a back to back champ like kobe did twice in his career! BE a Legend!

      • LakerSpartan117

        HAHA!! I’d rather have won actual championships like Kobe!! But I’ll take what I can get! Thanks brotha!


    The Lakers are going win the NBA championship in 2014-2015.

    • jim2

      Be a realist. They will be lucky to make the playoffs. They had a chance to get Beasley and did not. That should tell you that the FO is not interested in at least making the playoffs.


      Can i have some of whatever you are smoking! smh unreal


    Lakers are going to win the NBA championship in 2014-2015!



      • IB

        you’re the stupid

  • Duckathon

    It’s good to have that mentality, but I have a feeling things for going to get worse for the Lakers before they get better.

    • Okaaay

      Have to agree with you.

      Despite all of the optimism and hopefulness by some of the posters here who hang on to the past, competing for a title (let alone the playoffs) this year is a stretch. I respect the hell out of Kobe and his mentality just as much as the next Laker fan, but that two year/$48 million contract might as well be a handgun aimed at the team. A 36 year old Kobe, coming off two serious injuries, with this roster just doesn’t scream playoffs or title. That’s not to say that Kobe doesn’t deserve the money, which he does, but there are consequences to giving him that kind of money given the current CBA rules and salary cap.

      Then again, stranger things have happened.

    • 3339

      I think last season is the worst we’ll be.
      we have the right coach, good players, and Kobe’s back. The western conf is insane, true, but don’t count the Lakers out. I think we might be up and down at first, but we will start to click and steal a playoff spot.

  • We Love Our Players

    Kobe knows the Lakers play for championships or bust.

  • Mambanation

    THats what kobe does! He got them Auto focus mindset on championships lol.

    • Josh Melton

      Always playing second best to LeBron lol..

      • Eman94

        Not always… A few years ago Kobe was the better player. Lebron is only better now because of his physical abilities and his age. A few years ago everyone knew Kobe was better. If Kobe had lebrons body and was the same age he’d wipe the floor with lebron. Even Michael Jordan said Kobe is the only player closest to him when it came to skill and greatness but of course you being an ignorant lebron dickrider fan on a laker site just to state that lebron is better wouldn’t know that. You must feel like a real man coming on a website just to point out that a player you like is better than one that you dislike, your love for lebron is beyond gay. Not even Kobe fans do what you just did SMH there needs to be a separate gender for people like you because you are not a man nor a woman, women don’t even stoop to such low levels of asskissing and worshipping to a male athlete

        • KOBE SUCKS

          talk about dickryding then swallowing that load omg hahaha kobe nutthuggers till the bitter end smh lmao

  • Nore

    Mitch would have to pull a miracle to get this team up to championship level before Kobe retires.

    • Kishan

      it hard to say kobe will win a ring again in the next 2 years

      • KOBE SUCKS

        add 5 years & theres still no miracle

        • Kishan

          I’m happy with his 5 rings ….. okay i knw what ur gonna say now … if he didn’t have shaq then he wouldn’t have 5 rings well okay i agree but if shaq had no kobe then the Shaq wouldn’t have his 4 rings

  • Spade

    It’s going to be sad watching him get that mentality beat out of him next season.

    • Laker truth

      By whom ?

      • Spade

        The Western Conference

  • numb1lakefan

    kobe,beasley,lin will take us to the finals just watch

    • Kishan

      Optimism ?

  • Zach

    But the bottom line is that Kobe didn’t want to make the financial sacrifice necessary for the team to compete before he retires. He’ll be lucky to play in another playoff game.

    • Matt Williams

      First off, for the umpteenth time, STOP BLAMING KOBE!! The Front office is responsible for that. The more people blame Kobe, the dumber they look.

      • Eman94

        I don’t like to say it but it’s both their fault. I can’t believe everyone actually believed it but the front office did NOT just offer Kobe that much and Kobe did NOT just accept the money. They went through negotiations like anyone else would despite what Kobe and the front office said. You can’t believe everything that they say, this is a business and money always comes first and the front office and Kobe knows this. No business would be foolish enough to offer that much right off the bat and no one would accept that much right off the bat. I’m sure if Kobe was offered 48 million right away then he would do what anyone else would do and try to haggle and get some more money. If your offered 48 million from a franchise worth billions then your gonna try to haggle and say I want 50 million instead. Negotiations took place because these are professionals handling lots of money you don’t get a contract like that without negotiations taking place. I’m a fan of Kobe and the lakers but Kobe simply asked for as much money as possible and had the front office by their balls and was able to pressure them into giving him that much money. The front office loves Kobe but they don’t love him enough to offer him that much knowing his contract will completely cripple the teams chances of signing other elite talent. Both sides were looking out for themselves and Kobe won in the end because the front office wasn’t about to possibly lose their franchise player and then have to hear it from everyone as to why they didn’t just give their star player a big enough contract.

        • simon

          blame the CBA… superstar athletes are entitled to make as much money as possible.. todays CBA makes it more the luxury tax much more punative for teams who want to pay their players… Kobe sells out games and jerseys.. look at last years attendence… im happy lebron finally got the money hes worth

        • Chery

          Kobe wasn’t going to go anywhere. They wouldn’t have lost him. They wouldn’t have offered him that much money if it was going to hurt the team. They’ve been one of the most successful franchises in sports history for a reason.

          • Eman94

            I don’t think he was going to leave anywhere, but we can’t say this for sure because neither of us know what goes on in his mind. The front office must of felt threatened that he would leave to have signed him to a contract that took over a third of the teams salary cap. They didn’t just offer Kobe that much because they knew with the new cba his contract would take up over a third of the salary cap and in the result prevent the team from signing talented players which is why the lakers missed out on Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe this offseason because they knew they didn’t have the salary space so that’s why we never heard anything about the lakers offering them anything besides having interest in them but nothing more than that. Kobe and the front office knew his contract would hurt the teams chances of signing other talented players. This team wasn’t gonna commit financial suicide for the next two years willingly for Kobe. It’s a business and they understand you can’t put your star player ahead of the franchise’s future no matter what he’s done for your franchise. The front office wanted Kobe to take less but he didn’t and they didn’t want a disgruntled Kobe so they payed him what he wanted and told the media that’s what they wanted to give him instead of creating an ugly feud between the franchise and the player and telling the media that Kobe demanded the most possible amount of money and trying to make Kobe look like the bad guy. No franchise in the history of sports pays their aging franchise player coming off an Achilles injury over a third of the teams salary cap when they know he’s certainly capable of taking less like a Tim duncan or dirk nowitzki. I love Kobe but he just wanted to get paid as much as possible and he wanted to get as much money as possible at this point of his career knowing his contract would hurt the teams chances of competing. Kobe isn’t a fool he of all people would know how the cba works and a contract of his amount would give ANY team less flexibility to sign other top talent.

        • KOBE SUCKS

          kobe shouldve done a tim duncan type deal to help lakers really chase titles not just yap about it!

      • chery

        I agree with you. But the front office would have never offered Kobe that money if it was going to hurt us. I’m sure they looked at it from every angle and came up with a number that would please everyone. It was not like Kobe was in the room demanding 48 mil. They offered him that amount. He was actually expecting to negotiate not thinking they were going to offer him that much and when they did — he signed the dotted line.

        • Eman94

          They never offered him that much because they knew it would hurt them. Negotiations took place just like they always have for any sport with any player. The front office and Kobe of all people would know how the new cba works and they KNEW his contract would take over a THIRD of the teams salary space and in the result hurt the teams chances of signing other top talent. The front office was hoping Kobe would take a paycut but he didn’t so they settled at 24 million a year. Teams don’t sacrifice financial flexibility and winning for their franchise player not even for Kobe it just doesn’t happen, business always comes first.

    • Laker truth

      Dude kobe’s salary doesn’t effect the cap on a scale that would stop us from bringing in a ALL STAR caliber player it’s not even relevant what was relevant to big name FA’s this off season was the state of the team

      • vdogg

        agreed. the lakers could still have signed melo to a max deal. cap space is one thing. getting a FA to come is another.

        • Zach

          It’s very relevant. If Kobe had taken Duncan money they could have brought in more than one good FA. “Melo knew that he and Kobe couldn’t win it alone, so he passed.

          • vdogg

            like WHO???

          • Zach

            Anyone else would have helped…this was a pretty healthy crop of FAs, or maybe you missed it…

          • KOBE SUCKS


    • Kishan

      LOL KOBE HATER- they never knw what they talking about

      • Zach

        Yeah, the real experts are the rapist fans.

        • Kishan

          ur not even a expert! u once …. u once were blaming kobe for taking to much money LOLZ ….. forget bout great doing u even think kobe is a good player ?? lol oh and btw what team do u support ????

  • Richard

    What should We Lakers fans expect the Lakers to accomplish next season?

    • Duckathon

      Making the playoffs would be considered a win. If they’re going to lose, hope they lose big so the Lakers don’t lose their draft picl in 2015.

  • png4life

    That’s what it’s about. As long you wear purple and gold, the expectation is RINGS. Kobe would be crazy to shoot for anything less. Byron doesn’t either and neither should anyone else on that team.

  • Laker truth

    If anyone can prove naysayers wrong it’s kobe

    • Chery

      Got that right!

  • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

    I hope he stays healthy and puts a cork in these fools mouth’s

    • Chery

      i second your comment.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    “I don’t expect a championship, I only expect my pay check.”

    -Steve Nash

    • Guest


  • DJSlik

    they’ll be a lot better than last year at least.

    • Kishan

      agree, but the lakers did well to get to 27 wins with that team hahahahaha

  • dennis soliman

    and remember that was d’antoni’s lakers then. 7th seed? this time anything is possible with byron scott around..

  • johnpaul a. velicaria

    please play in the next season ko be bryant i like to see you again in the nba with your moves in playing basketball thank you my idol god bless you ☺


    Myself as a die hard laker fan am sorry 2 say that are storied franchise
    died the day the late GREAT JERRY BUSS passed away – with his bum of a
    son taking over the reigns & then the idiotic contract kobe was
    signed to ….was only the beginning of the end – yes yes yes i know we
    needed 2 take care of the GREAT KOBE but for kobe 2 keep saying hes all
    about winning then to handcuff the franchise by accepting that contract
    only contradicts him – kobe couldve and shouldve done a deal as tim
    duncan did where the lakers would have more finances to make runs at all
    the star free agents that were available – now look at the garbage that
    we picked up, all has been washed up bums smh – oh well i guess it was a

  • Kishan

    42-40 would be a amazing thing for that current team …its hard to see them making playoffs in the west

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