Kobe Bryant Speaks to ESPN About Lakers’ Slow Start

Kobe Bryant Speaks to ESPN About Lakers’ Slow Start


The Los Angeles Lakers have surprised many people with their start to the season, but for all the wrong reasons. The Lakers are currently 9-13 and sitting in third place in the Pacific Division. Coming into the season, people had high hopes for the Lakers team and even though they have been facing injuries, the team should be performing much better.

Kobe Bryant is doing the best he can to get this team some wins, but even the five-time champion cannot get the Lakers back on track. Bryant spoke with Stephen A. Smith of ESPN and discussed the current state of the Lakers.

Bryant touched upon the struggles of Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard’s free-throw shooting and many other problems Lakers fans want to get answer for.





  • incendy

    Great interview, especially that last few minutes. My view of Kobe Bryant has always been as a player who exceeded his abilities through working harder than everyone else, interesting to hear him talk about wanting that from a young age. Will always be my favorite player!

  • joe23

    His a ball hogger, i hate it when he force the shot and he shoot too many.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laker-James-Brooks/1752690541 Laker James Brooks

      Hmm 40 points on 60+ fg% last night? Just shut up. You know nothing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tori.s.golden Tori Samone Golden

    All i know is that D’antoni had an opportunity with the knicks last year. Their roster did not have a complete over hall they just hired a new coach and the are doing phenomenal this year. I also know that being the youngest and fastest team is not the only way the roster needs to look in order to win a champ or even contend if you don’t believe me look at the spurs. The lakers have to do whats right for them. They aren’t the fastest so out running is out of the question. They aren’t the most accurate in shots nor the most consistent with accuracy in making shots. They have work to do. MAJOR work to do, but I think it can be done. Personally I’m frustrated with the fact that these lame teams that just started winning don’t see the lakers as a threat any longer. As a dedicated fan I would love to see us end the season in the top 4 in the west.

  • lakerfan

    As a laker fan I could care less about what they have to say in interviews, they need to get it together and start winning and stop using this pathetic start as an opportunity for the spotlight. Period. We dont care about this shit.

  • lakers_824

    Kobe Bryant – Top 5 Player in NBA History………………………….hes the reason i still watch the nba all my fav players are gone or washed up hes the last of em. Lets me honest how many of u are going to watch the nba as much as u are now when kobe retires??

  • Rasheed

    Good and bold questions by Stephen A. Smith/ESPN.
    Good answers by Kobe.
    All I have to say is there is “I” and “We”….
    I know now who is on the “I” side and who is on the “We” side.
    Why one thinks that they are the only one that are giving 100%?
    “I” got him championships no doubt but it couldn’t have been done without ”We”.
    As a fan, I appreciate Kobe for playing games despite injuries.
    As Kobe says there are lot of issues in the team. There isn’t one or two.
    They are working on it.

  • toddc5

    far s the lakers goes the coach and players needs to intertwine like kobe said find whats best style of ball they want to play

  • Crystal

    Great interview. I like that he believes in his teammates and I commend his patience. I knew the season wouldn’t start off as a breeze, but I wasn’t expecting such a bad start either but I know things will change. Providing he stays healthy, I believe he’ll get another ring to his collection.