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Kobe Bryant Says He’s Not Worried About Lakers Recent Struggles

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers were playing inspired basketball while they awaited the return of Kobe Bryant. The team was only 10-9 before Bryant’s return, but they played much better than many expected through the season’s first 19 games. The Lakers lost a few close contests that many expected Bryant to fix upon his return.

Instead, the Lakers are now 0-3 since Bryant’s return, and have struggled integrating him with the new roster while simultaneously dealing with injuries to all three point guards. Bryant was asked about the Lakers not finding a win in the first three games of his return, and said he’s not really worried about it, according to the Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding.

“I’m not worried about it, to be honest with you,” Bryant said. “We’ve seen worse. I mean, we forget kind of what we had to go through last year. I’m not really too concerned about it. Our heart is in the right place.

“I saw a lot of positives. We’ve just got to put it together for longer stretches. We’ll be fine.”

Bryant is likely referring to last season as the team was never able to put things together despite having a roster that was built to contend for a championship. Instead, the Lakers snuck into the playoffs as the eighth seed and were swept out of the first round by the San Antonio Spurs.

This year, the off-the-court issues have been mild when compared to what the Lakers went through last season, but they have been there. In recent days, both Pau Gasol and Mike D’Antoni have called each out via the media, but have since tried to smooth things over. Gasol told Ding, “I can only control myself. I can only control what I do [...]. For the most part, I think you have to make yourself responsible.” On the other end, D’Antoni spoke to the team before the game against the Thunder.

Mike D’Antoni delivered an effective clear-the-air, unifying message to the team at the morning shootaround, then raved about Pau Gasol’s improvement, and the team still went on to a 25-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers play the Charlotte Bobcats on Saturday night, and will look to earn their first win of the season with Bryant back in the lineup. The only thing they can do to make things easier on themselves off the court may be to take care of business on it — and tonight presents a great opportunity for the Lakers to get back in the win column.

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  • ra

    I’m not worried either, and esp. not since that’s what Kobe says. There are injuries (just like last year – ‘several’ injuries). Kobe knows that there is no championship this year, so if he’s accepting that, then I will too.

    This is actually encouraging, because Kobe may have thought (from the injury) that his own career was ‘just about’ over. Recall that he had doubts during the summer about this. Now, he is ‘feeling his way’ around his own level of play. I think that he is treating this year as a ‘re-hab’ year, with ‘decent’ teammates in an interesting experimental system.

    We should all recall that MDA was hired with the expectation that the MDA-Nash tandem would be re-tooled for the Lakers. That didn’t happen. We don’t have Nash, and the other PG’s are not Nash (not MVP level players). So, MDA’s system is somewhat of a ‘shell’ of its former self. It’s exciting, but the Lakers ‘really need’ an all-star PG for MDA’s system to work optimally. That would be (or could have been) CP3.

    Kobe can’t distribute like he did last year (he was actually a good PG for about a week or two stretch). So, we’re left with a ‘rag-tag’ group of players, who are pushing it to the limit, to play some fun and exciting (hopefully winning?) basketball.

    If Kobe can wait until next year, so can we.

    • Paytc

      I don’t think Kobe is throwing in the towel by any means. Kobe is focusing on the positives and making the best of things one game at a time. He is smart enough to know that is the best way to be in position for opportunity.
      Kobe is by no means as emotional as a little girl. He will not get too high after a few wins ,or too low after several losses.

      Kobe will battle to keep the team in contention ,and hope to have a few more healthy and capable players with him soon.Who knows what moves the F.O. has in mind? Kobe knows it’s all about being healthy and playing well at the right time,not peaking too soon.

      He also knows there are many loyal fans that stand behind the team not just after they win championships… But when things look dark and gloomy too.

      Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • LakersHeatBeef


    • Paytc

      Exactly ! It’s not what happens, it’s how you let it affect you.
      Kobe has a champions heart. He will keep bringing it regardless to any ups and downs or adversity. Go Lakers !

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