Kobe Bryant Responds To Tweet About Andrew Wiggins And Jabari Parker

Kobe Bryant Responds To Tweet About Andrew Wiggins And Jabari Parker


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Following the Lakers win over the New York Knicks Tuesday night, twelve games remain on the season. Since the Lakers have already been eliminated from the playoffs, the team will have a high pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft.

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Lakers guard Kobe Bryant took some time Thursday to respond to some questions, and mentioned he could mentor either Duke’s Jabari Parker or Kansas’s Andrew Wiggins via his Twitter.


For most of the 2013-14 NCAA Season, Parker and Wiggins have dazzled and led their schools to high seeds in the 2014 NCAA Tournament. However, the freshmen have come under criticism recently after disappearing in early tournament losses.

In Duke’s loss to Mercer in the second round, Parker only shot 29 percent from the field and was benched in the second half because of his defensive liability. Following the loss, Parker described his collegiate career as incomplete, causing speculation whether or not he will declare for the NBA Draft.

Kansas advanced to the third round, but fell to Stanford. In the loss, Wiggins only shot six shots while making just one. The disappearing act was puzzling considering other freshman star Joel Embiid did not play due to back issues. Despite the loss, Wiggins is still seen as a prospect with tremendous athleticism and upside.

Bryant signed a two-year, $48.5 million extension in November and will be around to mentor either Parker or Wiggins should the Lakers be able to draft one of them. Of course, other prospects are available such as Embiid, who reportedly is going to declare for the draft. Australian guard Dante Exum has also been linked to the Lakers and shares the same agent as Bryant. Whoever the Lakers draft will be coming in with the expectation to be a focal point for the Lakers franchise once Bryant retires.

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  • ra

    Wow. What could be better? Being mentored by Kobe. I think he’s great at doing that (we talked about his not desiring to be a head coach, but mentoring is certainly a good thing).

    Either one (or whomever Lakers draft) will benefit from coming to the Lakers, and working with Kobe.

  • Chrmngblly

    I’d like it if he spent a little time on Brooks, now. What’s wrong with Marshawn?

  • Lakers Fans

    If I were Wiggins and Parker, I would weigh my options. Wiggins has the potential to be a great all-around player, but he is still extremely raw. Parker is more NBA ready to me, but seeing the draft class they have coming in next year there is no doubt they will be the favorite to win the National Championship. Although people would feel that shouldn’t be a reason for him to stay, it would be great to win a National Championship as well as have no doubt in your mind that you will still go 1st overall. As far as us, I don’t think we will get either. It would be great if we did, but we are not in a position to get a top 3 pick. Maybe top 5, but not top 3. A starting point guard for the future is more of a priority right now anyway. I know Kobe would love to mentor them both, but Kobe is willing to mentor any young player who is willing to learn from him.

    • Francis Maney

      It’s a lottery draft! Why wouldn’t we have a chance at #1?

      • Lakers Fan

        Looking at our remaining 11 games, I see us only having a chance to beat the Kings and Utah. I don’t even know if they will win those games seeing as the games are at their houses. If I’m the Lakers, I’m throwing these last few games away to get us a better chance at a better pick. We MAYBE have a chance at a 3rd overall pick, but I don’t see us getting a pick before the Bucks or Sixers. So we might have a chance at either Parker or Wiggins, but it depends on if one of the top 2 teams don’t have any worries about Embiid’s back. If they pass on Embiid, I’d absolutely LOVE getting him with our pick.

        • kobe24

          As long as Lakers get top 4 that will be awesome or even top 5 (I personally think Marcus Smart has a lot of potential to be great)

          • Lakers Fan

            If we can’t get Exum in the draft or sign Lowry or Bledsoe, I wouldn’t mind them drafting Smart. He is the defensive point guard they desperately need, and he can score. I think most people are more worried about his attitude problems than his actually game. The boy can ball, and Kobe would be a great mentor to him. Regarding his game, the only issue I have is him been too ball-dominant and trigger-happy. Although I doubt he would pull that move wit Kobe, that’s my only issue with him.

        • Karma

          Look at the history of the lottery my friend, even though the worst team has the best shot at the too pick they almost never get it plus as a bottom 5 team it’s entirely possible we get a top 3 pick and considering were the Lakers I’d bet Kobe salary we get a top 3 pick. Silver has to make up for nixing the CP3 trade and sending the leagues marquee franchise on a downward spiral.

          • Lakers Fan

            If we get a top 3 pick, I’d be ecstatic. But I still want them to lose the rest of these games to ensure that we have a great chance at getting a top 3 pick.

  • Erad

    The only chance the Lakers have at getting a star is through the draft. Kobe’s mentorship could do wonders for a rookie, but another all-star, let alone future HOF’er would probably have issues with an injured 35 year old eating up most of the teams shots — and you better believe he will, to hell with D’Antoni.