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Kobe Bryant Responds To Jim Brown’s Comments Via Twitter

>On Tuesday night, Jim Brown was on The Arsenio Hall Show and was asked about his thoughts on Kobe Bryant. Brown didn’t have the kindest words to say about Bryant quipping that he, “threw Shaq under the bus.” Brown went on to share his thoughts on the way Bryant has handled conflict, and attributed his resolution practices to Bryant growing up overseas.

“He is somewhat confused about culture because he was brought up in another country so it doesn’t quite fit (with) what’s happening in America.” [...]

“In the days when we had a summit and we called the top black athletes together to talk to Muhammad Ali about his status with the armed forces, there were some athletes we didn’t call. So if I had to call that summit all over, there would be some athletes I wouldn’t call. And Kobe would be one of them.” (via Yahoo! Sports)

This morning, Bryant took to Twitter in response to Brown’s comments:

It’s clear that Bryant wasn’t too fond of Brown’s thoughts as he mentioned two forward thinkers in terms of race relations in Nelson Mandela and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. While Brown’s comments weren’t the kindest toward Bryant, they certainly weren’t volatile, but will still certainly spark discussion among some about cultural relations between those from different backgrounds.

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  • Paytc

    I think both Kobe and Jim Brown perceptions are just a slight bit off on the grander scheme of things. But time has a way of revealing buried truths. They both should keep trying to make a positive difference,and stay tuned. Real change can not be stopped because change is a real constant.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Your the only person i respect who habitually comments here. Keep it rollin bro

      • Paytc

        Thanks! That’s big coming from you . It’s mutual.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      Great point as always, as Change is moving from generation to generation, and the latest even quicker and faster with new technology than the others.

      • Paytc

        Thanks Eddie L.
        Your right. It’s about unity more than division. Plus we’re all in the same gang,the human race. We just have to weed out the haters. Their sneaky. Haters come in all shades. But we need to keep the focus on the Lakers. And keep supporting our players. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

    • jimbo15

      I think Jim Brown is an idiot and made a Racist comment.

      • Horace Bynum

        no’ wher near racist u hav2 step outside ur racist eyes’ wenu read his comment

      • Nina

        Calling kobe a sellout is racist?

  • Paytc

    :-) My post was removed :-)

    • Al Haldie


      • Paytc

        Thanks ! it’s appreciated.

        • Al Haldie

          GOOD !!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This Jim Brown guy is 77 years old now.Jim has been talking crap about elite athletes for years.I remember back in the Jordan days when he used to question Michael Jordan for not helping out the African American Community.

    Also he disrespected Tiger Woods for many years talking crap.This so called OG Jim Brown should just become a tree hugger and go into his cave i mean nursing home and be quite please.It’s time to just shut up and let Kobe live his life the way he wants.Kobe Bryant means more to sports than that quitter Jim Brown ever will.

    Kobe played 18 years already and he has 2 more years on his contract,Jim Brown quit under 10 years.Jim Brown is no more African American than Kobe Bryant.Luckily Kobe is classy enough to call that old fart geezer a sir.Screw you old man STFU is what i would have said tbh.Kobe Bean Bryant is the best and haters gonna hate.Joe Jellybean Bryant should hush up Jim Brown if you know what i mean.Kobe was born in Philly,Joe was born in Philly also.SMH at Jim!!!!!

    Go Kobe!

    Go Lakers!

    • jsmith28500

      Old Jim Brown could take out Kobe with one punch

      • Marcus A.

        When the time machine is invented this comment will be relevant.

        • melaniecj

          He only swings on women though…..

      • Quincey Williams

        That old mf, can’t throw a punch

      • Charles Weadon


    • Vince

      Ok Jim Brown Mr. Black Panther “power to the peoples” I do believe yo brotha Keenan Ivory Wayans made a movie about u cuz called I’m Gonna Git U Sucka which offered satire about militant hater outdated brothas like you..quit trying to hate on Kobe Bean #24 the Black Mamba (not the Black Panther) just cause he not ghetto like you and got 5 rings an you aint sh#t..Brotha please…smh

      • Joseph Apohen

        I love your response. That old man has not been relevant since he was throwing out the window his girlfriend some time ago. What does he want? Have Kobe join his militant group? Kobe is cultured. He knows what he does not want to be. Note the word Kobe used, “Sir” What does that tell you about the Black Mamba?

        • Nina

          Not relevant to YOU

      • Vince

        And whoever put dislike on my post y’all know u can do..notice you’re outnumbered by your social peers 11 to 1..lol

        • jspur

          And that is what makes your post relevant.

    • iraqidoc

      Well, was he wrong to call them out. I don’t see anything they have done except marry another white woman.

      • MrMarcus

        who married “another white woman”?

      • Freddy Nava

        Vanessa is Mexican

        • Eddie Sanchez


          • Javier

            Mexican. Do some research before replying.

      • Nina

        Kobe’s parents sure seem to agree…

      • Jade Baxter

        omg how ignorant……….love is blind and this is the very thing that sparks stupidity

    • Kam

      I agree, Kobe is a workout warrior, true grinder, and champ. I slightly disagree about the Brown retiring under 10 years. Football takes a STRENUOUS toll on the body. I’m not saying that basketball doesn’t, but there is different toll the body takes on both sports.

    • Horace Bynum

      u dnt understand wat hes’ talkn’ bout becaus all u hav n-ur hed is basketball& other sports’ u missd’ the entire’ point ofthe’ statement’ it wasnt’ a basketball player comment’ get n2′ the real world so u can understand wathe’ real world folk r talkn’bout u make all of ur comments’ asif’ its’ a challenge against ur fav-player’ jim was calln;’ outhe’ yung fellow’ ‘I am a very-BIG Kobe’ Fan my fav- Player buthis’ is about ‘Character’ ithink’ u need2 chek ur innerself& get n2′ realife’ nuthn todo’ wit him asa’ basketball player

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe handled it with class.

  • Mr.Kelly

    As much as I respect Jim Brown and Kobe Bryant for their athletic and civic contributions, neither of them is the “standard” of what it means to be black. For anyone to claim to represent such a standard is guilty of ignoring and, thus, disrespecting the rich diversity which exists within the black community.

    • Jade Baxter

      WFT??? The “standard” of what it means to be black? Are you kidding? If you’re black you’re black…………….what an ignorant comment. And also, Mr Brown should look at what Kobe has done for kids in the inner city before opening his damn mouth!

    • kendal

      First off i don’t no what u call the so called standard but Kobe does a lot of work with kids also he gives like no other……and here’s a fact he helps every race not only black….he does work around the world

    • Ryan

      OK so just because black people are coming up getting jobs becoming above water in terms of money that there not the standard of black people like all black people should stay broke an be in the ghetto because if not there not “standard” i mean im white i think this is such CRAP you should just keep your mouth shut. If you wanna get out you get out and do shit right

    • Just being honest!

      I don’t know what the hell you mean by Kobe doesn’t know what it means to be black????? what make you said that? Just because he married some other race? He have done so much for his high school and LA community! He doesn’t see colors as a factor. His charitable contributions is for all races and that what makes him great. What, he is supposed to only supported black community? That would make him a racist, if that is the case Sir!

    • Joseph Apohen

      A standard to be black? Why not a standard to be an AMERICAN!

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        and what will that be?

      • Terry Finisterre

        Or a standard to be human. BNut I think the point is there is no such standard. We all are who we are.

    • Laurence Bellinger

      Mr. Kelly I happen to understand ya fam…idk why no one else doesnt…people always say that a person is this or that, especially when being black….like its sad that as a whole we want and expect better but the minute someone tries to be that better person, doing well, successful, he’s a sell out…there is no standard is what you saying, no definition of being “real” as they say it is, being real is being true to self as to not allow self to be viewed as a contradiction…i think if we as a people can get that misconceived notion out of our heads, then we can fully look into better how can we be better americans….then reach up again and be better earthlings, for the world…all races and people need to, but i cant speak for other cause i dont live the “non-black” experience…thats all i can relate to, and people will try to poke holes in my logic and prod me into a debate on an issue we both agree on, but it is what it is…im for the betterment of the black people, white people, whomever…and comments like mr brown without facts and pure speculation just does more harm than help in the endeavors to understand and bridge generations…his playing days arent nowhere nearly as luxurious as today’s athlete and i guess he’s angry because the average black athlete has forgotten the struggle and also may seem disrespectful to older generations by their lack of recognition to the respective ones…either way, he’s damaging more than helping more with his dialogue…keep that shit private and talk amongst each other

      • Nina

        No exposure is good for the soul…next he needs to talk about all these HBCU’s selling out for $$$ by playing games “guaranteed” to humiliate them on national tv!!

        • Laurence Bellinger

          now that’s real talk, if anything let’s talk to these corporations/conglomerates of businesses that are meant to be for the pro-black experience…they are the ones profiting and on the image and profiting on the sell-out…and about that humiliation, i understand sports are secondary, but if a team is gonna commit to play a top-tier school…please recruit and develop top tier talent…especially when they getting paid beaucoup money and tv exposure just to be looked at buffoonish by the masses….use the money wisely and invest in the best resources for the school and best talent as well…

          • Nina

            I know a ton of boys that gave up on college ball after not being recruited & didn’t even think to apply to a hbcu!!! Whites schools making tons of $$$ off of black talent & we can only blame ourselves…

    • Terry Finisterre

      I think that was the point of Kobe’s response. We’re all in this together, and what’s happening in America and the world is not just one strand, but an entire tapestry.

  • Brandon Anderson

    Kobe’s right. He is an American first and foremost, doesn’t matter the color of his skin or heritage. He is the most popular and dominant athlete in the world. If you were to call such a “summit” he would be first on anyone’s rolodex in pretty much every country that matters. Jim Brown is an idiot and always has been especially with his perceptions towards race and race relations. Mandela and Dr. King embraced everyone, not just people of their own beliefs and most importantly, of their own race or creed. That’s what made them what they were and why they are remembered. If Jim Brown never carried a football, no one would remember him nor care for his insane, dribble of thoughts.

  • Marcus A.

    Kobe wisely reflected Jim Brown’s comments off of the death of Nelson Mandela. Being global is good. Jim is way out of line for his remarks. The disconnect in age here is disappointing. Pitting the old against the young is apart of the enemies plans. Jim I thought you were smarter than that?

    • Nina

      Kobe’s own parents seem to feel the same way…

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        and why?

        • Nina

          because he’s a low end sellout

      • Jade Baxter

        about??? Kobes Mom is part white…….do your homework

        • Nina

          lol…his mother is NOT part white

  • Shuai Liu

    Jim who hes getting more famous just saying kobes name

  • Trey

    Who really cares what Jim Brown thinks? Fuck him!!!!!!!!!

  • FukUrOpinion

    Different times, different, backgrounds, so there will be different perceptions on race relations between the two. Kobe still snitched on Shaq though, who gone defend that sucka shid???

    • LaMont DeShawn Golden

      Kobe NEVER went to the media regarding Shaq; it was the investigators that went to the media. THEY are the ones that caused all this crap.

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        well, BSPN has been on Kobe ever since for not kissing the media’s arse…. 12/25!
        Go Kobe, All the WAY LAKERS!

      • FukUrOpinion

        Kobe snitched to the invetigator about Shaq, enuff said.

  • LAKERS 24/7

    Fuck Jim Brown! Just another Hater, got tired of hating whites now hating on his own, thinks he is Blacker then Kobe. Get a life go, hug a tree, want to be in the headlines. Kobe got more Titles accomplishments, money and more Class then Jim Brown will ever have, so do us all a favor Jim go fuck yourself, Bitter Old man!!

    • Nina

      Didn’t Kobe’s own mother elude to the same…

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        and you know why?

        • Nina

          She said so…

          • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

            and why?


    Who cares what Jim Brown thinks and WHY in the world would Arsenio even ask that question? The dude was a good football player in his day, leave it at that. Kobe took it with class because he is a class act. Go Kobe, Go Lakers, STFU Jim Brown

    • Louie Louie Louie

      and the perfect way to call a class act is finishing with the all-classy “STFU”, right?


        Isn’t that one too many Louies??? Hahahaha, anyway, I said KOBE was a class act. I never claimed to be. But you are right Triple L…. a simple “be quiet Jimmy,” would have surficed. No need to be nasty. I repeat… GO KOBE GO LAKERS

    • Nina

      Didn’t Kobe’s parents say the same thing…

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        she said a lot of things, asking for more money and things

        • Nina

          So Jim Brown is a liar, his momma is a liar, his daddy is a liar, his grandma is a liar, the white broad in Colorado is a liar & kobe is a white people saint…did I get it right?

    • Jade Baxter

      JIm brown is a wife beater and has been in trouble numerous times for domestic violence……..just like his boy OJ………who clearly murdered his ex wife

      • Nina

        Wasn’t your hero arrested for r@pe??

  • Louie Louie Louie

    It’s funny, but the thing that caught my attention the most was the fact that Jim Brown and others “talked to Ali about his status with the armed forces”. Like they were some kind of Government or had some kind of authority over him just because of the fact they had a similar skin color than the boxer. In the same tenor, how can Jim Brown say who is “worthy or not” of having such a status of “summoner”?

    I guess Kobe is thankful they’re not calling him for the party this time…

    • Jade Baxter

      well and it was a black muslim thing bc Ali refused the draft bc of his religion

  • Doodle

    People can think and say what they want. Black is a color of skin, as white, yellow, blue, and the aliens who are green. It’s about who you are as person, the core of a personality. Color, hair, how many fingers you have, 2, 3, 5 legs, blind, deaf, or whatever you are.. Irrelevant. Be good to eachother, behave, show respect, and you’ve already come far in life. (And no.. im not religious, don’t need to be).

    - Doodle (Denmark). LA 24

  • Marty Susman

    Jim Brown was a football player, big & strong of body but small of mind. Kobe is not anything like Brown said & Brown should be ashamed of himself.

  • Akin Akintunde

    Fuck Jim Brown. And everybody that love him. End of story

  • Sublogic

    the funny thing is if Kobe was Kobe in that day and age, Ali would be asking why didn’t they invite him.

  • Nina

    Truth hurts! Let’s not forget his own parents thought of him…they hold him in such high esteem that they auctioned all of his stuff including rings gifted to them…

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      Great Parents to see him only when money is needed, not to see him and the grandchildren just because.

      • Nina

        Didn’t the guy also rape somebody??

        • Paytc

          Last thing I heard the charges didn’t stick. And only a fool would believe someone who obviously gets it thrown to him would have to take it.

          Now can we all get back to the game of basketball?
          There is not a perfect human being posting comments on here.

          Go Lakers !

          • Nina

            You have every excuse in the book for your high priced sports sl@ve…which is why Kobe is a SELLOUT!

    • Jade Baxter

      get off that train……..who cares??? Kobe just showed that hard work and strong work ethic can get you far……..that is a good trait to model…..so whatever JIm Brown the wife beater, you on the other hand model violence toward women…great role model

      • Nina

        Um wife beater vs r@pist…are you serious??

    • Teri Bragger

      Yes, only because they ran out of the other money they had mooched off of him. You ought to really read further before making remarks like this. Kobe’s parents have been leeching off of him for his whole life. That is the TRUTH! Your own statement supports that. By the way, Kobe was never prosecuted for rape because there was no evidence to support it, the prosecutor would have taken that all the way if he could have. The only thing Kobe was guilty of was picking a skank ass loser to mess with.

      • Nina

        Justifications & EXCUSES for his SELLOUT behavior…Jim Brown speaks the TRUTH!!

  • Jordan P.

    It is funny Jim Brown brings up that Kobe was brought up overseas as if it is a bad thing. Considering the Spurs prefer foreign players to their American counterparts because they are generally better team players and don’t embody the me first culture that is so rampant among American players, I think Kobe was lucky to grow up in another country and experience a culture that encourages a collectivist identity.


      Collectivist? Kobe is critiqued for being selfish, not a collectivist. And, he is a capitalist financially. I love Kobe. Toughest, most focussed player in the league and with lots of talent. But, there is no connection between collectivism and Kobe. None.

  • TEE

    Freedom of speech and being entitled to your opinion sometimes means nothing. KOBE knows this man is not relevant soooo no time tangle up with him.

  • 24bestever

    Fuck Jim Brown and everybody that love em

  • Normussestudillo

    Kobe Bryant does not need Jim Brown as a fan, he already have a lot of them. Missing one would not hurt Kobe’s popularity. There are a lot bad NBA players , character wise. All in all he singled out Kobe. He just gave Kobe the biggest compliment. His backhanded compliment prove that Kobe is the greatest of them all. His desire to remind forgetting people that he is still around backfired. So it seems.

    • Jade Baxter

      exactly and it made Jim Brown look like an ass in front of the home crowd Laker and Kobe fans…….what will be cool is when Arsenio has Kobe on and you will see the difference………he won’t be there to attack others…………#classier #than #that

      • Nina

        We don’t care about all the whites paying to see the laker minstrel show…

  • eric

    #LAKERNATION #TEAMKOBE Jim brown needs to sit his ass down some where

  • Nina

    Basically he’s saying Kobe is a sellout just like kanye & jay-z-penny…

  • Gwendolyn Caughn

    I think he need to keep his opinions on what he knows best! Domestic Violence! Mr. DVK (Domestic Violence King)

    • Nina

      Maybe he could ask kobe about r a p e…

  • jason

    A standard to be black? who cares! kebe makes mistakes just like any humen and he is one amazing human being and one amazing role model I look up to.

    • Nina

      He’s a sellout…don’t believe me? Ask his MOM

  • emmitt22

    Jim Brown, you do realize when that whole thing went “down” Kobe was early to mid 20′s right? Kobe hadn’t fully matured yet like most men that age.

    • Nina


  • Dustin Blackmamba Schriber

    Mr brown, let me say, mr. Bryant is very intelligent and you will lose a battle of intellect.

  • Horace Bynum

    ‘Kobe ismy’ Fav-Player also’ buthis’ was a ‘Character Assasination& hes’ rite’ get ur mind n2′ realife’ u wud understand wat he means’ realife’ isnot’ jus Basketball’ uguys’ thinkn’ hes’ talkn’bout Kobe the ball-player’ no Kobe the man’

  • Bahaadur AbdulAhad


  • Cesar Gallegos-Kuilan

    Its a different time than when Mr. Brown called his summit. African Americans were going through some heavy social stuff back then. Today’s minority athletes have benefited greatly from what was done back then. Today’s athlete has a brand and some do use it to benefit others why others just use it to demand more cash. If Mr. Brown held his summit today he might not ask Kobe but it doesn’t mean that those that he would, would risk millions of dollars in endorsements.

    • Nina


  • Terry Finisterre

    I would be VERY interested to know which contemporary athletes Jim Brown would invite to a summit to discuss social affairs. Tim Duncan? Allyson Felix? Carmelita Jeter? Tiger Woods? Derek Jeter? Mike Vick?

    • Nina

      Derrick Rose, LaDainian Tomlinson, Serge Ibaka, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, etc, etc

  • Mrkiplin

    The truth is, Kobe did throw shaq under the bus when he got caught messing around.

  • Michael

    Some one should ask Jim Brown if he was only dating and running around with Black women back in the day when he, Freddie Williamson and others were running the clubs and doing the party scene in LA. I suspect not :).
    One thing people have to understand is, an older person is sometimes jealous of a younger person who’s living a lifestyle that older person can no longer live. That’s human nature, and may be the “hater” part of Jim’s personality. I also suspect part of it is Jim’s ego. Kobe’s in the spotlight. Jim’s time in the spotlight has long passed, sad as that may be. Unfortunately, it’s part of the life cycle we all live. I have the utmost respect for Jim, but I suspect his thoughts and beliefs are based on his acculturation and life’s experience which would naturally have been shaped by what I call his “time period”, or when he was “thriving”. Kobe is thriving now. So let him thrive. I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong by having a world view approach to life. Anyone who’s traveled enough would probably feel the same. Everybody’s on the same planet. Generally, MOST people on the planet want what everybody else wants, from what I’ve seen in the places I’ve been and lived. In my opinion, the only thing that separates us humans is bad and evil politics.
    Jim and Kobe come from different backgrounds, a situation that sometimes causes disagreement and conflict amongst people. Black people sometimes forget we came from different tribes and regions in Africa before we were bought here as slaves. Therefore, why would Black folk think we’re all supposed to view the world the same way? Hell. The people in my family can’t even get along half of the time. How can we question anyone’s “Blackness”? If I was born and raised in South Central LA, am I more black than a person who was raised in Nigeria and attended Cambridge University in England? Ask that question of the Nigerian and see what response you get.
    A lot of us in America, regardless of race, culture, gender, etc. have to come to the realization that the world has changed (like it should/does naturally), and we can’t always view society from the perspective of the last century when most of us were born. America still a long way to go as far as race relations. For example, look at the flack Obama gets just because of his “color”. No other president’s been dogged like he is publically regardless of how bad a president that person was. But I’ve seen positive changes since the days I was restricted from going certain places and doing certain things because I was the wrong color. I’m hopeful things will further evolve for the better.
    Jim has always voiced his opinions about other celebrities. I remember in his book he said running back Marcus Allen was “too light in the ass” as far as being a great running back. Marcus is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Jim is one of my heroes, and I love him for what he’s done for Black folk in America, and for society in general . I think he learned from Ali that being outspoken and controversial gets one in the spotlight. I think he may be trying to “get our goats’ again on this one :). I’m not taking what he said about Kobe seriously. Peace.

  • CerebralAssassin Harris

    Jim Brown can eat a dick. Why the hell is this man so worried about ANOTHER man? My only concern with Kobe is his on court play. Outside of that is HIS personal business. Like I said…….Jim Brown, you can eat a dick sir!

  • Anthony Bryant

    Amazing the comments I read. Jim Brown, a socially conscious athlete who played in an era where blacks were relegated to sit in the back of the bus, denied access to the same schools and housing as whites has his views discredited because of his much maligned by the media reporting that he mistreated women. Not condoning his behavior but if I recall correctly Kobe was outed for an act of infidelity or later on when he made inflammatory comments directed toward gays, but I guess that behavior gets a pass. Nothing Jim Brown said was out of line or racists, just the truth. I guess the same people who support Kobe also supported Jay Z when Harry Belafonte was critical of him. Obviously a generational thing. Unless you come from the era that Jim Brown came up in or understand the significance of athletes from that period in relation to the athletes of today, you should remain mute.

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